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...and the truth 
shall seiU/ou fret 

know the truth and the 
truth shall set you free 

How little we know of the scale of eternity. 

How dare we challenge the might and enormity 
of such wisdom and creation. 

A million worlds could exist in the heavens... beyond our site. 

Each with living beings, looking at the sky in wonder 
at the never ending universe. 

They may also think that no other intelligence exists... 
apart from themselves. 

But perhaps they do not share the arrogance of the human race. 

Perhaps they possess the intelligence to realize 

that all things are possible in the vastness of forever... 

Is it conceivable, that this earth of ours, 

which is but a speck of dust against the scale of reality, 

is not only being visited by other life forms 

but is being controlled by them. 

Let us not be blinded by our arrogance 
as to what is possible and what is not. 

Because we are children at the dawn of our creation 

with the universe as our classroom 

and intelligence beyond our imagination 

waiting to be tapped... when we are ready to receive it. 

Seek and the wonders you will see 

will reveal the true qualities of your universe. 

To the truth of your origins your hearts will go out. 

The beauty of your origins will surpass your belief and comprehension. 
And the infinite depth of your cosmic reality will remain part 
of your heritage in the mists of forever. 

The peace of understanding, is the beauty of creation. 

The word has been spoken and the spirit within you knows 
that home is eternity and existence is immortal... 

Tony Dodd 


introduction to the 21st century edition xiii 

introduction we are what we think xv 

part one the prison 1 

chapter 1 the veil of tears 3 

chapter 2 the birth of the Brotherhood 2 1 

chapter 3 paper power 37 

chapter 4 from Rhodes to ruin 56 

chapter 5 united fronts 83 

chapter 6 masterplans 101 

chapter 7 master races 118 

chapter 8 the secret government 136 

chapter 9 pyramid power 177 

chapter 10 the Super Elite - the black magicians 203 

chapter 1 1 the debt scam 219 

chapter 12 the hidden hand 252 

chapter 13 the One Party States 305 

chapter 14 psychological fascism 351 

chapter 15 cult or con? 377 

chapter 16 the 'global village' 393 

part two the freedom 407 

chapter 17 we are the prison warders 408 

chapter 18 the freedom called love 428 

chapter 19 free at last 440 

chapter 20 I love you, Dr Kissinger 455 

postscript good evening, Mr President 46 1 

Bibliography 463 

Index 468 


to the 21st century edition 

I t is now ten years since the first edition of this book was produced against all the 
odds. The publishers of my earlier books refused to even contemplate the 
publication of this one because of the names it named and because the agenda for 
global dictatorship that it reveals was far beyond the absorption or credibility 
threshold of their 'New Age' minds. 

The horizon was filled with disappearing backsides and clouds of dust, and, for 
all I know, they may still be running. Or, given how successful this book and 
subsequent ones have been, maybe they have learned a big, big lesson. Running 
away from things we don't want to face is never the answer. It just delays, often 
briefly, removing the control of that which we fear. 

Either way, to publish this book originally I had to borrow £15,000 from a friend 
in Liverpool, David Solomon, and set up a company called Bridge of Love 
Publications to publish what no-one else would. I also called on the help of others 
who had 'coincidently' come into my life in the weeks before - Alice Lerguson, 
artist Neil Hague and book designer, Sam Masters, who has designed all the books 
that have followed. 

It was a challenge to do it all from scratch, but what satisfaction it has brought 
with the years. In terms of the 'this world' level of the global conspiracy it is still the 
most important book I have written and will probably continue to be so until the 
day I leave this realm of manipulated illusion. 

In the decade that has followed, the themes and predictions of And The Truth 
have proved to mirror the events that have unfolded across the world. This has 
included the blatant use of 'Modified Hegelianism’, or ’problem-reaction-solution’ 
as I call it, to covertly create a problem to which the authorities can openly offer a 
'solution' - changes in society to advance the global Big Brother, fascist state, that, 
without the 'problem,' would be rejected by the public. The horrific attacks of 
September 1 1th were a classic example of this with the attacks (problem) leading to 
the response of 'something must be done’ (reaction) that has allowed the 
destruction of basic freedoms, rights and privacy and the launch of the thoroughly 
bogus 'war on terrorism’ (solution). See Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade 
Center Disaster for the detailed background. 

You will see as you read this book that in the mid-1990s the force behind 21st 
century events was exposed in great detail, as was the agenda it was following. 
Therefore, predicting then what is happening now did not require a 'prophet' - 
merely the dedicated study and exposure of the network that controls the 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

governments, banking system, global corporations, military decision making and 
ownership of the media. 

Today, thanks to the work of dedicated researchers, vastly more people are 
becoming aware of the global conspiracy than were in those lonely days when And 
The Truth was first published; and if I had to name the achievements in my life of 
which I am most proud, this book would be very close to the top. 

David Icke 


Isle of Wight 

July 2004 


we are what we think 

W e live in a multidimensional universe, which is part of a multidimensional and 
infinite consciousness we call God and Creation. We are multidimensional 
beings. Therefore this book has to be multidimensional if it is to make a significant 
contribution to human freedom. 

It exposes both the daily manipulation of our lives by a secret clique and 
presents the spiritual causes and solutions which will bring true freedom to Planet 
Earth and all who live upon her. The latter relates to what we think and feel about 
ourselves and before I begin to unravel the global manipulation and name some of 
the people and organisations involved, it is important that I outline the context in 
which I am presenting these matters. The last thing I want is for people to read this 
book full of anger, hatred, and condemnation for the global manipulators and what 
they are doing. I don't write this book to apportion blame, merely to show what 
happens when the human race gives its mind away and how rapidly things will 
change - are changing - as we take it back again. 

I name names because we need to know who is behind the manipulation if we 
are going to expose what is happening. This exposure will also give those people 
the opportunity to face their actions and to see that the desire for control and 
domination of others is an expression of their own deep inner imbalances and 
dislike of themselves. The lifting of the veil of secrecy will speed the moment when 
the days of such domination and manipulation are over. But the elite clique which 
controls the world, the Global Elite as I call them, are our creation. It is no good 
hurling hatred and condemnation in their direction for the ills of the world. Yes, as 
you will see, the same grouping manipulated the two world wars and all the 
negative events of global significance in this century and before. But without the 
rest of the human race, they could not do this. An elite few cannot create wars 
unless thousands or millions are willing to be used as cannon fodder. If people read 
this book and hand the responsibility for what has happened only to the Global 
Elite, they are missing the point I am making throughout. What is happening in the 
world is the here and now reflection of what is going on inside us, the human race. 
We created this reality. But how? 

Contrary to what medical science is obsessed with telling us, the physical body 
is not the whole human being. It is the fantastic physical shell through which the 
eternal us experiences this physical world. There is far more to us than a body. 
Creation is the expression of one infinite mind and all lifeforms are aspects of that 
one mind: what many people call God. We are each other. We are all God, if you 



...and the truth shall set you free 

wish to use that term. At the heart of this mind is a consciousness I see as a blinding 
light - the Source Consciousness from which all has been thought into existence. 
Creation consists of an infinite number of dimensions, wavelengths, frequencies, of 
reality. This physical world is only one of them. These frequencies share the same 
space that our physical world occupies, in the same way that all the radio, 
television, and telecommunication frequencies broadcasting to your area are 
sharing the same space that your body is occupying now. They don’t interfere with 
each other because they are on different frequencies or dimensions; they are 
vibrating at different speeds. At the moment we call death, our mind-emotions- 
spirit, everything that is the thinking, feeling us, withdraws from the body, the 
’genetic space suit' as I call it. This eternal spirit moves on to another wavelength of 
reality, another ’world’, to continue its evolution. This is all that is happening 
during a 'near death experience’ or an 'out of body experience' when people leave 
their physical bodies for a time before returning to tell remarkably similar stories of 
what happened to them. Life is forever - for everyone. 

Our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are a series of magnetic energy fields 
interacting with each other via vortices of energy widely known by the Hindu and 
Sanskrit word, chakra, which means wheel of light. These vortices are spirals of 
energy which intersect all levels of our being and pass energies between them. It is 
through this system that an imbalance on the emotional level, perhaps caused by 
stress, is passed on to the other levels of our being, including, eventually, the 
physical body. This is how stress causes illness. What we call 'physical' illness is 
really a multidimensional dishannony or dis-ease. We are constantly absorbing 
magnetic energy from the cosmos, mostly through the 'base' chakra at the base of 
the spine. After this lifeforce has passed through our levels of being and we have 
taken from it what we need, we broadcast the energy out through the chakras back 
to the cosmos and the world around us (Figure 1). These are the energies that people 
are feeling when they say that someone gives them good or bad 'vibes'. It is the 
same when we say a house or place feels 'happy', 'welcoming' or 'frightening'. 
What we call 'atmosphere' is created by the vibrations (energy fields) generated by 
people, either in the moment or in the past. People often feel uneasy at the scenes of 
battles because they are feeling the energies left there by the pain, aggression, and 
suffering of those involved. 

There is a vital difference between the energy that enters through the base chakra 
and that which we broadcast. That energy is changed in its nature and fonn when it 
passes through us. It becomes imprinted with our unique energy pattern and that 
pattern reflects precisely what is happening inside us at that moment, mentally, 
emotionally, and spiritually. Second by second we are broadcasting an energy field 
that reflects what we think of ourselves. This may not seem to have anything to do 
with the manipulation of the world, but it is, in fact, at the core of what has 
happened and continues to happen. 

You might imagine this process as like casting a magnetic cape or aura around 
ourselves. Under the law of like attracts like, this magnetic energy field, the outer 
reflection of the inner person, will attract to it compatible energy fields. Everything 

we are what we think 


is energy, as even 
mainstream, closed 

minded science is 
beginning to appreciate. 
A person is a series of 
magnetic energy fields, so 
is a place, an experience, a 
situation, everything. Life 
is the interaction of these 
energy fields, all of which 
have the ability to think 
and retain in formation. 

Energy is consciousness, 
consciousness is energy. 
They are the same thing. 
If it sounds hard to believe 
that a wall or water or rock 
can think and retain 

information, then 

remember that all contain 
magnetic energy fields. 
What is it within the 
computer I am working on 
now that retains the 

information I am writing? 
A magnetic disc. Same 
principle. The reason we 
are drawn to particular 
people, places, experiences and ways of life is because we are magnetically attracted 
to them. And that attraction comes from the magnetism of our 'capes'. These capes, 
in turn, are a reflection of what we think and feel about ourselves. Our lives are an 
exact physical replica of our own subconscious mind. How it thinks and perceives 
itself and the world, is recreated physically in the people, places and experiences we 
attract to us. When I was a child, there used to be a saying which went: "Think 
lucky and you'll be lucky". This contains an eternal truth, although it has nothing to 
do with luck. We attract to us people, places, and experiences which connect 
magnetically with our 'cape'. Therefore if we believe inside that we will always be 
poor and downtrodden, that pattern will be contained in the cape. It will become, 
you could say, the cape of no hope. This magnetic pattern will then attract to it the 
experiences which ensure that we remain poor and downtrodden. We will have 
created our own reality. This is so, so vital to understand, not only in relation to this 
book, but in the context of life itself: 

Figure 1: the magnetic cape 

We create our own reality. 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

Religions and ancient texts going way back have had a common theme of 
’reaping what you sow', 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth', and 'what you do 
to others will be done to you'. The word by which this process is now best known is 
'karma'. Too often this karma is seen in only negative terms. Something unpleasant 
happens to some people and they say it must be their 'karma'. It is presented as 
almost a fonn of punishment. At that level, it is punishment - self punishment. We 
created it, not some angry, judgmental, finger-wagging God! What we call karma is, 
in my view, only another word to describe the way we create our own reality. If we 
have imbalances that lead us to act negatively towards others, it is those imbalances 
that will also attract to us a physical experience, a 'mirror' of what we think of 
ourselves. In this way what we do to others will come back to us because we will still 
be holding onto the imbalances, the lack of self love, that will attract those 
experiences. If we feel good about ourselves and have a positive view of our lives we 
will create that world around us. This is positive 'karma'. I differ from the New Age 
view of karma which seems to believe that once we have done something, there 
must be a kannic reaction no matter what we subsequently do. I feel that if we act 
negatively towards someone, recognise why we did it, and change the inner cause of 
that action, we change the nature of the magnetic broadcast, the cape, and we do not 
then attract the 'karma'. There is no need because we have recognised the imbalance 
within us. That’s all karma is there for. Creation is about love. Love for self and love 
for all. Karma is part of that love. It is a vehicle which allows us to face ourselves, 
unload negative baggage, and move on. It is an aid to evolution, a gift, not a 
punishment - unless we ourselves decide to make it so. No matter what experiences 
you have had in your life or you are having now, you, and no-one else, created them. 

Two things worth remembering throughout this book and your own life: the 
victim mentality creates the victim reality. And: if you believe it, you will achieve it. 

This creation of reality happens on many levels. The sum total of the interaction 
of individuals accumulates in the collective mind of humanity. Every species has a 
collective mind to which all 'individual' members of that species are connected. We 
add our thought patterns constantly to the collective level and have access to other 
patterns held at the collective level. It is a two way process. We give and we receive. 
Scientists have established something called the hundredth monkey syndrome 
which I have written about in other books. They have discovered that once a certain 
number of individuals within a species leam something new, suddenly the rest of 
that species can do it without being shown. They do it purely by instinct. Although 
establishment science cannot explain this by its incredibly limited view of life, the 
process is very simple. Once that certain number within a species has transferred 
the new knowledge into the collective level, a point of 'critical mass' is reached. The 
knowledge becomes powerful enough in the collective mind for it to be accessed by 
every other member of the species. When they attune themselves to the vibration 
(the thought pattern) which contains that knowledge, they know how to do 
something without being shown, because that thought pattern is guiding them. We 
call it instinct or inspiration when it is really tuning to a vibration (a frequency) that 
holds that information. 

we are what we think 


All that I have said about the individual creating their own reality equally 
applies to the collective human mind. It reflects the sum total of human thinking, 
the sum total of what humanity as a whole thinks of itself If humanity doesn't like 
itself, love itself, and respect itself, it will create that reality on this planet. It will 
attract to it physical manifestations of how it views its own sense of worth and 
potential. Only this time, the magnetic cape is not cast around only one person, but 
the entire planet. This creates the global reality. 

Look at the consequences of this process in our every day lives. Humanity as a 
whole wishes to give away its responsibility for what happens in the world. When 
anything goes wrong, we hear the cry: "What are they going to do about it?" We 
rarely look at ourselves for responsibility. We may like to complain about politicians 
and bankers, but most people would still rather others ran the world than accept 
the responsibility for playing their part. These are the thought patterns which 
dominate the collective mind and it has therefore created that reality on a collective, 
global, scale. The collective mind has created a response to that desire for someone 
else to 'do if by attracting together the energy fields - people - to construct the 
secret network which now controls the direction of everyone's lives. We have been 
given what we asked for, or 'thought' for. It is the same with religions. They, too, are 
created by the thought patterns of the collective mind, as are the media and other 
institutions which use fear and guilt for purposes of manipulation and control. 
These reflect, collectively, what billions of people do in their everyday lives. They 
manipulate fear and guilt to get their way. Observe yourself for a few days and see 
how many times you (and others) use fear and guilt to control a situation. We do 
it without realising and we pass this attitude on to our children. What is it we 
say to them? 

"You naughty boy. If you do that again, I'll give you a big smack. Wait till your dad gets 

home, he'll make you sorry for what you've done." (Fear) 

"You naughty girl. How could you do that to your mummy and daddy? How could you 

make us so sad and unhappy? And all we have done for you." (Guilt) 

These are only minor examples of the way fear and guilt are used on children. 
From an early age they leam to do the same to others. By the time we reach the 
adult world and the interrelationships that go on there, the use of fear and guilt for 
control and manipulation has become an art fonn. They ought to award medals for 
it! This thought pattern has consequently dominated the collective mind, and it has 
created the collective physical reflection of this - the religions and other institutions 
which tell us what to think and use fear and guilt to control. Again, we created 
them. They are a reflection of us, the collective us, at least. That's good news 
because we have the power to remove this global manipulation by removing our 
personal manipulation. 

Such a transfonnation of human perception is so vital to the future of this planet 
and the world we leave our children. Humanity's desire to give its mind away has 


... and the truth shall set you free 

allowed a structure to develop over thousands of years which today is on the verge 
of creating a global fascist dictatorship. Fascism ended with Adolf Hitler? If only it 
were so. That same mindset controls the secret government of the world which is, 
minute by minute, manipulating the human mind to accept a centralised global 
tyranny. This tyranny is called the New World Order and, unless we shake 
ourselves from our spiritual slumber, it will manifest as a world government; a 
world central bank and currency; a world army; and a microchipped population 
linked to a global computer. If anyone thinks all this is ridiculous, the next few 
hundred pages are going to be very sobering. We are astonishingly close to all of 
those things. It is time to grow up and wake up. 

As you read the story of how your life and the life of this planet has been so 
controlled and manipulated, I ask you to remember that we all created it. The 
people I name and the events I describe are only mirrors reflecting back at the 
human race and the Earth the thought patterns within us. This world is merely 
human thought made physical. When we recognise what those negative patterns 
are and remove them, our reality will change and the world will change. But not 

It begins and ends with us. 

part one 

the prison 

I believe in ... someone else 

We are actively discouraged from thinking constructively and 
questioningiy, and once an individual has accepted the numb 
acquiescence so encouraged, an insidiously vicious circle has 
successfully been promoted. Another rather convenient result 
of such a situation is that people who don't think constructively 
and questioningiy don't even realise it. 

Michael Timothy, The Anti-Intellectual Ethic 


chapter 1 

the veil of tears 

W e have all, at some time, looked at the world around us and asked the same 
questions. Why does life have to be such a struggle? Why do we know so 
little about who we are and the purpose of our lives? Why is there so much conflict 
and suffering in a world of such beauty and such riches? 

In search of the answers to these and so many other questions, I'm going to ask 
you to suspend your programmed ’here and now' responses and open your infinite 
mind to much greater possibilities. I don’t use the word ’programmed’ in a 
patronising way, because we are all programmed by the messages and beliefs we 
constantly hear in our childhood, through the media, and through the education 
system. It is the letting go of that programming which opens our minds and our 
hearts to wonder, potential, and understanding beyond our dreams. I've pondered 
on the nature of this visible physical world for a long time, trying to make sense of 
it. Since 1990 I've been on a conscious spiritual journey of discovery. It has opened 
me to so much I had never thought or felt before in this lifetime and, painful as 
some of it has been, those moments, too, have led me to greater understanding. I 
have experienced how we can tune our minds, our consciousness, to other levels of 
reality and access information available there which is not known, or at least not 
widely known on Earth. I have realised that our minds - the thinking, feeling us - 
are a series of energy fields, which use the physical body as a vehicle for experience. 

At this moment, our consciousness is tuned to this dense physical world, so this 
is our reality. When we 'die', our mind-spirit (our consciousness) leaves this 
temporary physical body and moves on to another wavelength, another stage of 
experience and evolution. 

A most important point to make is that, while in the same physical body on the 
same planet, a person's mind can be tuned to many different wavelengths of 
knowledge and understanding. This is why there is such a variation in consciousness, 
perspective and perception within the human race. In our daily lives, we even talk of 
people being on 'different wavelengths', because they think so differently and have so 
little in common. Our attitude to life and the level of knowledge and wisdom we can 
attain at any point depends on the vibratory levels which our minds can access. All 
this is essential background to what I believe is behind the history of the human race 
over many millions of years and into the present day. To me the human race so often 
seems to be like a herd of bewildered and lost sheep. In fact, look at how many times 
throughout known history the Tost sheep' symbolism has been used to describe our 
plight. We have somehow become detached from our higher potential, our power 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

source; again, we see this portrayed symbolically throughout history and cultures in 
phrases such as lost children’ who have become disconnected from ’the father’. The 
story of the prodigal son in the New Testament is an obvious example. I believe that, 
symbolically, this is precisely what has happened and the consequences of that 
explain so much of the world we live in today. 

I feel it is impossible to appreciate what has happened unless we can open our 
minds to the existence of what we call extraterrestrial life. That can include an 
infinite variety of forms. All I mean by extraterrestrial is 'not of this Earth’ - other 
civilisations, consciousness and lifefonns on other wavelengths which our physical 
senses cannot normally see or hear. For instance, while we may look at some of the 
other planets in this solar system and see apparently barren, lifeless, lands, we are 
only looking at that planet on our own frequency or dimension of experience, our 
own space-time reality. On another dimension, that planet may be a teeming haven 
of life in the same way that all the radio and television stations broadcasting to your 
ajea now are sharing the same space that your body is occupying. You can't see 
them and they can't 'see' each other because they are operating on different 
wavelengths. Take this one stage further to encompass the fact that these other 
civilisations on other wavelengths are more advanced in their knowledge and 
know-how than we are at this time, and a picture begins to fonn, for me and many 
others, anyway. These other civilisations are not all positive or negative. Like us, 
they are a bit of both. Extraterrestrial life is no big deal. It is the same stream of life 
we call Creation or God, at a different stage of evolution and/or on a different 
wavelength of experience. But many of these peoples are years, sometimes millions 
of years (in our version of time) ahead of where we are technologically and in their 
understanding of the universal laws. If we judge the credibility or craziness of 
something only from the perspective of our scientific achievements on this 
wavelength of Planet Earth, we will never understand what has happened to us. 
This is why I ask the skeptics to open themselves to other possibilities. If you were a 
peasant fanner in the mountains of some self-contained society in deepest Asia, you 
would find it impossible to believe a description of New York. But New York would 
still exist. And remember, only a short time has passed since the idea of humans 
flying off into space was considered ridiculous. 

Over a number of years, as I have sought to grasp the nature of the human 
condition, a story has begun to fonn in my mind. When I read a book called 
Bringers Of The Dawn , 1 it cross-confinned some of the themes I had written in The 
Robots' Rebellion and other ideas that I had been developing in the months that 
followed. It is a 'channelled' book, in that the writer, Barbara Marciniak, tuned her 
consciousness to another wavelength of reality and acted as a channel to bring 
infonnation to this Earth vibration. I am always wary of channelled books because, 
like everything, this process can produce inspired understanding or a load of utter 
claptrap. It depends on the competence of the channel and the level of the 
wavelength to which they are connecting. As someone once said of contact with 
those no longer on this Earth: "Death is no cure for ignorance". If you connect with 
wavelengths close to this one, you can be seriously misled. 

the veil of tears 


Bringers Of The Dawn claims to be the words of a consciousness communicating 
from the star system we know as the Pleiades. I know if you are new to this, it all 
sounds so fantastic and hard to accept. But all I can do - all any of us can do - is to 
say what we believe and feel. I believe that this star system called the Pleiades, or at 
least the more evolved groups from there, are part of a universal operation to set 
humanity and this world free from the prison we have unknowingly lived within for 
aeons of what we call time. We are the generation who are going to see this happen. 

Planet Earth was hijacked, you could say, and taken over by another civilisation 
or civilisations, which are highly advanced technologically, but pretty low on love 
and wisdom. This is, as always, a telling and profoundly imbalanced combination. I 
call it 'cleverness without wisdom'. We live in a free-will universe where, within 
certain limits, we are allowed to experience all of the emotions, and leam from the 
consequences of our actions. So taking over a planet does not bring in the 'father', 
the Source of All That Exists, to immediately wrest control from the hijackers. It is 
used as a period of experience from which all will leam and evolve. We live in a 
time-space reality - "world" - called the Third Dimension and it is from some of 
our "neighbours" in the Fourth Dimension that the interference has come. 
Whenever I speak of the extraterrestrial consciousness or the Prison Warder 
consciousness I am referring to manipulation from the Fourth Dimension via either 
thought control or direct intervention. Both the hijacking extraterrestrials and those 
with humanity's interests at heart were regular visitors to the Earth thousands of 
years ago. They became the 'gods' in the ancient texts and legends which have 
formed the foundations of most, perhaps all, of the major religions of today. If an 
extraterrestrial landed on the planet in ancient times in an astonishing anti-gravity 
spacecraft, or you saw a psychic vision of someone on another frequency, you 
would sure as hell think he or she was a god! And they did. This is where the 'gods’ 
- particularly the angry, judgmental, fire and brimstone gods - originated: negative 
extraterrestrials. The 'fear of God’ was born, and this fear and resistance to change 
(disobeying the gods) is still in the collective psyche. Over time, as described at 
length in The Robots' Rebellion, these various god myths became fused together to 
fonn 'composite gods', based on themes from many of the earlier civilisations. So it 
is with Judaism, the Christian Bible, Islam, and most of the others. Their version of; 
God relates to the type of extraterrestrials from which their religion originated or 
the way many different extraterrestrial stories have become fused into a composite 
God over the centuries. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to worship a 
composite God made up of extraterrestrials. Amen. 

If you look at the origins of the major religions, the stories are remarkably similar 
to those we hear today from people claiming to have met, or been abducted by, 
extraterrestrials. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in the seventh century, said that 
he had been visited by the Angel Gabriel, who was "in the likeness of a man, 
standing in the sky above the horizon ". 2 This figure told him he had to be a prophet, 
and he was given messages which fonned the Islamic holy book, the Koran. These 
messages would be dictated while Mohammed was in a trance on many other 
occasions in the years that followed. He also wrote of going on a 'celestial journey'. 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Many people in the modem world who claim to have experienced extraterrestrial 
contact have said the same as Mohammed. Saul of Tarsus, better known as St Paul, 
was the man who changed the image of Y'shua (Jesus) into the saviour-god- 
messiah from which the Christian religion was spawned. This happened after he 
had a ’vision’ of Y'shua on the road to Damascus. He also talked about being 'taken 
up’ into heaven, or a number of different heavens (dimensions). Speaking of 
himself, he wrote: 

"I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. 

Whether he was in the body or out of the body, I do not know - God knows. And I know 
that this man - whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, but God knows - 
was caught up in Paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not 
permitted to tell." 

2 Corinthians 12: 2-4 

Again, this is paralleled by many of today's accounts of extraterrestrial 
abductees who have told of being taken into other dimensions of reality by ETs, 
sometimes in their body, sometimes out of it. St Paul and the prophet called Enoch 
speak of seeing many heavens when they were 'taken up'; this corresponds with the 
stories in the Vedas, the ancient holy books of India which were written in the 
original Sanskrit language. These describe seven higher planes and seven lower 
planes around this planet. Some people still talk of being in 'Seventh Heaven’ when 
something wonderful happens to them. One of these 'planes' is our third dimension 
and just above us vibrationally is the level which has manipulated us. In the Book 
of Enoch, the 'Watchers' sound remarkably like extraterrestrials. The Dead Sea 
Scrolls say that the father of Noah was a 'Watcher', and Nebuchadnezzar, the King 
of Babylon from 651-604BC, records being visited by a Watcher and a holy one who 
came down from heaven. 4 The Dakas in Mahayana Buddhism were 'sky travelling 
beings' and Padma Sambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, was said to have 
left Tibet in a celestial chariot. 5 Something similar was claimed for the biblical 
prophet Elijah when he left Israel 6 and for the Central American god, Quetzalcoatl. 7 
Descriptions of flying discs, flying boats, and celestial chariots, abound on all 
continents and in all cultures. Still today we relate 'heaven' to the sky, because that 
is where the 'gods' of ancient time came from in their spacecraft. The aborigines of 
Australia speak of three ancestral beings, called the Djanggawul, who were 
connected with the planet Venus, as was Quetzalcoatl and the Polynesian deity, 
Kahuna. 8 Add to all these the many examples cited in The Robots' Rebellion and 
countless other books, linking ETs with the creation and supervision of the Earth 
races, and only a padlocked mind could dismiss at least the possibility - I would 
say probability - that extraterrestrials are at the heart of human history and the 
events that have shaped that history. 

There are so many themes which link the ancient texts with descriptions of UFO 
sightings and extraterrestrials of today. UFO investigators tracked down the alleged 
author of a report known as The Memorandum. Bill English was a former captain in 

the veil of tears 


intelligence with the Green Berets in Vietnam involved in the retrieval of a B-52 
bomber forced down in the jungle by a UFO. He claims to have spent three months 
in a psychiatric unit after the experience, before being assigned to an RAF listening 
post in England by US Army Intelligence. In his office there, he says, he found a 
sealed diplomatic pouch waiting for him which contained a 624-page report on 
UFOs, known as The Grudge 13 Report. His memorandum was his personal 
analysis of this document. It included all top secret UFO activity from 1942 to 1951 
and this involved reported landings, sightings, UFO crashes, human abductions, 
and ETs captured by the government. This could all quite easily be disinfonnation 
because there is so much of that in the UFO scene. But the report did contain many 
interesting points. It said that the language of the captured ETs was similar to 
Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Indian holy texts, the Vedas, which contain 
many references to what appear to be spacecraft and flying machines known as the 
Vimanas and to extraterrestrial ’gods'. 

The Grudge Report said that the nourishment absorbed by the ETs they 
examined was based on chlorophyll, which (as is now known) exists throughout 
what we call space and not just on Earth. In the Vedas, there is considerable 
importance given to a plant known as Soma. It was used as a hallucinogenic drug in 
ceremonies to help communication with the 'god' Indira and other 'gods', and it 
was the favourite drink of Indira and his colleagues. Given the increasing 
speculation that the ancient 'gods' were actually extraterrestrials, it is rather a 
coincidence that the Soma drink is believed to have been based on liquid 
chlorophyll. A number of people who have claimed contact with ETs have reported 
that their nourishment came from 'juice'. There are, however, tens of thousands of 
extraterrestrial civilisations which have visited this planet, I believe, and they will 
be very different in appearance, genetics, and means of nourishment. Some 
undoubtedly look very much as we do and could walk past us in the street without 
turning a head. Others appear very different from us. 

I feel that at least many of the 'miracles' recorded throughout religious legend 
have an extraterrestrial (Fourth Dimensional) origin. The sight witnessed by 70,000 
Catholics at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 sounds like many of the stories described in 
both the ancient texts and the modem world. The Fatima 'miracle' followed a 
series of meetings between three children and some strange being, which, they 
said, sometimes manifested as the Virgin Mary. The being promised to produce a 
miracle to open the eyes of humanity, and those tens of thousands of people who 
turned up to witness it did, indeed, see a fantastic sight. But what was it? UFO 
researcher, Jacque Vallee, believed he knew when he wrote, in his 1976 book, 
The Invisible College: 

"Not only was a flying disc or globe consistently involved, but its motion, its falling leaf 
trajectory, its light effects, the thunderclaps, the buzzing sounds, the strange fragrance, 
the fall of 'angel hair' that dissolves on the ground, the heat wave associated with the 
close approach of the disc, all of these are constant parameters of UFO sightings 
everywhere. And so are the paralysis, the amnesia, the conversions, and healings." 

... and the truth shall set you free 

The children passed a sealed message from their communicator to the Pope, with 
instructions that it was only to be opened and made public in 1960. The Pope did 
open it in 1960, but we are still waiting for all of it to be made public! One thing is 
for sure: if it had confinned the basis of the Roman Catholic religion, it would have 
hit the airwaves within minutes. So what did it say? 

I am convinced that the Old Testament ’God’ known as Yhwh (Yahweh) is also 
based on an extraterrestrial, or more likely, a series of them. Interestingly, while the 
Jewish religion is perceived as a ’One God’ faith, the original Hebrew texts do not 
support this. While the English translation refers to a ’God’, the Hebrew talks of 
Elohim, the plural meaning ’Gods’. Similarly, while we read the word ’Lord’ in the 
English, the Hebrew refers to Adonai, the plural 'Lords’. Jehovah, who is often 
interchanged with Yahweh, would seem to have a different origin. Another 
extraterrestrial, most probably. 

If you read the Old Testament and other ancient texts and replace every 
reference to ’God’ or ’the gods’ with ’extraterrestrial', the whole thing begins to 
make sense and becomes so obvious. It is important to remember that in 
evolutionary terms, the time span between the period when these accounts were 
written and today is nothing, hardly the blink of an eye. Modem UFO phenomena 
as reported by thousands of people - which include amazing holographic images, 
beings and craft which appear and disappear (switch dimensions), and a host of 
other visions and tricks that put Walt Disney in the shade - were being performed 
by extraterrestrials in the periods during which the major religions originated. 
These Fourth Dimensional manipulators created the religions to control the human 
mind as they sought to control this dimension. 

The potential for manipulating humanity with such technology is simply 
limitless. What better way to control people, close down their minds and divide 
and rule, than to create a series of dogmatic religions based on extraterrestrial 
special effects? Look at the pain, misery, and inter-generational ignorance that has 
been visited upon this planet by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all the rest. If 
you want to shut down someone's consciousness so they stop thinking for 
themselves and delink their minds from their infinite potential, sell them a 
dogmatic religion or some other form of rigid dogma. They are then putty in 
your hands. 

I think the takeover of Planet Earth was achieved by what I call the Luciferic 
Consciousness. I use this as an overall name to describe the force which attempts to 
work through all life fonns, human and extraterrestrial, to control the planet. It is an 
extremely negative energy operating from the Fourth Dimension. The Luciferic 
Consciousness takes two main fonns. Different cultures give these fonns different 
symbolic names. One seeks to imprison us in the material world by persuading us 
to reject all idea of the spiritual realms and the eternal nature of life. The other 
works on spiritually-minded people to persuade them to ignore the realities of the 
physical world and to float around in a spiritual daze. Either way it means that the 
people involved can be controlled and their potential to bring positive change to the 
physical world is seriously curtailed. 

the veil of tears 


The takeover of the Earth 
by the extraterrestrial 
expressions of this Luciferic 
Consciousness took the 
fonn, I feel, of creating a 
vibratory prison. We are 
multidimensional beings, 
working across many 
frequencies and dimensions 
at the same time. I know these 
can be strange concepts to 
those hearing them cold, but 
our real potential and our 
perceived potential are light 
years apart, as we are going 
to realise in the amazing 
years that are to follow. 
If, therefore, there is a 
frequency ’net' thrown 
around this planet, a 
blocking, imprisoning 

vibration, which prevents us 
from interconnecting with the higher levels of our consciousness and potential, we 
cease to be 'whole'. We become delinked from 'the father'. With the knowledge held 
on the Fourth Dimension, this would not be the miracle it might at first appear. 
Blocking frequencies are already used here on Earth, never mind by more 
technologically advanced civilisations. During the period of the Soviet Union, they 
created an in formation prison by sending out blocking frequencies to stop certain 
foreign radio stations from being received by the population. This prevented 
information which challenged the official line from reaching the people. It created a 
vibratory prison, an infonnation prison. Extend that concept to the planet as a 
whole and you have the very picture I am presenting (Figure 2). The only difference 
is one of scale, that's all. 

In his book, The Montauk Project, 9 the electrical engineer, Preston Nichols, tells the 
story of how he discovered a blocking frequency which jammed the minds of 
psychics he was working with as part of research into telepathy. The basis of 
telepathy, as Preston Nichols confirmed, is so simple. When we think we send out a 
thought-wave similar to a radio or television wave broadcast from a transmitter. A 
radio or television set decodes those waves and, in a far more sophisticated way, the 
human mind decodes thought-waves. Hence telepathy. Nichols found that the 
minds of his psychics were blocked at the same time each day. Using fracking 
equipment, he traced the jamming frequency to a now notorious centre of mind 
control and time travel research called Montauk, on the eastern end of Long Island, 
New York. Even on Earth, blocking frequencies are a fact. 

Figure 2: is the Earth a vibratory prison? 


... and the truth shall set you free 

I am going to use the tenn blocking and jamming frequency for simplicity, but it 
could well have taken the fonn of closing down the portals and gateways which 
link this physical dimension we see around us with other space-time dimensions. 
Some of these gateways are reckoned to be at the great sacred places of the ancients, 
l ik e Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, Ayers Rock, and the former lands of 
Babylon and Mesopotamia, now Iraq. The Bennuda Triangle is believed to be 
another, which could explain the many strange disappearances of ships and aircraft, 
as the gateway opens. It may even be that these gateways were largely closed down 
for positive reasons, to prevent more negative extraterrestrials from entering this 
space-time reality. There are lots of maybes and so much more to know and 
understand. Jamming frequency, closing the dimensional gateways, perhaps both - 
the precise cause of the prison doesn’t matter for what I am saying in this book. All 
we need to remember is that an extraterrestrial force from the Fourth Dimension 
created an infonnation prison by blocking off the higher levels of human 
consciousness. The veil came down. A veil of tears. We were, in effect, put into 
spiritual and mental quarantine. 

If such a jamming vibration were thrown around our planet, or even the Solar 
System and further afield, our potential would be confined to the levels of 
consciousness which are within the imprisoning frequency. Any consciousness and 
knowledge held on higher frequencies outside this vibratory prison would be 
denied to us. We would become delinked from the higher levels of our own 
consciousness. We would be, in the words of the ancient books, ’lost souls' 
delinked from ’the father’. I have used the following analogy many times, but I 
think it sums it up pretty well: You are a spaceman on the Moon. You are receiving 
infonnation through your eyes and ears from the world immediately around you. 
You are also receiving infonnation about the wider picture and a greater 
understanding of your task from what we call 'Mission Control'. When you, the 
spaceman, are getting a balance of infonnation through your eyes and ears and 
from the greater perspective of Mission Control, everything is fine and you are 
operating at full potential. But think what would happen if the link with Mission 
Control was cut. Suddenly the wider understanding and guidance has gone. Only 
the 'eyes and ears' information from the world immediately around you is left to 
guide your thinking and behaviour. Very soon that behaviour and perception 
would be enormously different from what it would have been had you and 
Mission Control stayed in powerful contact. 

When that blocking, imprisoning frequency was thrown around this planet, the 
Solar System, and possibly beyond, it had that same effect. We lost touch with our 
Mission Control and, crucially, with our eternal memory. We forgot who we were 
and where we came from. Or, at least, the overwhelming majority did. Those who 
could continue to hold their vibratory rate, their frequency, could still stay in touch 
with their higher levels, their Higher Self, because the vibratory connection was still 
there, although the blocking frequency made this a less than perfect connection, 
even for them. More and more people are able to do this today as the blocking 
frequency is dispersed and this is the basis of what is termed the 'spiritual 

the veil of tears 

1 1 

awakening’ now enveloping this planet. Only a tiny few have been able to do this, 
however, until very recently. The rest have seen their vibratory rate fall under the 
influence of events, religions, and general programming which has encouraged 
them to close down their minds and therefore reduce their vibratory rate. This has 
created a vibratory gap - for some a chasm - between their lower levels of 
consciousness inside the blocking frequency (the Lower Self) and their infinite 
potential outside of that frequency (the Higher Self). Within the prison was this 
physical level and some non-physical levels to which we return between 
incarnations. The rest of Creation has been denied to most people. You might see it 
as the human race living out its existence inside a box with the lid held down. We 
sit in the dark, believing that our potential, and Creation in general, is limited to 
what is within that box, within that vibratory prison. Infinity in potential and space 
is so, so close on the other side of the box lid, but we have not been allowed to see 
outside and we have not realised that there is an outside. Over the thousands of 
years or more since the vibratory ’net' was cast around the Earth, we have been a 
people, a race, working to a fraction of our full and infinite potential. Life on Earth 
changed dramatically and 1 believe this also affected the animal kingdom. The law 
of the jungle and the cruelty we see within nature is not the way it was meant to be, 
I feel, nor the way it was before the veil came down. The good news is - shout it 
from the roof tops - that this period of disconnection is now entering its end time. 
Wow. What a future we are going to experience! 

In the period after the blocking vibration was created, 1 believe that Fourth 
Dimensional extraterrestrials of the Luciferic mindset came here and genetically 
rewired the DNA, the inherited coding of the physical body. Over a period of time, 
this new DNA pattern was passed on through the generations to everyone. The 
DNA detennines the nature of the physical being and contains the inherited 
memory of all the generations. If the DNA had been left alone, we would, while 
living in a vibratory prison, at least know what had happened and the nature of the 
problem. By scrambling the DNA, this knowledge, too, was lost to us. The 
communicators of the information in Bringers Of The Dawn (and in other books 
claiming to come from extraterrestrial sources) say that the human DNA before that 
time had twelve spirals known as helixes, but after the genetic tinkering this was 
reduced to two. Our potential and our inherited infonnation source was reduced to 
a sixth of what it is meant to be. Even now, I understand, there are parts of the DNA 
which have been identified that researchers have been unable to link to any 
apparent function. This has been tenned 'junk DNA’. It is possibly the 
disconnection of the other ten spirals of DNA which has meant that, as is widely 
acknowledged, only a fraction of our brain’s potential is actually used. Some more 
good news to celebrate - we are in the time when a process is unfolding which will 
reunite those DNA spirals within us. My goodness! What we will then be able to 
know, remember, and do, will beggar belief from today's perspective. 

It is possible that these genetic events are described symbolically in the tale of 
Adam and Eve and the tenn, 'the Fall of Man’. You can also find many references in 
the ancient texts and legends to 'gods' coming from the skies to control humanity 


...and the truth shall set you free 

and impregnate women. In the Bible, Genesis 6:4 says that, "The sons of God came 
in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them". The tenn ’sons of God’ 
(which is common to almost all ancient religions) referred, I am sure, to the 
extraterrestrials. We hear of how God or the gods created humanity 'in their own 
image’. I outline a number of these ancient themes in The Robots' Rebellion. The 
offspring of these extraterrestrial/human liaisons looked very different from the 
rest of the people. As Genesis 6:4 puts it in The Good News Bible: "In those days, 
and even later, there were giants on the Earth who were descendants of human 
women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of 
long ago". The reason this-world-is-all-there-is science has been unable to find the 
missing links in human genetic evolution is because there aren't any. The sudden 
changes in the human fonn were due to extraterrestrial intervention. This is 
possibly an origin of the virgin mother legends which are also found throughout 
the world. In what we call China, they had a 'sky god’ called Di who was said to 
have 'miraculously' impregnated a virgin, who then gave birth to Zu, the first of the 
new genetic line. All over the ancient world, you find that the royal families were 
supposed to have originated with the sky gods - extraterrestrials. Records left by 
the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia say that their pyramidal towers known as 
ziggurats were built for intercourse between a priestess and a god from the sky. 
Herodotus described the inside of a ziggurat he saw in Babylon: 

"On the topmost tower there is a spacious temple, and inside the temple stands a 
great bed covered with fine bedclothes with a golden table at its side. There is no 
statue of any kind set up in this place, nor is the chamber occupied at night by any but 
a single native woman who, say the Chaldean priests, is chosen by the deity out of all 
the women of the land. The priests also declare, but I for one do not credit it, that the 
god comes down in person into this chamber, and sleeps upon the couch ." 10 

On a tomb found in Rome and dated between the First and Fourth Centuries AD 
the inscription read: "I am a son of the Earth and the stars of the sky, but I am of the 
celestial race. May the knowledge be passed on!" 11 The birth of Y'shua (Jesus), as 
described in the Gnostic Gospels, also has similarities to modem day ET 
experiences. The Protoevangelion of James is the oldest of the Gnostic Gospels 
which were removed from Christian orthodoxy at the notorious Council of Nicaea 
in 325ad (see The Robots' Rebellion). The Gnostic text describes the birth of Y'shua 
and how people and animals froze in mid-gesture in a powerful, though temporary 
paralysis, while Joseph and the midwife were unaffected. This is very much a 
theme of ET contactee/abductee experiences. The text goes on: 

"And the midwife went away with him. And they stood in the place of the cave, and 
behold a luminous cloud overshadowed the cave. And the midwife said: 'My soul has 
been magnified this day, because mine eyes have seen strange things - because 
salvation has been brought forth to Israel'. And immediately the cloud disappeared out 
of the cave, and a great light shone in the cave, so that the eyes could not bear it. And 

the veil of tears 


in a little that light gradually decreased until the infant appeared, and went and took the 

breast of his mother, Mary." 

The connections with ’gods' and 'clouds’ are endless in the ancient legends and 
texts and what about the 'star' that was supposed to have hovered over the 
birthplace of Y'shua? Why could that not have been a spacecraft? In the biblical 
Revelations we hear of the New Jerusalem descending from the sky (Rev 22:10) and 
Y'shua returning 'with the clouds' (Rev 1:7). Was Y'shua a member of a positive 
extraterrestrial race who became incarnate to help humanity get out of prison? It is 
certainly a possibility. The Native American tribe, the Iroquois, have a legend of an 
Iroquois maiden marrying the chief of the sky people. The geologist, Christian 
O’Brien, suggested that Hebrew and Sumerian texts refer to a race of beings known 
as the 'Shining Ones', a term he connects with the Hebrew word, Elohim. It is no 
coincidence that the Devas from the Sanskrit and the Angels of Christianity are also 
'Shining Ones'. The Incas of Peru referred to 'Shining Ones' too. O’Brien says that it 
was the beings known as the Elohim which created modem humanity from early 
human forms through genetic manipulation. He adds that some of them, the 
'Watchers' in the Book of Enoch, mated with humans and he believes that the 
alleged founders of the Semitic race, Shemjaza and Yahweh, were among the 
extraterrestrial 'Watchers' and 'Shining Ones'. 12 

An Israeli scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, used the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian 
writings to support his belief that modem humans were created by ETs called the 
Nefilim. 13 UFO abductees today have also spoken of communications with ETs who 
described how they created the bodies of the present human race and manipulated 
our DNA; there are many references by abductees to having sex with extraterrestrials 
while on a spacecraft. Not all of these stories will be tme, nor all the theories and 
details, but if you take note of the common themes, a picture starts to form. I believe 
that different extraterrestrial civilisations seeded the different races on Earth and 
perhaps this can explain the obsession that some have with the purity of their race. 
Most will not relate this to an extraterrestrial origin, but at a deep, subconscious 
level, that might be what is motivating them. 

I believe the Earth is far older than science has imagined and that a stream of 
civilisations has settled and developed here which are not mentioned in the history 
books. Most of them before 'the Fall’ were far more highly evolved, technologically 
and spiritually, than humanity is today. Life is not always about progressing 
mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If something happens to delink us 
from our tme potential, we can also go backwards. It depends on the knowledge 
and potential available to us. In the periods known as Lemuria and Atlantis, 
hundreds of thousands of years ago in our version of time, humans lived in what 
we would call a science fiction world, in which amazing things were possible, as 
was also tme in civilisations before those. These were not miracles, merely the use 
of the natural laws of Creation. What is termed the paranormal or supernatural is 
only that which our limited version of science has not discovered or acknowledged 
yet. Everything that exists is the result of 'natural' laws. If it were not, it could not 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

exist. We began to go backwards when the jamming frequency was installed, and 
the levels of consciousness which contained the knowledge enjoyed before recorded 
human history were denied to us. The prison door slammed shut and we are now 
flinging it open again. 

Human civilisation did not begin on Planet Earth, I am convinced. It came to this 
planet from other areas of the galaxy. Some say the first humans on Earth came 
from the star system called Vega, 26 light-years from here, and three times the size 
of the Sun. It is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation and the fifth brightest in 
our sky. 14 Wherever it was, I feel the human race originally came from another star 
system and took the opportunity to populate and experience this magnificent new 
planet. Genetic manipulation, both positive and negative, has continued ever since 
to advance or control the species, depending on the mindset at the time. In those 
earlier times, I think the nature of the physical fonn was not as dense as it is today. 
It was more etheric, lighter and less dense, and capable of manifesting and 
demanifesting, levitation, and floating above the surface. All these things are 
possible now if the power of our thought is concentrated sufficiently, but it was 
available to everyone then, I believe, as an everyday part of life. In those periods, 
there was no physical ’death’. The consciousness withdrew from the body when it 
chose to do so. We will be doing this again as the transfonnation of this planet and 
humanity proceeds. 

Another theme which connects channelled infonnation from many sources 
purporting to be extraterrestrial civilisations and the symbolic stories in the ancient 
texts and legends across thousands of years, is that of a war in the heavens, possibly 
a war between extraterrestrial civilisations for control of this galaxy. I feel this 
relates to the struggle between two consciousness streams on the Fourth 
Dimension, for the control of this one. Lemuria was the creation of one of these 
streams, Atlantis the work of the other. It has been a long and bitter battle with 
humanity as the pawns in the middle. The Indian Vedas contain stories that could 
easily describe a high tech battle in the skies. Those who are more evolved 
technologically do not have to be more evolved spiritually. The development of the 
atomic bomb is a case in point. Developing the bomb was brilliant technologically. 
Dropping it was the very opposite of spirituality. So I find it quite feasible that all 
hell broke loose in parts of this galaxy, as extraterrestrials battled for power with 
their highly advanced toys. I feel that films like Star Wars and other science ’fiction’ 
stories are the result of the writers accessing their deep memories or having direct 
knowledge of what happened. It is this same inner memory at some deep level of 
our consciousness that attracts such astonishing numbers of people to the science 
fiction films and literature. Some of the places which crop up most often in 
channelled infonnation relating to these conflicts are the systems of Orion, Sirius, 
and the Pleiades. Interesting, then, that these were at the fore of ancient beliefs and 
worship on Earth over thousands of years, across scores of cultures. The pyramids 
at Giza and the giant spider drawn in ancient times on the plains of Nazca, Peru, 
are exactly aligned with Orion. I think the star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation 
is also significant to the Earth's history. 

the veil of tears 


The aim of the negative extraterrestrials in relation to the Earth was to turn 
humans into little more than a slave race. This has been a theme all along and it 
remains so today, although in another form. Instead of controlling us physically by 
occupation of the planet, over the past few thousand years they have sought to do 
so by working through our consciousness from other dimensions. I believe there 
came a period after ancient Babylon and Egypt when, for some reason, they no 
longer came here in the same way. Maybe they were forced out by other 
extraterrestrials who were trying to help us. Maybe it was vibratory changes that 
took place. Either way, I believe they began to work mostly through the human 
mind from the Fourth Dimension and that this has replaced the physical occupation 
of the distant past. I have no doubt they have still come here, however, and in 
increasing numbers in more recent tunes. The Lord Of The Rings by J.R. Tolkien, has 
themes of war between the humanlike Hobbits and the little grey Ores which many 
believe resemble the themes of what has actually happened, even down to the 
descriptions of subterranean laboratories which mirror the claims of what is 
happening today in the underground bases and genetic laboratories under America 
and other countries. 

The battle for the Earth possibly reached its most destructive phase at the end of 
Atlantis, over a period of tens of thousands of years, leading up to the vast island of 
Atlantis sinking into the Atlantic Ocean around 10, 500-9, 500bc. The evidence is 
mounting from many sources of some cataclysmic weather and geological 
upheavals around this time, in which whole mountain ranges pushed up from the 
Earth and an unbelievable tidal wave of some kind swept across the planet's 
surface. The geological researchers, J.B. Delair and D.S. Allan, document much of 
this evidence in their book, When The Earth Nearly Died . 15 They believe that a star 
exploded around 15,000bc and some of the debris reached this solar system about 
9,500bc, leaving devastation in its wake. Their work confinns the themes of 
channelled communications over thousands of years when they claim that the Earth 
surface we see today was created largely by an enormous upheaval, almost in the 
twinkling of an eye in evolutionary tenns, and not by the slow, gradual change so 
promoted by mainstream, official-line, science. 

The detail of these various views is interesting, but I find the overall themes 
emerging from ancient and modem infonnation and beliefs to be the most 
compelling aspect in all this. Those themes are of a considerable extraterrestrial 
influence on human affairs, a battle between extraterrestrial civilisations for 
supremacy, and a catastrophe on Earth and throughout the Solar System caused by 
a foreign 'body' of some kind passing through. I feel that such themes are connected 
and that connection is the Luciferic Consciousness. It is a collective consciousness, 
the total of all minds - human and extraterrestrial - thinking within that extreme 
negative frequency range. While it is not possible for one person or group to 
destabilise a planetary system with their thoughts alone, it is certainly possible (in 
my view anyway) for a multidimensional collective consciousness to do so. 

As everything is created by thought and all matter is subordinate to thought, all 
physical events are the result of a thought or thoughts of some kind affecting 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

matter. Everything is. What scientists are doing when they investigate the laws' of 
physics and matter is to put forward mathematical equations which describe the 
power and potential of thought, most of which they have so far missed. All of these 
events which caused mayhem in the Solar System took place within the confines of 
the vibratory prison, created by representations of the Luciferic Consciousness. This 
consciousness manipulates through any lifeform, human or extraterrestrial, which 
is operating within its vibratory range. The Luciferic Consciousness is an extremely 
negative thought pattern, or range of thought patterns, and anyone whose own 
attitudes are within that range can be captured by it and turned into a vehicle for its 
will. It is the same principle as tuning a radio into a particular station. When the 
Luciferic Consciousness locks into someone's consciousness, it, in effect, becomes 
their 'Mission Control', their guide. If our intent remains loving and positive, it 
cannot affect us directly because our energy fields, the mind-emotions-spirit, will be 
vibrating within a range much higher than the Luciferic band. There is no resonance 
established. The Luciferic 'broadcast' is not received by a consciousness 'tuned' to a 
different frequency, just as a radio receiver only picks up stations within a defined 
bandwidth at any given time. 

I feel that the civilisation we call Atlantis was an attempt - by what I call (in The 
Robots' Rebellion) the 'volunteers', and Bringers Of The Dawn calls the Lamily of Light 
and the Systems Busters - to break the vibratory stronghold, the blocking vibration. 
These volunteers were mostly from the more positive consciousness stream on the 
Lourth Dimension. It was an influx of beings into the prison, the box, attempting to 
change the Earth vibration and break the controlling frequency. It was, for a time, a 
partial success, but Atlantis became a highly negative place under influence from 
the Luciferic stream and it suffered a violent end. We, the generations of today, now 
have the opportunity to do what Atlantis could not do - break the blocking 
vibration and allow humanity to return to wholeness and Oneness, to reconnect 
with our full potential. It is an opportunity we are going to grasp and we are going 
to do it peacefully. Not with physical force, but with love. I want to tell this story as 
simply as possible without getting lost in complexities. I will therefore use some 
simplistic tenns for two overall streams of thinking, which seek rather different 
futures for Planet Earth. The Prison Warders, as I will call them, is a symbolic name 
for the Lourth Dimensional consciousness which took over the planet and delinked 
humanity, vibrationally and genetically, from our full potential and higher 
knowledge. I don’t wish to present this in reality as a simple 'light v dark', 'good v 
evil' thing because we are all part of the same whole anyway, all aspects of the same 
one consciousness that we call God or Creation. We all have a positive and negative 
polarity which we are seeking to balance. But at different points in our evolution we 
all have different attitudes and it is the interaction of these various thought 
patterns, positive and negative, which sets up the experiences that speed evolution. 
The other stream of thinking is represented by those entities and consciousness 
streams which wish to break through the limitations and disconnections imposed 
on humanity and the Earth, and to restore freedom of thought and potential. I will 
call this stream of consciousness the 'Light' or 'Love' vibration. 

the veil of tears 


One other point to make about this vibratory hijack is the nature of ’food’ and 
nourishment. On this physical level our bodies need physical food to sustain them. 
But on other frequencies of reality in the non-physical realms of consciousness, the 
food is pure energy. The more energy of like vibration which can be created, the 
bigger the meal, if you like. The energy that the Prison Warder/Luciferic 
Consciousness absorbs and gets its power from is negative energy. The more of that 
which can be created, the more powerful it can potentially become. And the more 
imbalanced, too, of course. Emotions like fear, guilt, and anger, can, if not balanced 
by positive emotions, produce vast supplies of negative energy. A war becomes a 
banquet. We are generating energy all the time and the psychically sensitive can feel 
and see it. In fact we all can, although most people don't realise it. If humanity can 
be manipulated to be full of fear, guilt, and anger, the vibratory 'box’ in which we 
live becomes a production line of negative energy. For the Prison Warders, lunch is 
served! It is interesting that today's stories about negative extraterrestrials presently 
at large on Earth speak of them living off negative human emotions and seeking to 
stimulate events and circumstances in which more extreme negative energy will be 
created. I believe this to be correct and it is a key reason why this extraterrestrial 
consciousness, the Prison Warders, has worked through human minds to stimulate 
the horrors of history and today. These events are not the result of an 'evil' human 
nature. They are manufactured by manipulating human nature and its sense of 
reality. It is highly likely, too, that the animal and human sacrifices to the 'gods' 
(which abound throughout history and in cultures all over the world) were 
performed to serve the extraterrestrials' need for such energy and perhaps for some 
portions of the physical body. The Aztecs in Central America, who sacrificed untold 
numbers of people to the 'gods', are but one example of this. Fortunately, most 
extraterrestrials are not of this extreme negative mindset; a host of positive ET 
civilisations are at work today on various wavelengths around this planet to ease the 
spiritual transfonnation to freedom which has now begun. They are here to help us. 

After the introduction of the blocking frequency, when people 'died' and their 
consciousness left the physical body, most could not escape further than the non- 
physical frequencies which were contained within the vibratory prison. Even when 
not in physical bodies, they continued to be disconnected from their higher 
consciousness, their Higher Self, as we call it - they were imprisoned in the Third 
Dimension. So began the process of incarnation and reincarnation into Earth bodies, 
as beings sought to continue their evolution inside a prison they didn’t even realise 
was a prison. The 'gods’ who supervised the prison were perceived to be the God. 
Many people became so imbalanced and locked into certain thought patterns and 
attitudes that they chose to reincarnate into the same situations, places, and races. 
As they repeated the old responses, Earth life after Earth life, they became more and 
more imbalanced. Others of greater understanding used their incarnations as a 
vehicle for gathering experience and evolving. 

Our consciousness is a series of interconnecting magnetic energy fields and the 
greater our understanding and openness of mind, the quicker those energy fields 
vibrate. After the prison door was closed, those trapped inside were encouraged 

. . . and the truth shall set you free 

and manipulated to close their minds and that still continues today, of course. All 
the positive extraterrestrials can do is to give us the opportunity to open our minds 
and raise ourselves vibrationally to reconnect with our infinite selves. This is what 
they are seeking to do with phenomena like the crop patterns. 

It is quite simple really. The positive Fourth Dimensional (and higher) ETs are 
trying to open our minds and hearts and the negative ones are seeking to keep them 
closed. Our minds cannot be opened by extraterrestrials just landing on the White 
House lawn. That would not open the collective human mind; it would blow it! 
Look at the mass panic in 1938, when Orson Welles presented his radio show, War 
Of The Worlds which purported to be a live broadcast about a landing by 
extraterrestrials. The mind is like a muscle; the more you use it, the better it works 
and the bigger it becomes. So we have to be given clues which stretch our 
consciousness to understand and trigger the memories we hold at a deeper level of 
our consciousness. The negative ETs, in contrast, wish to keep from us any 
infonnation which would stimulate us spiritually and intellectually. 

A few people through history have been able to open and expand their 
consciousness to the point where they have raised their vibratory rate beyond that 
of the prison vibration and reunited hilly with the rest of themselves and Creation. 
This process has been given the name ’ascension’ - getting out of jail - and it shows 
itself in the words attributed to Y'shua and similar figures throughout history: "I 
and my father are one". We see many of these people in the history books. They 
were able to raise their consciousness while in incarnation, to connect with 
frequencies outside of the prison and so understand the nature of the predicament 
humanity is in. They were laughed at and condemned because they were speaking 
from a knowledge accessed from levels outside of the blocking vibration, while 
most of the people to whom they were speaking could conceive only of the world 
they knew and saw all around them. They could remember no other. 

We return to the central theme of the book: creating our own reality. The Prison 
Warder consciousness knows all about this process. Our physical reality is the 
creation of the thoughts we hold onto, past and present. These create a pattern 
within us which is then cast around us in the form of a magnetic cape/aura. This 
attracts to us a physical reality in terms of people, places, and events which exactly 
reflects our inner pattern, how we see ourselves. The key to this reality is thought. If 
you can manipulate someone's thoughts and view of themselves, you are creating 
that person's reality and, as a result, their physical experience. More than that, 
people will generally pass onto their children large chunks of their own views and 
beliefs, thus manipulating - often with the best of intentions - how the children 
view themselves and their potential. This affects the children’s sense of self and 
creates their corresponding physical reality. 

In short, once you can manipulate the thoughts of one generation, it gets easier 
to impose your will on future generations because you now have the programmed 
parents and 'leaders’ unknowingly working on your behalf. You will see 
throughout the story revealed in this book how the foundation of the global 
manipulation is the manipulation of the individual human mind and its view of self 

the veil of tears 


and the world. The Global Conspiracy (with the Prison Warder consciousness at the 
apex of the pyramid) is a conspiracy to manipulate the human race's sense of self 
and, in doing so, the creation of its physical reality. As I say, the victim mentality 
creates the victim reality. Today, we have a planet awash with people who have 
been encouraged to think of themselves as victims, hence they are. 

What has happened through this period of the global prison is a reflection of 
what is happening within the collective human mind. We collectively attracted this 
experience to us. We created this reality, just as the battered wife with no sense of 
self-love and self-worth subconsciously attracts to her the punishment she believes 
she deserves. The woman in that state of mind will manifest her sense of self by 
magnetically attracting the energy field of a man who desires to punish another. In 
the same way the collective human mind's inner lack of self-love and self-worth 
attracted the Prison Warder /Luciferic Consciousness to do the same. If there was 
not an imbalance within the collective human mind which relates to this experience 
we are going through, we would not have created this experience. The problem and 
the solution begins and ends with the self. If we all find love for ourselves, that is 
the reality we will create for ourselves and, together, that is the reality the collective 
mind will create. When we do that, the Luciferic Consciousness will no longer affect 
us, because we will no longer attract the experiences it provides. 

When viewed from the higher levels of understanding, the Luciferic 
Consciousness, horrific as it may be in the physical 'here and now', is actually an 
experience we have created as a mirror for us to face the collective imbalances 
within the human mind and, in doing so, remove them. If we see it that way, it 
becomes a positive experience at least in outcome. 


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. . .and the truth shall set you free 

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chapter 2 

the birth of the Brotherhood 

T he most effective way to close down a human mind and to manipulate its sense 
of self is to programme into it some fonn of dogma. A dogma will always 
vehemently defend itself from other infonnation and repel any alternative opinion 
which contradicts its narrow, solidified view. Dogmas become a person's sense of 
security and means of retaining power. Humanity tends to cling to both until its 
knuckles turn white. 

Dogmas take endless forms and when you can persuade different people to hold 
opposing dogmas, the manipulation of conflict and control through 'divide and 
rule’ becomes easy. It is happening today in the same way - more so, in fact - as it 
has throughout the period of the vibratory prison. To a manipulator, Judaism is just 
as useful as Christianity and Islam; the political 'Left' is just as important as the 
political 'Right'. You need two dogmas to play off against each other. The most 
effective dogmas over thousands of years have been the religions. One generation 
takes on a narrow view of life and themselves (a religion) and imposes it on their 
children, who then do the same to their children, and so it goes on into the modem 
world. The religious and political dogmas have all been inspired by negative 
elements from the Fourth Dimension. 

The two leading weapons used by religions are those cancerous emotions: fear 
and guilt. They have been used to suppress the human mind and to destroy its 
sense of self-worth, thus creating a physical reality to match. Religions are the same 
thought pattern manifesting under different names - the thought pattern called 
control. Even the origins of their myths, stories and ceremonies are invariably the 
same because they all originate from the same source! 

Towards the end of Atlantis, groups of people began to escape from their 
increasingly devastated land. Some left the prison while their vibratory rate was still 
high enough for them to do so; others became trapped by accident or design. As 
Atlantis crumbled, some settled in the areas we now know as Egypt and the Middle 
East, Central America, and the United States. Those who survived the cataclysm 
which followed, passed on their knowledge to their children in myths and stories. 
This is one possible answer to the apparent mystery of how when the Americas were 
'discovered' by the Europeans in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they found 
many cultures and beliefs of the native peoples to be remarkably similar to 
(sometimes the same as) those in the 'Old World’ of Europe and the Middle East. 
Both were influenced by the knowledge brought by the escaping Atlanteans, 
although I think another reason for this relates to extraterrestrial activity all over the 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

world. In the period after Atlantis, I believe that extraterrestrial expressions of the 
Prison Warder consciousness still landed and interacted with the people, telling 
different peoples the same basic manipulated story. 

Some Atlanteans escaped by sailing west to the Americas, some went east to 
Europe and North Africa. It is possible that the biblical story of Noah and the Ark 
relates to this period, although it could involve another flood some thousands of 
years later. Over many millennia, the Atlantean and extraterrestrial knowledge was 
passed on through the succeeding generations, and the original clarity was lost in 
the repeated communication. The knowledge also became a vehicle for control, and 
it was accordingly changed to suit those in power at any given time. This is why 
you still find elements of this knowledge in all religions. The original core 
knowledge has been diluted and diverted in countless directions, to manifest as 
religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Hinduism, etc. All have 
retained the themes of the knowledge to some extent, while often destroying its true 
meaning with dogma, myth, and manipulated make-believe. Ironically, Paganism 
has retained far more of the original knowledge than those religions (such as 
Christianity) which condemn it as 'evil'. The Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders 
wish to prevent us from knowing who we are, how we have been imprisoned, and 
how we can get out of prison. Making us confused and dividing us into factions, 
religions, and tongues was part of the Prison Warder strategy. If you read the story 
of the Tower of Babel, you can see this described symbolically: 

"At first the people of the whole world had only one language and used the same words. 
As they wandered about in the East, they came to a plain in Babylonia and settled 
there. They said to one another, 'Come on! Let's make bricks and bake them hard'. So 
they had bricks to build with and mortar to hold them together. They said: 'Now let's 
build a city with a tower that reaches to the sky, so that we can make a name for 
ourselves and not be scattered all over the Earth'. 

"Then the Lord [extraterrestrials] came down to see the city and the tower which those 
men had built, and he said: 'Now then, these are all one people and they speak one 
language; this is just the beginning of what they are going to do. Soon they will be able 
to do anything they want! Let us go down and mix up their language so they will not 
understand one another.' So the Lord scattered them all over the Earth, and they 
stopped building the city. The city was called Babylon, because there the Lord mixed up 
the language of all the people, and from there he scattered them all over the Earth." 
Genesis, 11:1-9 

Christianity sees those people in a highly negative light when, I believe, it was 
actually the other way around. They were rebelling against the control. After 
Atlantis, other civilisations began to emerge from the reincarnation of Atlantean 
consciousness. The knowledge they passed on through the generations, and 
extraterrestrial intervention, was both positive and negative. There was the 
civilisation called Sumer in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), which developed alongside 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Sumer is believed to have originated from around 
6000BC, although such figures must be treated as only estimates. This would later 
become part of the Babylonian Empire, which greatly influenced the beliefs of 
Judaism and, through that, Christianity, as did the Egyptian civilisation. You can 
read the detailed history of all this in The Robots' Rebellion. 

A contact who has worked on the 'inside' of government and security agencies 
in the UK told me a story which relates both to Sumer and the themes of an 
extraterrestrial takeover. He says that in the 1960s the British intelligence agencies 
produced a secret report detailing claims of extraterrestrial sightings. This involved 
interviewing 1,800 people in Europe and Scandinavia who claimed to have seen a 
UFO, an extraterrestrial, or had contact with beings from another world. At the 
same time, he says, similar surveys were being compiled in the United States, the 
Soviet Union, Australia and Japan. Eventually they pooled their findings and this 
made available some 62,000 interviews with people across the globe. Firstly, the 
vast, vast majority of the stories told of positive, loving communications with the 
ETs of various races. This is so different to the "evil aliens" stories we see in the 
media. Secondly, about 75% of those interviewed all over the world apparently told 
the same basic story. They said that the ETs told them how a planet called 
Melchedek had once existed in our solar system, but the Melchedekans had become 
obsessed with the material world and they destroyed their enviromnent. In the end 
they exploded so many nuclear devices during tests and conflicts that the planet 
broke apart and itself exploded. The asteroid belt was said to be part of the 
remnants of Melchedek. 

According to the stories of the contactees in the survey, about 5,000 of the 
Melchedekan 'elite' escaped and landed on the Earth in the place we know as 
Sumer, now Iraq. The Melchedekan race were described as., .wait for it., .blond 
haired and blue eyed. The "Aryan" 'Master Race’ described by Adolf Hitler. These 
were the 'gods’ described in the Sumerian tablets, this story goes, and as time 
passed they used their advanced knowledge of genetics to create a new race of 
Earth people - the white race we see today. This was symbolised by the story of 
Adam and Eve and forbidding them to eat from the tree of knowledge was 
symbolic of the plan to keep the Earth races ignorant of who they really were. In 
effect, a slave race was created and this has continued to the present day. The 
contactees said that it was the Melchedekans who became kn own as the Elohim in 
the Biblical texts. I think this Fourth Dimensional force is known by many names. 
The original Earth people were the black, red, and other native peoples of the 
world in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia - not the white race, the 
contactees were told. 

There were two streams of Melchedekan 'invaders'. Those who only interbred 
with each other, thus keeping the blond haired, blue eyed genetic 'purity'. These, 
the ET communicators said, were still living on the Earth, though mostly out of 
sight underground. The others interbred with their newly created Earth races, but 
again they sought, and still do, to keep this genetic stream as pure as possible by 
interbreeding only within the family or within a small circle of similar genetic 


... and the truth shall set you free 

background. It was said that it is this genetic stream which overwhelmingly make 
up the families of the ’Illuminati' that have manipulated the course of human 
history since the time of Sumer. The manipulation has guided this planet along the 
same destructive road that Melchedek experienced. Again according to the 
overwhelming majority of the 62,000 interviewed, there are also five other 
extraterrestrial races working on Earth today to help humanity break out of the 
mental prison and remove the Melchedekan manipulation. One of these races is 
described as about eleven feet tall, the "giants" of ancient legend, perhaps? They 
have double hip joints, very large foreheads, blue eyes, a small gap in the face 
rather than what we would call a mouth, and very big feet. Make of all that what 
you will, but this could - could - be another expression of Fourth Dimensional 
beings operating on our frequency. 

It is certainly true that Sumer was the origin of so much that was to shape 
human culture and existence. The Christian belief in a Son of God and a Lamb of 
God dying so our sins could be forgiven can be found in Sumer, Babylon, and 
Egypt. The idea of a lamb dying to forgive the sins of humanity originates from the 
Sumerian belief that if you literally sacrificed a lamb on the altar, it would remove 
the sins of the people involved. While I was writing this book, I saw a picture in a 
newspaper of an Orthodox Jew today, still waving a chicken around the head of a 
young girl, in the belief that the chicken would absorb her 'sins'. Virgin mothers of 
'saviour' figures abound throughout the ancient world and, indeed, can be found in 
the beliefs of the native peoples of North, South, and Central America. The Bible 
story of the Garden of Eden is mirrored in the much earlier Sumerian story of the 
Garden of Edinnu, and even the idea of the Sabbath can be found in the Sumerian 
day of rest, the Sabattu. The Jewish peoples were held in captivity in Babylon and, 
when they were freed by the Persians, they took many of the Babylonian stories and 
beliefs back to Palestine. These found their way into the Old Testament of the Bible 
and through that into the New Testament. Today's religions are the recycling of 
ancient beliefs and symbolic stories which have been added to and twisted under 
the guidance of the Prison Warder consciousness, until the original meaning has 
been lost under an avalanche of myth and invention. So often when you investigate 
the origin of the foundation stories of the religions, you find the same basic themes 
with different names for the alleged heroes and villains. For the Christian version of 
Jesus, see also Bel (Sumer), Dionysus (Greece), Mithra (Persia and Rome), Osiris 
(Egypt), Quetzalcoatl (Central and South America), Krishna (India), and so on. In 
this way, the spiritual knowledge from which all religions originally derive, has, to 
a large extent, been destroyed in the public arena. This process has been essential to 
controlling the human race. You take infonnation out of the public arena and pass it 
on secretly only to those who share your ambitions. 

The foundation of the manipulation of the world has always been the control of 
knowledge. While the religions were using fear, guilt and imposition to sell the 
people a desperately narrow view of life and themselves, a secret network 
developed to pass on far more advanced knowledge to the privileged few. Even 
within this vibratory prison, there is knowledge that remains hidden from most 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


The Brotherhood Pyramid 

Prison Warder Consciousness (Fourth Dimension) 

Global Elite 

The secret societies like the 
Freemasons, Knights of Malta, 
etc, appear to be separate 
organisations. But they all connect 
with the Global Elite, so turning all 
secret societies into the same 
organisation working to a common 
goal. At least 95% of the members 
of these societies will not realise 
what they are part of. 

The Secret Societies 

Figure 3 

people. It does not compare with the knowledge available outside the prison, but it 
is still far in advance of that which humanity in general has been allowed to know. 
If you want to manipulate people, it is essential that you have knowledge which 
they don't have. One of the first rules of control and manipulation is "Don’t let your 
victims know what you know". I will call this 'hidden', suppressed understanding 
the 'esoteric knowledge'. The dictionary definition of esoteric is: "of a philosophical 
doctrine meant only for the initiated, not generally intelligible; private, 
confidential". Sums it up perfectly. This knowledge has been kept from the mass of 
the people for reasons of manipulation and control. Hence, the knowledge has 
indeed become 'private, [and] confidential’. 

There is an unfolding global awakening, however, which will make these 
understandings available to all who wish to hear, and the conspiracy to keep 
humanity in the spiritual dark will crumble and fall. It is already doing so. A key 
part of this process is to reveal the nature of the deception and why it is being 
perpetrated. The vehicle for keeping this knowledge from the public arena has been 
the system of initiations used by the ancient mystery schools and the now immense 
secret society network all over the world, which I call the Brotherhood. Each higher 
level of initiate is given more knowledge than those below. This sets up a pyramid 
structure, with the few who reach the top levels of initiation knowing far, far more 
than the majority further down the ladder (see Figure 3). This makes it easy for 
those few to manipulate the rest. The content of this esoteric knowledge relates to 
an understanding of the laws and potential of Creation which is far in advance of 


... and the truth shall set you free 

the ’science’ we are allowed to see in the public arena, and of the knowledge of the 
human psyche, its nature, and how it can be programmed and controlled. 

The hoarding of such knowledge was not always done for negative reasons. 
When Christianity imposed its misguided and manipulative dogma throughout 
most of the known world, it was suicidal to speak of these alternative spiritual 
beliefs in public. Not surprisingly, they were passed on in secret or hidden within 
legends and symbolic stories. Thank goodness they were! But knowledge is neutral. 
It is how you use it that is negative or positive. The spiritual knowledge can be used 
and abused, and so can the secrecy inherent in the societies and mystery schools 
which, particularly at their higher levels, know spiritual realities denied to most 
people. In the same way that each higher level of initiate within the secret societies 
knows more than those below them, so the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders 
ensure that they know far more than even those human vehicles at the top of the 
global pyramid of manipulation. Today, at their higher levels, this network of secret 
societies and the knowledge it has inherited are being used, I believe, for almost 
entirely negative reasons, under the direction of its highest, controlling core: the 
Global Elite or simply the Elite. The members of this Elite are either direct 
incarnations of the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders or have their minds 
controlled by them. The aim of the Brotherhood and its interdimensional controllers 
has been to centralise power in the hands of a few. This process is very advanced 
and it is happening on a global scale thanks to modem technology. The game plan 
is known as the Great Work of Ages or the New World Order, and it seeks to 
introduce a world government to which all nations would be colonies; a world 
central bank and currency; a world army; and a microchipped population 
connected to a global computer. What is happening today is the culmination of the 
manipulation which has been unfolding for thousands of years. 

The idea of passing on the knowledge through a series of secret initiations goes 
back at least to Atlantis, probably much further. A common theme of channelled 
infonnation is that there was a sort of temple in Atlantis, where those considered to 
be trustworthy would be given knowledge that the bulk of the population did not 
have. When the civilisations that followed Atlantis began to emerge, they, too, 
continued to have initiations into different levels of the knowledge. Among these 
organisations were the Mystery Schools of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, which 
guarded their knowledge with enonnous secrecy; the smallest violation of the oath 
of secrecy was punishable by death. From this foundation came today's massive 
secret society network. These mystery schools of initiation were inspired by the 
negative elements of the Fourth Dimension, and have been supervised by them 
through the consciousness of the highest initiates, the adepts, since that time. In his 
study Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten, Professor G. R. S. Mead says: 

"A persistent tradition in connection with all the great Mystery institutions was that their 
several founders were the introducers of all the arts of civilization; they were either 
themselves gods or were instructed by gods - in brief, that they were men of far greater 
knowledge than any who had come after; they were the teachers of infant races... 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


"It is said that these earliest teachers of humanity who founded the Mystery-institutions 
as the most efficient means of giving infant humanity instructions in higher things, were 
souls belonging to a more highly developed humanity than our own. ..In the earliest 
times, according to this view, the mysteries were conducted by those who had a 
knowledge of nature-powers which was the acquisition of a prior perfected humanity not 
necessarily Earth-born and the wonders shown therein such that none of our humanity 
could of themselves produce ." 1 

This initiation structure was either negative from the start in its ambitions for 
humanity, or it was later taken over by that consciousness. I feel the highly 
influential Egyptian Brotherhood has been dominated by negative manipulation at 
least since the end of the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, who died around 1,362bc. 
He had moved the Egyptian court to a new city in Middle Egypt called El-Amama, 
and there he built a Brotherhood Temple for the esoteric initiations. When he died, 
his successors moved the royal court back north to Thebes, but the Brotherhood 
stayed at El-Amarna and broke away from the state. Through the centuries, other 
vehicles for communicating the knowledge emerged. Some, like the Cathars in the 
twelfth and thirteenth centuries, were destroyed by the Catholic Church in the most 
horrific manner after spreading their influence over a wide area from their base in 
Southern France. The Knights of the Temple (Knights Templar), who came to 
prominence about the same time as the Cathars, were dealt with equally severely by 
Papal ’justice’. But the Templars went underground and their influence has 
continued up to the present day, both in their own right, and within other secret 
societies which are, after all, part of the same overall organisation. This period of 
the Cathars and the Crusades spawned many Brotherhood offshoots, which 
continue to significantly influence events - secret societies like the Knights 
Hospitallers of St. John, known today as The Knights of Malta. Nor was this merely 
a phenomenon of the Christian and Jewish world. Similar secret societies were 
created within all cultures, and the Arab Brotherhood Grand Lodge in Cairo was to 
become a major manipulator of events. 

The aim of this negative Brotherhood structure is to persuade the mass of the 
people to believe any old nonsense while the manipulators keep for themselves the 
knowledge of the nature of life and Creation and how to exploit the power of the 
mind, the Earth's energy fields, and the global energy grid (the network of energy 
lines known by different cultures as ley lines, meridians, and dragon lines). But 
even the privileged initiates did not retain the purity of the information through 
the centuries. To this day, they work with a twisted version of the knowledge, 
albeit still far more advanced in its understanding of the universal laws than 
anything you will find in the religions and establishment sciences that the rest of 
us are asked to accept. The greatest misunderstanding of the negative Brotherhood 
relates to the power of love. The Prison Warder consciousness which controls the 
minds of those who manipulate the Brotherhood does not understand love. It 
generates and feeds upon negative energy, and the more negative energy it can 
produce and encourage humanity to produce, the more powerful it becomes. To 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

this consciousness, love is like garlic to a vampire, and without love - the energy 
on which all Creation exists - knowledge will always be misused. Knowledge 
without love is the state of being which still controls the higher levels of the 
Brotherhood network, via its Global Elite. It is the intellect without the heart, you 
could say, and without the balanced feminine. 

The symbols of the Brotherhood in ancient times remain those of the 
Brotherhood today - the pyramid and all-seeing eye, the swastika, the lamb, the 
apron, the obelisk and many others. The obelisk is symbolic of the penis of Osiris, 
the Egyptian god. The legend is that he was tom into pieces by the ’evil' Set 
(Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, et al.) and when Isis, the wife of Osiris, tried to put him 
back together again, she found all his missing parts, except you know what. Such 
legends are, I feel, symbolic of much more straightforward truths. 

The obelisk and Osiris's penis in that story symbolise male energy, which has 
dominated the world throughout recorded history. All of us, and Creation as a 
whole, are in search of balance and harmony between opposites - negative and 
positive, male and female. These are the Yin and Yang-type forces of Chinese 
culture. When one of these forces dominates, there is an imbalance which manifests 
as imbalanced behaviour. The transfonnation the planet is now going through is 
designed to bring such forces into harmony and balance so that all serve, but none 
dominates. The suppression of female energy by the male has created a male- 
dominated world and the 'macho man’ is one of its offspring. This has not been by 
accident, but by design - the Prison Warders’ design. Harmony and balance in all 
things = wholeness. Wholeness = infinite potential. That's the last thing the Prison 
Warders want, because such people are impossible to control. Instead, they have 
sought to imbalance us. Dishannony and imbalance = division of self. Division of 
self = limited potential. 

The two major imbalances within ourselves and the prison in general have been 
the negative dominating the positive and the male dominating the female. There is 
no greater manifestation of the male imbalance than what is seen in some of the 
major religions and in the secret society network. The re-emergence of female 
energy is crucial to the hannonising of the Earth, and by that, I don’t only mean the 
re-emergence of women into areas of decision-making. I mean the reawakening of 
female energy within the male form also, and a softening of the indoctrinated desire 
of so many men to dominate and to follow the macho man programming. This re- 
emergence of female energy is symbolised as 'the return of the goddess'. 

It is highly appropriate that the obelisk (the symbol of male energy) should be so 
important to the Brotherhood over the centuries, because it is, after all, a 
brotherhood, not a brother-and-sisterhood. The secret societies are almost entirely 
male-dominated with women excluded from the knowledge and decision making. 
Look at the Freemasons as an example. It is a male preserve, with their wives 
wheeled out for the annual dinner l ik e a piece of decoration. Such a male-dominated 
organisation must by definition be imbalanced, and this one most certainly is. The 
Freemasons have become one of the most important of the secret societies which 
have appeared since the ancient times, and they have based themselves on the 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


structure and beliefs of the Brotherhood Mystery Schools, as have the others. I will 
refer to this network as the cult of the All-Seeing Eye, the cult that worships these 
Fourth Dimensional "gods" or "masters". It goes back to antiquity and this same 
stream of manipulation is behind the New World Order to this day. It is a fusion of 
the ancient esoteric beliefs which have emerged from Babylon, Egypt, and the 
Hebrew Kabbala School. The higher levels of the Freemasons still worship a ’God’ 
called Jahbulon - Jah (Jehovah, Hebrew), Bui (Baal, Babylon), and On (Osiris, Egypt). 

Perhaps the most important achievement by this Global Elite-Brotherhood on the 
journey to world domination has been the colonisation of America, a land it knew 
existed long before it was officially ’discovered’. Throughout known human history, 
there have been two levels of knowledge operating on this planet. One is made 
public for the mass of the people to see, most of which is flawed and manipulated 
to control our thinking and the reality we create, while the other is known only to 
the few, mostly in the Elite levels of the Brotherhood. The conventional story behind 
the ’discovery' of the Americas is an example of this. The history books tell us that 
Christopher Columbus made a guess in 1492 that the Earth was round or pear- 
shaped and if he sailed west, he believed, he would eventually reach India and the 
Far East which had already been identified by Marco Polo. It is said that he 
’accidentally’ discovered what we call the West Indies and that he believed he had 
found India, to the day he died. We are further told that John Cabot and his son, 
Sebastian, both Venetians, set off from Bristol four years after Columbus had sailed 
from Spain; Cabot ’discovered’ North America in 1497. No link is offered by 
conventional history between these two events. But when you look deeper there is a 
potential link: the knowledge held by the Brotherhood network, which had been 
passed on secretly since the time of Atlantis. 

The 33rd degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall, points out in his book, America's 
Assignment With Destiny, 2 that John Cabot's real name was Giovanni Caboto. He 
was bom in Genoa, the city where Colombus is said to have been bom, and Caboto 
later became a naturalised Venetian. It is suggested that he was involved with a 
secret Christian Brotherhood sect known as the Johannites, which was greatly 
influenced by the esoteric doctrines of the Templars. Legends say he visited the so 
called 'Wise Men of the Near East’ - just as Colombus had done. Columbus had his 
own Brotherhood connections. His father was a member of the Brotherhood branch, 
The Order of the Christ. Columbus himself was involved with a group which 
followed the beliefs of the poet Dante, who was a member of the Cathar Church 
and an initiate of the Knights Templar. Columbus was often seen wearing the garb 
of what was believed to be the Franciscan Order. Columbus's son said his father 
had died in such attire. The priests at the ancient Egyptian Brotherhood Temple at 
El-Amarna wore a similar habit, as did a Brotherhood group called the Fratemites 
at the time of Columbus. These are only some of his Brotherhood connections. 
Columbus's father-in-law was a member of the Knights of Christ, the undercover 
name for the Knights Templar. When the Templars were purged across Europe, they 
survived in Portugal by changing their name to the Knights of Christ. They devoted 
themselves to maritime activity. The explorer, Vasco de Gama, was a Knight of 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Christ, as was Prince Henry the Navigator, a Grand Master of the Order. 
Columbus's father-in-law was one of Prince Henry's captains, and inherited maps 
and charts from him which Columbus used to 'find' the Americas. The red cross on 
a white background was the Templars symbol. It was outlawed by the Pope at the 
time of the purge. Columbus's ships sailed with the red cross on a white 
background! 3 His historic journey was funded by King Ferdinand of Aragon, Spain 
and Queen Isabella of Castile, Spain, whose marriage helped to unify Spain. These 
were 'Catholic' monarchs funding a trip by a man flying the flag of the Knights 
Templar. More than that, other support came from Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo 
de Medici, both high initiates of Brotherhood secret societies. Given this 
background to Columbus and Caboto, it is hardly stretching the bounds of 
credibility to suggest that their 'discovery' of different parts of the Americas within 
four or five years of each other was no coincidence. Many of the early explorers and 
colonisers were known to be members of Brotherhood societies. They knew what 
they were looking for because they had the maps and charts of the world passed 
down over thousands of years by the Brotherhood, perhaps since Atlantis. 

In 1513, Piri Reis, an admiral in the navy of the Ottoman Turks, produced a map 
showing the land mass of Antarctica which then, as now, was covered by a mile- 
thick sheet of ice! Antarctica wasn't even officially 'discovered' until 300 years after 
the map was compiled. The United States Airforce has confirmed that the map 
agrees "very remarkably" 4 with the results of the seismic profile produced by the 
Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949. This indicates, says the US airforce, 
that "the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice cap". 5 They said 
they had no idea how the data on the Piri Reis map can be reconciled with the state 
of geographical knowledge in 1513. I can help them there. Piri Reis compiled his 
map from maps and charts passed on through the higher levels of the Brotherhood. 
The evidence is mounting that far from being there for millions of years, the ice cap 
has only been there for maybe 6,000 years. The world was mapped before that date 
by civilisations far in advance of what we have been told by conventional, doctored 
history, which is designed to fool, not inform us. Columbus and Cabot found the 
Americas for one simple reason. They knew what was there! 

Colonising the Americas and particularly North America seems to have been a 
long-tenn aim of The Great Work of Ages or the New World Order. Sir Francis 
Bacon, the Grand Chancellor of England, was a Brotherhood member of high rank 
at the time of Elizabeth I and James I. He was a Grand Commander of the 
Brotherhood Order called the Rosicrucians, and very much involved in the 
underground operations of the Knights Templar traditions. Bacon passed on 
knowledge secretly in codes contained in works like the Shakespearean plays, 
which he wrote himself. The evidence for this is very substantial and the 
Shakespeare story is a myth. Sorry Stratford! Bacon used the network to encourage 
the colonising of North America, not the least to stop the Spanish getting control of 
it. More than that, however, he was working from the Brotherhood agenda. People 
like Sir Walter Raleigh were also in Bacon's circle, along with other prominent 
names in Elizabethan society. 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


I stress that not everyone within the Brotherhood is of negative intent. Most are 
persuaded by those even higher up the ladder that the Great Work is for the good of 
all people. Most Brotherhood members have no idea of the despotism contained in 
the real agenda which is known to only the tiny few. Indeed, the real agenda is 
known only to the Prison Warders of the Fourth Dimension who have been the 
common link in the conspiracy over thousands of years. 

In his work, The New Atlantis, Bacon sets out his vision of a new world in which 
the power is exercised by a secret society, The Temple of Solomon. In Bacon's vision, 
the privileged elite study the sciences in secret and act as an invisible government, 
deciding what the people should and should not be told. All this is remarkably l ik e 
the secret manipulation of events and infonnation today. But then, it's not so 
remarkable really, because the plan Bacon was working from in the sixteenth and 
seventeenth centuries is the same one that is being followed by the present day 
Brotherhood. Some of them genuinely believe it is the best way to run the world, 
but, I most strongly suggest, they are fundamentally misguided because they do not 
appreciate how such a world can be easily manipulated by the few to the detriment 
of all. Most importantly, they do not realise that the Prison Warders are 
manipulating the whole thing, including them. 

Another significant name in this period was Dr John Dee, an adept (high initiate) 
and the official astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. He was also her unofficial secret 
agent, and signed his reports 007. 6 In a diary entry written in Prague in 1586, Dee 
describes an encounter with a "little man" whose feet "seemed not to touch the 
ground by a foot height, who moved in a little fiery cloud" and who went up into 
the sky "in a great pillar of fire". In Prague, Dee gave the Emperor Rudolph an 
illustrated manuscript, written in code and claimed to be the work of Roger Bacon, 
the thirteenth century Franciscan monk who upset the church authorities with his 
views and ideas. These included prophecies about the microscope, the telescope, 
the car, submarine, aeroplane, and the belief that the Earth was a sphere. All of 
these facts would have been transmitted from the Fourth Dimension. In 1912, this 
same manuscript was bought by an American book dealer called Wilfrid Voynich 
and became known as the Voynich Manuscript. When he sent copies to the 'experts' 
of the day, they said that most of the hundreds of plants illustrated did not grow on 
Earth. Some illustrations looked like tissue seen under a microscope and others 
were of star systems and constellations. The best code breakers available to United 
States intelligence in both the first and second world wars tried to decipher what 
they called "the most mysterious manuscript in the world", but none could do it. 
A professor at the University of Pennsylvania called William Romaine Newbold 
claimed to have decoded some of it in 1921. He said part of the text read: 

"In a concave mirror, I saw a star in the form of a snail between the navel of Pegasus, 

the girdle of Andromeda, and the head of Cassiopeia ." 7 

What Roger Bacon describes in the manuscript that was acquired by John Dee is 
now known to be accurate and the illustration he includes of the Andromeda 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

nebula is also correct, but it is depicted from an angle which cannot be seen from 
the Earth! Dee was an adept and channeller of great renown and claimed to 
communicate with an 'angel with a wand’, an extraterrestrial. The knowledge held 
within the secret society network has always been far - often centuries - in advance 
of what the mass of the people are allowed to know. The knowledge of the existence 
of America and its long tenn place in the plan was well known to these Elizabethan 
adepts, as it was to those who guided Columbus and the Cabots, thanks to the 
Fourth Dimensional manipulators. 

The first pennanent English settlement in North America was established at 
Jamestown, Virginia (named after Elizabeth the 'virgin queen'), in 1607. Many 
members of the Francis Bacon family were among the early settlers. From that point 
on, the native culture of North America was doomed, as was that of South and 
Central America once the Spanish and Portuguese arrived. The way the native 
peoples were slaughtered without mercy and their cultures destroyed without 
respect or compassion was one of the most appalling episodes in all of human 
history. Thousands of settlers sailed west from Europe to escape religious 
persecution after the Brotherhood-engineered Refonnation divided the Christian 
Church into Protestants and Catholics. This created division and conflict and 
weakened the power of the Pope. But when the persecuted peoples arrived in 
America, they often proceeded to persecute the native population and the 
immigrants of other religious beliefs in the same merciless way that they themselves 
had been treated. 

The land they occupied, now called the United States, was and is a key weapon 
in the Brotherhood's long tenn plan for world domination. The Masonic societies 
went through a massive change and expansion after the English Civil War and 
especially in the early 1700s. Up to that point, only people who worked by 
profession as masons or building craftsmen could be members. Now it became 
open to all and Freemasonary or Speculative Masonry was bom. It is likely that 
Francis Bacon was a force behind this transfonnation. The centre of the Freemasonic 
network that now expanded rapidly was a new Grand Lodge (launched in London 
in 1717) which became known as the Mother Grand Lodge of the World. It was a 
centre of Freemasonic manipulation, encouraging other lodges to be set up 
throughout Europe, the British Empire, and the Americas. Many other versions of 
Freemasonry were introduced, including the York Rite and the Scottish Rite of 
Michael Ramsey (which was based on the Knights Templar system). The Scottish 
Rite has 33 degrees of initiation and today has enonnous influence in the politics, 
economics, military, and security services of Britain, Europe, the United States, and 
many other countries. New York was named after the York Rite of Freemasonry. 

The Brotherhood plan was for the establishment of an independent United States 
of America - independent of the British government, that is, not independent of the 
Brotherhood. Encouraged by the Mother Grand Lodge in London, the Freemasonic 
lodges in the colonies of America began to plot and agitate against British rule. An 
economic crisis was engineered, not least through war between Britain and the 
French. As part of their desperation for income, the British government imposed 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


higher taxation and duties on the American colonies. It was an operation created 
and coordinated by the Global Elite which has been repeated over and over again. 
The network in Britain, as in every other country, includes key bankers, many 
politicians, and, more importantly, their political advisers. They secretly engineered 
events which caused an economic crisis in Britain. They then advised the British 
government that the only way out of trouble was to levy higher taxation on the 
American colonies. At the same time, the American ann of the Brotherhood was 
being directed to whip up hostility against this action and turn that anger into 
demands for independence from Britain. It appears on the surface - and in the 
history books - as Britain versus the American colonies. In fact, the same network 
was manipulating both sides. This is how all the major wars and revolutions have 
been created, as we shall see. This strategy was described very well by P. Sedir in 
his Histoire et doctrine des Rose-Croix, published in Paris in 1910: 

"Unable to control destinies on Earth openly because governments would resist, this 
mystic alliance can act only through secret societies.. .These, gradually created as the 
need for them arises, are divided into distinct groups, groups seemingly in opposition, 
sometimes advocating the most contradictory policies in religion, politics, economics, 
and literature; but they are all connected, all directed by the invisible centre that hides 
its power as it thus seeks to move all the sceptres of the Earth." 

The opposition by the American colonies led the British government to 
withdraw the new taxes, except for those on tea, but the Brotherhood was not going 
to let the anger subside. Members of the St. Andrews Freemasons Lodge in Boston, 
led by the Junior Warden, Paul Revere, dressed up as native American 'Indians’ and 
threw tea chests into the harbour to protest at the tax on tea. The Boston Tea Party, 
as it became known, was hatched during a supper at the home of the Bradlee 
brothers, who were both members of the St. Andrews Lodge. 8 The momentum for a 
war of independence gathered strength until it was unstoppable. 

The leading revolutionaries and those who signed the Declaration of 
Independence in 1776 were almost all Freemasons. George Washington, the 
triumphant Commander-in-Chief of the American armies and the first president of 
the United States of America, was a high ranking Freemason and all but two of his 
brigadier generals in the war were Masons. Top Freemason and Freemasonic 
historian, Manly P. Hall, says that of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of 
Independence, nearly fifty were known to be Freemasons and only one was known 
not to be. 9 Another researcher, Enrique De Vincente, says that fifty-three of the 
signatories were Freemasons and that seventeen presidents, beginning with 
Washington, have been members of the Order. The second president, John Adams, 
belonged to a secret society known as The Dragons, named after the magnetic 
energy lines in the Earth's energy grid. He studied the sacred geometry contained in 
the energy grid and knew how to harness the power it contained.™ 

One of the leading revolutionaries and founding fathers of the United States was 
Benjamin Franklin, the first Grand Master of the Freemasons of Pennsylvania. He 


...and the truth shall set you free 

became a friend of Sir Francis 
Dashwood, the Chancellor of the 
British Treasury, and founder of 
the secret society called the Club 
of Hell's Fire. Fran kl in became a 
member along with the Mayor of 
London, the son of the 
Archbishop of Canterbury, and 
the Prince of Wales. He travelled 
to France to canvass successfully 
for the support of the French 
Freemasons for the American 
Revolution, and he also secured 
the services of the German 
Freemason, Baron von Streube, 
who served in the army of 
Frederick the Great of Prussia. 
The baron was to play a major 
part in the colonists' victory over 
the British. Franklin's 

connections with the French 
Brotherhood were very close and 
he became a high ranking 
member of the Lodges of San 
Juan and the Nine Sisters which, 
in league with the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, would trigger the French 
Revolution of 1789. Franklin was made Grand Master of the Nine Sisters. One of the 
central revolutionaries in France, the Marquis de Lafayette, was a friend of Franklin 
and supported him and the colonists during the American Revolution. 

Freemasons manipulated and won the War of Independence and then took 
control of the new United States of America. They, and other Brotherhood groups, 
have never conceded that control to this day. How appropriate, then, that when the 
founding fathers commissioned a design for the Great Seal of the United States, it 
included the classic Brotherhood (Prison Warder) symbols which go back to 
ancient Egypt and beyond, including the pyramid and all-seeing eye. Above and 
below this symbol are two Latin phrases, Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo 
Seclorum. These translate as "Announcing the birth, creation, or arrival" of "A 
New Order of Ages". In other words, announcing the creation of the New World 
Order. The founding of the United States was a massive step forward in the plan 
for centralised global power. Today this part of the seal can be found on every 
dollar bill (see Figure 4), and again this is very appropriate, given that the Elite 
controls the American economy and everyone else's. The decision to put the 
Pyramid/New World Order symbol on the dollar was made by the 33rd degree 
Freemason, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1935, with the full support and 

Figure 4: The US dollar bill with its classic Brotherhood symbol 
which goes back to antiquity 

the birth of the Brotherhood 


encouragement of his vice president, Henry Wallace, another 33rd degree Mason. 11 
Mr Roosevelt will be making many appearances in the text of the next few 
chapters. The American flag, the Stars and Stripes, was also designed to reflect 
Brotherhood symbolism and the Statue of Liberty was given to American 
Freemasons by the French Grand Orient (Illuminati) Masonic Order. 12 

While ties were 'officially' severed between Britain and the United States after 
the war, those between the American Brotherhood societies and ruling families and 
their brethren in Britain and Europe grew still stronger, through the secret network. 
Again, I am not suggesting that everyone involved in the fight for American 
independence was negatively motivated, nor that all in the Brotherhood lodges are 
of a similar state of mind. Most would have been persuaded they were doing the 
right thing and in many ways they were. Often it is not the act, but the motivation 
behind the act that we need to watch. One country owning and controlling another 
is quite wrong, in my view. But we need to look at the wider agenda and motivation 
behind a course of action and look very carefully at what the proposed alternative 
will be. Control of America by a British monarch and government being replaced by 
control of America by a secret Brotherhood hardly advances human freedom, but - 
and here's the point to remember - such a transfer of power and control can be (and 
invariably is) justified under the banner of expanding human freedom. The 
American War of Independence was the first in a series of 'people’s revolutions', 
created and financed by the Brotherhood. The plan was to end the power of the 
monarchs. I do not oppose this if it is done peacefully and with genuine popular 
support. But instead of 'power to the people', the monarchs were replaced by other 
dictatorships, called revolutionary committees, communists, fascists or, more subtly, 
by the illusion of 'democracy', which in reality was and is rule by the Elite. 

Let us summarise where we are. A pyramidal structure of human beings has 
been created under the influence and design of the negative manipulators on the 
Fourth Dimension, the Prison Warders. They control the human clique at the top of 
the pyramid, which I have dubbed the Global Elite. These, in turn, manipulate the 
lower levels of the network, within which you will find most of the major national 
and global decision-makers in politics, banking, industry, commerce, the media, the 
military, etc. The Prison Warders manipulate the Elite, the Elite manipulate the 
Brotherhood network, and the Brotherhood network manipulates the world. Each 
lower level doesn’t know what the level above knows, and none of them knows 
what the Prison Warders know. It is a manipulators' paradise, with most people 
within it not knowing what they are part of or what the final goal will be. 

You could describe it symbolically as the clear-sighted (ETs) manipulating the 
partially-sighted (Global Elite/Brotherhood), who then manipulate the blind (the 
mass of humanity). With the United States now created and in Brotherhood hands, 
the control of the world could be advanced even more quickly than before. 


...and the truth shall set you free 


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3 It is interesting to look at where the symbol of the red cross is used today. Not all of them 
will be signs of Templar control, maybe, but many certainly will 

4 Letter by Lt. Colonel Harold Z. Onlmeyer, Commander, 8 Reconnaissance Technical 
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chapter 3 

paper power 

T he plan for the New World Order and global control moved into a new phase 
with the emergence of ’funny money'. This is the process by which banks lend 
money that doesn’t exist (credit) and charge you interest on it! If I gave you 
something that doesn't exist and asked you to pay me for it, you might consider 
calling the police. If I gave you something that doesn’t exist and said that if you 
don’t pay me for it I will take you to court and take your property away, you might 
say we lived in a fascist state. Yet what I have just described is the banking system 
of the world and the means through which both people and governments are 
drowning in debt. And what does debt equal? Control. 

Among the first hankers in the Western world were the Knights Templar. They 
were given enonnous riches by Christians supporting the crusades and by legacies 
from people who were often hoping to buy a place in heaven. They were the 
wealthiest organisation in every country in which they established themselves, and 
their temples in Paris and London became financial centres. Eventually, King Philip 
IV of France, in league with Pope Clement V, destroyed the Templars and stole their 
fortune to pay debts and, as I outlined in The Robots' Rebellion, possibly for other 
reasons, too. The Templars' Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the 
stake and the Order then went underground to work and plot secretly within other 
organisations. The Christian world had a strict ban on usury (the charging of 
interest on loans) but as the centuries passed this was forgotten, and the banking 
system which today controls humanity began to develop. 

The currency of that time was precious metals (such as gold and silver) and, for 
safety reasons, the owners began to deposit their wealth with the goldsmiths, who 
had suitable strong rooms to ensure its safekeeping. The goldsmiths would issue 
paper receipts for the gold and silver deposited with them, and the owners would 
pay their debts by withdrawing portions of their 'deposits', as necessary. It was 
obviously an unwieldly process to move all those metals around and the paper 
receipts slowly became accepted as currency. The gold and silver were rarely 
moved, but the ownership of it changed with the issuing of receipts ('money') to 
pay off debts. In the same way today, vast fortunes are made by simply moving 
numbers between one computer file and another. 

The goldsmiths and other owners of the strong rooms began to realise that, at 
any one time, only a fraction of the gold and silver was being withdrawn by the 
owners. "So," they thought, "why don’t we issue notes (money) to other people 
who don’t own the gold and charge them interest on the notes?" The only way the 


... and the truth shall set you free 

ruse could fail was if they issued too many notes and everyone came along at the 
same time to cash them in for gold and silver. They began to issue notes for the 
ownership of the gold and silver greatly in excess of the amount of gold and silver 
they had deposited in their vaults. Most of the notes they lent (and earned interest 
on) were related to gold and silver which the ’hank s ’ did not even have. But since 
only a small amount of the metals was being withdrawn at any one time, they were 
in the clear. They could issue lots of bits of paper for gold and silver that didn't exist 
and charge interest for doing so! There, in one sentence, you have a description of 
today's banking system, which controls the world. 

People and govermnents are submerged in debt and desperately trying to pay 
interest on money that has never, does not, and will never exist. It is reckoned that 
on average, for every £1,000 a bank receives from customers, it lends (and charges 
interest upon) at least £10,000! It is able to do this through a fractional reserve 
system, which means they only have to keep a fraction (say, one-tenth) of their total 
deposits in the bank, or 'reserve'. They count on it not being called for (demanded) 
by its customers all at the same time. In most countries where banks are regulated, 
there are rules or laws which allow a bank to shut its doors if too many people want 
their money out at the same time. The bank creates this money out of thin air by 
typing numbers onto a computer screen. A large slice of your taxes goes to the 
hank s to pay interest on money created in this way when those taxes could be used 
to ease poverty and hunger, and create greater opportunity. Indeed, if the money 
system was restructured to serve people and not banks, there is a good case for 
saying that all taxation could end. 

The con-trick is completed by the fact that if you fall behind in your interest 
payments on money that doesn’t exist, the bank can take away your car, your house, 
and other property - wealth that does exist. Remember, too, that while you are 
borrowing a certain figure from the bank, you are paying back more than that, with 
the interest. Where does that interest come from? It comes from the wealth and credit 
in the world. So with every loan paid back to a bank since this system began, the 
interest payments have been sucking the wealth and money of the world into the 
banking system. With each loan repayment, the control of that system is 
strengthened. This allows the banking system, controlled by the Global Elite, to lend 
even greater sums of non-existent money and submerge even more people in debt. 

The eighteenth century saw a major leap forward for the Global Elite/ 
Brotherhood ambitions as this banking system expanded, especially with the 
emergence and rapid rise to dominance of the House of Rothschild. Few 
organisations in modem times have served Brotherhood ambitions more than this 
one. This name will appear on so many occasions in the first half of the book (as I 
explain how the Prison Warders manifest their control on the physical level), that I 
should fill in a little Rothschild history here. 

Mayer Amschel Bauer (later Rothschild) was bom in 1743 in Frankfurt, 
Gennany. He married Gutle Schnaper in 1770 and they had a large family of five 
boys and five girls. He was educated to be a rabbi, but he later worked briefly for 
the Oppenheimer bank in Hanover and then became a money lender who acted as 

paper power 


an agent for William IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. In 1785, William inherited the 
largest family fortune in Europe, estimated at some $40 million. 1 Some of this was 
accumulated by hiring out troops to Britain to fight in the Brotherhood-engineered 
American War of Independence. 

The Rothschild Empire was built on money embezzled by Mayer Amschel from 
William, who had in turn stolen it from the soldiers he had hired out to the British. 
The money, perhaps around $3 million, was paid by the British government to 
William to pay the soldiers, but he kept it for himself.^ William gave this money to 
Rothschild to hide it from Napoleon's annies, but instead Rothschild sent it to 
England with his son Nathan to establish the London branch of the family's empire. 
Nathan used the money to buy a vast quantity of gold from the East India 
Company and he used this gold to finance the Duke of Wellington's military 
exploits. Nathan manipulated the situation in such a way that this became the 
origin of the enonnous Rothschild fortune. We should remember that money, like 
everything, is an energy. It can be used for positive and negative purposes and it 
will carry the energy of the 'intent' behind it. To have the House of Rothschild built 
on money which was embezzled from an embezzler meant that the empire was 
built from the start on negative energy. 

On the back of Nathan’s financial coup, branches of the House of Rothschild 
were established in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and Naples. Mayer's sons were each put 
in charge of one of them. Today the Rothschild holdings are reported to be held in 
the Five Arrows Fund of Curacao and the Five Arrows Corporation of Toronto, 
Canada. The name comes from the Rothchild symbol of an eagle with five arrows in 
its talons, signifying the five sons. 3 The fortune expanded by colossal leaps as the 
Rothschilds manipulated governments and worked through the Brotherhood 
network to create wars and revolutions, often lending money to both sides in the 
ensuing conflicts. You will see that this was to become a standard practice for the 
banking elite. It is easy to create conflict and war; you only need to control a 
dictator or govermnent, ensure that they have the means to build up a powerful 
army, and then encourage or instruct them to invade other countries. Those 
countries will, understandably, defend themselves and presto! you have a war. 

I have heard it said that no-one gains from wars, but that's not quite correct. The 
bankers win every time - in the short term. They lend money that doesn't exist to 
finance both sides and make massive profits on the interest. They also control the 
arms manufacturers with whom the two sides spend the funny money which the 
bankers have loaned. In this way they get their loans back through their armament 
companies while still charging interest on the original loan to the governments. 
Then, when the two or more countries have devastated each other with the help of 
money provided by the banks, those same banks lend them more money that 
doesn’t exist to rebuild their shattered nations and infrastructure. This produces 
even more profits for the banks and, through debt, gives them control of those 
countries and their peoples. The Rothschild empire quickly became highly skilled in 
such manipulation, as did those in America like J.R Morgan, the Rockefeller empire, 
and many others who, when you look behind the front organisations and 


... and the truth shall set you free 

smokescreens, are controlled by the same few families and individuals. There is 
evidence to suggest that in fact the House of Rothschild was behind both of these 
great American business and banking empires, a demonstration of the Rothschilds' 
brilliance for hiding the extent of their power and control behind frontmen and 

But the bankers cannot do all this alone. They need the help of the Brotherhood 
network to manipulate the circumstances in which conflicts will break out. The 
Rothschilds have long been enthusiastic Freemasons and Napoleon Bonaparte was 
surrounded by Freemasons who advised him on his policies and expansionism. 
They persuaded him at one time to invade Egypt and ransack ancient sites for 
knowledge and artifacts held to be sacred to Freemasonic ritual and legend. 
Napoleon brought a massive Egyptian obelisk back to Paris as part of this burglary. 
British Freemasons persuaded their government to do the same and the result was 
the theft of the Egyptian obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle, which still stands in 
London. Napoleon's escapades were well exploited by the Brotherhood and their 
bankers. In his book, The Rothschilds, historian John Reeves tells how Nathan 
Rothschild witnessed the result of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and saw that 
Wellington had beaten the Napoleonic armies. Nathan then raced as fast as possible 
for the English Channel and the London Stock Exchange. There, looking dirty, 
panic-stricken and dejected, he announced that Wellington had been defeated. He 
gave more credence to this by selling some of his stocks at ridiculously low prices. 
This started a panic on the market with everyone desperately trying to sell at 
whatever price they could get. Secretly, Nathan and the House of Rothschild were 
buying these stocks for next to nothing. At that time, with no telephone or 
telegraphs it took several days for the news to filter back to London that Wellington 
had in fact won. The Stockmarket immediately rebounded and surged upwards. 
Nathan proceeded to sell the stocks he had secretly acquired and reaped massive 
profits. This same basic method has been used ever since and is still used today to 
manipulate financial markets. Stock Market panics are not random. They are 
engineered to the detriment of everyone, except those who create them. The 
approach of the Rothschild Empire was summed up by Mayer Amschel when he 
said: "Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes the laws". 4 

Nathan Rothschild took the Rothschild fortune and influence to new levels. He 
boasted that he multiplied their capital 2,500 times in the course of five years. 5 He 
established the private banking concern N.M. Rothschild and Sons in London with 
branches in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Naples. Its purpose was to operate on the 
stock exchanges and make loans to govermnents and others. It became the agent 
and manager for banks, railways, arms manufacturers, and corporations of all 
kinds. From this came branches of the company which were given many different 
names to hide the extent of Rothschild influence, power, and infiltration. This is 
very much how the financial system operates today, with a few at the centre using 
endless different fronts and names for the same organisation. Just look at the names 
above the shops in the average city centre; if you look at who actually owns them, 
you will find it is the same few groups. You also find this with the apparently 

paper power 


different soap powders and other products in the supennarkets. In America, the 
Rothschild empire was represented by companies like Kuhn, Loeb, and Co and it is 
likely, according to some researchers, that US companies such as J.P. Morgan, 
Speyer, and Lehman, were also controlled or greatly influenced by the Rothschilds. 
The British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, was very close to the Rothschild 
family. They lent his government £4 million to buy a controlling stake in the Suez 
Canal in 1875. Disraeli's novel, Coningsby, is clearly based on the family's story. The 
character, Sidonia, in this extract, is really Nathan Rothschild: 

"He arrived here [London] after the peace of Paris with his large capital. He staked all 
that he was worth on the Waterloo loan and the event made him one of the greatest 
capitalists in Europe. ..He reaped the due reward of his sagacity. Europe did require 
money and Sidonia [Nathan] was ready to lend it to Europe. France wanted some, 
Austria more, Prussia a little, Russia a few million; Sidonia could furnish them all. The 
only country he avoided was Spain; he was too well acquainted with its resources. 

"...He established a brother or near relative in whom he could confide, in most of the 
principal capitals. He was lord and master of the money markets of the world and of 
course virtually lord and master of everything else. He literally held the revenues of 
Southern Italy in pawn and monarchs and ministers in all countries courted his advice 
and were guided by his suggestions." 

Or as the historian, John Reeves, put it in his work, The Rothschilds: 

"Little could Mayer Amschel have anticipated that his sons would in after years come to 
exercise such an unbounded sway that the peace of nations would depend upon their 
nod; that the powerful control they exercised on the European money markets would 
enable them to pose as the arbiters of peace and war, since they could at their 
pleasure withhold or furnish the percuniary means required to carry on a campaign. 

"But this, incredible as it may seem, was what their vast influence, combined with their 
enormous wealth and unlimited credit, enabled them to do, for no firms existed strong 
enough to oppose them for any length of time, or rash enough to take up a business 
which the Rothschilds had refused. To reach this exalted position, Mayer Amschel and 
his sons required the cooperation of the states, but, when once he had climbed over 
their backs and reached the height of his ambition, he was independent of all aid and 
could act with the greatest freedom, whilst the states remained in a suppliant attitude 
at his feet ." 6 

The extent of Rothschild influence by now can hardly be overstated. When 
Nathan died, his eldest son, Lionel, took his place as the head of N. M. Rothschild. 
Lionel advanced massive loans to the British and American governments and 
others such as the Egyptians. This included a loan of around $80 million to Britain 
to finance the (Elite-engineered) Crimean War in which tens of thousands died. 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Lionel also acted as agent to the Russian government for twenty years. 7 He was 
succeeded by his eldest son, Nathan Mayer, who became the first Lord Rothschild 
when he was raised to the peerage and took his seat in the British House of Lords in 
1885. The first Lord Rothschild went on to become the governor of the Bank of 
England, with untold power to influence the world financial system. The ’Old Lady 
of Threadneedle Street' (as the Bank of England is called) has always been, and 
remains, an ann of the Global Elite. The Rothschild representatives across the world 
continued to manipulate events to expand their power and to serve a longer-term 
agenda which mirrored that of the Brotherhood: world domination. 

I stress here that to highlight the part played by the Rothschilds is not to cast 
aspersions on Jewish people as a whole, the vast majority of whom have no idea 
what is happening and certainly would not support it if they did know. Many of the 
members of families I will name, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others, do 
not know the game plan, either. It is those who control those empires that I am 
seeking to expose, not everyone whose name is Rothschild, Rockefeller, or 
whatever. I believe that researchers over the years who have blamed the entire 
conspiracy on the Jewish people as a whole are seriously misguided; similarly, for 
Jewish organisations to deny that any Jewish person is working for the New World 
Order conspiracy is equally naive and allowing dogma or worse to blind them to 
reality. We are looking at a common thread - a lust for power and the All-Seeing 
Eye cult - which goes across all races and, in my view, is connected - sometimes 
knowingly but mostly unknowingly - to a higher controlling force: the Prison 
Warders of the Fourth Dimension. 

A Global Elite banking network was created with central banks in each country 
working together to manipulate the system across Europe and the United States. 
This would later be coordinated from the Bank of International Settlements in Basle, 
Switzerland, and a thirteen-man elite on the International Banking Commission in 
Geneva, Switzerland. You'll note that Switzerland is always left alone when Europe 
goes to war. This is why. It is the Global Elite financial centre. The idea of a central 
bank in each country was another Elite inspiration. The first was the Bank of 
Amsterdam in 1609 and then followed the Bank of Hamburg (1619) and the Bank of 
Sweden (1661), chartered by the descendants of bankers in Genoa and Venice. These 
included the Warburgs of Hamburg, who descended from the Abraham del Banco 
family, the biggest bankers in Venice. The manipulators behind the Bank of 
Amsterdam were also behind the Dutch 8 William of Orange who took the British 
throne in 1689, a feat achieved by the manoeuvrings of the secret society called the 
Orange Order. The Bank of England soon followed, under the charter granted by 
William in 1694. Some researchers claim that all European monarchs have a 
connection back to William. 9 Resistance to the bank from members of Parliament 
was overcome when William took Britain into a costly war with the French. The 
need to raise money made the opposition succumb to the pressure to introduce the 
bank, which began to lend money which didn't exist to the British government. The 
fantastic profits it made as a result came from the pockets of the people through 
income tax, and the exploitation of even poorer people throughout the British 

paper power 


Empire. The institution known as the National Debt (to the banks) was bom. The 
Royal Prerogative for minting money was handed over to a committee which was 
also given the power to convert the basis of the country's wealth to gold, which the 
Elite controlled. 

A leading part of the Global Elite at the top of the human pyramid is the group 
known as the Black Nobility, from where families like the Warburgs of Hamburg 
descended. These were at the forefront of the plan to put William of Orange on the 
British Throne and the creation of the money system as we know it. They originate 
from the Guelphs, also called the Neri, or Black Guelphs, and now the Black 
Nobility. 10 They were the force behind the Nonnans, who conquered England in the 
Battle of Hastings, led by William the Conqueror in 1066. Later, when based in 
Genoa, Italy, the Black Nobility supported Robert Bruce in his conquest of Scotland 
and it was this same genetic line and secret society which ensured that William of 
Orange became King of England, Scotland and Ireland. 11 Through William, the 
Black Nobility created the Bank of England and the notorious East India Company 
rapidly expanded to capture Asia and the Far East for the British (Global Elite) and 
to become the biggest drug running operation the world had yet seen. The political 
and economic union of England and Scotland was designed to force Scotland into 
this spider's web of money lending and control. We have a United Kingdom all 
right - united in its subservience to the manipulated money system controlled by 
the few. The Elite bankers were now manipulating with ever greater influence 
across the world. They were involved in the American Civil War, in which they 
financed both sides. The London Rothschilds funded the North while the Paris 
Rothschilds funded the South. President Abraham Lincoln also printed interest- 
free money, called 'Greenbacks', to reduce the level of debt his government would 
face. This was potentially disastrous for the banks. If this had continued after the 
war and spread to other countries, the banks and the Elite would have lost their 
power. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, an agent of the House of 
Rothschild, according to some researchers. 13 After Lincoln’s death, the printing of 
greenbacks was ended. 

The efforts to fonn a central banking system in the United States were always 
highly controversial. Against opposition from two of the founding fathers, Thomas 
Jefferson and James Madison, the first US Central Bank was introduced, thanks to 
the manipulation of one of their colleagues, Alexander Hamilton, who ran the Bank 
of New York. He was secretly backed by the Bank of England and the Rothschild 
Empire, which were, in truth, one and the same. When George Washington, a high 
ranking Freemason, became President in 1789, he made Hamilton the Secretary to 
the Treasury. Within two years, Hamilton had secured his ambition with the 
creation of the US Central Bank, the Bank of the United States. As with the Bank of 
England, this was a private bank which now controlled the American economy. The 
bank caused mayhem, and riots erupted from the consequences of its policies. In 
the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson had the courage to take on the power of the 
Bank of the United States and he won. The first US Central Bank was no more. 
Another, however, was not long in coming. 


...and the truth shall set you free 

In the early years of this century, the Elite was plotting to retake control of the US 
economy even more completely than before. They wanted two things: a new central 
ha nk with control over the nation's borrowing and the introduction of a federal 
income tax to give them control of the government's income. Again there was 
serious opposition to this, but in classic 'black-is-white' fashion, they tricked the 
American Congress and people. First, the Elite supported the election of President 
Woodrow Wilson in 1909. He was a front man, a political puppet and a Rosicrucian. 
The real power of the Wilson administration was in the hands of a man called 
'Colonel' 14 ^ Edward Mandel House, who was there for no other reason than to serve 
the Elite. Wilson said that House was "my second personality", "my alter ego", and 
that "his thoughts and mine are one". The Elite instructed Colonel House and he 
instructed Woodrow Wilson, who did as he was told. This was all happening under 
the pretence of 'democracy'. 

The Elite bankers met at a place called Jekyl Island in Georgia to put together the 
bill for the introduction of the new US Central Bank, the Federal Reserve System. 
They travelled in a luxurious private railroad car owned by Senator Nelson Aldrich, 
the political mouthpiece for the Elite in Washington, and the grandfather of Nelson 
Aldrich Rockefeller (the four times Mayor of New York and the vice president of the 
United States under President Ford). Aldrich’s daughter, Abby, was married to John 
D. Rockefeller Jr. For years after the meeting on Jekyl Island, the 'educators', 
commentators, and 'historians' denied it took place. Now this has been accepted, 
but it is said to have been an insignificant event. Utter bilge. It was the moment the 
Elite took over the US economy and its people with an organisation called the 
Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal, nor has any reserve! 

In 1902, the Rothschilds sent one of their agents, Paul Warburg, to America 
with his brother, Felix, to 'rearrange' US banking to suit Rothschild and Elite 
interests. Another brother, Max Warburg, stayed at home in Fra nk furt to run the 
family banking business there. After arriving in the USA, Paul Warburg married 
Nina Loeb (of the Rothschild controlled, Kuhn, Loeb, and Company) while Felix 
married Frieda Schiff, the daughter of Jacob Schiff, the head of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co 
Hardly surprisingly, both brothers became partners in the company and Paul was 
given an annual salary of half a million dollars (in the early years of this century!) 
to prepare the ground for the imposition of the Federal Reserve System on the 
people of the United States. It was all arranged by the Rothschilds, probably even 
down to the Warburg's marriage partners. These banking and Elite families like to 
interbreed whenever possible. It keeps the genes up to scratch, you know, and 
keeps the money (control) in the family. When Jacob Schiff arrived in America to 
join Kuhn, Loeb, and Co, he married the daughter of Solomon Loeb. Jacob Schiff 
was to be one of the key manipulators in the first half of this century. The Schiff 
and Rothschild families were as one and shared the same house in Frankfurt in the 
days of Mayer Amschel. The Federal Reserve Bill became known as the 'Aldrich 
Bill’ and it was Warburg and Aldrich who organised the covert meeting on Jekyl 
Island. Many years later, Frank Vanderlip, the Rockefellers' agent at the time, 
would say: 

paper power 


"Despite my views about the value to society of greater publicity for the affairs of 
corporations, there was an occasion, near the close of 1910, when I was as secretive - 
indeed furtive - as a conspirator... I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of our 
secret expedition to Jekyl Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what 
eventually became the Federal Reserve System." 15 

The Federal Reserve System is a cartel of private banks, of which the Bank of 
New York is the most powerful. To this day it controls the US economy and 
thereby affects all of our lives. Through its US offshoots and connections like J.P. 
Morgan and Kuhn, Loeb, and Co, the Rothschild Empire controlled the principal 
New York banks and, through them, the Bank of New York. This gave them control 
of the Federal Reserve System and the American economy. 16 This Federal Reserve 
cartel is nominally controlled by the government-appointed chairman of the 
Federal Reserve Board, which is another way of saying the Elite control it. The 
cartel lends money that doesn't exist to the US government and has thus ensured 
that the country - and therefore the people - are drowning in debt to the banks. By 
1910, the behaviour of the banks had made them deeply unpopular with the 
people. The Elite had to think of a way of persuading the public to accept a 
banking coup on the American nation while thinking the power of the banks was 
being curtailed. So when the bill the bankers had written was introduced by their 
front politicians they publicly and vehemently opposed it. This gave the 
impression that the bill was bad news for the banks and it was passed into law in 
1913, in the belief that it curtailed the power of the money manipulators. It didn’t. 
It gave them total control. Just to be safe, the Federal Reserve Bill was put before 
Congress shortly before Christmas, 1913, when many Congressmen were already 
at home with their families for the holiday. 

Now the Elite controlled the US government's borrowing and interest rates, and 
it could create booms and busts whenever it wished. The way they introduced the 
Federal Income Tax was even more outrageous, although you have to admire their 
cheek. For this to be passed into law, it required the consent of at least thirty-six 
states because there had to be an amendment, the sixteenth, to the United States 
Constitution. Only two states agreed. In a democracy you would think that the bill 
would be ditched. Not so. This is no democracy! The Secretary of State, Filander 
Knox, informed Congress that the necessary agreement had been achieved and 
Federal Income Tax became Taw'. Or rather, in reality, it didn't. The Internal 
Revenue Service (IRS), which collects Federal Income Tax and takes away the 
property of those who do not pay, has been stealing from the American people for 
decades and continues to do so. The forced collection of Federal Income Tax is 
illegal to this day. It was never properly passed into law. In 1985, an American 
businessman took the Internal Revenue Service to court on this basis and won. I 
reprint a letter (Figure 5, overleaf) which appeared in Nexus magazine, an excellent 
publication which highlights the manipulation of the global conspiracy. The letter, 
from the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to his regional directors, 
claims to be proof that the IRS and the US government know very well that to force 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury 


On March 5, 1985, a charge of tax evasion was filed in U.S. 
DISTRICT COURT in Indianapolis, Indiana by U.S. Attorney George 
Duncan. The Charges were dismissed! The defense attorney, 
Lowell Becraft of Huntsville, Alabama presented irrefutable evidence 
that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never properly 
ratified. This amendment which established the "income tax", was 
signed into law despite serious defects. In reality only two states 
ratified the amendment and ratification requires 36 states to be valid. 
The effect of this is such that every tax paid into the Treasury since 
1913, is due and refundable to every citizen and business. 

The official position of the service is, as it has always been, to aid 
and assist the citizens of the United States. We will not publish or 
advertise this finding as a total immediate refund would cause a 
serious drain on the resources of the Treasury. For those citizens 
who become aware of this finding and apply for a total refund, 
expedite their refund documents as quickly and as quietly as 

...Advise each of your managers that they are not to discuss this 
situation with anyone. There will be no written communications and 
you are to destroy this memorandum. 

The Secretary of the Treasury assures me that there will be no 
reduction in the workforce as this refunding activity will take a 
minimum of 5 years to complete. Further directions will be 
forwarded as the need arises. 


Roscoe L. Egger, Jr. 

Commissioner of Internal Revenue 

Figure 5: This letter may well be a fake, but it outlines the themes of the confidence trick. 

paper power 


people to pay federal income tax is theft. Some people say the letter is a fake and it 
may well be, but if you live in America it is worth taking professional advice on 
your tax liability. 

The power over political and human events on this planet was increased by 
leaps and bounds as this funny money system expanded its grip on the world. This 
gave the Elite's bankers the power to manipulate wars and revolutions, almost at 
will, in league with other elements within the Brotherhood network, which 
expanded and became even more focussed on its goals during the same period that 
the banking system emerged. Another branch of the Brotherhood was officially 
started by the Gennan professor, Adam Weishaupt, on May 1st 1776, and this 
sought to infdtrate all the seats of power throughout Europe. It was called the 
Bavarian Illuminati. The tenn Tlluminati' means illuminated or enlightened ones 
and goes back to ancient times. Weishaupt's Illuminati was designed on classic 
Brotherhood lines with circles of apparently unconnected people who were, behind 
the scenes and without their knowledge, all manipulated and directed by the same 
controlling core at the centre. He once said: "The great strength of our Order lies in 
its concealment; let it never appear in its own name, but always covered by another 
name, another occupation". That was a superb summary of the Illuminati/Global 
Elite approach. Some researchers suggest that it was actually in 1770 that Weishaupt 
was asked to launch the Bavarian Illuminati by the Rothschilds. 17 

The Brotherhood secret societies plotted to destroy the European monarchies, 
either by replacing them with republics or, less often, by removing their power and 
leaving them as purely symbolic heads of state. A powerful monarch was OK if he 
or she supported Illuminati/Elite plans for the New World Order, but if they didn’t, 
or if they refused to be manipulated, it acted as a serious block to the unfoldment of 
the plan. The manipulators could assassinate them and hope the replacement 
would play the game, but you couldn’t keep doing that again and again. Much 
better from the Brotherhood's point of view to replace the monarchies with elected 
representatives of the people, who could be replaced every few years. If you can 
control the money and the media, you can largely control (a) who gets to the top in 
political parties and (b) whom the people elect into government. You give financial 
backing and use the secret society network within all political parties to manipulate 
your choice to the top; you activate your (controlled) media to advance the 
popularity of the one you want to win at election time, and to undennine his or her 
opponent. The illusion which is laughingly called democracy is a wonderful vehicle 
for the Illuminati/Global Elite. It was their creation and the last thing you can call it 
is democratic. 

The French Revolution of 1789 was an Illuminati coup d’etat, the methods of 
which have been repeated over and over to replace undemocratic monarchies with 
undemocratic 'people's parliaments'. The only real difference between these forms 
of rule was that one was clearly a dictatorship, while the other appeared to be 
freedom. When people are ruled by a dictator in whatever fonn, the time will arrive 
when the desire for a say in a country's affairs will grow within the people and 
fonns of democracy will be demanded. The people living under a dictator, in other 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

words, know they are living under a dictator and eventually they will rebel. The 
system that replaced the monarchies, the ’phoney democracies' as I call them, were 
designed to give the illusion of 'people power' while structuring the system to 
ensure that the few could run the entire show. By manipulating events and elections 
via direct intervention, corruption, or media power, the Elite could pretty much be 
sure that their choices became the presidents, prime ministers, and the leading 
names in governments. People ask why those who get to the top in politics around 
the world are often either corrupt or incompetent. Well, now you know. They are 
meant to be. What's more, it is harder to encourage people to rebel against the 
tyranny of the phoney democracies, because they are programmed to believe that 
they live in a real democracy. With the fall of monarchy power during the 
Illuminati-engineered revolutions, one fonn of dictatorship was replaced by 
another, but very few noticed! 

If we take a brief look at how the French Revolution unfolded, it will show you 
the background strategy which the Global Elite and their Illuminati offshoot use all 
the time to create conflict and hoodwink the people. It began as usual with a 
manufactured economic crisis. A country and its people are first brought to 
desperate straits by poverty and economic collapse. As you will see repeated 
throughout the book, the manipulators create the circumstances in which public 
opinion says: "Something must be done!" Once that stage has been achieved (by 
economic crisis, or wars, or whatever) the manipulators step forward in the guise of 
standing up for the people, and offer the 'solutions’ to the problems they 
themselves have created in the first place. Those 'solutions' will be precisely the 
measures the manipulators wanted to happen all along, as part of the journey to the 
New World Order. It is what I call the problem-reaction-solution scenario. In this 
case, they wanted the people of France to overturn the monarchy, and they sowed 
the seeds of revolt by their age old method of poverty and debt. In his book, The Life 
Of Napoleon, McNair Wilson says of his time: 

"A change of a fundamental kind had taken place in the economic structure of Europe 

whereby the old basis had ceased to be wealth measured in lands, crops, herds and 

minerals; but a new standard had now been introduced, namely, a form of money to 

which the title 'credit' had been given ." 18 

Debts were measured in gold or silver, neither of which France produced. 
Therefore their debts were bound to grow and become even more impossible to pay. 
The Brotherhood had people on the inside as usual, including one in the key 
position of chief finance minister to King Louis. His name was Necker, a man who 
claimed to be a Swiss of Gennan extraction. McNair Wilson wrote of him: "Necker 
had forced his way into the King's Treasury as a representative of the debt system 
and owing allegiance to that system". 19 Necker had a reputation of being a daring 
and unscrupulous speculator before joining the King's administration and, after 
four years in the treasury, he had manipulated the French finances on behalf of the 
Illuminati-Elite to add another £170 million to the national debt. 20 With the French 

paper power 


economy in tatters and the people growing restless in their poverty, the Uluminati 
moved into stage two and began the process of stimulating revolution. They did 
this through the Freemasonry network. 

By 1730, Freemasonry had been introduced to France from England and had 
attracted notable names to its ranks, such as Phillipe Egalite, the Duke of Chartres, 
and the Duke of Orleans, who became a Grand Master. The Brotherhood used such 
people and others to establish the first foothold of the revolution, which was more 
moderate in its demands. Egalite was convinced that he would be made king of a 
democratic state once the existing king and queen had been overthrown. He had 
little idea of the scale of bloodletting that was to follow. It was the same with 
Lafayette, another revolutionary and friend of Benjamin Franklin. Lafayette wanted 
to see a democratic monarchy introduced under Louis, the present king. But these 
people were just used as vehicles to kick start the revolutionary fervour. The real 
manipulators knew exactly the sort of revolution it was intended to be. Once Egalite 
had served his purpose he was sent to the guillotine. Many different people are 
misled by the Uluminati manipulators to make sure they play their part in the 
overall plan, the true agenda of which is kept secret from them. Once they have 
done their job, they are discarded. Those reading this book who are on the lower 
levels of the Brotherhood ladder might ponder deeply on this for their own sake, if 
not for that of others. 

Another Brotherhood frontman was the Marquis de Mirabeau. He is known to 
have been financed by the Gennan, Moses Mendelssohn, a member of the 
Uluminati. 21 Rabbi Marvin S. Antehnan names Mendelssohn as a key manipulator 
for an inner 'Jewish' clique which he believes has been seeking to destroy Judaism 
and all religion. 22 He says that this clique, together with non-Jews, are followers of 
what he, too, calls the All-Seeing Eye cult. He links this group to the House of 
Rothschild and says the cult was the force behind the French Revolution. 
Mendelssohn started the Uluminati front, the Haskala movement in 1776 - the year 
the Bavarian Uluminati was launched. Another figure close to Mendelssohn was the 
Uluminati member, Friedrich Nicholai. Rabbi Antehnan described Mendelssohn as 
a "con man" who plotted the demise of Judaism while claiming to be a promoter of 
the religion and the "race". This is precisely what has happened since and continues 
today. There is a global Jewish clique who are not, in truth, followers of Judaism or 
supporters of Jewish people. The Freemasonry lodges in France, particularly those 
under the control of the Grand Orient fonn of the order, were infiltrated by 
Illuminati manipulators and used to fire the revolution. In 1786, Mirabeau formed 
an Illuminati lodge at a meeting at the Jacobin College in Paris. They became 
known as the Jacobins. In the same year, another All-Seeing Eye Illuminati group 
called the Frankists (after Jacob Franks) was created in Frankfurt. One of its leading 
lights was Michael Hess, an employee of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. These two 
groups, the Jacobins and the Frankists, were at the heart of the French Revolution. 

The Brotherhood plan was openly revealed when a member of Adam 
Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati was struck by lightning and killed at Ratisbon while 
carrying secret papers. These revealed the plans for world revolution and the New 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

World Order and they had a remarkable resemblance to the Protocols Of The Elders 
Of Zion, of which more shortly. 23 The Bavarian government had the headquarters of 
the Illuminati searched. Much more infonnation was found and the French 
authorities were told of the plan. But events in France had by now reached such a 
momentum that nothing could stop them. By 1789, more than 2,000 Freemasonry 
lodges had affiliated with the Grand Orient organisation which, in turn, was 
controlled by the Illuminati. They were, themselves, controlled by the Global Elite. 

The central organisation of the revolution and the printing and distribution of 
propaganda was based at the Palais Royal, the home of Egalite. He was so in debt to 
the money lenders that he had to sign over his palace and estates to them. Part of 
the mind manipulation in any Elite/ Brotherhood operation is the character 
assassination of the opposition. One such example in the French Revolution was the 
famous diamond necklace ’bought’ by the Queen, Marie Antionette. She had been 
warned about Freemasonry by her sister in Austria some years before, but the 
advice went unheeded. She had informed her sister that in France, Freemasonry 
was open and ’everyone knows all’. The ’open’ Freemasons were actually planning 
a bloodbath at the guillotine as she wrote those words. Bitterness with the 
monarchy in France was further fuelled when the propaganda machine announced 
that the Queen had bought a diamond necklace for a quarter of a million pounds 
when, in truth, it had been ordered without her knowledge by an agent of the 
Brotherhood, a close associate of Adam Weishaupt. This was political dynamite at a 
time of such poverty in France. The scheme was organised by Joseph Balsamo (real 
an Italian from Palermo, who was initiated into the Illuminati by 

This ’peoples' revolution’ continued to discard its stooges and frontmen as each 
new layer of violence unfurled. Others were introduced like Danton, Marat, and 
Robespierre, who would also be removed once they had been used to their full 
potential. Mobs were organised to go out onto the streets and stimulate more 
violence and unrest. In September 1792, the ’September massacres' came when 
8,000 people were killed in the prisons of Paris alone, in the name of a revolution 
which was supposed to be about ’freedom’ from royal tyranny. At its core, the 
revolution wasn't even organised by French people. As Sir Walter Scott said in his 
Life Of Napoleon: "The principal leaders of the... [revolution]., .seem to have been 
foreigners"." 5 Robespierre was said to be the leading light of the revolution as it 
gathered pace, but this was just another smokescreen. In his book, The Life Of 
Robespierre, G. Renier, says: 

"On the 28th July, 1794, Robespierre made a long speech against ultra 
terrorists. ..uttering vague general accusations. 'I dare not name them at this moment 
and in this place. I cannot bring myself entirely to tear asunder the veil that covers this 
profound mystery of antiquity. But I can affirm most positively that among the authors of 
this plot are agents of that system of corruption and extravagance, the most powerful 
of all the means invented by foreigners for the undoing of the Republic; I mean the 
impure apostles of atheism and the immorality that is at its base'." 

name Cagliostro), 
Weishaupt. -4 

paper power 


At 2am that night, Robespierre was shot and the next day he was taken to the 
guillotine. He was getting too close to speaking the truth about the 'glorious' French 
Revolution, and in the strange world of the Illuminati/ Elite, that meant he had to 
go. Think on that, those of you in the Brotherhood who believe you are in control of 
events. Stop now, let me have the infonnation you have about what is going on, and 
get the hell out of it before you become another Robespierre or Egalite! From the 
French Revolution we can see the elements of manipulated wars and revolutions 
that are common to all the 'peoples' uprisings' in Europe which ousted the 
monarchies and to conflicts around the world up to the present day. These are: the 
financial crisis to create suffering and the desire for change ("Something must be 
done"); the duping of influential people who support the 'cause' without realising 
the real agenda; the dumping of these people when they have served their purpose; 
the mass propaganda to exploit the public’s natural sense of injustice, to disinform, 
and to lead opinion in the desired direction; the lies told about opponents of the 
plan and the assassination of their character to the point where people have great 
hatred for them; the organisation of 'rent-a-mob' to cause agitation and encourage 
others to overthrow the established order; and, finally, the installation of a phoney 
democracy or alternative dictatorship. 

Look at the background of any revolution or war and you will see most, usually 
all, of these methods at work. This system I am describing is the means through 
which the extraterrestrial Prison Warders and the Luciferic Consciousness on the 
non-physical frequencies around this planet, project their control into the physical 
world as the Global Elite/Illuminati/ Brotherhood network. Divide and rule, 
control of the flow of infonnation, secret manipulation, and conflict. Over the last 
three hundred thousand years or so, all these methods of control by the Prison 
Warders can be seen in the Elite network on Earth. One is merely another level of 
the other. Revolution and war continued throughout Europe during the ninteenth 
century, much of it coordinated by Lord Palmerston, the British Prime Minister, 
who directed the policies of his country to carry out the designs of the Illuminati. 
Lord Palmerston was the Grand Patriach or Grand Master of Grand Orient 
Freemasonry - another name for the Illuminati. 

It was Palmerston who was prime minister during the 'opium wars' when 
Britain forced the Chinese to import opium, a policy which addicted the population 
and made them easy to control. One result was the British ownership of Hong 
Kong, from where Britain ran its drug trade and, with the Americans and Chinese, 
still does. 

There was another ambition on the Prison Warder/Global Elite agenda during 
this period: the end of God in the human mind. The Elite's god is the Luciferic 
Consciousness, but they wanted the human mind to reject all beliefs in eternal life 
and believe in mortality, finality, and materialistic 'science'. This would turn human 
consciousness into an even greater slave to this material level. In the very late 1800s, 
a controversial document came to light called the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion. I 
call them the Illuminati Protocols and I quote many extracts from them in The 
Robots' Rebellion. Some say they were a forgery made public only to discredit Jews, 


... and the truth shall set you free 

and I use the tenn Tlluminati Protocols' to get away from the Jewish emphasis. If 
they were a forgery, something that is quite possible, what were they a forgery of, 
and by whom? The authors of the best-selling book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, conclude 
that the original Protocols were indeed authentic. They suggest that they were the 
work of an elite group called The Priory of Sion, the inner, controlling, core of the 
Knights Templars. 26 They believe that this original document was changed to make 
it appear as a Jewish plot. I certainly would not dismiss such a conclusion. It is the 
manipulation they describe that interests me, not who has been blamed for it. I 
believe their origin lies with the Illuminati, as does Rabbi Antehnan. Whatever the 
arguments, one fact cannot be denied, given the hindsight of the last 100 years. The 
Protocols, from wherever they came, were a quite stunning prophecy of what has 
happened in the twentieth century in terms of wars and the manipulation I am 
exposing here. Whoever wrote them sure as heck knew what the game plan was. 
One protocol speaks of the way the manipulators intended to destroy the idea of 
God in as many human minds as possible: 

"It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a 
blind confidence in these [scientific] theories. The intellectuals of the Goyim [Gentiles] 
will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of it will 
put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists 
have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction 
we want. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think 
carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism..." 

Protocol 2 

"...It is indispensible to undermine all faith, to tear out of the minds of the Goyim the 
very principle of Godhead and the spirit, and to put into its place, arithmetical 
calculations and material needs." 

Protocol 4 

Darwinism, of course, refers to Charles Darwin, the man most effective in 
achieving a widespread belief in one-life-and-that's-it. He suggested in the mid- 
1800s that the potential of the mind is developed by genetic inheritance. This is 
patent nonsense, but it did provide the justification for the eugenics (racial purity) 
movement that would follow and lead both to Adolf Hitler and the population 
control policies of today. His work, Origin Of Species, to give it a shortened title, was 
to become the basis for 'scientific' thinking and its mindset dominates what we 
bravely call science to this day. His most famous theory, that of the survival of the 
fittest, didn’t even appear in the first four editions. He lifted it from the writings of 
a contemporary, Herbert Spencer, who had lifted it from someone else. The word 
'evolution' did not appear until the sixth edition, in 1872. I understand that even 
Darwin didn’t believe his theory by the end of his life, and he thought God created 
human beings. But his Origin Of Species went on to take over 'scientific' thought 
anyway. It was designed by the Elite to do just that. Darwin was another stooge. 

•er power 


He was the frontman for a coup on the human mind which was coordinated 
over many years. A small group of people known as the Lunar Society in 
Binningham, England, was significant in this. The group continued its influence 
under the name of the London-based Royal Society, which is still one of the most 
influential bodies in the world with regard to science. The Royal Society was 
founded by the Order of the Rosy Cross in the reign of Charles II. Another famous 
scientific' influence, Sir Isaac Newton, was a Rosicrucian and Grand Master of the 
Priory of Sion, the inner core of the Knights Templar. He was an inspiration behind 
the founding of the Royal Society. Researchers into the background of the Lunar 
Society have shown that it mirrored (with remarkable accuracy) a group called the 
Invisible College, described in the Francis Bacon work, The New Atlantis. It was 
known as the Lunar Society because it met once a month at the time of the full 
moon. Among its members were Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the 
United States and close associate of French revolutionaries, and.. .Erasmus Darwin, 
the grandfather of Charles Darwin, the man who would later be the frontman for 
this-world-is-all-there-is. What a coincidence! Another member of the Lunar Society 
was the Unitarian, Josiah Wedgwood, founder of the famous pottery, and his 
daughter was to become the mother of Charles Darwin after she married Dr Robert 
Darwin, the son of Erasmus Darwin. Nothing like keeping it in the family! 

Six of the Lunar Society's members were educated at Edinburgh University, as 
was Charles Darwin. The society was a revolutionary organisation which 
supported the overthrowing of the monarchies and the undennining of God in the 
human belief system. Benjamin Franklin became a sort of shuttle 'diplomat' for the 
cause, in the same way that Henry Kissinger would come to be in the second half 
of this century. I cannot recommend too highly the book by the Canadian scientist 
and researcher, Ian T. Taylor, called In The Minds Of Men: Darwin And The New 
World Order. This reveals the story of how modem 'scientific' theory was 
manufactured and sold as truth to mislead the human mind. With detailed, 
documented evidence, Taylor dismantles the edifice of the scientific establishment, 
its beliefs, claims, and manipulation. Every student of science would benefit 
enonnously from reading it. 

But, of course, most people don't read such evidence. They go through the 
schools and university system and absorb all the accepted claptrap that originates 
from Darwin's time. This affects the way many of them see themselves and life in 
general, and, as we have discussed, they create that reality in the world around 
them. It is a world of "What's the point? We are only cosmic accidents after all, and 
life is about the survival of the fittest. No room for sentiment; it's everyone for 
themselves". A movement which has emerged from the Darwin view of life is 
called Humanism, another vehicle for manipulation, even though the 
overwhelming majority of its advocates will not realise it. Still today, organisations 
like the Committee for the Scientific [sic] Investigation of Claims of the Paranonnal 
(CSICOP) do all they can to discredit any explanations or phenomena which expose 
establishment science as a fraud. One vehement British campaigner against 
alternative scientific explanation is Susan Blackmore, who is wheeled onto 


...and the truth shall set you free 

television programmes galore to defend the establishment line against all challenge. 
The padlock on such minds defies my imagination. 

In our brief history of the conspiracy, we are now in the early years of the 
twentieth century. The manipulators have created the banking and financial system, 
introduced this-world-is-all-there-is science, and they have, through engineered 
revolution, installed a series of phoney democracies which they control and direct 
while the people think they are free. In their misguided minds (controlled by the 
Prison Warders on the Fourth Dimension), the time was right to launch the next 
stage on the road to the New World Order. It was time to go global. 


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chapter 4 

from Rhodes to ruin 

S ome people find it difficult to understand at first how this manipulation can be 
continued across the generations, but in fact it's very simple - coordination and 
inspiration from the Fourth Dimension. And those who have reached the top of the 
human pyramid are always on the lookout for people of the right calibre and 
attitude who can take over from them, as the earthly representations of the Prison 
Warders. The knowledge of the New World Order agenda and the methods of 
manipulation are also passed on across the generations of certain families, which 
makes the process easier. 

I believe that the same streams of consciousness have been constantly incarnating, 
'dying', and reincarnating over the thousands of years to keep the plan going. 

Just as those wishing to free humanity are supported from other frequencies of 
reality, so are those in the Elite/Illuminati/Brotherhood network. A common theme 
among many people involved is an interest in the 'black' occult and a wish to 
communicate with extraterrestrial 'supermen' - the Fourth Dimensional Prison 
Warders. The methods of communication are very much the same for those who 
want freedom and for those who want control. It is the intent behind such 
communications which differs. The Elite have thoughts and infonnation fed into 
their consciousness to guide them and so do those challenging this structure. We on 
Earth are vehicles for a spiritual tussle happening on another level of this planet, 
not only this one. 

The Round Table 

Cecil Rhodes was a fabulously wealthy Englishman who exploited the continent 
and peoples of Africa, and particularly the diamond reserves of South Africa. The 
name Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, is an indication of his influence in that part of the 
world. As a student at Oxford University, Rhodes was inspired by a fine arts 
professor called John Ruskin, who is still considered a legendary figure at Oxford. 
Ruskin was bom in London in 1819, the son of a wealthy wine merchant, and 
inherited a large fortune. His hero was the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, whose 
works he read almost every day. Plato had a brilliant mind and made a great 
contribution to human debate and knowledge, but some of his views on how to 
structure a society by top-down imposition could hardly be further from my own. 
Ruskin was a believer in the New World Order agenda of centralised power, and he 
felt the State should control the means of production and distribution. This was the 
same philosophy followed by the early British Labour Party before it became the 


from Rhodes to ruin 


alternative Conservative Party it is today. Ruskin, however, went further and 
believed the control of the State could be in the hands of one dictator of superior 
intellect to the rest of society. Some researchers say he was a supporter of the 
Illuminati. Ruskin probably genuinely wanted better conditions for the poor, but I 
would suggest that he was seriously misguided in his means of achieving them. His 
ideas were to be followed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (another student of 
Plato) and became the foundations of the Marxist fonn of communism which was 
soon to grip the nations of Eastern Europe. 

Rabbi Marvin S. Antehnan also identifies the Plato theme and its connection to 
the All-Seeing Eye secret society network. He points out that Moses Mendelssohn, an 
architect of the French Revolution, was such a student of Plato's works that he 
became known as the "Gennan Plato". He translated three books of Plato's Republic 
into Gennan, but his work was never published. It was, however, passed down 
through the Warburg banking family, the subordinates of the Rothschilds, and 
creators of the Federal Reserve. 1 The Warburgs, like the Rothschilds, would later help 
to fund Adolf Hitler. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was another 
Plato groupie and high initiate of the All-Seeing Eye stream of occult 'thinking'. 

The views of John Ruskin and his articulate promotion of them brought about a 
revolution in the thinking of the privileged undergraduates of Oxford and some at 
Cambridge, too. Rhodes copied Ruskin's inaugural lecture in longhand and kept it 
with him for the rest of his life. The creation of a world government centred on 
Britain became Rhodes's obsession and lay at the heart of almost everything he did. 
As his wealth grew with his exploitation of South African diamonds and minerals, 
he established companies like DeBeers Consolidated Mines and Consolidated Gold 
Fields. He also became the Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and used his wealth 
and influence to control parliamentary seats in Britain and South Africa. By the 
1890s, he had an income of at least a million pounds a year (over a hundred years 
ago!), but he was usually overdrawn on his account, such was his ability to spend. 
A large amount went to furthering his aims of a world government. Rhodes is 
claimed to have been a member of an elite group known as the Committee of 300, 
also known as the Olympians. This organisation was the subject of a book by Dr 
John Coleman called Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story Of The Committee Of 300. 
Coleman claims to have been an intelligence officer in Britain's MI6. From this point 
I will identify those named by Dr Coleman with the abbreviation (Comm 300). This 
organisation consists of leading people in politics, commerce, banking, the media, 
the military etc, who are working toward the goal of total global power. 

Rhodes's 2 idea was to set up a secret society which would manipulate events in a 
way that would lead to the introduction of centralised global control. This society is 
known by several names but, for simplicity, I will call it throughout by one of them: 
the Round Table. It was structured on Illuminati and Freemasonic lines. There was 
an inner circle, the Society of the Elect (or Initiates), who knew exactly what the 
game and the aim was, and an outer Circle of Friends, made up of influential 
people who could help the cause, but who didn’t always know the firll implications 
or ambitions of the Round Table. The Table's manipulators were mostly those with 


...and the truth shall set you free 

the real power rather than those with the appearance of power. Its members were 
usually not recorded in history like the famous politicians and military leaders, but 
they controlled events far more than those documented by the history books. 

Lord Astor (Comm 300) was a member of the Round Table inner elite and he was 
an example of another key area of control by the Elite: the media. He would later 
own The Times newspaper. Still today, the power lies not with politicians, but with 
the shadowy figures who ’advise’ and control them, and those who manipulate the 
flow of infonnation into the public arena. The Round Table, another Rothschild 
creation, plotted the Boer War in South Africa of 1899-1902, in which tens of 
thousands of men, women, and children were killed, many of them in the 
concentration camps established by Lord Kitchener (Comm 300). The British Prime 
Minister and Foreign Minister at the time was Lord Salisbury (Comm 300), of the 
elite Cecil family, a close friend of Winston Churchill (Comm 300). Lord Salisbury 
and the Cecil family were key players in the Rhodes-Round Table operation. 
Manipulation by the Round Table secured British control of the mineral wealth and 
introduced the Union of South Africa. Nathan (Baron) Rothschild was a member of 
the Round Table which represented the interests of the House of Rothschild and the 
bankers they controlled such as the Warburgs, Schroders, and Lazards. J.P. Morgan 
(Comm 300) became a member in 1899. 

When Rhodes died in 1902, he bequeathed his funds to the cause. These 
continued to support the Round Table to an extent, although much of the funding 
came from the House of Rothschild. In his will, Rhodes also created a system of 
subsidised scholarships which continue to this day. This was, in part, a front to hide 
the secret society. Selected overseas students are brought to Oxford University to be 
taught the British view of life and to be sold the idea of a world government. It is 
remarkable how many ’Rhodes Scholars', as they are called, go on to become 
leaders of countries or heads of intelligence agencies, education, and other subject 
areas important to the Elite, or 'advisors' to those leaders. The most famous Rhodes 
Scholar in the world today is Bill Clinton, who was inaugurated as President of the 
United States in 1993. Oxford University, particularly the colleges of All Souls, 
Balliol, and New College, became dominated by the Round Table, and this 
continued after Rhodes's death when Alfred Milner (Comm 300), a Rothschild 
agent, took over the leadership. He, too, was an ardent follower of Ruskin, as were 
the group of fonner Oxford and Cambridge students whom Milner recruited for the 
Round Table and later, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Under Milner's 
stewardship, the Round Table's influence grew and went on to enjoy tremendous 
power at the heart of government. Among its inner membership was Arthur 
Balfour (Comm 300), 3 the Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister, whose 'Balfour 
Declaration' would, in effect, bring the State of Israel into being. 

In the years that followed, the Round Table controlled the London Times 
newspaper and other publications. It introduced the term 'a Commonwealth of 
Nations’ and ensured that the idea became a reality. Through Milner, it was the 
chief influence in the British War Cabinet of Lloyd George (Comm 300) in the First 
World War. It would dominate the British delegation at the 'Peace' Conference of 

i Rhodes to min 


1919, when the shape of the post-war world and Gennan reparation payments were 
decided. It was also the major power behind the creation of the League of Nations, 
the first attempt at a world government by stealth. The Round Table decided British 
policy in Ireland, Palestine, and India from 1917-1945 and controlled (in the words 
of researcher Carroll Quigley) "the sources and writing of the history of British 
Imperial and foreign policy since the Boer War", 4 to an overwhelming extent. The 
rewriting of history is a vital part of the Elite's strategy because the way we 
perceive history fundamentally affects the way we see the world and each other 
today. George Orwell made the point in his book, 1984, that those who control 
history control the present, and those who control the present control history. 

Other branches of the Round Table were set up in other countries. By 1915, there 
were Round Table groups in Britain, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, 
India, and the United States. The coordination between them was improved by the 
publication of the society's magazine, The Round Table, which began in November, 
1910. The 'achievements' I've listed, which have had such an effect on our lives to 
the present day, were not the result of democratic decision making, but of the 
manoeuvrings of a secret society called The Round Table, working from its own 
agenda. Carroll Quigley, a professor at Georgetown University, was an 'insider' who 
was given access to secret papers on the New World Order conspiracy. He broke 
ranks and revealed in great detail what was happening behind the scenes in the first 
fifty years of this century. He wrote in his book, The Anglo-American Establishment: 

"The picture is terrifying because such power, whatever the goals at which it may be 
directed, is too much to be entrusted safely to any group. ..No country that values its 
safety should allow what the Milner group accomplished - that is, that a small number 
of men would be able to wield such power in administration and politics, should be 
given almost complete control over the publication of documents relating to their 
actions, should be able to exercise such influence over the avenues of information that 
create public opinion, and should be able to monopolise so completely the writing and 
teaching of the history of their own period ." 5 

It is equally sobering to think that even though the Round Table network was 
directing the policies of the then most powerful country and empire in the world, 
the people didn’t know such an organisation existed, never mind what it was 
doing. Ask anyone today, including most historians, about the Rhodes and Milner 
Round Table and they will reply, "the Round what?" The hidden hand that controls 
the direction of the world is indeed very well hidden from the public eye. The 
Round Table extended its influence across the Atlantic to the United States. It was 
there that the power blocs which would control political and economic policy and 
the communications industry - to the present day - were being assembled in the 
early years of this century. These were the organisations and the businesses of the so 
called 'Eastern Establishment', which work in concert with the British and 
European Round Table members under a common global policy. Among the central 
players and financial supporters of the Round Table in the United States were the 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, the companies and trusts in the nexus around the 
Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Whitney families, along with others linked to the 
international financiers in London like the Rothschilds and Lazard Brothers. All 
these people were supporters of the world government ideals of the New World 
Order. The Round Table interconnected closely with other branches of the Elite 
including Freemasonry and, in the USA, with the sinister secret society based at 
Yale University known as the Skull and Bones Society. I will explain much more 
about this later. For now, I need only say that many of the influential American 
names behind the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution were members of 
or had connections with the Skull and Bones Society. 

The two names which dominated the Elite/Round Table network in America 
were Rockefeller and Morgan, who were both closely connected with and probably 
controlled by the Rothschilds (Comm 300). The Rockefellers (real name, 
Rockenfelder) are at the heart of the New World Order deception to this very day. 
J.D. Rockefeller started his Standard Oil Company in 1853 to produce the fuel for oil 
lamps, but, as the potential for oil was realised, it became a global company with 
tremendous power. In the early years of this century, the Rockefeller empire 
encompassed scores of other industries and interests, including railways and banks. 
They owned or controlled the National City Bank, the Hanover National Bank, the 
United States Trust Company, and leading insurance companies like Equitable Life 
and Mutual of New York. The Morgan empire was founded on steel, shipping, and 
the electricity industry, including General Electric. In the financial sector, the 
National Bank of Commerce, New York Life Insurance, and the Guaranty Trust 
Company, the biggest trust company in America, were all Morgan companies at 
that time. 6 Morgan/Rockefeller were quite a twosome, and no US government or 
politician could rule without their consent. They were in league with other 
American families of the Anglo-American political, banking, and business cartels in 
the Eastern Establishment, including the Dulles family. John Foster Dulles and his 
brother Allen will be another common thread in our story from the First World War 
to the Kennedy assassination. John Foster Dulles would become US Secretary of 
State and Allen, the head of the CIA. 

One other name I should mention here is a family which will appear many 
times: Harriman. Edward Harriman started work at the age of fourteen with little 
education, but his fortunes changed after he married Mary Averell, the daughter of 
a New York banker and railroad president. Harriman built his own fortune with the 
Union Pacific Railroad, but he was a notoriously corrupt and ruthless businessman. 
In 1904, he was found guilty of a fraud which earned him $60 million in a deal that 
also implicated the Rothschild company, Kuhn Loeb and Co. Harriman stayed out 
of jail only by insider influence with politicians and their parties. His case was 
helped enonnously by a $250,000 donation to the Republican National Committee 
of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Skull and Bones Society was working secretly 
in the background too. Roosevelt had earlier described Harriman as a man of ’deep- 
seated corruption', but the quarter of a million dollars helped the President to see 
him in a new light. Harriman money was involved in funding the Bolsheviks and 

— .—I Rhodes to ruin 


both sides of the First World War. He and the Rockefellers provided part of the 
start-up capital for the Morgan Guaranty Trust, which was to be the vehicle for 
enonnous manipulation of world events. Edward Harriman had two sons, Averell 
and Roland, both pillars of the Skull and Bones Society. Averell (Comm 300) was to 
become one of the most active manipulators of the twentieth century. 

But who was really behind these American business and banking giants? The J.P. 
Morgan empire began in 1838 as George Peabody and Company, in England. It had 
connections with the linn of Brown Brothers (later Brown Brothers, Harriman). 
George Peabody was working secretly as an agent of the Rothschilds as early as 
1835 7 and he became known as Queen Victoria's 'favourite American’. A statue of 
George Peabody can be seen opposite the Bank of England today and his old 
lunchbox is still given a prominent place at the London office of the Morgan Stanley 
Bank. Peabody, the Rothschild frontman, became the biggest trader in American 
securities in the world; with his partner, John Peirpont Morgan (Comm 300), he put 
enonnous pressure on the administration of Abraham Lincoln to manipulate the US 
economy for their personal benefit. Peabody had no sons and when he died his 
business was passed to Morgan's son, John Peirpont Morgan Jr (Comm 300), who 
was bom in New York in 1867. This second J.P. Morgan was seen, like his father, as 
an all-powerful banker at the helm of his own empire, but he was almost certainly a 
vehicle for the House of Rothschild. Morgan was a direct descendent of Alexander 
Hamilton, the man who engineered the first US Central Bank, the Bank of the 
United States, in support of Rothschild interests. When the first J.P. Morgan died in 
1913, he left only $11 million, a very modest sum, considering his reputation and 
the fortunes left by others. This is most likely to have been because he was a 
frontman for the Rothschilds and not all-powerful in his own right. The Wall Street 
reporter, Lincoln Steffens, interviewed both J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller, and he 
realised that they were not the real power behind their empires. "No-one ever 
seems to ask the question 'who is behind the Morgans and Rockefellers?"', he once 
wrote. It is noteworthy, too, that the Morgans had a reputation for being anti-Jewish 
while in fact working closely with the Rothschilds. This ploy of "anti-Semitism" is 
often used to camouflage Rothschild interests. The Rothschilds were most 
powerfully represented in the United States by the banking company known as 
Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. It was founded in 1867 by Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb, 
two merchants from Cincinnati, but it became an obvious Rothschild front after 
1875, when Jacob Schiff arrived from Frankfurt. Schiff was bom in the 
Rothschild/Schiff house in Frankfurt, which the two families shared. The business 
arrangements between Schiff and Kuhn, Loeb, and Co were consummated (as so 
often happens in these cases) by the marriage of Schiff to Solomon Loeb's daughter, 
Therese. Schiff brought Rothschild capital into the firm and ran it as a Rothschild 
front. George R. Conroy wrote in the December, 1912 issue of Truth magazine: 

"Mr Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co, which 
represents the Rothschild interests on this side of the Atlantic. He has been described 
as a financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

impersonal power known as Standard Oil. He was hand-in-glove with the Harrimans, the 
Goulds, and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has become the 
dominant power in the railroad and financial power of America." 

Schiff was the United States representative of the Rothschilds, a family who were 
supposed to have little influence or interest in America! It was also a Rothschild 
bank, the National City Bank of Cleveland, which financed the early expansion of 
the Rockefellers and the Harrimans. The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds (via Kuhn 
Loeb) would eventually merge some of their banking interests to fonn the Chase 
Manhattan Bank, one of the most influential banking operations in the world today. 

In the early years of this century, the Elite's control was tightened still further 
and the structure became even more focussed and efficient. From the time of Cecil 
Rhodes, the Round Table Secret Society spawned a network of interconnecting 
groups in many countries working toward a common aim. But the two most 
important strongholds of the Round Table were Britain and the United States. At 
the Elite level were certain families and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic 
who worked together covertly in pursuit of the goal of world government, a world 
central bank, a world currency, and a world anny. The technology for electronic 
money and a microchipped population would be added later. By now, certain 
names were appearing which would be involved in almost everything of global 
significance in the decades that followed: names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, 
Morgan, Harriman, Milner, Dulles, Warburg, Roosevelt, House, and Baruch. These 
names will become familiar as the conventional view of history is overturned. 

Such names and organisations within the Elite/Illuminati/Brotherhood network 
have been behind the two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Adolf 
Hitler, and the constant manipulation of the financial system. These events have 
kept humanity in fear and division, exactly as required. But it is a fair question to 
ask why would they support fascism, communism, and capitalism at the same 
time? And how could this help their plans for the New World Order? This has to be 
seen on many levels. Financially, wars and revolutions are very profitable for the 
bankers and suppliers. But there are wider reasons behind this. If you want nations 
to give up their sovereignty and hand over decisions and power to a world 
authority, it won’t just happen. You have to make it happen by causing conflict 
between nations on the principle of problem-reaction-solution. The Elite, working 
in part through the Round Table network, wanted to cause so much pain and war 
between nation states that the public would say "something must be done". This 
something was intended to be a world authority all along. 

They would try first to introduce this as the League of Nations after World War I 
and when that didn't quite work, another World War led to the United Nations. 
Both of these organisations were promoted as a means to keep the peace among 
nations by - to use Winston Churchill’s famous phrase - "jaw, jaw, not war, war". 
But they were both Trojan horses for a global government, central bank, currency, 
and army. Look at what is happening within the United Nations today and you'll 
see how far the UN has already moved in this direction. The strategy the 

'rom Rhodes to ruin 


Elite/Round Table used in the two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, and 
countless other conflicts throughout this century has been attributed to a man called 
Hegel, although, in fact, this strategy was not developed by Hegel as such. His 
work was only a trigger for others who developed and changed his thinking to 
create a sinister phenomena. Hegel, himself, appears to have been a very genuine 
man. Put simply, the modified version of his thinking can be described as 'crisis 
management', which appears uncontrolled, but is, in fact, extremely calculated. 
'Managed conflict' and 'controlled choice' would be even more accurate 
descriptions. The idea is to create the war and then win the peace in the way you 
restructure the devastated post-war world. 

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a Gennan philosopher, bom in Stuttgart in 
1770. During his life he could never have known what an effect a modified, 
materialistic version of the phenomena he identified would have on the world from 
that day to this. His observations about the spiritual development of the mind were 
developed and changed by others, including Karl Marx, and this modified version 
of Hegelianism expressed itself thus: If you create two opposing sides and bring 
them into conflict, you will create a third force, a synchronisation of both of them. It 
is known as thesis v antithesis = synthesis: a new order. Marx, a Gennan, the 
inspiration of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, was a keen student of Hegel’s work. 
The difference between them was that Hegel was talking of the spirit and mind 
while Marx rejected the idea of God and an afterlife. He was a materialist. To him, 
this world was all there was (or so he said publicly). As he once said: "I turned 
Hegel on his head". In doing so, he had also identified an incredibly effective tool in 
manipulating the world towards centralised control. 

Marx and his Gennan industrialist friend, Friedrich Engels, produced the 
Communist Manifesto. Engels, the promoter of freedom for the masses from the 
yoke of capitalism, had made a fortune exploiting child labour in Lancashire, 
England. The Communist Manifesto was nothing new and certainly not the 
inspiration of Karl Marx. He got his 'ideas' from the works of others, which he read 
during his countless hours in the British Museum. His belief in a class war came 
from Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati. As the American researcher, Gary 
Allen, writes in his 1972 book None Dare Call It Conspiracy: 

"In actual fact the 'Communist Manifesto' was in circulation for many years before 
Marx's name was widely enough recognised to establish his authorship for this 
revolutionary handbook. All Karl Marx really did was to update and codify the very same 
revolutionary plans and principles set down seventy years earlier by Adam Weishaupt, 
the founder of the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria." 

Marx was a member of a secret society in the Elite/Illuminati/ Brotherhood 
network, called the League of the Just, which later became the Communist League. 
The League of the Just was an offshoot of the Society of the Seasons, which played a 
leading role in the French Revolution. Once again our eyes turn to Gennany, 
birthplace of the Bavarian Illumaniti. The League of the Just was called the Bund 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

Der Gerechtan or simply the 

Bund. This was the force behind 
the rise of Marxism and he was 
yet another front man. 

Interestingly, May 1st (’May 
Day'), was chosen as the annual 
celebration for Marxist-Leninist 
and socialist countries and 

groups around the world. The 

Bavarian Illuminati, the creator 
of the Bund, was founded on 
May 1st 1776. Marx had close 
connections with the British 
aristocracy through his marriage 
to Jenny von Westphalen, who 
was related to the Scottish Dukes 
of Argyll and the Campbells. 
One of her ancestors, Anna 
Campbell, the Countess of 
Balcarras and Argyll, was the 
governess to the Prince of 
Orange, later King William, who 
granted the charter to the Bank 
of England and caused such 
untold misery in Ireland. 

Archibald Campbell, the first Duke of Argyll, travelled with William on his journey 
to England to take the throne in 1688. The present Earl of Balcarras is related to 
Viscount Cowdray (Weetman John Churchill Pearson), whose mother was the 
daughter of Lord Spencer Churchill. These were some of the connections around 
the 'people's revolutionary', Karl Marx. 

A tiny elite are coordinating all these apparently unconnected events. So when 
you see how the same people support and fund 'opposites’ like Marxism-Leninism, 
fascism, and capitalism, it is not because they are confused or crazy. They are 
creating the opposing 'sides' which can then be brought into conflict to play one off 
against the other and create another force - New World Orderism. Thesis v antithesis 
= synthesis. This was expressed most obviously and destructively in the way the 
Elite created, funded, and brought capitalism and communism into conflict against 
fascism in the Second World War (Figure 6). This created the desired synthesis: the 
United Nations and the European Community. The 'Cold War’ between capitalism 
and communism is leading to another synthesis following the Elite-inspired 
'people's revolutions' throughout the former Soviet Union. People have been sold 
the line that political beliefs can be expressed at one extreme by communism (the far 
Left) and at the other by fascism (the far Right). This is part of the illusion to hide 
from us what is really going on. Fascism and communism are not opposites; they are 

Modified Hegelianism 

Thesis v Antithesis = Synthesis 

Figure 6 

from Rhodes to ruin 


merely promoted as such. Both involve central control by a tiny elite. The political 
spectrum is really freedom of expression, thought, and lifestyle at one end and 
authoritarianism (fascism/Marxism-Leninism) at the other. Yet we have people who 
are Marxists attacking fascists for their authoritarian policies and vice-versa! These 
opposites' are Elite-created to give the illusion of extremes which they can then use 
to create the conflict that leads to synthesis - the centralised global institutions they 
seek. And the political 'radicals', or what I call the 'Robot Radicals', have been duped 
into playing a crucial role in this. They still are. 

By using the modified Hegel philosophy, the Elite and all these families and 
organisations have been involved in so much manipulation of the human race, that 
it would take a library of books to tell the full story. Even then, the interconnection 
and cross-referencing of names and organisations would be so complex as to be 
hardly comprehensible. Boring you to death is not my ambition. At the same time, I 
want to include enough detail to show that the idea that an elite few can and do 
control the world and your life is no 'theory', but provable fact. Therefore, in the 
rest of this chapter, I'm going to concentrate on the three major events in the early 
years of this century which show that the version of history we are given in the 
schools and the media is considerably less than the truth. Those events are the First 
World War, the Russian Revolution, and the creation of the State of Israel. The same 
few people manipulated all of them. 

The First World War 

Kaiser Wilhelm II was ruler of Gennany in the early years of this century, but Elite- 
placed men in his administration were manipulating policy, just as they were in 
Great Britain (Milner) and in the United States (Colonel House). The assassination of 
Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was used as the 
excuse for war, but the conflict had been decided upon long before. The Austrians 
accused Serbia of the murder and declared war. The assassination was carried out on 
June 28th 1914 by a Serbian Secret Society, controlled by the Elite, called the Black 
Hand. Ferdinand went with his wife to Sarajevo in Bosnia. Six assassins were 
waiting for him as his car was driven to his appointment. As the car went past them, 
all six failed to kill him and the Archduke appeared to have survived the attack. But 
his chauffeur became 'confused', took a 'wrong turning', and finally stopped the car 
in front of one of the would-be assassins, Gavrilo Princip, who took full advantage of 
his second opportunity. Ferdinand had told his friend, Count Czerin, that he knew 
an attempt on his life was imminent because he had been told the year before that 
the Freemasons had decided to kill him. Meanwhile - at exactly the same time in 
Russia - Grigory Yefimovitch Rasputin, the Tsar's most influential advisor (who 
opposed the war), was being attacked with a knife in an unsuccessful assassination 
attempt in Pokrovskoe. As author Colin Wilson says in his book, Rasputin: 

"There are fifty degrees of longitude between Sarajevo and Pokrovskoe, which means 

that eleven o'clock in Sarajevo is about 2.15 in Pokrovskoe. It is a strange coincidence 

that two assassins struck at almost exactly the same moment - a coincidence that 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

makes one inclined to doubt the 'blindness of history'. Ferdinand's death made war 
probable; Rasputin's injury made it certain, for he was the only man in Russia capable 
of averting it." 

Kaiser Wilhelm, urged on by his Brotherhood advisors, supported Austria and 
declared war on Russia and France. The 'Great War’ was underway. One of its main 
architects was the Kaiser's Chancellor, Bethmann-Hollweg, a member of the 
Bethmann banking family in Frankfurt and a cousin of the Rothschilds. 8 Britain came 
in against Gennany, and the United States followed suit in 1917. America was always 
going to enter the war, as public opinion was whipped up by the media. Kent Cooper, 
the President of Associated Press, wrote in the November 13th 1944 issue of Life; 

"Before and during the First World War, the great German news agency, Wolff, was 
owned by the European banking house of Rothschild, which had its central 
headquarters in Berlin. A leading member of the firm was also Kaiser Wilhelm's 
personal banker (Max Warburg). What actually happened in Imperial Germany was that 
the Kaiser used Wolff to bind and excite his people to such a degree that they were 
eager for World War I. Twenty years later under Hitler the pattern was repeated and 
enormously magnified by DNB, Wolffs successors." 

In his autobiography, Barriers Down, Cooper added that the House of Rothschild 
bought an interest in the three leading European news agencies; Wolff in Gennany, 
Havas in France, and Reuters in England. For those who don’t know how the media 
works, the news agencies provide news stories to all papers and media outlets, so 
what they say is often repeated by the whole of the media. "It must be true because 
they're all saying it" is what I hear people say. They are all saying it because they 
are printing the same infonnation from the same source - the news agency. It is 
worth noting that on April 28th 1915, Baron Herbert de Reuter, the head of the 
Reuters agency, 'committed suicide’. This followed the collapse of the Reuters Bank. 
The Baron was replaced by Sir Roderick Jones, who reports in his autobiography 
that ".. .Shortly after I succeeded Baron Herbert de Reuter in 1915, it so happened 
that I received an invitation from Mr Alfred Rothschild, then head of the British 
House of Rothschild, to lunch with him at the historic New Court, in the City". 
What they discussed, he declines to reveal. What do you think? 

Amazing as it may seem at first, the connections between the Jewish House of 
Rothschild and the creation of World Wars (in which so many Jewish people 
suffered appallingly) are beginning to mount. 

It was part of the Elite's strategy to involve the US and increase the post-war 
demands for a world authority to stop further wars. This was not too much of a 
problem because the president, Woodrow Wilson, did whatever his chief 'advisor', 
Colonel House (Comm 300), told him to do. In 1915, the Gennan sinking of the 
American 'passenger' ship, the Lusitania, was an excuse for the US to declare war, 
just as the assassination of Ferdinand had been for the Germans, and the attack on 
Pearl Harbor would be for the Americans in World War II. The Lusitania was sailed 

from Rhodes to ruin 


into an area of known Gennan U-boat activity without an escort, and the people on 
board were sacrificed to satisfy the Elite's horrific ambitions. In the archives of the 
US Treasury Department, President Wilson concealed proof that the Lusitania was 
carrying military supplies for the British. 9 It was not the 'passengers-only' vessel it 
was claimed to be as part of the propaganda to outrage American public opinion. 
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt of the Eastern Establishment family was on the Lusitania 
when it sank. A telegram had been delivered to the ship before it left New York 
warning Vanderbilt not to sail, but it never reached him and it cost him his life. 
Someone obviously knew exactly what was planned. 

The manipulation of America into the war was coordinated through three main 
organisations: the Council on National Defense, the Navy League, and the League 
to Enforce Peace. Among the members of the Council on National Defense was the 
Rothschild agent, Bernard Baruch. As head of the War Industries Board during the 
war, Baruch had, in his own words ".. .probably more power than perhaps any 
other man did in the war.. ,". 10 The Navy League was dominated by J.R Morgan. 
Among the principals of the League to Enforce Peace were Elihu Root, J.R Morgan's 
lawyer; Perry Belmont, 11 the Rothschild's US agent; and Jacob Schifif of the 
Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. The assistant secretary of the Navy at this time 
was one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was awarding big navy contracts well 
before there was any talk of America joining the war - just as he would a few years 
later, when he was president before and during the Second World War. 

Another confirmation that the First World War was engineered for longer tenn 
reasons came in the 1950s, with the findings of a US Congressional investigation by 
the Reece Committee into the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It was 
found to be an organisation dedicated to creating war! This organisation is one of a 
network of so-called tax-exempt foundations started by the Carnegie, Rockefeller, 
and Ford families, which help to fund the New World Order plan. Nonnan Dodd, 
the Reece Committee's Director of Research, reported the findings of his investigator 
Kathryn Casey: Dodd said that at one meeting of the Carnegie trustees, the question 
was asked: "Is there any means known to man more effective than war if you want 
to alter the lives of an entire people?" It was decided that there was not, and so the 
next question for the trustees was, "How do we involve the United States in a war?" 
Dodd went on: 

"And then they raised the question: 'How do we control the diplomatic machinery of the 
United States?' And the answer came out: 'We must control the State Department'. At 
this point we catch up with what we had already found out.. .that through an agency set 
up by the Carnegie Endowment, every high appointment in the State Department was 
cleared. Finally, we were in a war. These trustees in a meeting about 1917 had the 
brashness to congratulate themselves on the wisdom of their original decision because 
already the impact of the war had indicated it would alter life and can alter life in this 
country. This was the date of our entry in the war; we were involved. They even had the 
brashness to word and to dispatch a telegram to Mr Wilson, cautioning him to see 
that the war did not end too quickly." 12 [my emphasis] 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Dodd said that Kathryn Casey then found other minutes, dealing with the work 
of the Carnegie Endowment to prevent American life returning to its pre-war state. 
Changing the way people lived and thought was, after all, the main point of the 
war. Dodd reported that: 

"...they came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control 
education. And then they approached the Rockefeller Foundation and they said: 'Will 
you take on the acquisition of control of education as it involves subjects that are 
domestic in their significance'. And it was agreed. Then together, they decided that the 
key to it was the teaching of American history and they must change that. So, they then 
approached the most prominent of what we might call American historians at that time 
with the idea of getting them to alter the manner in which they presented the subject ." 13 

This is why most of the information in this book about the real background to 
world events has never been taught in the schools or universities. If you are not 
being allowed to know the full story about something, it is because (from the 
manipulators' point of view) it is dangerous for you to know. That is my motivation 
in writing this book. You have a right to be dangerous! 

The Russian Revolution 

With the First World War underway, another Elite coup was reaching fruition, the 
Russian Revolution of 1917. This took the same fonn as the French Revolution. The 
Elite created economic chaos and the ruling dictator, the Tsar, played into their 
hands by refusing to introduce democracy and empowerment for the people. In 
1905, the Tsar was manipulated by the Rothschilds into a war with Japan to 
undermine the Russian economy and sow the seeds of unrest among the 
population. The Rothschilds told the Tsar that they would finance the war, while in 
the United States, the Rothschild company, Kuhn, Loeb, and Co, was secretly 
funding the Japanese. Then the war with Gennany came in 1914, during which the 
Russian Army was constantly weakened by outside influences. One way the Elite 
have controlled wars is to send inferior weapons to the side they want to lose or to 
delay the delivery of armaments altogether. In 1915, the British Chancellor of the 
Exchequer and soon-to-be Prune Minister, Lloyd George (Comm 300), realised that 
armaments ordered for the Russian Anny were five months overdue. At one point 
there was only one rifle for every six soldiers. This fuelled the fires of revolution, 
exactly as planned. The Elite wanted to demoralise the Russian soldiers so they 
would mutiny. The company responsible for the delay was Vickers Maxim, which 
was controlled by Sir Ernest Cassel, a business associate of the Rothschilds’ Kuhn, 
Loeb, and Company. The largest holder of Vickers stock was the House of 
Rothschild. 14 The British Cabinet dispatched Lord Kitchener to Russia to reorganise 
their anny, but he was drowned on the way when the HMS Hampshire 
'mysteriously' sank on the night of June 5th 1916. Just another coincidence, I guess. 

In Russia, dissension was being stined. The first (and more moderate) revolution 
was begun by a Freemason, Alexander Kerensky. I say 'first', in fact there was 

Tom Rhodes to ruin 


another revolution even before this, headed by Prince Lvov. He planned to create an 
American-style Republic and by this time Tsar Nicholas II had already abdicated. 
But, as in France when the momentum for revolution had been triggered, along 
came the next, more terrifying stage. Trotsky and Lenin arrived to take over and 
introduce the despotic rule known as Marxism-Leninism. This was not a Russian 
Revolution. It was a coup on Russia by the United States financial ann of the Global 
Elite largely controlled by the Rothschilds. Leon Trotsky, who had been living in 
New York after being expelled from Gennany, left for Petrograd, Russia, on the SS 
Kristianiafjord on March 26th 1917, with $10,000 given to him by the Rockefellers. 15 
In his hand was a United States passport arranged for him by President Woodrow 
Wilson. Jennings C. Wise says in his study, Woodrow Wilson: Disciple Of 
Revolution: "Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts 
of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an 
American passport". 16 This happened at a time when the US authorities were 
supposed to be tightening their checks on potential revolutionaries entering Russia 
on United States passports! But who controlled Wilson? The Elite's representative, 
Colonel Edward House (Comm 300). When the ship docked in Canada en route, 
Trotsky was detained by the Canadian authorities, but he was released and allowed 
to continue his journey to Russia. Lieutenant Colonel John Bayne MacLean, the 
founder and President of Maclean Publishing, was known for his close contacts 
with Canadian Intelligence. In 1918, he wrote an article which appeared in his own 
MacLean's magazine, headed "Why Did We Let Trotsky Go? How Canada Lost The 
Chance To Shorten The War". 1 MacLean made a number of revelations about 
Trotsky, many of which have been confirmed or supported by evidence that has 
come to light since then. He said that Trotsky was not Russian, but Gennan, and 
other intelligence infonnation has suggested that he spoke better Gennan than 
Russian. 18 MacLean's sources said Trotsky had been very publicly 'expelled' from 
Gennany in August 1914 to give him credibility for what was to follow. MacLean 
said that other Russian revolutionaries organised by Trotsky in the United States 
and Western Canada were "largely Germans and Austrians travelling as Russians". 
MacLean went on: 

"Originally the British found through Russian associates that Kerensky, Lenin, and 
some lesser leaders were practically in German pay as early as 1915 and they 
uncovered in 1916 the connections with Trotsky, then living in New York. From that 
time he was closely watched by the Bomb Squad. In the early part of 1916, a 
German official sailed into New York. British Intelligence officials accompanied him. 
He [Trotsky] was held up at Halifax, but on their [British Intelligence] instruction, he 
was passed on with profuse apologies for the unnecessary delay. After much 
manoeuvring, he arrived in a dirty little newspaper office in the slums and there he 
found Trotsky, for whom he bore important instructions. From June 1916, until they 
passed him onto the British, the New York Bomb Squad never lost touch with 
Trotsky. They discovered that his real name was Braunstein 19 and that he was 
German, not a Russian." 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Interestingly, if this is correct, both communism and fascism (which came into 
conflict in the Second World War) were created to a large extent in the same country 
- Gennany, the home of so many Elite secret societies and birthplace of Adam 
Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati. After Trotsky arrived in Russia, he was joined by 
Lenin, who had been given safe passage across Gennany in a sealed train, from 
Switzerland to Russia via Sweden, in April 1917, accompanied by thirty-two other 
’revolutionaries'. The trip was approved and paid for by the Gennan General Staff 
under orders from Gennan Supreme Command. The Germans were also spending 
big sums to fund the Bolshevik's propaganda inside Russia. Von Kuhtnann, the 
Foreign Affairs Minister, told the Kaiser in 1917: 

"It was not until the Bolsheviks had received from us a steady flow of funds through the 
various channels and under varying labels that they were in a position to be able to 
build up their organ, Pravda, to conduct energetic propaganda and appreciably to extend 
the originally narrow base of their party ." 20 

The plan was that the re-revolution would withdraw Russia from the First World 
War and make 'peace' with Gennany. This is precisely what happened. Once more, 
these events are multidimensional. The Russian 'revolutionaries' such as Lenin and 
Trotsky were being used to get Russia out of the war, to the benefit of Gennany. But 
at the Elite level, the bogeyman called communism was being created to stimulate 
the division of fear and mistrust presented as communism v capitalism v fascism. 
Once you have fear caused by two or more distinct 'sides’, you have divide and rule: 
control. Fear is also the greatest producer of negative energy. While Trotsky, Lenin, 
and their crowd were denouncing the capitalists, they were being financed by the 
London and New York bankers. Trotsky was quoted in the Russian newspaper, 
Russkoe, as saying that the "Soviet cannot align itself., .with capitalist Americans, for 
this would be a betrayal". Oh really, Leon? In fact, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks were 
supported financially and politically by the same people who would support Hitler 
and the fascists because the Elite has no political line. In his autobiography, Trotsky 
refers to some of the loans from British financiers. Many of these were arranged by 
Lord Milner (Comm 300) of the Round Table and 'Alexander' Gruzenberg (real 
name Michael), the chief Bolshevik agent in Scandinavia, who was a confidential 
advisor to the J.P. Morgan-owned Chase National Bank in New York. This was a 
London-New York revolution, with the Russian people once again the victims. 

A Mr Fixit between London, Wall Street, and the Bolsheviks was Olof Aschberg, 
who became known as the Bolshevik Banker. He owned Nya Banken, founded in 
Stockholm in 1912. Aschberg’s London agent was the North Commerce Bank, 
chaired by Earl Grey, a friend of Cecil Rhodes and a member of the Round Table. 
Another close associate of Aschberg was Max May, the vice president of J.R 
Morgan's Guaranty Trust and head of its overseas operations. Clearly Aschberg was 
the perfect middle man to channel funds from London and New York to the 
Bolsheviks. In 1915, the American International Corporation was fonned to fund 
the Russian Revolution. Its directors represented the interests of the Rockellers, 

'rom Rhodes to ruin 


Rothschilds, DuPont, Kuhn, Loeb, Harriman, and the Federal Reserve. They 
included Frank Vanderlip (one of the Jekyl Island Group which created the Federal 
Reserve) and George Herbert Walker, the grandfather of President George Bush. 

The Rothschilds were also directly involved in financing the revolution via 
Jacob Schiff, at Kuhn, Loeb, and Co in New York. International bankers from 
Britain, the United States, Russia, Gennany, and France met in Sweden in the 
summer of 1917. They agreed that Kuhn, Loeb would deposit $50 million in a 
Swedish bank account for Lenin and Trotsky's use. In an article in The New York 
American Journal on February 3rd 1949, Jacob Schiff s grandson said that his 
grandfather had paid the two 'revolutionaries' an additional $20 million. The 
payment of $20 million to the Bolshev iks by Elihu Root (the Kuhn Loeb lawyer and 
fonner Secretary of State), via a Special War Fund, is recorded in the Congressional 
Record of September 2nd 1919. It was quite an investment if, as some researchers 
suggest, Lenin repaid Kuhn, Loeb, and Co the rouble equivalent of $450 million 
between 1918 and 1922. And this was nothing compared with the profits the 
bankers made from the exploitation of the Russian land, economy, and people, not 
least by stealing the Tsar's gold and vast financial holdings which were held 
abroad in the very banks that funded the revolution. 

In 1917, the Elite used the cover of a Red Cross mission to Russia to arrange the 
final details of the Bolshevik takeover. The Red Cross in Washington launched a 
campaign to raise $2 million. It was successful thanks only to substantial donations 
from New York financiers, including J.P. Morgan himself, who gave $100,000. The 
bankers and industrialists proceeded to take control of the United States Red Cross 
and, as the Elite's John Foster Dulles put it, they "viewed the American Red Cross 
as a virtual ann of government.. .". 2I The personnel of this mission to Russia in 
August 1917 says it all. Only seven of the party of twenty-four were doctors. The 
rest were mostly New York financiers and their assistants, led by William Boyce 
Thompson (Comm 300), the first full-time head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New 
York. The doctors returned after only one month and Dr Frank Billings, Professor of 
Medicine at the University of Chicago and the official leader of the mission/was 
reported to have been disgusted with the obviously political activities of its non- 
medical members. Also in the party were three Russian interpreters, all known 
Bolsheviks. One of them, Boris Reinstein, would become secretary to Lenin and 
head of the Bureau of International Revolutionary Propaganda. 22 The Red Cross has 
been used on many occasions by the Elite without the knowledge of its genuine 
staff. This is not only an insult to the work the Red Cross is seeking to do, it is also 
extremely dangerous for the 99% who are genuinely working for that organisation 
out of compassion for the plight of the world’s peoples. Intriguingly, the Red Cross 
symbol is also that of the Knights Templar, the flag of England, and the symbol 
which Columbus flew on his ships while 'discovering' the 'New World’ on behalf of 
the Templars. The Red Cross was fonned during the Elite-engineered Franco- 
Prussian War in 1870 via correspondence in our old friend, the London Times. 

At the same time that these elite hankers were creating organisations to support 
the Bolsheviks, they were also funding and setting up anti-Bolshevik organisations. 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Otto Kahn and members of the Morgan Guaranty Trust fonned a group called 
United Americans, which circulated anti-communist and anti-Jewish propaganda. 
This allowed genuine opponents of the revolution to be dismissed as ’anti-Semitic'. 
This has continued to happen up to the present day, with the Robot Radicals of the 
"I'm full of my own political purity" mindset dancing on the strings pulled by the 
Global Elite to denounce anyone who gets close to the truth as an 'anti-Semite'. The 
same is happening to me today. It's all so predictable. The Robot Radicals and their 
'opposition', the Robot Right, have their strings pulled by the same people! It's 
hilarious, really. 

On his way back from Russia, William Boyce Thompson stopped over in London 
to meet the British Prime Minister, Lloyd George. They were joined by Thomas W. 
Lamont of J.P. Morgan, who had travelled from Paris (where he had been in 
discussion with Colonel Edward House on how to rearrange the world after the 
war). House had cabled President Wilson on November 28th 1917, urging him to 
suppress all media criticism of the Bolsheviks: "It is exceedingly important that 
such criticism be suppressed", the cable said. This telegram was placed in a 
confidential file and came to light only six years later. Researcher, Carroll Quigley, 
said that the House of Morgan was infiltrating Left-wing groups in the United 
States from around 1915. It was the strategy to hijack both 'Left' and 'Right' 
domestically and internationally. 23 

The Russian Revolution was all part of the Big Plan, which is why the leading 
officials of the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve Bank of New York, including 
Thompson, supported the Bolsheviks. In this period, we are seeing the Global Elite 
deciding on the post-war policies and ensuring that the puppet-politicians make it 
happen. Thompson and Lamont met Lloyd George to convince him that the British 
government's anti-Bolshevik stance was misguided and should encompass the 
reality that Lenin and Trotsky were there to stay. 24 Lloyd George and his Cabinet - 
including the Round Table’s Lord Milner, of course - accepted the Thompson- 
Lamont view. When you have agents of the Elite in vital positions on all sides in 
this way, you can pretty much do what you like. The British decision to back the 
Bolsheviks is less surprising when you consider that Lloyd George was not a free 
agent in this. His private life left him open to blackmail and he was under 
obligations to an international armaments dealer called Basil Zaharoff (who made a 
fortune selling arms to both sides in any war he could find). Zaharoff had a hold 
over Lloyd George after he arranged for the Prime Minister to have an affair with 
his wife, formerly Emily Ann Burrows of Knightsbridge. Zaharoff also sold 
peerages created by Lloyd George. 25 In the 1963 book, The Mask Of Merlin, 16 the 
writer Donald McCormick says that Zaharoff had so much power that "Allied 
statesmen and leaders were obliged to consult him before planning any great 
attack". Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George, and the French Prime Minister, Georges 
Clemenceau, met a number of times at Zaharoffs Paris home. This is relevant to the 
Allied policy on Russia because Zaharoff was supporting the Bolsheviks and 
diverting arms away from those opposing them. He, too, intervened on the 
Bolsheviks' behalf in both London and Paris. 

Rhodes to ruin 


In April 1919, the British Foreign Office issued a nine pence White Paper on 
Russia which revealed that the revolution had been organised and financed by 
international bankers. It explained how "Chinese criminals" had been imported to 
serve under Bolshevik officers in a terror campaign against the people of Russia. 
This document was quickly withdrawn and replaced with a six pence version - 
minus this infonnation. 27 Some claim that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish 
Revolution, but I think that Rabbi Marvin S. Antehnan reads the situation perfectly 
when he writes: 

"The truth of the matter was... that there was a conspiracy, but it was neither Jewish, 
nor Catholic, nor Masonic. It involved people of all types of religions and national 
backgrounds. Side by side with the Schiffs, Warburgs, and Rothschilds were the 
Morgans and the Rockefellers. With Trotsky were Lenin and Stalin ." 28 

What was the common theme between them? The cult of the All-Seeing Eye. 
With the revolution established, the Elite arranged for its intelligence personnel to 
be sent to Russia. Alfred Milner selected an agent, Bruce Lockhart (Comm 300), to 
go to Russia and to team up with the American, Raymond Robins, who had been 
left behind by William Boyce Thompson to lead the - now doctorless - 'Red Cross' 
mission through 1918. The French chose to send the Bolshevik supporter, Jacques 
Sadoul, an old friend of Trotsky. The conspiracy then had control of the diplomatic 
and intelligence reports coming out of Russia to their govermnents. With that, the 
coup by the Global Elite on the Russian people was complete. Lenin and Trotsky 
proceeded to dismantle any institutions and groups of workers which had emerged 
from the early days of the revolution. The hated Okhrana, the 'secret service’ of the 
Tsars, was revamped into what eventually became the KGB. The 'People's 
Revolution’, which would turn hundreds of millions of people into little more than 
prisoners in their own land and cause the death and suffering of so many in the 
concentration camps, had massively advanced the aims of the New World Order. 
The Soviet card would be played with great effect in the decades that followed. 

The Creation of the State of Israel 

Another Elite ambition during the First World War was to ensure the recognition 
by Britain of a Jewish homeland in what was then Arab Palestine. The political 
movement known as Zionism had been introduced to campaign for a Jewish 
homeland, but it is often misunderstood: all Jewish people are not Zionists and all 
Zionists are not Jewish. Zionism is not a religion or a race; it is a political 
movement consisting of people, Jews and non-Jews, who support the claim for a 
Jewish homeland. If you support that, you are a Zionist, too, no matter what your 
race or religious belief. To say that Zionism is the Jewish race is like saying the 
British Labour Party is the English race. Zionism was founded in the last century 
by an atheist, Theodore Herzl, and it is used as a front for the Global Elite and a 
means to dupe Jewish people as a whole. The offer to recognise a homeland in 
Palestine was designed both to persuade the United States to enter the war and 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

later to create ’managed conflict' and a situation of 'divide and rule' in the oil-rich 
Middle East. More than twenty years after the First World War, on April 25th 1939, 
US Senator Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota revealed to the Senate some of the 
background to Britain's recognition of a Jewish homeland and the First World War 
in general. He said he had been given some documents called 'The Next War'. The 
title referred to the Second World War, which the writers of the documents already 
knew was going to happen. One volume, called 'Propaganda in the Next War', also 
discussed, in passing, how the American people had been tricked into fighting in 
World War I. It said: 

"For some time the issue as to which side the United States would take hung in the 
balance, the final result was a credit to our British propaganda. There remain the Jews. 
It has been estimated that of the world Jewish population of approximately fifteen 
million, no fewer than five million are in the United States; 25% of the inhabitants of 
New York are Jews. 

"During the Great War we bought off this huge American Jewish public by the promise of 
the Jewish national home in Palestine, held by Ludendorf to be a master stroke of allied 
propaganda, as it enabled us not only to appeal to Jews in America, but to Jews in 
Germany as well." 29 

The Americans entered the war in 1917. The Balfour Declaration came on 
November 6th of that year, when Arthur (Ford) Balfour (Comm 300), the British 
Foreign Secretary and member of the Round Table's inner elite, officially recognised 
Palestine as a homeland for Jewish people. We need to look at this on many levels 
again. The propagandists may well have believed it was a 'master stroke' to bring 
America into the war, but what they didn’t know was that they were being 
manipulated to manipulate others. America was coming into the war anyway. A 
Jewish homeland in Palestine had been a long-time Elite strategy and the guise of 
bringing America into the war was used to encourage British politicians to accept it. 
The Balfour Declaration was a terrible blow to the Arabs who had, under the 
leadership and promises of the Englishman, T.E. Fawrence ('Fawrence of Arabia'), 
fought on Britain's behalf against the Turks and they played a crucial role in 
winning the war. The Arabs were promised full post-war sovereignty and 
independence for their support and this was confirmed in official correspondence. 
Fawrence, a close friend of Winston Churchill (Comm 300), knew full well that he 
was lying to the Arabs he was leading. Some years later Fawrence said: 

"I risked the fraud on my conviction that Arab help was necessary to our cheap and 
speedy victory in the East, and that better we win and break our word, than lose.. .The 
Arab inspiration was our main tool for winning the Eastern War. So I assured them that 
England kept her word in letter and in spirit. In this comfort they performed their fine 
things; but, of course, instead of being proud of what we did together, I was continually 
bitter and ashamed." 30 

Rhodes to ruin 


While Lawrence and the British were promising the Arabs independence, they 
were in the process of making a commitment to give away Palestine as a Jewish 
homeland. Lawrence, Milner, and Victor Rothschild all knew each other. The 
Balfour Declaration was not an announcement by the Foreign Secretary to the 
House of Commons. It took the fonn, appropriately, of a letter between Arthur 
Balfour (Comm 300), of the Rothschild-funded Round Table, and Lord Lionel Walter 
Rothschild (Comm 300), the representative of the English Federation of Zionists, 
which was set up with Rothschild money. It was written by the leading voice in 
Lloyd George's wartime cabinet, the Round Table's most influential figure. Lord 
Milner (who was made chairman of Rio Tinto Zinc by Lord Rothschild). 31 The 
Balfour Declaration was a decree by the Rothschilds/Global Elite and not part of 
any democratic process. Balfour's letter to Lord Rothschild, believed by many to 
have been written by Lord Rothschild, in league with Alfred Milner, said: 

"I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the 
following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been 
submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet: His Majesty's Government view with favour 
the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use 
their best endeavours for the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that 
nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non- 
Jewish communities in Palestine [what a joke!], or the rights and political status enjoyed 
by Jews in any other country. I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to 
the knowledge of the Zionist Federation." 

At the time less than one per cent of the population of Palestine was Jewish and 
yet this letter was to fonn the basis on which the post-war world was to be divided 
and Arab control of Palestine handed over. It had nothing to do with what was best 
for Jews, even though its architects, the Rothschilds, are Jewish if only in name. It 
was about the wider strategic oil and New World Order possibilities that a foothold 
in that part of the Middle East would offer. I believe that Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman 
is correct when he links the House of Rothschild with the All-Seeing Eye clique 
which is seeking to destroy Judaism. Things may be done in the name of Jewish 
people as a whole, but they are not done for their benefit. Jewish people are used as 
fodder by the Elite and by many within the Jewish hierarchy. Nor is it true that most 
Jewish people today have a genetic line back to ancient Israel, a claim used to justify 
the occupation of Palestine. For the same reason, the term 'anti-Semitic' is 
constantly misused. 

Personally, I don't care about the colour and genetic line of a person's physical 
body. It is a vehicle for experience, that's all. We are aspects of each other. But since 
many people use the genetics of their bodies to justify their actions, we might as 
well get the infonnation right. The word Semitic comes from the race of peoples in 
ancient Sumer from whom the biblical Jews claimed to have emerged. Sem or Shem, 
one of the sons of Noah in the Bible stories, is said to be of this line and the origin 
appears to have been the legend of 'Shemjaza', the 'heavenly son and guardian 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

angel of God’. Another extraterrestrial almost certainly. But according to several 
Jewish writers, including Arthur Koestler in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe, 32 very 
few Jews today can trace their genetic ancestry back to the Semite line of this period 
and/or the Semitic line in Palestine and Israel at the time of Y'shua (Jesus). Instead, 
they are the genetic descendants of a people of Turkish-Mongolian-Nordic ancestry 
called the Khazars who converted to the Jewish religion in 740ad. 

The Khazars lived in lower Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. They 
were between the Christian and Islamic worlds and their leader chose to accept the 
Jewish faith to avoid being swamped by the empires of the perceived alternatives. 
Most Jews today, Koestler says, originate from these people, not the Semitic line. In 
fact, to call someone ’anti-Semitic' is, more accurately, to call them ’anti-Arab’, 
because more members of the old Semite race are Arab than are Jewish! 

After the breakup of the Khazar empire by the thirteenth century, the people 
who adopted the Jewish faith either stayed on in Russia or, in the case of the 
majority, moved on into what became the Balkans, Lithuania, Poland, and Gennany. 
The language known as Yiddish emerged from these events. It is a mixture of 
Hebrew, Polish, and Gennan. The name Rothschild came from the Red Shield, the 
symbol of the Khazar "Jews" in eastern Europe (Gennan: rotes schild = red shield^. 
The Rothschild family have no more an historic link to Palestine than an eskimo. 3 
The ’Jewish’ hooked nose does not originate from the biblical Israel. It has its 
genetic origins in the Caucasus. The classic Jewish face of Y'shua (Jesus) is a myth. 
He would not have looked anything like that because he was not bom in Lower 
Russia. As Koestler wrote, "Anthropology concurs with history in refuting the 
popular belief in a Jewish race descended from the biblical tribe". The Jewish-bom 
Christian bishop, Hugh Montefiore, said in the Church Times of January 24th 1992, 
that: "Anti-Semitism is built on a powerful racial myth, accepted by Jews and anti- 
Semites alike". Yet it is members of the genetic stream which has no connection 
whatsoever with Palestine, who were behind the creation of Israel and today's 
continued suppression of Palestinian rights. 

The Jewish writer Alfred M. Lilienthal goes further. He says there is no such 
thing as a Jewish "race". To be "Jewish" is to follow the Jewish religious faith and 
has nothing to do with race because, he says, people of endless races converted to 
the Jewish faith over thousands of years, so creating a vast cocktail of different 
genetic streams who called themselves Jewish. In his courageous book, What Price 
Israel?, Lilienthal points out: 

"The most persuasive argument the Jewish nationalist could advance for Zionism is 
based on the hypothesis of a 'Hebrew-Semitic race'. But most members of such a 
'race' would be found amongst the Arabic peoples of the Middle East, the overwhelming 
majority of whom do not profess the Jewish faith. The Arabs, bitter enemies of the 
Israelis who have returned to their reported 'racial home', most closely resemble those 
Jews who are indigenous to Palestine and the Middle East; for they are of poorer 
Hebrew-lsraelite blood than most of those who have been 'ingathered'...The allegation 
that Arabs are anti-Semitic is somewhat ludicrous. 

ym Rhodes to ruin 


" is, in fact, the unanimous conclusion of all anthropologists, from Weissenberg, 
Hertz and Fishberg (themselves Jews), to Boas, Ripley, Mead, Pittard and others that 
wherever Jews are found, they closely resemble the people amongst whom they live. 
Even those of common family names supposedly traceable to the ancient Hebrew 
tribes, such as Levites (Levi) and Kohanim (Kohn, Coehn, Cohn) have little physical 
resemblence to one another. There is not one racial characteristic common to all who 
profess to be Jews ." 34 

Such subtleties evaded Lloyd George (Comm 300), who was a passionate 
advocate of a Jewish homeland in Israel. When you look at what he wrote on the 
subject in the 1920s, either he was trying to mislead the populace or he himself was 
being seriously misled. In his book, Is It Peace?, he accepts without question that 
Jewish people had an historical right to Palestine. 35 He says that only with their 
brilliance and commitment could it become a ’land of milk and honey' again 
because, basically - if you put his words in simple terms - the Arabs were too 
stupid to do that. But it is when he outlines Zionist intentions for Palestine that his 
claims can be shown to be breathtakingly naive or calculated to mislead. Even more 
likely, the endless means through which he could have been blackmailed over his 
private life and personal corruption acted to 'focus' his mind. As they say, "When 
you have got someone by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow". Lloyd 
George condemns the opponents of the Balfour Declaration for suggesting that the 
Zionist leaders were seeking to establish "a Jewish oligarchy in Palestine that will 
reduce the Arab inhabitant to a condition of servitude to a favoured Hebrew 


minority". The best answer to that charge, he said, was to be found in a 
memorandum submitted by the Zionist Association to the League of Nations. With 
the hindsight of more than seventy years, I doubt if even Lloyd George would now 
quote that memorandum as confirmation that the opponents were wrong. It said: 

"The Jews demand no privilege, unless it is the privilege of rebuilding by their own 
efforts and sacrifices a land which, once the seat of a thriving and productive 
civilisation, has long been suffered to remain derelict. They expect no favoured 
treatment in the matter of political or religious rights. They assume, as a matter of 
course, that all the inhabitants of Palestine, be they Jews or non-Jews, will be in every 
respect on a footing of perfect equality. They seek no share in the Government beyond 
that to which they may be entitled under the Constitution as citizens of the country. 
They solicit no favours. They ask, in short, no more than an assured opportunity of 
peacefully building up their National Home by their own exertions and of succeeding on 
their merits." 

The Jewish and Arab populations of Israel will be in every respect on a footing of 
perfect equality? They expect no favoured treatment in the matter of political or 
religious rights? Really? 

Chaim Herzog, the President of Israel, had a rather different view some years 
later, when he said that the Arabs cannot be "participants in any way in a land that 


... and the truth shall set you free 

has been consecrated to our people for thousands of years. To the Jews of this land 
there cannot be any partner". 37 There, that's more like it! Jewish people as a whole 
(the faith) have been victims of Zionism (the political movement), which is 
controlled by the Global Elite. It is time Jewish people (who are innocent and 
unaware of the background) realised how they, their minds and their emotions are 
being used in ways that serve a longer-tenn plan for centralised control, and not 
themselves and their children. 

This is certainly true of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith which was 
formed in the United States in 1913. From that time to this, the Anti-Defamation 
League (ADL) has operated as an intelligence unit which brands as "anti-Semitic" 
anyone who challenges or questions the Global Elite. But was it set up for the 
benefit of Jewish people? No, no. It was fonned to protect the New York gangsters! 
In the early years of this century, Thomas Bingham, the New York City Police 
Commissioner, began a detennined challenge to the mobsters. Among them was 
Arnold Rothstein, the mentor of Meyer Lansky who would later be the godfather of 
the organised crime syndicate which helped to fund and ann the Jewish terrorist 
underground in Palestine and later did the same for the State of Israel itself. Lansky 
was also a key player in the assassination of President Kennedy. The New York 
mobsters responded to Bingham's investigation by branding him an anti-Semite. 
This character demolition was so successful that it forced him out of office and 
ended the investigation of the mob. 

These attacks were coordinated by a committee set up by an attorney called 
Sigmund Livingston. In 1913 this committee was given a fonnal title - The Anti- 
Defamation League. 38 Today it is an ann of the Israeli /Global Elite intelligence 
agency, Mossad, and has been at the heart of some horrific events, including the 
Kennedy assassination. The ADL is there to help the Global Elite and the terrorists 
who have controlled Israel, not to protect Jewish people from prejudice. Anything 
but, in fact. 

Winning the Peace 

The First World War ended in 1918 with tens of millions of dead and injured on all 
sides, after the bloodiest conflict in known human history. It was a war that was 
planned and created by the Elite using the power and money of the banking and 
secret society network. It would not otherwise have happened. It was not the work 
of human nature, but manipulated human nature. At the same time, the Elite had 
sown the seeds for the capitalist/communist v fascist (Second) World War and the 
capitalism v communism Cold War by arranging and financing the Russian 
Revolution. The Elite had won the revolution and the war. Now they prepared for 
their most important ambition - winning the peace. They had the nation states of 
Europe exactly where they wanted them. The war had left Europe devastated and 
submerged in debt to the Elite's bankers, who had made loans to both sides. The 
name J.P. Morgan (Comm 300) was at the heart of this. The Morgan Guaranty Trust 
and the Elite's American International Corporation made loans to finance Gennan 
espionage and covert operations in the United States and South America during the 

'Tom Rhodes to ruin 


ar. This was revealed by the Overman Committee of the US Senate in 1919. 
Among the other names involved were the Rothschilds' Kuhn, Loeb, and Co, and 
Morgan's Chase National Bank. The committee also established that the Guaranty 
Trust which was making loans to the Allies during the war, was covertly arranging 
other loans for Gennany on the London money markets! This money was 
channelled to Gennany via South America. 39 

In 1915 while all this was happening, the same J.P. Morgan was named by the 
British government as its sole agent for the purchasing of Britain's war supplies 
from the then 'neutral' United States, and for all loans from private banks in the 
US. Britain also became the guarantor for all goods and loans from America by the 
French, Italians, and Russians. By the end of the war, Britain, once the most 
powerful country in the world, was on its knees. Again, this was not accident, but 
design. At the time of the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, Britain owed the 
United States $4.7 billion in war debts. The British national debt had increased by 
924% between 1913 and 1918, while the profits of the Global Elite companies 
soared. According to the Austrian writer, Gertrude Elias, the capital of DuPont 
(Comm 300) alone increased from $83 million to $308 million during the years of 
the First World War. 40 The 'victorious' leaders of the Allies at Versailles were 
Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George, and Georges Clemenceau. They met with their 
'advisors' to decide the reparations that Germany would pay to the victors and the 
terms of the peace settlement. Versailles and its offshoots would also give birth to 
the League of Nations, the Elite's first attempt at a covert world government, and 
the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands. It would further confirm Israel as a 
Jewish homeland, giving control of Palestine to the British in the meantime, and 
return the world economy to the gold standard, the process by which currencies 
are linked to gold. Who controlled the gold? The Rothschilds and some other 
Elite financiers. 

The Elite also controlled the events and decisions at Versailles. Woodrow Wilson 
was 'advised' there by Colonel House (Comm 300) and Bernard Baruch, both 
Rothschild-Elite representatives; Lloyd George (Comm 300) was advised by Lord 
Milner (Comm 300) of the Round Table and Sir Phillip Sassoon, a direct descendant 
of Mayer Amschel Rothschild; Clemenceau had Georges Mandel, his Minister for 
the Interior, whose real name was Jeroboam Rothschild. Also in the American 
Commission to Negotiate Peace were the Dulles brothers; the Warburgs (Max from 
Gennany and Paul from the US); Thomas W. Lamont from J.P. Morgan; the 
Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, an uncle of the Dulles's; and Walter Lippman 
(Comm 300) who (with House and others) was one of the main architects of the 
League of Nations and founder of the American branch of the Fabian Society. Their 
host in France was Baron Edmund de Rothschild, a leading campaigner and 
manipulator for a Jewish State in Israel. 

The three leaders (stooges) at Versailles set up two committees to work on the 
details of the post-war policies. One was called the Economic Section and the other 
was the Financial Committee. Woodrow Wilson appointed Bernard Baruch to 
represent the US on the Economic Section and Thomas W. Lamont of J.P. Morgan 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

articulated US (Elite) interests on the Financial Committee. Baruch’s group decided 
that Gennany should pay $12 billion in reparations and, together with other 
limitations on the Gennan economy, this was a death sentence for the new Gennan 
Republic, known as the Weimar Republic. It would ensure the conditions that 
would lead to Adolf Hitler's rise to power. The Financial Committee met later in 
Brussels to decide on a return to the gold standard. The effect of this on currencies 
made it impossible for Germany to pay her reparations. The financial 
consequences of a return to the gold standard for every nation were pointed out to 
the committee by Professor Gustav Cassel of Sweden, but to no avail. All these 
decisions were coordinated to create the circumstances in Europe which would 
lead to the next war and an advancement of the New World Order. Eventually the 
gold standard caused such chaos and suffering that it had to be abandoned, but by 
then the damage was done. 

Colonel House wrote the first draft of what became the covenant of the new 
League of Nations and President Wilson’s famous fourteen points for the Versailles 
Conference were largely decided by a group convened by Colonel House. This 
group was known as ’The Inquiry'. These were all New World Order manipulators, 
people like John Foster Dulles, the future US secretary of state, and his brother, 
Allen, future head of the CIA. House had written a novel years before called Philip 
Dru: Administrator, which he later admitted was fact presented as fiction. In the 
book he outlined his New World Order philosophy. 41 President Wilson's biographer, 
George Sylvester Viereck, said that: "The Wilson Administration transferred the 
Colonel's ideas from the pages of fiction to the pages of history". 42 In his novel, 
published anonymously two years before the First World War had even begun, he 
proposed ".. .a League of Nations". Seven years later, that very same name was 
used for an organisation designed to impose its will on nation states under the 
pretext of ending the wars which its architects had started! Create the problems, 
then offer the solutions. The Rockefellers donated the money to build the 
headquarters of the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and they would 
later donate the land which the United Nations headquarters now occupies in New 

The League of Nations failed, despite the best efforts of the One Worlders, 
because they could not persuade quite enough representatives in the US Congress 
to support it. If the United States would not support the idea, it was doomed to fail. 
It could be that the Second World War had been planned to increase the power of 
the League of Nations and turn it into a fully fledged world government. This 
setback meant, instead, that the Elite had to use the next war to introduce the 
successor to the League. Even as the League of Nations folded, the United Nations 
of today was already in their sights. 

from Rhodes to ruin 


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.. .and the truth shall set you free 

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chapter 5 

united fronts 

T he events of history are the result of the struggle between two states of mind: 
one which wishes to imprison and the other which desires to set free. The scene 
of this tussle is the collective human mind. 

In these last years of the twentieth century and across into the millennium, the 
human race is being given an opportunity we've not had since Atlantis, to step out 
of the prison and into mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom. Events are 
happening, which I will describe in detail later, that are dissolving the imprisoning 
vibration and vibrationally reconnecting the Earth with the rest of Creation. We and 
our 'father' will be One again. It won’t simply 'happen' for every individual; the 
desire to do this needs to be present. But the opportunity is there for all and many 
are grasping that opportunity, as I know from the thousands of letters I receive and 
the people I meet. We are in a period of transition from the old fear vibration to the 
re-emerging love vibration. 

We know this at a subconscious level and, for rapidly increasing numbers, at a 
conscious level too. Most people at this time can't remember why they are here, but 
they will. The Prison Warders on the Fourth Dimension know what is happening 
too, and the last thing that consciousness wants is' for its prison and negative- 
energy-production-unit to be no more. The key to breaking out of this spiritual 
prison is the awakening and expansion of our consciousness to the point where its 
vibratory rate will be so high and powerful that it can, collectively, dismantle the 
blocking frequency. The Prison Warders, via the Global Elite, have been doing 
everything possible to close our minds and to divide us so that we do not work 
together as One. As I describe the quickening pace of the global manipulation after 
the First World War, this reflects the pressure coming from the Prison Warder 
consciousness for a speeding up of the work towards centralised control of the 
human mind before the challenge to this planetary occupation reaches its peak, in 
the latter years of this decade and into the next millennium. This speeding up of the 
centralised control is yet again a reflection of the collective human mind. It has 
become a downward spiral. As we have given our minds away and taken on 
thought patterns from others about our lack of self-worth and potential to control 
our own lives, we have created that physical reality. But instead of learning the 
lesson in the light of events this has caused, such as wars, we have allowed those 
events to further demoralise us, frighten us, and fill us with guilt and despair. This 
has further diminished our self-worth, thus increasing our self-loathing and our 
desperation to look to others for the answers to the gathering gloom. The collective 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

mind has then manifested that negative sense of reality in an escalation to even 
more centralised power and control which, at a subconscious level, the human 
mind is demanding out of its fear and self-loathing. The Prison Warders have taken 
advantage of this and fuelled the fires of the collective mindset. But they can't create 
the reality; only we can. And we can only do that by the way we think about 
ourselves and the way we allow ourselves to absorb the thought patterns of others, 
including the Prison Warders and the Global Elite, who are working to erode our 
sense of self-love and self-worth. 

With every year of the twentieth century, the quickening pace of the New World 
Order agenda can be identified. A network of organisations developed rapidly after 
the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919, and today this network is the most 
influential of all the Global Elite structures in controlling world events. The 
organisations within this network are presented as harmless 'think tanks' and 
forums, but they are, in truth, part of a global web of deception and manipulation. 
They were introduced to infiltrate all areas of politics, banking, business, the media, 
education, science, and the military. Their role is to recruit members who support 
the New World Order philosophy and ensure that they are appointed to positions of 
power and influence in all these areas of national and international life. They are 
organisations within organisations/ eating away at the established structure and 
directing the world along the road to a global tyranny. All are offshoots of the 
original Round Table which began to give birth to this network after Versailles, with 
the creation of the Institute of International Affairs, based at Chatham House in 
London. It became the 'Royal' Institute when the sitting monarch became its official 
head in 1926. It was founded by members of the British and American delegations 
at Versailles when they gathered at the Hotel Majestic in Paris on May 30th 1919. 
The two groups were composed of members of Lord Milner's Round Table from 
Britain and Colonel House's 'Inquiry' group from the United States. Quite simply, 
they were dedicated to the creation of the New World Order. 

The Round Table had close links with the Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, and 
Carnegie Empires, and these connections were extended to the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs (RIIA). In Britain, the Astors, including Major John (Jacob) 
Astor (Comm 300), a director of Hambros Bank and owner of The Times newspaper 
(after 1922) were operating at the heart of both the Round Table and the Institute, 
and many of the former associates of Cecil Rhodes were involved. Sir Abe Bailey, 
the owner of Transvaal Mines, who worked with Lord Milner to start the Boer War, 
was among the founders of the RIIA, as was John W. Wheeler-Bennett, who would 
become General Eisenhower’s political advisor in London in the crucial last two 
years of the Second World War as the nature of the post war world was being 
developed. Chatham House at 10 St James's Square, London, is named after 
William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham, one of three British Prime Ministers who have 
lived there. Goodness knows how many prime ministers and ministers have had 
their policies decided there, too. 

The Institute of International Affairs immediately began to infiltrate the 
education system and expand its influence across the world. In Britain it has had a 



considerable sway at Oxford and other universities and within the London School 
of Economics. Funding this infiltration and the publications and propaganda was 
never a problem. Whenever money is required, some part of the Brotherhood 
network will provide it. By 1926, the money was flowing in for books and other 
work from the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees, the Bank of England, and J.D. 
Rockefeller. The Rothschilds were, and are, the power behind the scenes. Within 
seven years of its launch, the funding of the Institute by the major ha nks and 
multinationals was already established; this continues today with global companies 
making donations to the cause. In 1926, funding came from, among many others: 
The Bank of England; Barclays Bank; Lloyds, and Lloyds Bank; Westminster Bank; 
Midland Bank; Hambros Bank; Rothschild and Sons; Ford Motor Company; Anglo- 
Iranian Oil (now BP); Baring Brothers; Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI); The 
British South Africa Company; the Mercantile and General Insurance Company; 
Erlangers Ltd; Lever Brothers; Stem Brothers; Vickers- Armstrong; Central Mining 
and Industrial Investment Ltd; British American Tobacco Company; Whitehall 
Securities Corporation; and Reuters, the newsagency which supplies news to 
newspapers and the broadcast media across the world. 1 

In the years that followed, Institute branches were established in Australia, 
Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, and India, where it 
is known as the Council of World Affairs. By far the most important of the 
Institute's creations, however, was the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the 
United States, which was to penetrate all areas of American life. This was fonned in 
1921 at the Harold Pratt House at 58 East 68th Street in New York, the former 
mansion of the Pratt family, close friends of the Rockefellers. Soon afterwards, the 
day-to-day administration was taken over by Colonel House and his associates, 
including the Rockefellers and, particularly, J.P. Morgan. The CFR's founding 
president was John W. Davis, J.P. Morgan’s personal attorney; the founding vice- 
president was Paul Gravath, from a law firm representing Morgan; and the 
council's first chainnan was the Morgan partner, Russell Leffingwell. Another 
'independent' organisation, I see. The Council on Foreign Relations and theRoyal 
Institute of International Affairs are the same organisation, working on different 
sides of the Atlantic to carry out the same goals and agenda. Their members are in 
leading positions in government, including the Presidency, banking, business, 
education, military, and the media. 

The power of the Council on Foreign Relations grew rapidly, and today it 
controls the administration of the United States, especially its foreign policy. Its goal 
is to introduce world government and it has spanned the United States with 
support groups. Each of these front organisations, like the CFR, has a similar 
structure based on the Round Table. There are circles of members answering to a 
central elite. The inner circle knows the agenda and works full time towards that 
target. The next circle knows all or most of the agenda and seek to use their own 
sphere of influence, politics, banking, the media, whatever, to lead the world in the 
desired direction. Other circles of people know some or a little of the real story and 
are persuaded to support the organisation by accepting the idea that a world 


... and the truth shall set you free 

government is the only answer to the ills of humanity. What this latter group 
doesn't realise is that those ills are being created by the very organisations they are 
members of! 

Many of the people named in this book will not be involved through malice, but 
by genuinely believing that the New World Order agenda is the best option for 
peace and stability. A few members of these Elite front-groups have had the courage 
to speak out when they have seen the game plan. Admiral Chester Ward, a former 
US Judge Advocate General of the Navy, was a member of the Council on Foreign 
Relations for sixteen years. He said the purpose of the organisation was the 
".. .submergence of US sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful 
one- world government". In his book, Kissinger On The Couch, written with Phyllis 
Schafly, Ward said: 

"...[the] lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is 
pervasive throughout most of the membership, and particularly in the leadership of 
several divergent cliques that make up what is actually a polycentric organisation... 
[the main clique] is composed of the one-world-global-government ideologists - more 
respectfully referred to as the organised internationalists. They are the ones who carry 
on the tradition of the founders ." 2 

The writer James Perloff read every issue of the CFR's magazine, Foreign Affairs, 
since its first publication in 1922. His verdict: "...the accusations against the Council 
on Foreign Relations - the pursuit of world government and receptiveness to 
communism are true". He said the domination of Washington administrations by 
the CFR membership had influenced "mightily upon the course of American 
Foreign policy in this century... [which has] seen the United States eroded in 
strength and its allies sometimes vanquished altogether". 3 What was true of the 
CFR was true of all the other 'think tanks' that were to follow. 

The nexus of control which began in Britain and America was spreading across 
the world throughout the 1920s and 30s. The Institute of Pacific Relations was 
founded in 1924 and headed by Jerome D. Greene, a Boston hanker close to Morgan 
and the Rockefellers. This was designed to extend the network into the 
governments and businesses of the Far East. Alongside Greene on the ruling council 
was Lionel Curtis, the leading founder of the Royal Institute of International 
Affairs. You will see throughout the book how the network of familiar names and 
organisations keeps coming up whenever events are being orchestrated. A 
Brotherhood mafia of organisations and people, controlled by the same elite, cast a 
web of manipulation and deceit across the Atlantic from London to New York and 
Washington, and then further afield, too. 

Much of the funding for this New World Order network comes from the tax- 
exempt foundations. These are the foundations created by the big names of 
banking, industry, and finance, to make donations to various causes. People like the 
Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie families all formed foundations and presented them 
as vehicles of philanthropy. In fact, they are used as tax havens in the name of 

united fronts 


charity while most of the money is actually channelled into organisations and 
subject areas which support and promote centralised control. This reality almost 
became public in the 1950s, but the Elite control of the media just managed to keep 
the lid on the truth. The US Congress set up a committee in 1953 under B. Carrol 
Reece of Tennessee to investigate the behaviour of the tax-exempt foundations. 
Researcher and ’insider' Carroll Quigley says in his book, Tragedy And Hope: 

"It soon became clear that people of immense wealth would be unhappy if the 
investigation went too far and that the 'most respected newspapers in the country', 
closely allied with these men of wealth, would not get excited enough about any 
revelations to make the publicity worth while, in terms of votes or campaign 
contributions." (p995) 

What the papers didn't get excited about were the Reece Committee's findings 
that: the rich banking families give money to the foundations without losing control 
of how it is spent; the major foundations are interconnected and work as one to a 
common policy; they took over social science in the US and suppress those social 
scientists who disagree with their plans; research sponsored by the foundations is 
often slanted to conform to the conclusions the funders demand; those educational 
institutions in America which refuse to confonn are refused a grant; Rhodes 
scholars are fed into govermnent service by the foundations; history books are 
being funded which keep the truth from the people. The Reece Committee 
discovered that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was promoting 
war and the foundations were presenting the United Nations as the base for a 
socialist-communist coalition. All these findings came from an official 
Congressional Committee. 4 

This is still happening today and behind the names all these major foundations, 
including Ford and Carnegie, are controlled by the Rockefeller family. The Ford 
Foundation came in for especially strong criticism. It gave a billion dollars to the 
cause of 'education' and a million dollars to the Council on Foreign Relations. The 
foundations are another arm of global manipulation. Norman Dodd was the Reece 
Committee's director of research and he interviewed the then Ford Foundation 
president, H. Rowan Gaither, as part of his report. Gaither told him that the Ford 
Foundation operated under directives from the White House and these instructions 
were to make every effort to alter life in the United States to ensure a comfortable 
merger with the Soviet Union. 5 The foundations are particularly used to fund 
projects which aim to massage public opinion. 

In the years after World War I, the interconnecting networks of think tanks and 
foundations had increased the effectiveness of the conspiracy. In these years, also, 
the manoeuvring went on that would explode as the Second World War. This was 
another bankers' conflict. Without their connivance, it could not have happened. 
The Second World War was planned before Versailles. It was at Versailles that the 
Rothschild-Wall Street-Colonel House-Bemard Baruch-Round Table connections 
imposed the impossible reparations on Gennany which were sure to destroy the 


... and the truth shall set you free 

new Gennan Democratic Republic and prepare the way for the rise of a dictator, 
Adolf Hitler. Added to this colossal debt, other decisions at Versailles had cost 
Gennany 75% of her iron ore, 68% of her zinc, and 26% of her coal. Soon France 
announced that Gennany had defaulted on reparation payments and French troops 
occupied the Ruhr. This ’defaulting’ turned out to be a small shortfall in deliveries 
of coal and telegraph poles. The French move sent the Gennan mark into freefall 
and it plunged to 7,592 to the dollar. This is hardly surprising, given that the Ruhr 
produced 80% of Gennany's coal, iron, and steel. By November 1923, the mark had 
plummeted to 4,200 billion to the dollar! 

What followed was a double-strike by the Wall Street and British banking cartel, 
which first financed Gennan rearmament and enabled Gennany to prepare for the 
next war, and then collapsed the German economy again to bring Adolf Hitler to 
power. These strikes were called the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan. General C. 
Dawes was appointed by the US government to propose a solution to the Gennan 
reparations fiasco. He introduced a series of short tenn loans from Wall Street hank s 
to bail the Germans out. All this did, of course, was to add to the debt and put off 
the moment when the German economy would collapse, a collapse that was to be 
timed to bring Adolf Hitler to power. Lloyd George told the New York Journal 
American of June 24th 1924: 

"The international bankers dictated the Dawes reparations settlement. The protocol 
which was signed between the Allies and Associated Powers and Germany is the 
triumph of the international financier. Agreement would never have been reached 
without the brusque and brutal intervention of the international bankers. They swept 
statesmen, politicians, and journalists to one side, and issued their orders with the 
imperiousness of absolute monarchs, who knew there was no appeal from their 
ruthless decrees. The settlement is the joint ukase of King Dollar and King Sterling. 
The Dawes Report was theirs. They inspired it and fashioned it. The Dawes Report was 
fashioned by the Money Kings. The orders of German financiers [lead by the Warburg 
bank] to their political representatives were just as peremptory as those of allied 
bankers to their political representatives." 

That was because the Allied and Gennan bankers were on the same side. They 
were connected by the same All-Seeing Eye cult; a force which goes back to 
antiquity. The short-tenn loans issued under the Dawes Plan went into specific 
German companies vital to rearmament. It was this money that expanded the 
phannaceutical cartel known as I.G. Farben, which was, in reality, Hitler's war 
machine. Farben had produced poison gas in World War I, thanks to Gennan 
fanatic, Fitz Haber. The rest of the money went to other Gennan cartels or the 
Gennan subsidiaries of American companies. These included A.E.G. (the Gennan 
General Electric), United Steelworks, and American I.G., the wholly-owned 
subsidiary of I.G. Farben. These loans, which included some from Morgan and 
Rothschild companies, and the technology transfers from America to the Gennan 
cartels, made the Second World War possible. Without that help, there could have 

united fronts 


been no war. The US Ambassador to Gennany, William Dodd, said in a 
communication to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on October 19th 1936: 

"At the present moment more than a hundred American corporations have subsidiaries 
here of co-operative understandings. The DuPonts have three allies in Germany that are 
aiding the armament business. Their chief ally is the I.G. Farben Company, a part of the 
Government which gives 200,000 marks a year to one propaganda organisation 
operating on American opinion. Standard Oil Company (New York sub-company) sent 
$2,000,000 here in December 1933 and has made $500,000 a year helping Germans 
make Ersatz gas for war purposes; ...The International Harvester Company president 
told me their business here rose 33% a year (arms manufacture, I believe), but they 
could take nothing out. Even our airplanes people have secret arrangements with 
Krupps. General Motors Company [Morgan] and Ford do enormous business here 
through their subsidiaries and take profits out. I mention these facts because they 
complicate things and add to war dangers." 6 

This was a shocking story of involvement with Nazi Gennany's rearmament by 
major US companies and all the more compelling in that it came from the United 
States ambassador to Germany. What did Roosevelt do? Nothing. Franklin D. 
Roosevelt, a distant cousin of an earlier president, Theodore Roosevelt, was 
brought to power through a Wall Street-created depression in the United States, 
and was ensured of election when Wall Street put its financial and media power 
behind him. Another supporter was Meyer Lansky, the head of the international 
crime syndicate which included the Mafia. The term "Mafia" is often used to 
describe the organised crime network. In fact, the Italian Mafia is only a part of the 
picture, albeit an important part. Lansky was actually top man in the syndicate and 
it was his money and bribes which helped Roosevelt to power. 7 Once more the 
people of America were conned. Some of his prominent backers set up an 
organisation to oppose him - a constantly repeated Global Elite strategy. This was 
called the Liberty League and its pronouncements ensured that it would be 
branded ’extreme Right wing' and 'anti-Semitic'. This allowed all the main 
opposition to Roosevelt, even the genuine people, to be dismissed as Right wing 
anti-Semites. The Liberty League was fimded by Pierre and Irene DuPont 
($325,000), J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, J. Howard Pew, and William J. Knudsen, 
who was later given a top job by the very president the Liberty League 'opposed'. 8 
In the same way the Robot Radicals of the political Left and the Robot Right all 
over the world are used today to discredit genuine opposition. 

The preparation of America and Gennany for war and the rise of both Hitler and 
Roosevelt were remarkably similar. We have seen how the Elite collapsed the 
Gennan economy. They were doing the same in America. During the 1920s, they 
encouraged the stockmarket to overstretch itself and then the Federal Reserve 
issued a series of strict new banking laws which put the smaller banks under terrific 
pressure. This was the time of the so called 'Turkey Shoot', when the global banks 
picked off the small fry and massively increased their power. When this process 


... and the truth shall set you free 

was over, the Federal Reserve withdrew the new banking laws. The Wall Street 
crash of 1929 plunged the country into economic depression. 

In the United States and Gennany, the same solutions were offered. Borrow more 
money from the banks. Roosevelt's National Recovery Act or 'New Deal' was 
offered to the American people as the way out of depression. Thousands of miles 
away across the Atlantic, the same plan under another name was being offered to 
the Gennans by Hitler. Roosevelt's New Deal was the work of Gerard Swope, a 
member of many Roosevelt organisations. He was the chainnan of the Morgan- 
controlled International General Electric, and a director of Gennan General Electric 
(A.E.G.). Roosevelt was another version of Woodrow Wilson. Like Wilson, he would 
be elected by telling the people that America was not going to war while knowing 
that was exactly what was going to happen. Again Colonel Edward House was 
behind the scenes, visiting Roosevelt at his home in East 65th Street, New York, 
almost every day in 1932. 9 

What a 'coincidence' that Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in the wake of 
economic depression with the same basic 'New Deal' type solutions, and that both 
were advised by people connected with the American-German cartels and the Elite- 
controlled Bank of International Settlements. What's more, they both took office in 
the same year, 1933! Small world, isn't it? Indeed, it is the same small world 
occupied by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan when they were in power on 
both sides of the Atlantic during the 1980s, while following exactly the same 
economic policies, Thatcherism and Reaganomics. 

Hitler's rise to power was made certain after 1929 when the Dawes Plan of short- 
term loans came to an end with Gennany now owing an extra $16 billion in debt. 
One of Franklin D. Roosevelt's main financial backers, Owen D. Young, was 
appointed to propose solutions to Gennany's inability to pay. Young was a Morgan 
executive and the head of the Morgan-controlled General Electric. The Young Plan 
of demanding payment in cash, not goods, demolished the Gennan economy 
almost overnight. That is why he did it. A major financial supporter of Hitler, 
Dr Fritz Thyssen, would say under interrogation in 1945: 

"The acceptance of the Young Plan and its financial principles increased unemployment 
more and more until about one million were unemployed. People were desperate. Hitler 
said he would do away with unemployment. The government in power at that time was 
very bad, and the situation of the people was getting worse. That really was the reason 
for the enormous success Hitler had in the election. When the last election came, he 
got about 40%. " 10 

The network linking both the Nazis and the Allies at the highest level is clear to 
see. While millions fought and died for what they believed was a war for freedom, 
the same force was manipulating the whole thing through both sides. Without 
them, it would not have happened. 

The Austrian writer and researcher, Gertrude Elias, identifies Hjahnar Schacht as 
a major go-between, connecting the Nazis and the Wall Street-City of London elite. 1 1 

united fronts 


Schacht became Hitler's financial advisor and President of the Reichsbank. The two 
signatures on the document confirming Schacht's appointment on March 17th 1933, 
were Adolf Hitler and the Rothschild frontman. Max Warburg. 12 In 1930, Schacht 
also founded the Global Elite's Bank of International Settlements in Basle, 
Switzerland. In England, a key figure was Montagu Nonnan (Comm 300), governor 
of the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, and a close friend of Schacht. In fact 
they were so close that Schacht named his grandson after him. It was Nonnan who 
pressed for and supported the raising of US interest rates by the Federal Reserve, 
which was the final push that led to the Wall Street crash, the New Deal, and 
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Nonnan was the most influential central banker in the world 
at that time and his actions, in league with Wall Street, were crucial. 

Once Hitler was safely elected, the attitude of the Bank of England and the 
Federal Reserve to Gennany was transformed. Credit was offered to the Nazi 
regime and after the Nazis successfully invaded Czechoslovakia, Nonnan released 
£6 million of Czechoslovakian gold to Hitler which was deposited in London. This 
was done with the agreement of the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. 13 On June 
11th 1934, and again the following October, Nonnan and Schacht met in secret at 
Badenweiler in the Black Forest to anange loans for Hitler and the Nazis. 14 But who 
was behind Norman? His family almost turned the governorship of the Bank of 
England into their personal property. One grandfather, George Warde Nonnan, was 
governor from 1821-1872 and his other grandfather, Lord Collet, was governor 
from 1887-1889. Montagu Nonnan spent a period in the United States at the offices 
of the Rothschild-funded Brown Brothers (later Brown Brothers, Haniman) and 
was befriended by the family of WA. Delano (Comm 300), relatives of Franklin 
Delano Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the same time that Nonnan 
was head of the Bank of England. This all-powerful banker was actually a 'yes man’ 
for the Rothschilds, and here again, we see the ploy at work. He was portrayed as 
anti- Jewish. 

Today the Bank of England is still the feifdom of the Global Elite. Gertrude Elias 
says that the Bank collaborated with the leading Zionist, Lord Bearsted of Royal 
Dutch Shell, to anange the transfer of the assets of wealthy Gennan Zionists to 
Palestine. It was these transfers, she says, that helped to build up the economy of 
the embryonic Zionist state. "They were the privileged emigre class while 
propertyless Jews were refused asylum and neutralised in the holocaust", Elias 
adds. 15 1 believe that all this was coldly calculated by the 'Jewish' elite, for reasons I 
will come to in due course. 

I don't want to send you to sleep with a mass of detail, but I do want to make it 
clear how provable it is that the Second World War and the rise of Hitler were 
creations of the Elite in Britain and America. We need to move away from 
conspiracy theory and see that it is conspiracy fact. Only then will we deal with it. 
Crucial to the rise of the Nazi war machine was the behaviour of some of the most 
famous companies in the United States, who supported Hitler via their Gennan 
subsidiaries or partners. Here are just a few of what were almost countless 
examples of how this was secretly done... 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

I.G. Farben/Standard Oil 

German production of steel and other products needed for war soared through the 
period leading up to the outbreak of the conflict in 1939. At the centre of this 
rearmament was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben. As Senator Homer T. Bone would 
say to a Senate Committee in 1943 "Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben". 16 
This immense cartel was created in its wartime fonn by American loans! In 1939, 
with Wall Street investment, it had become the biggest manufacturer of chemicals in 
the world. And who controlled I.G. Farben, a company that would use Jews and 
others as slave labour? The Rothschilds, via a stream of frontmen and companies. 
Among the Gennan bankers on the supervisory board of Farben into the late 1920s 
was Max Warburg, the brother of Paul Warburg of the Manhattan Bank, who was 
sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to install the Federal Reserve System 
and to take over the US economy. These were quite a pair, operating in concert in 
the US and Gennany. The US Naval Secret Service Report of December 2nd 1918 
said: "Paul Warburg. Gennan, nationalised US citizen 1911, decorated by Kaiser, 
handled large sums furnished by Gennan bankers for Lenin and Trotsky. His 
brother Max who is director of espionage system of Gennany". 17 Paul Warburg was 
on the board of Farben's American subsidiary, American I.G. Sitting alongside him 
were Edsel Ford (son of Henry) of the Ford Motor Company, Charles E. Michell 
from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Walter Teagle, Franklin 
Roosevelt's close friend from Standard Oil. All this top American influence and 
support for a company of which an American War Department report said: 

"Without I.G.'s immense productive facilities, its intense research, and vast international 
affiliations, Germany's prosecution of the war would have been unthinkable and 
impossible. Farben not only directed its energies toward arming Germany, but 
concentrated on weakening her intended victims, and this double-barrelled attempt to 
expand the German industrial potential for war and to restrict that of the rest of the world 
was not conceived and executed 'in the normal course of business'. The proof is 

overwhelming that I.G. Farben officials had full prior knowledge of Germany's plan for 


world conquest and of each specific aggressive act later undertaken..." 

The Farben Empire became a state within a state and in effect ran its own 
economy. Reports and investigations, during and after the war, show that Farben’s 
role, with Wall Street and British support, was to make Gennany self-sufficient in all 
that Hitler needed for war: products like rubber, petrol, oils, and explosives. One 
major problem they had was the supply of oil. Their supplies came from outside 
Gennany and in 1934 around 85% of Gennan petroleum products were imported. 
This would obviously dry up during a war. But a deal between Farben and the 
Rockefellers ensured a constant supply of oil to Gennany. Farben began to invest vast 
sums from the Wall Street loans into research aimed at developing processes to make 
oil from the Gennan reserves of coal. What they couldn’t discover for themselves, the 
Rockefeller's Standard Oil gave to them! In January 1933, just before Hitler came to 
power, a report from the Commercial Attache at the US Embassy in Berlin said: 



"In two years Germany will be manufacturing oil and gas enough out of soft coal 
for a long war. The Standard Oil of New York is furnishing millions of dollars 
to help ." 19 

The Rockefellers also helped I.G. Farben with chemicals essential to aircraft fuel. 
The American representatives of American I.G. tried to hide their company's 
involvement with the Gennan war machine by merging American I.G. into another 
company and changing its name to the General Aniline and Film Corporation. In 
fact, the makeup of the American I.G. board of 1930, with Farben already five years 
into its preparation for war, tells the real story of the US-German Brotherhood 
network which was leading the world into yet another awesome conflict. Among 
the board members of American I.G. were: Carl Bosch (Gennan), from Ford; Edsel 
B. Ford (US), Henry Ford's son; Max Ilgner (Gennan), director of Farben's Nazi 
intelligence office in Berlin; H.A. Metz (US) director of I.G. Farben and the 
Rothsch i ld'W arburg Bank of Manhattan; C.E. Mitchell (US), Director of the Federal 
Reserve Bank of New York and the Morgan National City Bank; Hennann Schmitz 
(Gennan), president of American I.G. and I.G. Farben and on the boards of both the 
Gennan Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements; Walter Teagle (US), 
director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of 
New Jersey, trustee of the Roosevelt Foundation, and close friend of the President; 
W.H. von Rath (naturalised US), director of Gennan General Electric (A.E.G.); and 
Paul M. Warburg, of the Bank of Manhattan. 

When the war ended and the investigations into its background began, three 
Gennan members of that American I.G. board were found guilty at the Nuremberg 
War Crimes Trials. The American representatives such as Paul Warburg were left 
untouched, as was his brother, Max Warburg, who, even though a Jew, was allowed 
to leave Nazi Gennany in 1939 without any restriction. The Elite controlled even the 
anests and trials resulting from the war and the honors they themselves 
engineered. Such operations were not only between two companies, they involved 
other elements of the Global Elite-Brotherhood in other companies and 
governments. The president of Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) at this tune 
was William Stamps Farish. During the war, a letter was released by the US Justice 
Department from Frank A. Howard, the Standard Oil vice-president to Farish. It 
was dated October 12th 1939, and it said: 

"...In England I met by appointment the Royal Dutch [Shell Oil] gentleman from Holland 
and. ..a general agreement was reached on the necessary changes in our relations with 
the I.G. [Farben], in view of the state of war.. .the Royal Dutch Shell Group is essentially 
British...! also had several meetings with the [British] Air Ministry... 

"I required help to obtain the necessary permission to go to Holland. ..After discussions 
with the [American] Ambassador [Joseph Kennedy]. ..the situation was cleared 
completely.. .The gentlemen in the Air Ministry. ..very kindly offered to assist me in 
re-entering England. 


...and the truth shall set you free 

"Pursuant to these arrangements, I was able to keep my appointment in Holland 
(having been flown there on a British Royal Air Force bomber), where I had three days of 
discussion with the representatives of I.G. They delivered to me assignments of some 
2,000 foreign patents and we did our best to work out complete plans for a modus 
vivendi which could operate through the term of the war, whether or not the US came 
in." 20 [my emphasis] 

William S. Farish refuelled Nazi shipping and submarines in Spain and Latin 
America during the war. It was the Standard Oil-I.G. Farben enterprise which 
opened the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on June 14th 1940, and used the slave 
labour of Jews and political opponents to produce the artificial rubber and gasoline 
from coal. Farish was very close to Hennann Schmitz, the chainnan of I.G. Farben. 
Standard Oil hired the infamous publicist, Ivy Lee, to promote Farben and the 
Nazis in the United States. William S. Farish had a grandson, William Farish III, 
who was to become a close friend of George Bush (Comm 300) and has enjoyed the 
company of Queen Elizabeth II (Comm 300) at his home. Their horses breed with 
each other, apparently. When George Bush became vice-president, he had to hand 
over his businesses and investments to a ’blind trust', to ensure that he could not (in 
theory) make decisions in the White House which affected his investments. Who 
was put in charge of this 'blind trust'? William Farish III! 

General Electric (G.E.C.) 

I.G. Farben worked in concert before and throughout the war with other cartels like 
the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Electric, a company with which President 
Franklin D. Roosevelt had many close connections. In 1939, Senator James A. Reed 
of Missouri, a one-time Roosevelt supporter, told the Senate that the President was 
a "hired man for the economic royalists", in Wall Street. He added that the 
Roosevelt family was one of the biggest holders of shares in General Electric. 21 
Interesting, then, that General Electric was a big Hitler supporter and there is 
photographic and documented evidence that, like I.G. Farben, both General Electric 
companies in Gennany, A.E.G. and Osram, directly financed Hitler. 22 Farben 
contributed the most (45% of the fund that brought Hitler to power in 1933), but the 
companies linked to General Electric also made very large donations and - in this 
web of intrigue - a number of directors of Gennan General Electric were on the 
board of I.G. Farben. As with the other major American companies involved, 
General Electric (in the US) channelled its contributions to Hitler via Gennan 
subsidiaries and cartel partners. Again only the German directors of the General 
Electric cartel were charged and tried at Nuremberg, not the Americans. To have 
done so would have exposed the whole story. 

International Telephone and Telegraph (I.T.T.) 

Another United States company that was important to Hitler and his war machine 
was International Telephone and Telegraph, better known as I.T.T. It was the creation 
of its founder, Sosthenes Behn, an entrepreneur bom in the Virgin Islands. By 1924, 

united fronts 


I. T.T. was closely connected with J.P. Morgan, and the board reflected Morgan's 
control. It has been proved that I.T.T. made donations to Hitler through German 
subsidiaries and was a significant supporter of the Nazi regime. 2 , I.T.T. bought a large 
interest in German armament companies, most particularly the aircraft manufacturer, 
Focke-Wolfe. The profits from these investments were not returned to the United 
States; they were reinvested in further German rearmament. Sosthenes Behn met with 
Hitler in August 1933. 24 Hitler's personal banker, Baron Kurt von Schroder, a Nazi 
and SS Senior Group Leader, became the overseer of I.T.T. interests in Germany and a 
director of all I.T.T.-afiiliated companies. Baron von Schroder was channelling I.T.T. 
funding to Himmler’s SS at least until 1944! 25 The Schroder Banking family from 
Hamburg had branches in London and New York under the name of J. Henry 
Schroder (Comm 300). In England, the managing director of Schroder Bank was Mr 
F.C. Tiarks, a director of the Rothschild-controlled and Montagu Norman-supervised 
Bank of England. Gordon Richardson was chairman of Schroder Bank up until 1973, 
when he was made governor of the Bank of England. From 1938 on, the Schroder 
Bank in London was appointed to represent Nazi interests in Britain. In America, 
Schroder and the Rockefellers merged some of their business interests. 

The Ford Motor Company 

Much has been written of Henry Ford's alleged collusion with the Nazis. He was 
vehement in his condemnation of the Jews. Ford was just as outspoken in his 
criticism of the Wall Street financiers, whom he blamed for starting the wars and 
controlling the world money markets for their own ends. At the same time, he said 

J. P. Morgan was to be trusted and I can't help feeling that Mr Ford did his utmost to 
spread disinformation. He portrayed himself as the peoples’ friend against the 
manipulators while he was, in fact, another manipulator. He made enormous 
profits during the war by supplying both sides. As early as 1922, the New York 
Times was reporting that Ford was financing Hitler’s nationalists and anti-Jewish 
movements in Germany and the Berlin newspaper, Berliner Tageblatt, was calling 
on the American ambassador to stop Ford from intervening in German affairs. 
Hitler was so grateful for Ford's assistance, that in 1938 he presented Ford with the 
highest honour the Nazis conferred on non-Germans: the Grand Cross of the 
German Eagle; Ford’s portrait hung behind Hitler's desk in Hitler's private office. 
The two biggest manufacturers of tanks for Hitler's armies before and during the 
war were the German subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company, and the Morgan- 
controlled General Motors (Opel). In 1928, the Ford Motor Company in Germany 
merged with I.G. Farben. Carl Bosch of Farben became the head of the Ford 
operation in Germany. 

W.A. Harriman 

Fritz Thyssen was a German steel entrepreneur and banker, who funded the Nazis 
from the early 1920s. His banking operation in Germany was affiliated - through a 
subsidiary - with the W.A. Harriman Company in New York (Brown Brothers, 
Harriman after 1933), which in turn was funded (at least in its earlier days) by the 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Rothschilds. The Harriman family was prominent in supporting both the Russian 
Revolution and Adolf Hitler. A Thyssen company controlled the Union Banking 
Corporation in the US, which had E. Roland Harriman on its board along with 
known Nazis and Nazi financial backers. Prescott Bush, the father of the future 
president, George Bush, was also on the UBC board and owed his wealth to the 
Harrimans. Roland was the brother of W. Averell Harriman (Comm 300), who was a 
director of Morgan’s Guaranty Trust when it was financing Lenin and Trotsky. 
Averell Harriman would later make vast profits from Russian ventures and be 
appointed as the ambassador to the Soviet Union. He was also a controlling voice in 
the Democratic Party and close to the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

The Dulles Brothers 

The name Dulles is another which spans the manipulation of both the First and 
Second World Wars. The Dulles's were from a southern slave-owning family, and 
cousins of the Rockefellers. They were connected with international banking in 
America and Gennany. Statements made by John Foster Dulles as early as 1911 
revealed support for the creation of a 'super race’ by 'eliminating the lower 
members...'. - The Dulles law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the US affairs 
of I.G. Farben and Hitler's major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen, who introduced 
Allen Dulles to the Fuhrer-to-be. John Foster Dulles wrote 'Heil Hitler’ on his letters 
to Gennan clients. After Hitler's rise to power, John Foster Dulles went to Gennany 
on behalf of the Rothschild/Round Table group, to negotiate new loans for the 
Nazis. The Dulles brothers were appointed to the US State Department during 
World War I by their uncle, Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, one of the Colonel 
House/Bemard Baruch clique which controlled Woodrow Wilson. The Dulles 
brothers were at the Versailles Peace Conference where they met the Round Table 
delegation and became part of the Round Table/Royal Institute of International 
Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations network. Allen Dulles was, very conveniently, 
appointed First Secretary of the US Embassy in Berlin in 1920, just as his brother 
was in Gennany, representing the Elite's ba nk ers through his connections with the 
Bank of England and the J.P. Morgan empire. Both Dulles' were friends of Hitler's 
financial wizard, Hjalmar Schacht. John Foster Dulles would become Secretary of 
State and Allen Dulles became the first head of the CIA. The latter would also serve 
on the Wanen Commission, which was charged with investigating the assassination 
of President Kennedy. 

I have highlighted some of the big names in the financing and manipulation of 
Gennany and her reannament programme. But there was also direct support for the 
Nazi Party by these same banks and industrialists. Among the documents from the 
Nuremberg Trials are the original transfer slips from I.G. Farben, Gennan General 
Electric, Osram, and others, authorising the transfer of funds into the Nazis' 
National Trusteeship account, Hitler's election fund. Representatives of companies 
owned or influenced by the Rockefellers, American I.G., I.T.T., General Electric, and 
Ford can be shown to be at the heart of the Nazi Party. -7 It is fascinating to see how 
remarkably free from bomb damage were the Gennan factories and plants owned 



by the American-German cartels. When the Allied annies reached Cologne, for 
instance, many noticed the stark contrast between the flattened city and the 
undamaged plants (owned by I.G. Farben, the Ford Motor Company, and the 
United Rayon Works) on its edge. The way I.G. Farben plants survived the bombing 
is staggering, given that the Allies knew that this company was the Gennan war 
machine. There is evidence that Ford Plants in Gennany and France were not 
bombed by the US Airforce. 28 When the one at Poissy was hit by the British, the 
Vichy government paid Ford 38 million francs in compensation! A relieved Edsel 
Ford wrote to his General Manager in Europe: "Photographs of the Plant on fire 
were published in American newspapers but fortunately no reference was made to 
the Ford Motor Company". 29 The Vichy regime collaborated with the Nazis and 
among its number was one Francois Mitterand (Comm 300), Grand Master of 
Grand Orient Freemasonry and later the long-time president of France. 30 

In five years of war and global slaughter, the United States trusts I have 
highlighted, and others, made a profit of $175,000,000,000, according to research by 
the writer and researcher, Gertrude Elias. 31 

To complete this appalling tale of deceit on the people of the world, the same 
Wall Street names that created and funded the war were also appointed by Franklin 
Roosevelt to supervise the fate of Gennan industry when the conflict ended. Top 
executives appointed to this role included Louis Douglas, director of the Morgan- 
dominated General Motors and president of the Morgan Mutual Life Insurance, and 
Brigadier General William H. Draper Jr of Dillon, Read, and Co, another finn that 
contributed substantially to the creation of the cartels and the funding of Hitler's 
Gennany. Both Draper and Douglas were members of the Council on Foreign 
Relations and Draper, a eugenics (master race) fanatic, would later become a 
leading light in the funding of 'population control'. 

The story of William H. Draper Jr reveals the scale of the scam and the cover-up. 
He joined the Prescott Bush circle in 1927, when he was hired by Dillon Read to 
handle the account of.. .Fritz Thyssen, one of Adolf Hitler's biggest financial 
backers. Draper became a director and later the vice-president and assistant 
treasurer of Dillon Read’s Gennan Credit and Investment Corporation, supervising 
some of the short-tenn loans to Thyssen's Gennan Steel Trust under the Dawes 
Plan. These loans, agreed upon by Draper, helped to bring Hitler to power and fund 
his reannament. His partners in this operation were both Nazis: Alexander Kreuter, 
in Berlin, was president, and Frederic Brandi (who moved to the US in 1926) 
became Draper's co-director of the Gennan Credit Investment Corporation in 
Newark, New Jersey. Brandi's father was a leading coal executive with the Gennan 
Steel Trust. Draper was listed as a director of Gennan Credit throughout 1942 until 
it was liquidated in 1943, by which tune its job had been done. 32 

Draper then went off to become a general in the Pacific, fighting for the USA! 
This is the man appointed by Roosevelt after the Gennan sunender to decide what 
should happen to the Nazi cartels he helped to create. He would have power to 
decide who was exposed, who lost or kept their business, and who was charged 
with war crimes. The scale of the sting is incredible. Draper played good guy, Lad 


... and the truth shall set you free 

guy with US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, to complete another mental 
coup d’etat. Morganthau demanded that Germany's industry be destroyed and the 
Germans be reduced to a purely rural nation. Draper's role was to prevent this, but 
only if the Germans agreed to accept all the guilt for Nazism. The authors of a 
superb book, George Bush, The Unauthorised Biography, say: 

"Draper and his colleagues demanded that Germany and the world accept the collective 
guilt of the German people as the explanation of the rise of Hitler's New Order and the 
Nazi war crimes. This, of course, was rather convenient for General Draper himself, as it 
was for the Bush family. It is still convenient decades later, allowing Prescott's son, 
President George, to lecture Germany on the danger of Hitlerism. Germans are too 
slow, it seems, to accept his New World Order." (p55) 

The threads have continued through the decades since then, with President Bush 
appointing Draper’s son, William Draper III, to a United Nations job involved in 
population control. At Dillon Read, Bush’s US Treasury Secretary, Nicholas Brady, 
was the long-time partner of Frederic Brandi, General Draper's cohort in the 
financing of Hitler's steel cartel. The same small group of bankers, companies, and 
political manipulators were behind the First World War, the Russian Revolution, 
and the Second World War. Without their money and manoeuvring, the two 
greatest conflicts in recorded human history would not have happened. 

Why is it important to know this? There are many reasons, but I stress two. I 
have heard it said so often that the problem with the world is human nature. This 
nature is evil, I hear people say, and what do they point to in justification of this? 
The two World Wars and other conflicts before and since. Our desire for 
multidimensional freedom will only become a reality when we realise that human 
nature is not evil. It has a natural desire for love, not hate, for harmony, not 
conflict. Those wars were not the result of human nature being evil. They were the 
result of humanity giving away to someone else its right to think and act. These are 
lessons which are still to be learned and until they are, we will continue to be 
denied our true and infinite potential. But we can make that switch in an instant, 
if we so choose. 

We are having a version of events projected at us through the schools, 
universities, and the media, all the time. That version of events has almost nothing 
to do with truth. It has been created to mislead us and to persuade us to think and 
act in a particular way, which suits the aims of the human manipulators and their 
controllers, the Prison Warders. So if you want to go to war and you need the 
people to support you, just set up an attack on one of your own ships or have one of 
your top people assassinated, and whip up the public's indignation with 
propaganda against the alleged culprit. As long as people take everything at face 
value, without question, and they don’t survey the world with open eyes and an 
open mind, we will go on being a bewildered herd, blindly following the sheep at 
the front. But is it a sheep - or a monster? And what is its agenda? If we stop being 
human blotting paper, soaking up this tidal wave of biased information, and begin 

united fronts 


to filter what we are told, we become so much more difficult to mislead. These 
terrible events which have plagued the world in this century can only happen if we 
see life in terms of the leaders and the led. If we do that, a tiny few can control the 
world. And they have. Until now. 


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. ..and the truth shall set you free 

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chapter 6 

master plans 

T he First and Second World Wars were made possible by a coup d'etat on the 
minds of hundreds of millions of people. As the Prison Warders program the 
minds of the Global Elite, so the Elite do the same to people on Earth. It almost 
wouldn't matter that the global bankers and industrialists were funding both sides 
- if (and it is one hell of a big ’if) the people in general had seen what was afoot 
and refused to take part. I remember the words of a splendid song by Donovan in 
the 1960s, The Universal Soldier. 

"He's five foot two, and he's six feet four. He fights with missiles and with spears. He's 
all of thirty-one and he's only seventeen. He's been a soldier for a thousand 
years. ..He's the universal soldier and he really is to blame. Without him how could 
Hitler have begun? He's the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war and without 
him all this killing can't go on ." 1 

Hitler was no threat to the world unless the mass of the Gennan people handed 
over their lives to him. Unfortunately, this is what happened, and the same was true 
of people in Britain and elsewhere, who also gave up thinking and allowed 'leaders' 
to 'do if for them. In Germany, you had the propaganda whipping up public 
opinion against a perceived enemy and their egos were being massaged by talk of a 
Gennan Master Race. Outside Gennany, the same force was orchestrating public 
opinion against the Gennans, once Hitler’s rearmament programme was 
sufficiently advanced. When the two populations had soaked up the designer 
propaganda, they were played off against each other. Most of the people who 
fought that war did not want to be there. They wanted to be at home with their 
families and to watch their children grow. But because they had given up their right 
to think, they left their families and children, to kill and be killed. 

Their minds were so overwhelmed by the mass hypnosis, that those who did 
stand up and challenge the official line were jailed without trial and few raised even 
a whimper against it. But by then, especially with the First World War and the Great 
Depression still powerfully affecting human responses, the collective mind was full 
of fear. It had lost confidence in itself. It was confused, bewildered, and looking to 
others to change the nature of the human condition. The human mind had also been 
programmed, not the least by its recent experience, to believe that life was about 
conflict and struggle: the world was a horrible place. These were the dominating 
thought patterns and that was the physical reality thus created. 



.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Uniting a nation against a common enemy and convincing the people of their 
own racial superiority is another powerful weapon of control. The Nazis used this 
to great effect with their Gennan Master Race/anti-Jewish propaganda. Ironically, 
or perhaps more than that, they were assisted in this by a man called Alfred 
Rosenberg, an occultist with a Jewish, Estonian, and French background. It was 
Rosenberg who made a copy of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion 
available to Hitler. Why on Earth did he do that, when he would have known that 
Hitler would use them as propaganda against Jews as a whole? Hitler did indeed 
circulate The Protocols widely to justify his campaign against Jews. This was 
outrageous, given that the mass of Jewish people were not aware of what was going 
on and nor would they have supported it if they were. 

Rosenberg said that a stranger arrived mysteriously and gave him a copy of the 
document: "The man, whom I had never seen before, came to my study without 
knocking, put the book on my desk and vanished without saying a word ". 2 
Rosenberg presented himself as vehemently anti-Jewish and soon rose to become 
the Nazi Party's official 'ideologist', with the role of providing the 'facts' to justify 
the campaign against Jews. Ernst Hanfstaengl, a close friend of Franklin Roosevelt, 
was also a close associate of Hitler before the war. He says he was warned by the 
Austrian writer, Rudolf Kornmer, that "if any political party emerges with an anti- 
Semitic programme directed by Jewish or half Jewish fanatics we shall have to 
watch out". Hanfstaengl wrote that later, after experiencing the influence that 
Alfred Rosenberg had on Hitler, he began to realise what that remark really meant: 

"I thought back to Rudolf Kommer's remark about an anti-Semitic programme directed 
by Jewish or half Jewish fanatics - Rosenberg was distinctly Jewish in appearance, 
although he would have been the first to protest furiously if anyone had questioned his 
ancestry. Yet I used to see him most mornings sitting in a dingy cafe at the corner of 
Briennerstrasse and Augustenstrasse with a Hungarian Jew named Holoschi, who was 
one of his principal assistants. The man called himself Hollander in Germany and was 
another of these Jewish anti-Semites...! suspected the Aryan background of many of 
the others, Strasser and Streicher looked Jewish to me as well as figures like Ley, Frank 
and even Goebbels, who would have had difficulty in proving their pedigree ." 3 

Now isn't this all rather strange? Jewish bankers and their political 
representatives were provably involved in funding the Nazis and their rearmament. 
Then along comes Alfred Rosenberg from a Jewish background, to hand over a 
copy of The Protocols to Hitler and to become the chief 'researcher' of anti-Jewish 
material which leads to the grotesque treatment of Jews under the Nazi regime. 
This treatment is then used and hyped to justify the takeover of Palestine for a 
'Jewish' homeland. No-one used this method more obviously than Lord Victor 
Rothschild in his House of Lords speeches urging support for a Jewish State in 
Palestine. What goes on here? I believe it was all a set up by the Elite. Hitler's 
infamous book, Mein Kampf, was ghostwritten by Major General Karl Haushofer, 
who acknowledged that a major source for the "ideas" it expressed came from 

master plans 


Halford J. MacKinder, a director of the elite's London School of Economics. In 1996, 
official Gennan documents uncovered by an American student also proved that 
many of Hitler's leading officers and thousands of his troops were of Jewish decent. 

In Britain, it seems to me, the public mind was being urged to ignore Hitler until 
his rearmament programme was well established. Then, when the Gennans were 
ready for battle, that same public opinion was switched dramatically to see Hitler as 
a monster who must be stopped. The British collective psyche was like a little child 
in the hands of the mind doctors. This policy, I believe, was coordinated by Lord 
Milner and the Round Table secret society, together with the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs at Chatham House. The two front men for these two very 
different stages were Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his successor, 
Winston Churchill (Comm 300). 

Chamberlain and his close aide, Lord Halifax (a Round Table member almost 
from its foundation and a member of the Committee of 300), supported the 
appeasement of Hitler. Milner and his fellow manipulators agreed with this policy. 
Speeches by the Round Table /Royal Institute high command like Lionel Curtis 
(Comm 300), Leopold Amery, and Lord Lothian were strongly in favour of leaving 
Hitler alone during the 1930s. In May 1933, Hitler's representative (Alfred 
Rosenberg) visited England to meet with Sir Henry Deterding (Comm 300), head of 
Royal Dutch Shell; Geoffrey Dawson, the editor of The Times newspaper (owned by 
the Astors (Round Table, Royal Institute)), Walter Eliot MP; 1st Viscount Hailsham, 
the Secretary for War; and the Duke of Kent, brother of King Edward VIII and King 
George VI. Edward, who is believed to have had sympathies with Hitler, later fell in 
love with an American woman, Mrs Simpson. He abdicated from the British throne 
and moved to the Rothschild castle in Austria after reigning for only 325 days. 
There is speculation that the real reason he left Britain was because he would not 
support a war with Germany, which the manipulators knew was planned. 

When Hitler announced the remilitarisation of the Rhineland in 1936, the 
British Cabinet accepted it. The Astors used their Times newspaper to promote this 
view of Hitler also. The authorised biographer of Lord Halifax shows how the 
Milner crowd and the British Cabinet were negotiating behind the scenes with 
Germany, and making proposals that would have given Hitler control over 
mainland Europe. This was part of a British-German-United States pact proposed 
by Milner's associate Lord Lothian in a meeting with Hitler in January 1935. Lord 
Halifax also met with Hitler in Berchtesgaden on November 19th 1937. Carroll 
Quigley's research for The Anglo-American Establishment reveals that Halifax 
(Comm 300) convinced Hitler of three points: a) that Britain saw Gennany as the 
main defence against communism in Europe; b) that Britain was prepared to be 
part of a Four Power agreement with France, Gennany and Italy; c) that Britain 
would allow Gennany to liquidate Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, if it could 
be achieved without British public opinion demanding a war with Germany. 4 All 
elements of the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and their 
associated organisations, publications, and members, were put to work to sell the 
appeasement policy. 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

The only thing that could have started a war with Gennany earlier than planned 
was British public opinion, so the appeasement propaganda was stepped up. A few 
months after the Halifax/Hitler meeting, the Nazis invaded Austria in March 1938. 
The French Prime Minister, Daladier, went to London to ask for British support for 
the protection of Czechoslovakia against Hitler's aggression. Chamberlain refused. 
More than that, it would appear that the French were urged to pressure the Czechs 
into an agreement with Hitler. Lord Lothian made speeches in the House of Lords 
and at Chatham House condemning the Czechs for not making concessions to 
Germany? In a meeting with American newspaper journalists at the Astors' London 
home, Chamberlain made a calculated, but deniable, comment, indicating that he 
believed the Czechs should hand over some of their land to Gennany. 6 Lady Astor 
denied the meeting had taken place when the news was made public, but later had 
to admit that it had. 

The policy Chamberlain had outlined for the journalists was supported in a 
leading article in The Times newspaper, owned by the Astors. This produced such 
an outcry of protest that the manipulation of public opinion was further increased. 
The article appeared on September 7th 1938 because they knew the Gennan 
invasion of Czechoslovakia was near. Later in that month, Lord Halifax and others 
launched a propaganda exercise known as the 'war scare'. The government 
circulated stories which greatly exaggerated the strength of the Gennan forces. 
They implied that if they went to war with Hitler, Gennan planes would soon be 
dropping poison gas from their aeroplanes over England. The government even 
went to the ridiculous lengths of digging trenches in London parks and distributing 
gas masks! But, of course, silly as that may have been - what use are trenches in the 
parks? - it was not their military usefulness the government was interested in. It 
was about mind manipulation. They wanted to frighten public opinion into 
thinking that going to war with Gennany was not such a good idea after all. 
Chamberlain added to this by saying on BBC Radio that the dispute between 
Gennany and Czechoslovakia was: ".. .a quanel in a far away country between 
people of whom we know nothing". 7 The Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia was, in 
truth, crucial to the plan because it gave Hitler the resources he needed to be a 
major military power, capable of fighting a prolonged war. The writer, Gertrude 
Elias, says of this: 

"Most revealing even for the present are the deals which preceded the sell-out of 
Czechoslovakia by Chamberlain in 1939, which turned Germany into a military 
superpower. The fact was, however, that the Skoda works, the biggest munition factory 
in Central Europe, controlled by the French Schneider Creuzot, like Wittowitz, the biggest 
steelworks owned by the Rothschilds, like the Czech explosives, had already been 
handed over to Germany... 

"...The death warrant [for Czechoslovakia] was signed in the head office of the Unilever 
subsidiary in Aussig, the headquarters of the pro-Nazi clique." 8 

master plans 


When Gennany occupied the whole of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, there was 
a sudden and remarkable switch in the attitude of Milner and the Round Table. 
Now they were all in favour of war with Gennany. The time had arrived for the 
second strike in the Elite's pre-war strategy in Britain. Chamberlain had served his 
purpose in giving Hitler time to rebuild Gennan annaments (with Wall Street 
support) and Gennany's area of influence had expanded. Dictators of a similar 
persuasion were installed in Italy (Mussolini) and Spain (Franco). OK boys, we’re 
ready to go. Start the war. 

Hitler had been duped, too, into believing there would be no opposition, but 
suddenly that was to change. The Milner group, through its publication, The Round 
Table magazine, had been pressing for the appeasement of Hitler throughout the 
period we have been discussing. Now it was calling for a 'Grand Alliance' of 
Poland, Rumania, France, and Britain, against Gennany. Ford Fothian and Ford 
Astor, those arch appeasers, were suddenly making speeches saying exactly the 
opposite of what they had said before. "War with Germany!" they cried. Fothian 
was also calling for an alliance with Russia. They demanded a policy of 
conscription into the anned forces, as did Astor's Times 9 and Ford Amery, the man 
who had supported Hitler so vigorously. The switch in policy wasn't even subtle. It 
was painfully transparent if you knew the Elite game plan. 

Chamberlain’s use to the Elite was almost over. His successor, Winston Churchill 
(Comm 300), was being manoeuvred into place. All that was left was to remove 
Chamberlain and the knives of his former 'friends' were sharpened. There can be 
few greater examples of hypocrisy in the House of Commons chamber than when 
Feopold Amery, echoing Cromwell, shouted at the government benches: "You have 
sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done 
with you. In the name of God, go!" 10 Go for pursuing the policies Amery advocated 
right up to the sudden switch of 1939. Fady Astor who had supported 
Chamberlain’s policy to the hilt, turned against him even earlier: "Will the Prime 
Minister lose no time in letting the Gennan government know with what horror the 
whole of this country regards Gennany’s action?" she asked him in 1939. 
Chamberlain didn’t answer, but another Conservative MP, Major Vyvyan Adams, 
summed it up when he shouted at Fady Astor: "You caused it yourself'. 1 

Chamberlain was simply a scapegoat, knowingly or unknowingly. Churchill 
became Prime Minister. A man of war was now in Downing Street and on the very 
evening he took over the reins of the British Empire, May 11th 1940, the policy of 
bombing civilian targets began. The Churchill family has links with the Rothschilds 
(Comm 300). Winston's father, Ford Randolph Churchill, was funded by the House 
of Rothschild while he was British Chancellor of the Exchequer in the mid 1800s 
and his closest friend was Nathaniel Rothschild. When Randolph Churchill died, he 
was in debt to the Rothschilds to the tune of some £65,000. 12 Winston, too, was in 
debt to them and he was a good friend of Ford Victor Rothschild and the 
Rothschild’s arch manipulator in America, Bernard Baruch. 13 The names of 
Rothschild and Churchill continue to crop up together today. In 1995, some of 
Churchill's papers and speeches were controversially sold by his family to the 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

National Heritage Memorial Fund for £12,500,000, thanks to money acquired from 
the National Lottery. The Chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, which 
agreed to buy the papers for such a large sum, is Lord Jacob Rothschild. Also 
important were Churchill's close links with Bernard Baruch and the elite family 
known as the Cecils. Indeed they controlled him to a large extent. The Cecils have 
longtime connections with the networks set up by another elite front, the Jesuits, 
and to other families in the European elite like the Habsburgs and the Black 
Nobility of Italy. Churchill knew exactly what he was doing. 

Within a fortnight of walking into 10 Downing Street, Churchill was using the 
infamous 'Regulation 1 8b’ to imprison hundreds of British people who opposed the 
war or pointed out that it was being engineered by a secret force. 14 This approach 
must be noted in any guide to freedom. It is one thing to use propaganda to feed 
public opinion a particular line, but if you are a manipulator, you also need to stop 
anyone who is voicing alternative infonnation. What the British administration did 
was to use Regulation 18b to imprison - without trial - those who sought to reveal 
who was really creating the war, and to justify this in the public mind with press 
claims of a subversive 'Fifth Column’ at work in Britain, in support of Hitler. 
Regulation 18b had been introduced before the war in response to bombings in 
London which had been blamed on the IRA. It conveniently allowed people to be 
imprisoned purely on 'suspicion'. There was no need for the State to prove 
anything and I can't help thinking that this law was another case of: create the 
'problem' (the London bombings blamed on the IRA) and then offer the 'solution': a 
regulation that gives you the power to arrest and imprison whomever you like, 
whenever you like, during the war you already know is coming. One lady, a Mrs 
Nicholson, the wife of a distinguished admiral, was arrested, tried, and acquitted 
on all counts of being involved in a 'Fifth Column'. As she left the court, cleared of 
all charges by a judge and jury, she was arrested under Regulation 18b and 
imprisoned for several years. This was happening in a country, under Churchill, 
that was supposed to be fighting for freedom! Who was the British intelligence 
officer in charge of the prosecutions under Regulation 18b? Lord Victor Rothschild, 
the friend, I would say manipulator, of Churchill. 15 Rothschild controlled the 
intelligence operative who was officially in charge of 18b, Maxwell Knight. 
Intelligence researcher, Doctor Kitty Little, who investigated Lord Rothschild's 
activities for fifty years, told me: 

"Being in control of counter-subversion and the administration of 18b gave Rothschild 
plenty of scope for subversive activities. He was able to ensure that members of the 
three covert sections of his organisation were protected from investigation, while he 
used 18b in two ways. On the one hand he was able to intern people like Fuchs [the 
Soviet spy and nuclear physicist, Klaus Fuchs, who later worked on the atomic bomb 
project] and send them to the camp in Canada where they received training in 
subversive organisation or sought to thwart the activities of its members. Since then 
many other people whose normal patriotism or whose normal scientific activities have 
run counter to the desires of subversive agents, have found their careers and 

■vaster plans 


influence inexplicably hampered and thwarted. His agents reached the stage when 
patriotism was routinely smeared as 'fascist', or 'extreme Right wing', or 'racist' or 
'anti-Semitic '." 16 

A famous victim of Regulation 18b was the Conservative MP, Captain Archibald 
Maule Ramsey, fonnerly of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Ramsey served 
with the 2nd Battalion of the Coldstream Guards in the First World War before he 
was severely wounded in 1916. He blamed Jews for the manipulation of the Second 
World War and he did not hide that fact. My feeling is that to blame any one race 
for anything is extremely simplistic and can quite wrongly give the impression that 
all Jews are responsible. This is fundamentally not the case. I believe Jewish people 
as a whole are victims of the Global Elite, not behind it. But that some people who 
are Jewish are involved is without question. Why is it apparently terrible to say that 
when it is OK to say that some Arabs or Gennans are involved, which they are? 
People are people are people. Or they should be. I don't care what bodies they have. 
It is what they do that interests me. 

Ramsey made some very legitimate points about the covert manoeuvrings and 
he asked some very pertinent questions in the House of Commons, while most of 
the other MPs were, as usual, easy prey for the manipulation. In a statement from 
Brixton Prison to the Speaker and members of the House of Commons, Ramsey 
claimed to have uncovered nearly thirty organisations which were working in 
Britain to bring about what I call the Elite agenda. The names that interconnected 
and controlled these organisations were, according to Ramsey: Professor Harold J. 
Laski (Fabian Society and Labour Party), Israel Moses Sieff, Professor Hennan Levy, 
Victor Gollancz, D.N. Pritt MP, and G.R. Strauss MP. Notably, given what would 
later unfold as the European Community, he said his investigations had unearthed 
a plot to bring about a Federal Europe. That has certainly proved to be correct. He 
said in February 1940 he was handed some literature about a new group advocating 
a Federal Europe under centralised control. "The list of supporters' names was 
startling" he said. "It might have been copied from the chart I had just completed." 
This chart was the interconnecting names and organisations he said were 
engineering the war, some of whom are listed above. 17 Ramsey raised these matters 
in a question in the House of Commons. He asked for confirmation that the creation 
of a Federal Union of Europe was not one of the war aims of the government, but he 
received only a noncommittal reply. Ramsey had, in fact, identified one of the key 
reasons for the war, as we shall see. 

His most potent threat to the manipulators came from his connections with 
Tyler Kent, an American coding officer employed at the US Embassy in London, 
where Joseph Kennedy (the father of JFK) was the ambassador. Kennedy was later 
to say that he opposed the war because it had been manipulated to happen. More 
about this in Chapter 12. Kent had sent coded cables between Winston Churchill 
and Franklin D. Roosevelt before Churchill became Prime Minister. They were both 
knowingly part of the scam. Churchill was then the First Lord of the Admiralty. 
The contents of the cables confirmed that the war was indeed a setup, with 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

Churchill and Roosevelt plotting together to arrange future events. They also 
showed that the manipulation of the war in Europe was being coordinated from 
New York. 

Ramsey saw some of these documents at Kent's flat at 47 Gloucester Place. He 
intended to see the rest and make the contents known to Chamberlain after a visit 
to Scotland. While he was away, Chamberlain was replaced by Churchill and when 
Ramsey returned to London, he was arrested on the steps of his house under 
Regulation 18b. He spent the rest of the war in jail and so did Tyler Kent, who was 
found guilty of stealing documents from the US Embassy. 18 Ambassador Joseph 
Kennedy sacked Kent just before he was arrested by the British authorities and this 
deprived him of diplomatic immunity from prosecution in the British courts. He 
was tried in secret in ways that were illegal under the American Constitution. Kent 
and Ramsey were jailed in Britain for the duration of the war, along with another 
investigator, Anna Wookoff, to prevent them revealing the truth about the war and 
how it started. Part of Kent's defence against the charges was that Roosevelt was 
helping to remove Chamberlain and install Churchill, and that this was part of a 
chain of events designed to bring America into the war. 

In the USA and the UK, the wartime leaders, Roosevelt and Churchill, are still 
revered as wartime heroes, and yet the legends and reality are light years apart. 
Even the conventional 'history' which says that Churchill broadcast live to the 
nation on the BBC to lift morale (with lines like "We will fight them on the 
beaches"), is a fantasy. Churchill's speeches were never broadcast live or in their 
entirety by the BBC. He made them in the House of Commons and short recorded 
clips were later used in the news bulletins. After the war, it was an actor who 
recorded his speeches in full for the Decca record company. 19 

With Roosevelt, Churchill, and Hitler all in place, the Elite could step up the war 
and turn it into a worldwide conflict. It would be a massive global problem in 
search of a massive global solution: the United Nations, the European Community, 
and all the other centralised institutions that would appear after 1945. According to 
Roosevelt's son, Colonel Elliot Roosevelt, his father used the cover of an invented 
fishing trip in August 1941 to meet Churchill on board a warship in Argentia Bay. 
Also at the meeting were Lord Beaverbrook (the owner of the London Daily 
Express) and Averell Harriman (whose family business had financed the Bolshevik 
Revolution, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi war machine, and eugenics organisations 
advocating the forced sterilisation of the Tower classes' to bring about a Master 
Race). These were the people who met to discuss opposition to Hitler! Churchill, 
Beaverbrook and Harriman were all members of the Committee of 300. 

Harriman was close to both Roosevelt and Churchill and he acted as the go- 
between, advising both of them. From this position, he could manipulate the two 
leaders as he liked, or rather, as the Global Elite liked. The Elite's problem was to 
bounce the American people into sending their sons and daughters into another 
war in Europe which, on the face of it, had nothing to do with them. The American 
people were so keen to avoid war that Roosevelt could only get re-elected by 
saying he had no intention of sending their children to fight in Europe or 

master plans 


anywhere else, thus echoing the words of Woodrow Wilson before he took America 
into the First World War. Like Wilson, Roosevelt was lying. Look at some of the 
things he said: 

"...And while I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. 

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again. Your boys are not 
going to be sent into any foreign wars ." 20 

"You can therefore nail any talk about sending armies to Europe as deliberate untruth ." 21 

All the time he was saying these things, he knew the Second World War was 
being executed by the Elite and that the means to make American public opinion 
accept US involvement had long been unfolding behind the scenes. Roosevelt was 
breaking the international laws on neutrality and defying his own speeches by 
supplying the British with ammunition and weapons both covertly and through the 
Lend Lease Act. Some members of Congress could see what was happening. 
Representative Philip Bennett of Missouri said: 

"But our boys are not going to be sent abroad, says the President. Nonsense, Mr 
Chairman; even now their berths are being built in our transport ships. Even now the 
tags for identification of the dead and wounded are being printed by the firm of William 
C. Ballantyne and Co of Washington ." 22 

To this day, popular accounts of history portray Roosevelt as a man who 
"strove in vain to ward off war". 23 The Elite plan, long known by Roosevelt, was to 
engineer an attack on the United States which would so anger public opinion that 
people would agree to go to war against the aggressor and, as a consequence of 
that, join the European conflict also. As a member of Woodrow Wilson's 
administration in the First World War, Roosevelt would have been well-schooled in 
manipulating public opinion with engineered events. In 1939, Senator P. Nye of 
North Dakota said that he had seen a series of volumes called The Next War, 
including one called Propaganda In The Next War. This was the document to 
which I referred some chapters earlier. It revealed that the Americans had been 
promised that Britain would recognise a Jewish homeland in Palestine if the 
Americans entered the First World War. As Senator Nye revealed, the material also 
included the game plan for manipulating public opinion into accepting American 
intervention in the second global conflict, which these documents - written 
between the wars - said was coming. The propaganda document, which originated 
in Britain, said: 

"To persuade her [the United States] to take our part will be much more difficult, so 
difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat 
moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before 
the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel... 

.. .and the truth shall set you free 

1 10 

"The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan [my emphasis] were involved, 
and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it 
would be a natural and obvious effect of our propagandists to achieve this, just as in 
the Great War they succeeded in embroiling the United States with Germany... 

"Fortunately with America, our propaganda is on firm ground. We can be entirely 
sincere, as our main plank will be the old democratic one. We must clearly enunciate 
our belief in the democratic form of government, and our firm resolve to adhere to... 
the old goddess of democracy routine ." 24 

The manipulation around Roosevelt was coordinated by Bernard Baruch and 
that front for the Global Elite, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Baruch was 
chainnan of the War Industries Board during World War I and was among the 
’advisors' who negotiated the Gennan reparations at Versailles. He was the voice in 
Roosevelt's ear, as he had been for many presidents. The Council on Foreign 
Relations devised the plan to antagonise Japan to such a degree that they would 
attack the United States. At the forefront of this was Roosevelt's Secretary of War, 
Henry Stimson, a founder of the CFR. In his diary he wrote: "We face the delicate 
question of diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the 
wrong and makes the first bad overt move". 25 The CFR's War and Peace Studies 
Project sent a memo to Roosevelt, suggesting that aid be given to China while she 
was in conflict with Japan, and that Japanese assets in the US be frozen, a trade 
embargo imposed, and Japan be refused access to the Panama Canal. I can 
recommend an excellent book, Pearl Harbor, The Story Of The Secret War, 26 by 
George Morgenstern, which sets out in great detail how the Japanese were goaded 
into the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7th 1941. For four years 
before the attack, the Roosevelt administration had been intercepting and decoding 
secret Japanese messages. They knew that the Japanese intended to alert their 
diplomatic centres around the world of a decision to go to war through a false 
weather report during the daily Japanese language short-wave news broadcast. The 
forecast of 'east wind rain’ indicated war with the United States, 'west wind clear' 
would mean a decision to go to war with Britain and British and Dutch colonies in 
the East, while 'north wind cloudy' meant war with Russia. 

As a congressional investigation 27 heard in 1945, the messages indicating a 
decision to go to war with the United States and Britain, though not with Russia, 
were intercepted and decoded on December 3rd 1941 - four days before Pearl 
Harbor. These messages subsequently went 'missing' from Navy files. Other 
decoded messages gave Roosevelt prior warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but 
the people were not told. On January 27th 1941, the US ambassador in Tokyo, Joseph 
Grew, had written to Roosevelt to say that in the event of war, Pearl Harbor would 
be the first target. 28 In all, Roosevelt had infonnation from eight different sources 
indicating a probable attack. 29 The attack was to happen purely to manipulate 
American public opinion into agreeing to go into another war, which had been long 
planned. And no-one was more duped than the Japanese. They had been tricked into 

master plans 


attacking the US, both by the Americans and the Germans. The Gennan foreign 
minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, had been pressing the Japanese to attack the 
United States. On December 6th, Hitler had added to the Japanese resolve by 
indicating that the Gennan forces were about to enter Moscow. On December 8th, 
the day after Pearl Harbor, the Gennans were found to be in retreat from the Russian 
front. Three thousand people were killed at Pearl Harbor, the latest victims in the 
Elite's plan to control the world, but most of the cream of the US Navy was out of 
harbour at the time. Surprised? The day after Pearl Harbor, Allen Dulles was 
appointed to the staff of the Office of the Coordinator of Infonnation, which later 
became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and then the CIA. 

The plan worked brilliantly, as public opinion reacted in exactly the way 
required. America was into another war in Europe and 'our boys' who were not 
going to be sent to Europe (according to Roosevelt) were now on their way, many 
of them to die. Churchill's reaction to the news was: "That is what I have dreamed 
of, aimed at, and worked for, and now it has come to pass". He might have 
added, "And I always knew it was going to". The Round Table/Royal Institute of 
International Affairs were perfectly placed to coordinate the manipulation in the 
United States. Lord Lothian, who campaigned for the appeasement of Hitler and 
then demanded war, was named British Ambassador to the United States. When 
he died in December 1940, he was replaced in Washington by another elite member 
of the Round Table/RIIA, Lord Halifax (Comm 300). This was the man, you will 
recall, who suggested a deal with Hitler when they met in 1938. Apart from the 
British Embassy in Washington, the Round Table had its members in control of the 
Research and Intelligence Department of the UK Foreign Office, the Ministry of 
Information, and all the agencies involved with economic 'mobilisation and 
reconstruction’. 31 A similar situation prevailed in the US. The influence on 
Roosevelt of the Council on Foreign Relations, with its membership throughout 
the government, banking, commerce, media, and military, cannot be 
overestimated. Roosevelt's son-in-law, Curtis Dali, quoted in Jim Keith's Casebook 
On Alternative 3, said: 

"For a long time I felt that [Roosevelt]. ..had developed many thoughts and ideas that 
were his own to benefit this country, the USA. But he didn't. Most of his thoughts, his 
political 'ammunition' as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advance by the 
Council on Foreign Relations/One World Money Group. Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a 
fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared 'ammunition' in the middle of an 
unsuspecting target, the American people - and thus paid off and retained his 
internationalist political support." (p25) 

Dali also revealed that Roosevelt had ignored a Gennan offer of an "honourable 
surrender" in the spring of 1943. The offer was made to Commander George Earle, 
Roosevelt's personal military attache in Istanbul, by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the 
head of the Gennan secret service, and later repeated by Fritz Von Papen, the 
Gennan Ambassador. All the messages which Earle sent to Roosevelt detailing the 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 


offer of surrender were ignored. “ The manipulators wanted the war to continue 
until the world was changed in their image. 

Symbolically, the Roosevelt mansion (on East 65th Street in New York) was next 
door to the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations! While hell was being 
visited upon this planet for a second time in twenty-five years, the Elite were right 
on course. As in the First War, the idea was to win the peace once it was all over, 
and to leave the world at the end of the war in a situation that could be most 
effectively controlled. Hitler didn’t invade Britain when it was there for the taking 
(after the Dunkirk retreat of 1940) because, I am increasingly convinced, those who 
were controlling him did not want that to happen. And, as became clear after the 
war, the Allied Supreme Commander, General Eisenhower, was prevented by 
Roosevelt (the Global Elite) from moving on through Gennany when the Gennans 
were overrun, so that the Soviet Union Empire could be extended to Berlin and the 
Cold War thus created. Eisenhower was a close associate of the Rockefellers and 
Bernard Baruch. Thanks to them his progress through the ranks was astonishingly 
fast. After the war he became President of the United States. On April 9th 1951, Life 
magazine reported that Eisenhower had radioed Stalin via the US military mission 
in Moscow, to detail his plan to stop at the Elbe River and allow the Russians to take 
Berlin. The message was written by his political advisor, John Wheeler Bennett of 
the Royal Institute of International Affairs, received by W. Averell Harriman, and 
passed on to Stalin. 33 The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were Elite creations on 
the classic principle of divide and rule and manipulate through fear. World war as a 
form of control was going to be replaced, at least for a few decades, by the fear of 
apocalyptic conflict between East and West. This fear was fuelled by the unveiling 
of a new and devastating weapon, the atomic bomb. It was created by the 
Americans under the so called 'Manhattan Project', led by Robert Oppenheimer, 
with support from the Elite-controlled Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton 
University (where Albert Einstein was a regular visitor). 

After Roosevelt's death, 34 his successor, another Freemason, Harry S. Truman, 
authorised the use of this 'new' weapon to destroy the Japanese cities of Hiroshima 
and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th 1945. Eighty thousand men, women, and 
children were killed by the explosion at Hiroshima alone. Goodness knows how 
many have died or suffered since from the effects of the radiation. This grotesque act 
of inhumanity was justified by the politicians and military leaders as the only way to 
protect American lives which, it was said, would have been lost in enonnous 
numbers had an invasion of Japan been authorised. We now know different. We now 
know that the Japanese had agreed to surrender the previous spring on the same 
tenns that were accepted after the bombs were dropped. Emperor Hirohito agreed to 
this through secret negotiations with the US via the Vatican. The fonner British 
cabinet minister, Tony Benn, has said that he learned that this was the case when he 
entered government. Retired Colonel Donn Grand Pre, writing in the American 
investigative newspaper, The Spotlight, on September 12th 1994, said that he also 
knew for sure that the Japanese would have surrendered before Hiroshima. He said 
that in May 1945 he was with a military force, driving what was left of the Japanese 

master plans 


army out of North Burma while B-29s were devastating Tokyo in a series of raids. 
Two days after those raids in the May, the Colonel said, the acting US Secretary of 
State, Joseph C. Grew, recommended to President Truman that he add to his terms 
for a Japanese surrender the words... "surrender would not mean the elimination of 
the present dynasty (Emperor Hirohito) if the Japanese desired its retention". These 
were the terms on which the Japanese would surrender after the horrors of three 
months later. Truman apparently favoured the addition, but after consulting with his 
advisors, the idea was dropped for 'military reasons'. It was a question of timing, the 
dissenters said. Truman’s decision was to cost tens of thousands of lives, possibly 
hundreds of thousands. The 'question of timing’ related to the Potsdam Conference 
when Truman, Churchill, and Josef Stalin would issue an ultimatum to Japan - 
minus the suggested addition. As Colonel Donn Grand Pre now says: 

"The psychological spin behind the exploding of the bombs was to create such a 

worldwide fear of the power of nuclear energy that countries would give up their 

sovereignty, turn all their weapons and armed forces over to a world government and 

surrender their freedom ." 35 

President Truman said in an address shortly before Hiroshima: "It will be just as 
easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in 
the Republic of the United States". This same approach of justifying centralised 
world government and all that goes with it can be seen in the statements of Albert 
Einstein, the man remembered for his scientific genius to such an extent that today 
you still hear very clever people described as being an 'Einstein'. But there was 
more to him than that. Einstein, who arrived in America from Germany via 
Switzerland, was a close friend of Bernard Baruch, the financier and string puller of 
presidents, and of Lord Victor Rothschild, the arch manipulator within British 
Intelligence who would gather atomic information for Israel’s secret nuclear 
weapons programme. Einstein worked on the development of the atomic bomb and 
Baruch called it the 'absolute weapon'. Baruch set himself up as the head of an 
organisation he called The United Nations Atomic Energy Commission in 1944 - 
sixteen months before the US Cabinet, including the then Vice President Truman, 
knew the bomb even existed and before the first meeting of the official founding 
group of the United Nations! But then Baruch and his fellow manipulators had 
known since the First World War what was planned. When Truman became 
president and learned of the bomb and the United Nations became official, he 
appointed Baruch to head... the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission. Both 
Baruch and Einstein sought to use the fear of atomic destruction to install a world 
government. What a help it was to have an example in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to 
emphasise its capacity for destruction! Einstein called for the formation of a world 
government by the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, to which the 'secret 
of the bomb' should be given. He said that these three were "the only three powers 
with great military strength" and he urged them to commit this strength (world 
army) to the world government. The 'genius' went on: 

"The world government would have power over all military matters and need have only 
one further power: the power to intervene in countries where a minority is oppressing a 
majority and creating the kind of instability that leads to war.. .There must be an end to 
the concept of non-intervention, for to end it is part of keeping the peace ." 36 

These mental gymnastics were right off the pages of the Elite personnel manual 
and these themes are being parroted to this day by those seeking to turn the United 
Nations ’peacekeeping' forces into an Einstein-like world anny. Just look at Bosnia. 
Under Einstein’s criteria of a minority oppressing a majority, the first intervention 
by the world government and anny should have been in the Soviet Union which he 
said should be part of the world government and army! But, no. The genius had an 
answer to that: 

"While it is true that in the Soviet Union the minority rules, I do not consider the internal 
conditions there are of themselves a threat to world peace. One must bear in mind that 
the people of Russia did not have a long political education and changes to improve 
Russian conditions had to be carried through by a minority for the reason that there was 
no majority capable of doing it ." 37 

Decoded, this Einstein-speak is saying that what we need is to use the fear of 
mass destruction to install a world (Elite) government which will have a world 
army at its disposal to intervene whenever it believed its interests and power 
would benefit. In 1946, Einstein’s British friend, Bertrand Russell (Comm 300), 
said that it was necessary to use the fear of nuclear weapons to force all nations to 
give up their sovereignty and submit to the dictatorship of the United Nations. 38 
This was the approach decided upon in 1958 at the second of the Pugwash 
Conferences when the policy of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) was agreed. 
The conferences were hosted by Cyrus Eaton, a business partner of the 
Rockefellers. 39 In reality, the MAD policy involved building up nuclear arsenals on 
both sides to the point where for either to attack the other would mean 
annihilation for both of them. The fear of this would be used as a wonderful 
means of controlling government policy, arms spending, and public opinion 
throughout the Cold War, while at the top levels of manipulation they were all on 
the same side. Pavel A. Sudoplatov, head of the Soviet Intelligence Bureau on the 
atomic problem during World War Two, has now confirmed that Oppenheimer 
was supplying data about the bomb to the Soviet Union during the war. 40 Klaus 
Fuchs, the German nuclear physicist, worked on the Manhattan Project after he 
’fled’ from Gennany to Britain in 1933. Fuchs, a close associate of Lord Victor 
Rothschild (Comm 300), was later jailed for fourteen years for supplying British 
and American atomic secrets to the Russians. The post-war Pugwash Conferences, 
inspired by Einstein and Bertrand Russell, were another means through which 
scientific data was passed from one side to the other during the alleged 'Cold 
War’. They also helped Victor Rothschild to amass nuclear information for Israel, 
as we shall see later. 

master plans 


It is hard to believe at first, but you don’t have to search too far to realise that 
almost every major negative event of global significance has been part of the same 
long-tenn plan by the All-Seeing Eye cult to take over the planet via a centralised 
world government, central bank, currency, and anny. And it is being done by 
programming the human mind. If we are going to stop this and allow humanity to 
burst forth in its full potential for love and harmony, there is one thing we need to 
do above all else. We have to stop thinking in black and white and soften our rigid 
belief systems. This world is not black and white. Nothing is. If you have a rigid 
belief system that is not open to the endless subtleties of life, you become a 
manipulator's party trick. If you believe that someone running a business in a pin- 
striped suit is bad by definition, without listening to what the person has to say, 
your mind is not your own. The same with those who see the homeless or travellers 
and immediately react with 'scroungers' or 'dossers'. Or those who believe one race 
or other is inferior to their own. No-one is all right and no-one is all wrong. 

Because the thinking of the mass of the British people before and during World 
War Two was so set and inflexible, it bought the idea of good v evil, when the same 
force was behind both sides. It also allowed people who had the courage to stand 
up and speak out against the manipulation to be jailed without charge throughout 
the war. If you challenge our side, you must be a supporter of the other side, this 
childlike mindset believed. This is the type of non-thinking which allows the 
manipulation to go on. Still today, if you speak of the global deception and mention 
any name involved which happens to be Jewish, you are immediately branded 
'anti-Semitic'. Some people do this purposely to discredit the researcher and 
diminish the impact of their infonnation. Others, like the people I call the Robot 
Radicals, parrot these slogans because their minds are so rigid at this time, that they 
couldn’t cope with the idea that many of their 'far Left', 'radical', heroes, were 
controlled by the same force, sometimes part of the same force, which controls their 
perceived enemies on the 'far Right’. 

It was this naivety that allowed the World Wars to happen. For the second time 
in forty-five years both 'Left' and 'Right' had been manipulated into conflict with 
the most devastating and horrific effect. Sadly, the same childish responses continue 
to this day. 


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master plans 


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chapter 7 

master races 

T he same attitude that suppressed the challenge to the manipulation of World 
War Two, today sees people vilified and jailed for questioning some of the 
official versions of The Holocaust in Nazi Gennany. If you do that, no-one listens 
to the evidence because this is lost in the tidal wave of vilification and 
condemnation. If people want to believe that all those who question the official 
line are Nazis and apologists for the Hitler regime, or anti-Jewish, then they must 
go ahead and do so. But I'll tell them this. They are kidding themselves, because 
that isn’t true. It simply isn’t. 

As the old vibration of life begins to crumble and the new one emerges, we are in 
the period now when the muck of the past which has remained hidden is coming to 
the surface to be dealt with and dispersed. The content of this book is part of that. It 
is not only individuals who have suppressed emotions which eat them away and 
eventually have to be dealt with, it is the Earth and the collective mind of humanity 
also. The process of cleansing the Earth takes many fonns, and one of them is for all 
that has been secret and suppressed to come into the public spotlight. Whether 
people like it or whether they don’t, the official version of The Holocaust cannot 
avoid this exposure to proper debate for very much longer. The process of cleansing 
and transfonnation will ensure that this will happen. 

The way the Nazis treated many Jewish people is unspeakable. There are no 
words adequate to describe it. The pain, as we see in the commemorations, appears 
undiminished for those who lived through it. What an insult it would be to those 
people who suffered so, if it were established that their pain and unimaginable 
horror is also being used without their knowledge, to promote and protect a longer- 
term plan. It would qualify, perhaps, as one of the ultimate inhumanities. Are 
people who did not suffer under the Nazis using the emotions of those who did to 
manipulate events for their own diabolical ends? We can only establish if that is 
true by allowing all information about that period to be made public without 
vilification or condemnation. 

As Professor Yehuda Bauer, the chainnan of the Vidal Sassoon Centre for the 
Study of Anti-Semitism, said, "Someone is misusing people's fears and obsessions 
and presenting things we know today did not happen ". 1 He was reacting to stories 
about 'human soap' which holocaust 'experts' have said the Nazis made out of the 
bodies of Jewish victims in the concentration camps. This has become an accepted 
'fact', but Professor Bauer said there was no documentary evidence that any such 
thing took place. In the researching of this book, for the first time in my life I 

master races 


stumbled across information which questions the official holocaust line. I was 
shocked, to be honest. I looked at it and I wrote it down, a process that always helps 
me to get things clearer in my mind. I pondered on it endlessly for weeks. My 
conclusion was that there were the most terrible atrocities against Jewish people, as 
there were against others in Gennany, the Soviet Union, and in Japanese-occupied 
countries. The whole war was a holocaust. What the European settlers did to the 
Native American tribes was a holocaust. The atrocities that Jewish people did suffer 
under the Nazis, makes the pain that we see thoroughly understandable. But I also 
concluded from the evidence I came across that the official line has a vast number of 
questions to answer and enormous tracts of documented information to explain 
before we can really know what happened. Like I say, nothing is ever what it seems, 
no matter what we may be told. When, for instance, a Jewish American like David 
Cole produces evidence and video documentaries demolishing the official claims 
about the events at Auschwitz, you cannot, if you are interested in truth, just 
dismiss his findings and condemn him as a Nazi apologist. That is not to say that 
everything people say is correct, but why are we so frightened to allow the public to 
decide for themselves? Why is such infonnation suppressed? 

People might not like me making these points, but I ask them this: what is a true 
love for humanity? Is it saying what you believe people need to know and taking 
the flak? Or is it saying what you think they want to know and taking the plaudits? 

I come back to something that I see often in my research into the Global Elite: the 
way Jewish people are used as mere propaganda fodder by the upper reaches of 
their own hierarchy, especially the Rothschilds and others like the Habsburgs. Jewish 
people are not seeking to take over the world. The opposite is true. They just want to 
get on peacefully and joyfully with their lives, like all of us. Instead, they are being 
used mercilessly by their own privileged, manipulating cliques to be the 'fall guy', to 
protect the few from legitimate investigation and exposure. So much of their history 
is kept from them to ensure they remain under the mental and emotional control of 
the few. Major Alojzy Dziurski, of the wartime Polish underground movement, was 
no apologist for the Nazis and nor was he anti-Jewish. He had a wide circle of Jewish 
friends and expressed a deep gratitude to the Jew he said had saved his life. In his 
book, Freedom Fighter, Dziurski told how he heard that the Gennan attitude to Jews 
had changed quite dramatically after they realised the Zionist influence in Stalin's 
Soviet Union. This prompted Major Dziurski to meet with Polish Jewish leaders in 
March 1942, to warn them that they must disperse the Jews living in the ghettos, 
move them to homes among Polish fanners in remote areas, and establish 
settlements in forested areas. He said the leaders refused, with tenible consequences. 
The major said he became a close friend of a Jewish captain, who had been a Political 
Commissar in the Red Anny. Dziurski said in his book: 

"Because of my interest in Jewish affairs, he [the Captain] would share with me a well- 

guarded secret. Accepted as a devoted Zionist, he would attend a secret meeting for 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

initiated Zionists only. It was conducted in Hebrew, not in Yiddish, as most meetings 
were. The majority of the speakers were foreign Zionist leaders, but he recognised only 
one, Moshe Sneh, a Polish Jewish leader, who had left for Palestine before the war and 
returned in 1945 as Berihah leader to organise the mass emigration of Polish Jews. 
Every speaker emphasised the unique opportunity that had come to snatch Palestine 
and the Middle East from the Arabs and the British. ..The whole non-Jewish world had to 
be made to feel guilty for The Holocaust together with the Nazis. The Holocaust must be 
shown to be the greatest Christian crime against the Jewish people. Intensive 
propaganda would be launched, and all publishing houses and the press under Jewish 
influence had already been instructed to propagate the story of Jewish sufferings. 

"Moshe Sneh had demanded that the maximum number of Polish Jews must be forced 
to leave Poland for Palestine or any country of their choice. Instructions had been 
issued to Western European Jewry to prepare for the reception of Polish immigrants. 
filter later into the United States. The USA must be made the great reservoir of Jewry to 
influence American politics because the USA would become the decisive world power." 2 

You may or may not accept that. But you have a right to hear it, and much, 
much, more of the documented background infonnation relating to this subject will 
be coming to the surface in the years to come. No-one will be more stunned by what 
will be made known than the mass of Jewish people themselves. They are going to 
look on their hierarchy in a very different light. Major Dziurski compiled a large 
number of writings and archives about his wartime experiences and the 
infonnation given to him by Jewish friends and acquaintances. These were stolen in 
a robbery at his home in May 1965, after which he emigrated to Australia. 

I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of 
Jewish people worked with non- Jews to create the First World War, the Russian 
Revolution, and the Second World War. This Jewish/non-Jewish Elite used the First 
World War to secure the Balfour Declaration and the principle of the Jewish State of 
Israel in Palestine (for which, given the genetic history of most Jewish people, there 
is absolutely no justification on historical grounds or any other). They then 
dominated the Versailles Peace Conference and created the circumstances which 
made the Second World War inevitable. They financed Hitler to power in 1933 and 
made the funds available for his rearmament. Their representatives in other nations 
manipulated their govermnents to allow Hitler and the Nazis to invade 
surrounding countries and increase their military power and potential by acquiring 
the resources of those countries. They gave Hitler the impression that he could 
expand across mainland Europe without challenge, but then, at a prearranged time, 
the attitude of Britain changed dramatically and he found himself in a war he could 
not win - especially after Roosevelt manipulated the American people, via Pearl 
Harbor, into a conflict he said they would never be involved in. 

Meanwhile, those Jews in Gennany who were part of, or useful to, this tiny 
Jewish/non-Jewish Elite were allowed to leave the Nazi-occupied lands and escape 
to the USA, other safe countries, and to Palestine to begin the work that would 

master races 


culminate in the creation of Israel after the war. They were not the ones who were to 
suffer so terribly under Hitler. Far from it. They were the ones who were going to 
use and exploit the suffering of those left behind. When the privileged elite, like the 
banker Max Warburg, had left Germany, the Jewish men, women, and children 
considered expendable in pursuit of a wider goal were left to their fate. That fate 
was sealed when Alfred Rosenberg with his Jewish background, made a copy of 
The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion available to Hitler. 

So what could possibly motivate this manipulating Jewish clique to treat their 
fellow Jews in such a subhuman way? Quite simply, the manipulators are not really 
Jews, as Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman points out in his 1974 book, To Eliminate The 
Opiate. Antelman, who lost seventeen members of his family to the Nazis, says that 
this clique does not want to promote Judaism, it wants to destroy it, as it wants to 
destroy all alternatives to its own focus of worship, the All-Seeing Eye cult of 
antiquity. It is this which provides the common themes of loyalty and motivation 
between the Jews, Arabs, British, Gennans, Americans etc, who are knowingly 
working together to bring about the global fascist tyranny known as the New World 
Order. The 'Jews' of the Global Elite could not give a damn about Jewish people, as 
the Gennans in the clique could not care less about the Gennan people. To them, 
the masses of whatever race, colour, or country, are a herd of nonentities who are 
there to be used only as necessary to serve their master - the Luciferic 
Consciousness on the Fourth Dimension. The 'All Seeing' Jews, however, and their 
non-Jewish conspirators, use the smokescreen of 'anti-Semitism' and the genuine 
suffering of real Jews to prevent investigation of their sinister activities. I am 
convinced that it was this clique which wrote and leaked the Protocols and made it 
look like a plot by Jewish people as a whole. It is not. No, no, no! 

After the war, the unimaginable suffering of Jewish people, condemned by their 
own elite, among others, was used to bring the State of Israel into being on a wave 
of understandable emotion, given the stories the world was being told. It has been 
used ever since to block legitimate investigation into the manipulation of the 
human race. The label 'anti-Semite' is hurled at anyone who challenges the official 
version of history and who exposes the people who really control the world. One 
vehicle for this Jewish and non-Jewish clique - which has made Jews suffer so much 
- is called Zionism and so is the State of Israel, a country and a ruling mindset, 
which to me looks remarkably like the Nazi mentality. 

The British hierarchy has provably manipulated, exploited, and sent to their 
deaths multimillions of British people to serve the 'national interest' - the interests 
of the ruling clique; the Gennan hierarchy has done the same to the Gennan people 
and the American hierarchy to the American population. These ruling cliques have 
utter contempt for their 'unwashed masses'. They see them as cattle to be used and 
abused as required. Why is it so amazing that the Jewish hierarchy should see the 
mass of Jewish people in the same terms? 

The exploitation of those who did suffer by those who didn’t has allowed the 
ruling elite of Israel to commit the most terrible atrocities without challenge from 
the wider world community, while any perceived threat to Israel is immediately 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

condemned and dealt with. Why do we not hear about the decades of atrocities by 
Israel against the dispossessed Palestinians, which have been reported again and 
again by members of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency? The grotesque 
irony is that while complaining about the 'far Right' and 'anti-Semitism', the Israeli 
government has supported Nazi regimes across the world, including the terrorist, 
Somoza, who was responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands of his own 
people in Nicaragua. 3 Israel has armed or supported neo-Nazis and terrorists in 
Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Central America, Argentina, and scores of others, 4 in league 
with the neo-Nazis who control the United States and the CIA. When Israel 
pontificates about racism and the far Right, it turns my stomach. The Israeli 
government, its anny and its intelligence arm, Mossad, are neo-Nazi, terrorist 
organisations. This mindset is personified by many of the Israeli settlers in the 
occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israeli authorities hide this fact behind 
Jewish people who genuinely suffered in Hitler's Gennany. The Israeli leaders who 
are part of, or controlled by, the All-Seeing Eye cult, have used this suffering for 
more than fifty years to conceal and justify daily atrocities against the Arab 
population. Palestinian children are shot by Nazi settlers in the occupied lands, but 
the killers escape without punishment. Meanwhile, Arabs are routinely shot by the 
same soldiers who look the other way when settlers are terrorising Palestinian men, 
women, and children. 5 As Hitler treated those Jews cast adrift by their own 
hierarchy, so does Israel treat Palestinians today. I'll take no lectures on racism and 
Nazism from apologists for Israeli terrorism, thank you very much. 

Indeed those who led the terrorist organisations which created Israel after the 
war, later became its leaders. To challenge the behaviour of Israel is not to condemn 
Jewish people. The opposite is the case. Those who have controlled Israel and its 
international terrorist ann, Mossad, are not true Jews. They are a bunch of 
unbalanced thugs who have used (abused) Jewish people for their own horrific 
ends. Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin was a leading light in the Jewish 
terrorist underground organisation, Irgun, and as a result was responsible for 
untold murder and mayhem. He would later win the Nobel Peace Prize, as did 
Henry Kissinger. Another Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, was a terrorist in 
the Jewish underground before becoming (appropriately, I guess) the head of the 
Mossad assassination squad at the time of the murder of John F. Kennedy. In a later 
chapter I link both Shamir and Begin to Kennedy's assassination. Prime Minister 
Yitzhak Rabin was lauded as a great peace maker after his own assassination in 
1995, but he too was a terrorist. As Naeim Giladi, the Israeli historian and author, 
says: "Rabin launched his career., .with terrorist murders that shed both Arab and 
Jewish blood when cold political calculation demanded it". 6 

In 1940 when illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine became a flood, the British 
military government began to detain and deport those Jews who did not have the 
correct documentation. The Zionist underground decided to sabotage the refugee 
ships rather than allow them to be turned away. Giladi goes on: "In those days 
Rabin was a member of Palmach - the name means 'action squads’ - it was a 
violent underground force., .in November 1940 his group blew up the refugee ship 

master races 


Patna in Haifa harbour. More than 250 Jewish emigrants died in the explosion". 7 

Three other ships were later given the same treatment by Rabin’s Palmach and 
more than a thousand Jews died as a result. But it was the Arabs who were blamed 
for this barbarity and that was the whole point of the carnage, of course. The Zionist 

leader, David Ben-Gurion, wrote in his diary that the bombings "stirred more world 
wide sympathy and support for us than we anticipated". 8 Later I will also connect 
Ben-Gurion to the Kennedy assassination. I am coming more and more to the 
conclusion that what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany (whatever the truth turns 
out to be) was supported, even planned, by these crazy people to ensure that both 
Israel was created and that ’anti-Semitism' could be used as a defence against 
legitimate investigation of their sickening activities. That has certainly been the 
outcome. Anyone who exposes these breathtaking horrors is dubbed a neo-Nazi. 

What's more, a lot of the money and the armaments used both by these 
underground terrorists and the founders of Israel were supplied by the Meyer 
Lansky organised crime syndicate which was based in the US, but operated 
internationally. Lansky, who was bom Maier Suchowjansky in Grodno, Russia, rose 
from the slums of New York to the top of the heap in the international underworld. 
He was above the Mafia. Lansky acheived these dizzy heights by the usual means - 
murder and terror. This was the man who used his crime and terror networks to 
channel funds and guns to the Jewish terrorists and the later Israeli State. Such was 
his contribution that he has been described as "Israel's Godfather". 9 Lansky would 
run to Israel whenever the heat was turned up in the States and eventually settled 
in his beloved "homeland". Lansky, too, was at the heart of the murder of John F. 
Kennedy, as we shall see. These are the sorts of minds that created Israel under the 
supervision of the Rothschilds. And yet if you challenge and expose these people, 

you are called a Nazi! Give me strength. 

Some brave Jews have spoken out against the behaviour of Israel and the plight 
of the Palestinians, people like Noam Chomsky and Israel Shahak 10 (a survivor of 
the Belsen concentration camp), but where are the British government and the 
United States government? Silence. These are legitimate points in a democracy 
(hilarious, I know), but people are frightened, even terrified, to make them, because 
they will be branded 'anti-Semitic'. Even some Jews who have made these points 
have been branded 'anti-Semitic'! To this day, the clique continues to arrange for 
'anti-Semitic' events and attacks which allow this manipulation of the Jewish and 
non-Jewish communities to go on. The Jewish hierarchy wishes to keep the mass of 
Jewish people in constant fear, a state of mind which makes anyone child's play to 
control and manipulate. The far Right are a dream for this clique and they play into 
their hands by behaving in ways that make the manipulation so much easier. Not 
all of them are behaving in this way by accident, either. Who actually funds some of 
these 'far Right' groups? If you know, perhaps you'll tell me. 

In Britain, I am told by an extremely reliable source very close to the intelligence 
organisations that the 'far Right’ group, Combat 18, is a front for the sinister Anti- 
Defamation League, the United States ann of the 'Israeli'/Rothschild secret service, 
Mossad. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been operating in Britain and 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Europe since at least 1991 and its role is to brand as anti-Semitic anyone who is 
getting close to the truth of what is going on. What better way to discredit an 
investigator than to have a 'far Right' group like Combat 18 to praise them? What 
better way to control Jewish people through fear than to have the behaviour of 
Combat 18 as an example of what is waiting for them if they don’t have the 
hierachy to protect them? 

If you find all this hard to believe there are many examples that prove the point. 
At the time of the Kennedy assassination the national secretary of the American 
Nazi Party was a man called Daniel Burros. He was a close associate of the "Nazi" 
Roy Frankhouser, a man who once said: "Hitler had the Jews; we've got the niggers. 
We have to put our main stress on the nigger question, of course, because that's 
what preoccupies the masses - but we’re not forgetting the Jew. If Jews knew what 
was coming - and believe me, it's coming as surely as the dawn - they'd realise that 
what's going to happen in America will make Nazi Gennany look like a Sunday- 
school picnic. We’ll build better gas chambers, and more of them, and this time 
there won’t be any refugees". 11 Channing. But "Nazi" Frankhouser turned out to be 
a professional federal infiltrator of the Ku Klux Klan and other "Nazi" and 
"Communist" organisations. His close associate, the "Nazi" Daniel Burros, was 
exposed in October 1965 as a Jew by the New York Times. The following day he was 
found shot dead at Frankhouser’s home in Reading, Pennsylvania. Verdict 
"suicide". Burros was also a key figure in the "Nazi" National Renaissance Party, 
which was controlled by the Anti-Defamation Feague. Fife is never what it seems. 
The 'opponent' of Combat 18 in the UK is an organisation called Searchlight. The 
same source tells me that this is a front for the Board of Deputies of British Jews and 
the ADF. Can anyone confirm this? It is an old, old strategy. Even Mossad is not 
what it appears to be. It is actually the intelligence agency primarily for the 
Rothschilds, the banking cartel of the Global Elite, and the cult of the All-Seeing 
Eye, as is the ADF. Researcher Gary Allen put the situation very well in his 1973 
book. None Dare Call It Conspiracy: 

"One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in 
political history is that the Rothschilds were Jewish. [Anti-Jewish people]. ..have played 
into the hands of the conspiracy by trying to portray the entire conspiracy as Jewish. 
Nothing could be farther from the truth. The traditionally Anglo Saxon J.P. Morgan and 
Rockefeller international banking institutions have played a key role in the conspiracy. 
But there is no denying the importance of the Rothschilds and their satellites. However, 
it is just as unreasonable and immoral to blame all Jews for the crimes of the 
Rothschilds as it is to hold all Baptists accountable for the crimes of the Rockefellers. 

"The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti- 
Defamation League as an instrument to try to convince everyone that any mention of 
the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled 
almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo 
within universities. 

master races 


"Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of 
ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere 
with its highly professional smear jobs... Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry 
at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews. The Warburgs, part of the Rothschild 
empire, helped finance Adolf Hitler..." 

Tyranny has many forms and most of them are less than obvious. Widespread 
condemnation of Jews in Germany was the result of the Nazis putting out one 
version of the ’truth’ (Jews are horrid) while suppressing alternative information 
which told another story (Jews are no different from anyone else). That is clearly a 
mind-manipulating tyranny because people were denied all the facts and views 
available and their attitudes were subsequently imbalanced. But if that is a tyranny 
which we rightly pledge ourselves to oppose, why do we play a part in suppressing 
alternative information to the official line of the Second World War? How is it right 
that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the Spielberg film, 
Schindler's List, are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged 
version of events? And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand 
freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be 
closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history? How can we 
not be accused of hypocrisy and of criticising one tyranny while supporting 
another? Once people think it is OK to suppress different views and evidence, 
whether we agree with it or not, we are playing God for the rest of our fellow men 
and women. If the evidence is wrong, then it will be shown to be so under the 
spotlight of the public arena. If it is true, then what the hell are we doing 
suppressing it? John F. Kennedy supported this view in a speech at Columbia 
University in February 1962, when he said: 

"We seek the free flow of information. ..a nation that is afraid to let the people judge the 
truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people." 

We live in nations afraid of the people and in a world afraid of the people. We 
cling to dogmas that are afraid of the people. Those who wish to suppress by 
whatever means alternative versions of history which challenge ’the official line’ are 
also afraid of the people - afraid that their manipulation will be exposed by such a 
free flow of information. The way the Jewish mind has been so seriously 
manipulated by the Jewish hierarchy over the centuries has had another effect. Like 
the Roman Catholic Church and other religious and racial tyrannies, Judaism, and 
more recently Zionism, has used fear and guilt to maintain control of its people. It 
has pressurised each generation to conform to what it tells them they must believe 
and it has programmed their minds to think of themselves as a people who have 
always been, and will always be, the subject of oppression and prejudice from the 
rest of society. A leaflet 12 asking for financial support for The Board of Deputies of 
British Jews has a picture of hostile neo-Nazis on the front. Inside the leaflet it says 
that the Board is the Jewish community's "protection" against racism and 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

"Holocaust denial" at a time when "the voices of fascists are getting louder". It's all 
fear, fear, fear, control, control, control. Many Jewish people have also been 
programmed to see themselves as God’s 'chosen people', above all the rest, and 
when you read some of the Jewish literature and laws, they are incredibly racist, 
quite stunningly so. The Talmud, the Jewish book of law, contains among other little 
gems, the following: "Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but 
cattle" (Kerithuth 6b, page 78, Jebhammoth 61); "The non-Jews have been created to 
serve the Jews as Slaves" (Midrasch Talpioth 225); "Sexual intercourse with non- 
Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals" (Kethuboth 3b); "The non-Jews have to 
be avoided, even more than sick pigs" (Orach Chaiim 57, 6a); "The birth rate of non- 
Jews has to be suppressed massively" (Zohar II, 4b); "As you replace lost cows and 
donkeys, so you shall replace non-Jews" (Lore Dea 377,1). And so it goes on and on. 
So how often do the "anti-racist" protestors demonstrate outside Talmudic events? 
Never. Exactly. 

The irony is that the racism of extreme Jews and the racism of Adolf Hitler are 
both based on a colossal myth. As Alfred M. Lilienthal, the Jewish writer and 
researcher, said: 

"There is no reputable anthropologist who will not agree that Jewish racialism is as 
much poppycock as Aryan racialism. As far back as 1938, the American Anthropological 
Association, at it's annual conference in New York, condemned Aryanism as a fallacy 
and stated that both 'Aryan' and 'Semitic' were linguistic terms without any racial 

"...Anthropological science divides mankind into three recognised races: negro, 
mongolian and oriental, and Caucasian or white (although some authorities refer to a 
fourth race - the australoids)... Members of the Jewish faith are found in all three races 
and subdivisions." 13 

The conditioned thought patterns in the collective Jewish mind have repeatedly 
created the physical reality of oppression, prejudice, and racism which matches the 
pattern - the expectation - programmed into their collective psyche. They expect it; 
they create it. When Jewish people as a whole break free from the mind control of 
their hierarchy and start to let go of those feelings of fear and expectation of 
prejudice, they will stop attracting such experiences to them. When they openly 
reject the inherited view of racial superiority, those patterns will disperse from their 
magnetic cape/aura, and they will cease to attract racism to them. Also, like those 
brought up in the extreme versions of Roman Catholicism, Jewish people need to 
love themselves and leave behind the guilt their controllers demand that they retain. 
Of all the people I meet, those brought up in the Roman Catholic and Jewish faith are 
among the most screwed-up, mentally and emotionally. This is no coincidence. Both 
faiths brainwash children with fear and guilt from the earliest age. 

Jewish people are simply wonderful when they allow themselves to be who they 
really are. I love their humour and their spirit. They have such a contribution to 

master races 


make to the good of the world. But I have rarely met one who really loves themself 
or does not carry the burden of inherited guilt. My friends, it is all about control. It's 
time to let it go. 

Jewish people (who, like the rest of us, are evolving consciousnesses which 
happen to be experiencing a Jewish lifetime), will never be free until they step out 
of the mental and emotional control of this tiny clique, which uses them in the most 
merciless ways to advance its own sick and diabolical ambitions, in league with an 
equally sick clique of non-Jews. 

Official history has been tampered with in the most extraordinary way, so that 
we continue to see the world in the childlike simplicity of good and evil, heroes and 
villains. It is rarely like that. After the war, the Nuremberg Trials sat in judgement 
on the Germans. When you look behind the sanitised history books you see that 
those trials were a farce, a calculated exercise in revenge and manipulation, often 
punishing those without influence to cover the tracks of those who had it., .like the 
Americans on the boards of the US-Nazi cartels and parent companies. These were 
show trials of those Nazis not considered important enough or with enough 
political and scientific knowledge, to be removed to the United States and South 
America where they could continue their work for the Elite. 14 The defence of 
following orders from a superior officer was not allowed at Nuremberg. This meant 
that if they had disobeyed an order during the war they were shot, and if they 
obeyed the order they were hanged at Nuremberg. The precedent for removing the 
defence of following orders was made by the War Office in London in April 1944, 
just as the list of Nazi war criminals was being compiled and the preparations made 
for the post-war 'trials'. At that time the wording of Paragraph 443 of Chapter XIV 
of The British Manual Of Military Law was changed to reflect the wording of an 
article written in The British Year Book Of International Law For 1944 by Dr Hersch 
Lauterpacht. The revised Paragraph 443 reads as follows: 

"The clearly illegal nature of the order - illegal by reference to generally acknowledged 
principles of international law so identified with cogent dictates of humanity as to be 
obvious to any person of ordinary understanding - renders the fact of superior orders 

Dr Lauterpacht was a fonner Austrian with an interesting background. He was 
an assistant lecturer at the Round Table-influenced London School of Economics 
between the wars. Then, in 1940, he became a visiting professor at the Elite- 
controlled Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which was shown to be 
promoting war. After his words were used to destroy the defence of superior orders, 
Dr Lauterpacht was appointed to the British War Crimes Executive and to a stream 
of international law publications and positions, including the United Nations 
International Law Commission. 15 His son, Elihu Lauterpacht QC, was consultant to 
the UK government's Central Policy Review Staff during the Premiership of Edward 
Heath (Conservative) and Jim Callaghan (Labour), and a host of international law 
bodies. 16 The head of Heath's policy unit was Lord Victor Rothschild. 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Nuremberg was an insult to natural justice. It doesn't matter what the 
defendants were supposed to have done. If people don’t administer justice fairly, 
they cannot claim to be any better than those they condemn. The American judge, 
Justice Wenersturm, the president of one of the tribunals, resigned and went home 
in disgust at the injustice and manipulation of it all. Another American judge, 
Edward L. van Roden, was one of the three members of the Simpson Army 
Commission which was appointed to investigate the methods used at the Dachau 
trials at Nuremberg. His findings were reported in the Washington Daily News and 
the British Sunday Pictorial in January 1949. He described the ways that 'confessions’ 
were secured: 

"Posturing as priests to hear confessions and give absolution; torture with burning 
matches driven under the prisoner's finger nails; knocking out of teeth and breaking 
jaws; solitary confinement and near-starvation rations;. ..The statements which were 
admitted as evidence were obtained from men who had first been kept in solitary 
confinement for three, four, and five months. ..The investigators would put black hoods 
over the accused's head and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him 
and beat him with rubber hoses. ..All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we 
investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard 
operating procedure with our American investigators. ..Strong men were reduced to 
broken wrecks ready to mumble any admission demanded by their prosecutors." 

These were the people sitting in judgement of others for their war crimes. Once 
you fall for the trick of seeing two sides as 'good' and 'evil' with no shades of grey 
in between, you become a robot. Life is not like a John Wayne film. Shortly after the 
Falklands War in 1982, a soldier who served there told me how he had been 
devastated to see his fellow British soldiers bayonetting to death Argentine 
prisoners of war who had put down their weapons and surrendered. He described 
how other British 'heroes' cut off the fingers of dead Argentines to steal their rings. 
He was so appalled, he left the forces in disgust. Years later, evidence came to light 
about these very events which led to a police investigation, but their findings were 
ignored and the British government refused to press charges against those involved. 
The newspapers said what an outrage it would have been to charge 'our boys' with 
such offences when they were 'only fighting for their country'. It is about time we 
realised that some of 'our boys' act just as horribly as those in Germany and Iraq. 
Mind you, that would explode the nonsense we are supposed to accept that Britain, 
America, and the West in general are on white chargers, 'fighting for freedom’ to 
the sound of angelic choirs. 

Perhaps nothing demolishes this simplistic idea of 'free' world v tyranny more 
than Hitler's genetic experiments in pursuit of a Master Race. Ask most people 
about the master race mentality and they will point to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. 
But again, it is not as simple as that. The plan for a master race and the elimination 
of 'lesser' races did not begin and end in Nazi Gennany. It began long before and it 
is still going on. All that happened under Hitler was that he had such a grip on the 

master races 


country and the Gennan mind that he could openly promote it. This master race 
mentality is another part of the Elite's plan for the New World Order. When you 
think that the Prison Warders are seriously into genetic engineering of the most 
advanced kind, it is hardly surprising that their stooges on Earth would reflect that 
in their own attitude of mind. The Nazis were doing and saying publicly what the 
Elite in Britain and America had been saying and funding long before the word 
Nazi was even heard of. 

Eugenics is, to quote the Oxford Concise Dictionary, ".. .the production of fine 
offspring by the improvement of inherited qualities". The term eugenics was coined 
by the Englishman, Francis Gabon, in the later years of the nineteenth century. He 
called for society to intervene to maintain racial purity. Gabon wanted the forced 
sterilisation of the 'unfit'. Another 'pioneer' of this mindset was Thomas Robert 
Malthus, bom in 1766. It was from him that the theory of the 'survival of the fittest' 
was passed on through Herbert Spencer to Charles Darwin. Malthus was obsessed 
with the culling of the population and proposed a series of measures against the 
Tower races' (the poor), to keep the population down and, as he saw it, to prevent 
the human genetic stream being dominated by such 'inferior' racial lines. In his best 
known work, Essay, he suggested that streets should be made narrower and more 
people crowded into houses, to encourage the return of the plague. Villages should 
be built next to stagnant pools and, above all, remedies for preventing and curing 
disease ought to be strongly condemned, he said. Malthus went on: 

"We are bound injustice and honour formally to disclaim the right of the poor to 
support. To this end, I should propose a regulation be made declaring that no child 
born. ..should ever be entitled to parish assistance. ..The [illegitimate] infant is 
comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its 
place. ..All children beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this 
[desired] level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths 
of grown persons ." 17 

From such a mind did the idea of the 'survival of the fittest' emerge, and it has 
dominated 'science' ever since! Add to this the belief that the intellect of a person is 
genetically determined by the intellect of the parents and you have the eugenics 
movement, which came to the surface so infamously under the rule of Adolf Hitler. 
Although advanced esoteric knowledge is known at the top level of the Elite, some 
of those lower down on the pyramid are encouraged to believe some incredible 
garbage. Genetic superiority of the intellect through interbreeding is one of them. It 
appeals to the ego, I guess. Note, also, how the Malthus proposals of the 
encouragement of disease and of forcing upon the poor conditions they are unlikely 
to survive, are still at the forefront of Elite policy in the Third World and within 
industrialised countries, too. 

Names now familiar to us in this book, such as the Harrimans and the 
Rockefellers, were seriously into eugenics. Averell Harriman's mother funded the 
launch of the race-science movement in America in 1910, and built the Eugenics 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Record Office as a branch of the Galton National Laboratory in London. The 
Harrimans were responsible for the Bush family fortune and they were close to 
another Bush family backer, George Herbert Walker (a relative by marriage of 
Prescott Bush and grandfather to George Bush, who would go on to be President of 
the United States). By the late nineteenth century, some mentally ill people and 
children were being sterilised by US health officials as a result of eugenics policies. 
The State of Indiana made the sterilisation of the mentally ill and 'undesirables' 
compulsory and 475 men were sterilised at the Indiana State Reformatory. 

After the turn of the century, the Harrimans and Rockefellers spent more than 
$11 million to establish a eugenics research laboratory at Cold Springs Harbor on 
Long Island, New York, close to the Dulles brothers' estates. The study of eugenics 
was encouraged at the Elite-controlled universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, 
and Cornell. In Gennany, the same line was taken by Ernst Haeckel, the mystic and 
Aryan master race promoter, whose ideas would influence Hitler. Haeckel said it 
was the duty of a nation to enforce breeding, and he and his supporters fonned the 
Monist League to promote their sick beliefs in Gennany. The first International 
Congress of Eugenics was held in London in 1912. Among its directors were 
Winston Churchill and Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. By 1917, 
fifteen US States had eugenics laws, and all but a few of them made legal the 
compulsory sterilisation of epileptics, the mentally ill and retarded, and regular 

In 1932, a year before Hitler and Roosevelt came to power, the Harrimans helped 
to organise the Third International Congress on Eugenics at the American Museum 
of Natural History in New York. Averell Harriman’s sister, Mary, was the director of 
entertainment for the event. These wealthy American families, like their 
counterparts in Britain, feel themselves to be racially superior and they wish to 
protect their racial purity. This - along with the pursuit of power, wealth, and 
influence - is the reason why so many intermarriages take place within these 
families. America may not have an official royal family or aristocracy as they exist 
in Britain, but they have an unofficial one, and every effort is taken to trace one's 
line back, often falsely, to William of Orange and the British Royal Family, or to 
some wing of the British aristocracy. 

The aim of the eugenics movement was, and is, to create a Master Race by the 
sterilisation and forced birth control of those races considered 'inferior' . The 
International Congress of Eugenics in New York in 1932 tackled the 'problem' (as 
they saw it) of African-Americans and other 'inferior' stock reproducing and 
expanding their numbers. It was decided that the way to deal with this 'danger' to 
the higher races (themselves) was through sterilisation and 'cutting off the bad 
stock'. The Congress was dedicated to the work of Averell Harriman's mother and 
Averell did his best to support the proceedings. He personally arranged for the 
Hamburg-Amerika Shipping Line (controlled by himself, George Walker and 
Prescott Bush) to transport Nazis from Gennany to New York so they could take 
part in the Congress. The best known of them was Dr Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist at 
the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin. There he 

master races 


occupied an entire floor with his eugenics ’research’, and all of this was made 
possible by funds provided by., .the Rockefellers. 18 

Dr Rudin was unanimously elected president of the International Federation of 
Eugenics Societies at the New York Congress, and this was, in part, a recognition of 
his work as a founder of the Gennan Society for Race Hygiene. The eugenics 
movement called for the sterilisation of mental patients (mental hygiene societies); 
the execution of criminals, the insane, and the terminally ill (euthanasia societies); 
and race purification by sterilisation and the prevention of births to those 
considered inferior bloodstocks (population control societies). All of this was up 
and running long before anyone had heard of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler's 
Gennany was a vehicle for part of this movement; it wasn’t the whole movement. 

Soon after Hitler had abolished elections and become dictator of Gennany in 
1933, the Rockefeller-funded Dr Rudin was commissioned to write the Law for the 
Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity, which involved the forced 
sterilisation of anyone considered genetically inferior. A quarter of a million people 
who were mental patients, blind, deaf, or alcoholics were sterilised on the order of 
special eugenics courts. Rudin supervised this policy and trained the psychiatrists 
and doctors to order and perform the sterilisations. But where did the Nazi Rudin 
get his inspiration from for the wording of his race laws? From the Model Eugenical 
Sterilization Law of 1922, presented by H.H. Laughlin, the eugenics ’expert’ of the 
US House of Representatives Committee on Immigration and Nationalisation, 
which was accepted by many States. Eugenics was not unique to Nazi Gennany. In 
1942, the American ’psychiatrist' Foster Kennedy called for the killing of retarded 
children, and between 1941 and '43 more than 42,000 people were sterilised in 
America. 19 

Nor did the master race mentality end in 1945 with the demise of Hitler's 
Gennany. Obviously, talk of master races, racial purity, and sterilisation to improve 
the stock was bad PR, once some of the tales of Nazi projects began to be known. 
But all that happened was that the names for master race policies were changed to 
disguise the true meaning. We began to hear about euthanasia and population 
control instead of eugenics and race purification, but it's all the same thing really. 
What the Hanimans, Rockefellers, and people like Prescott Bush were funding and 
supporting before and during the war, their successors have continued to promote 
under the cover of ’acceptable’ language. For instance, one of the people who 
worked with the Harrimans and Prescott Bush in their funding of Hitler was 
William H. Draper Jr, the man who helped to fund the Nazi cartels and was then 
appointed by Roosevelt after the war to decide what should be done with them. 

Draper, a close associate of Averell Harriman, was a major funder of the 
International Eugenics Congress before the war and was one of those responsible 
for making Dr Ernst Rudin the head of the world eugenics movement. In 1958, 
Draper was appointed to chair a committee which was advising President Dwight 
Eisenhower (CFR) on the use of military aid to other countries. This appointment 
was made possible by Prescott Bush, who was then a US Senator for Connecticut. 
Bush was a regular golf partner of the president and of National Security Advisor 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Gordon Gray (a close friend and eugenics promoter). By now, John Foster Dulles 
(Bush's fonner lawyer during the funding of Hitler) was the Secretary of State, and 
his brother Allen Dulles (formerly with Schroder, Hitler's personal bankers) was 
head of the CIA. To put it mildly, a eugenics enthusiast like Draper had many 
people around him of like mind. This allowed him to change the whole thrust of 
his committee from that of advising on military aid to campaigning on the threat 
of the 'population explosion’. His committee formulated plans to depopulate 
the poorer countries: i.e. those people who do not have white skins. The growth 
of such peoples, said Draper, was a threat to the national security of the 
United States. 

Eisenhower dismissed Draper’s proposals, but with support from his fellow 
racial purity fanatics, he went on to found the Population Crisis Committee/ 
'Draper Fund', which - together with the Rockefeller and DuPont families - 
continued to promote eugenics under the guise of population control. Draper was 
advisor to President Lyndon Johnson on this subject and that administration began 
to use the overseas aid programme to fund birth control in non-white countries. 

Another of Draper’s 21 like-minds in American politics was to be Prescott's son, 
George Bush, a vocal supporter of General Draper's policies. Bush arranged 
hearings as early as 1969 into the dangers posed by the birth of too many black 
babies. Draper's son and heir, William H. Draper III, was co-chainnan for finance 
and head of fundraising for the George Bush For President campaign in 1980. Later 
in that decade, Bush persuaded Ronald Reagan to appoint the younger Draper to be 
administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, an organisation 
connected with the World Bank and charged with supervising population control! 

Eugenics and master race policies were passed on across the generations of 
these ruling families of the Elite. During George Bush's tenure in the White House, 
the population control element of the aid budget soared. His legal counsel from 
1980 was Boy den Gray, who became the chief legal advisor to the President during 
the Bush administration. Gray would have been able to give him plenty of advice 
on population control. When Boyden was a boy after the war, his father, Gordon 
Gray (Prescott Bush's close friend), launched the project which provided the basis 
of today's global sterilisation programme. In 1946, the eugenics movement was 
trying to rebuild itself in the wake of the rather unfortunate publicity aroused by 
one of its chief advocates, Adolf Hitler. During the war. The Sterilization League of 
America had changed its name to Birthright Inc., and was now looking for a means 
to get back to business. Its efforts to relaunch itself in Iowa ended when a young 
boy died during a sterilisation operation and the bad publicity brought an end to 
the plan. Instead they moved to Gray family territory in North Carolina. Gordon 
Gray had founded the Bowman Gray (Memorial) Medical School in Winston-Salem. 
It was named after Boyden's grandfather, who had owned the R.J. Reynolds 
Tobacco Company. The school became a centre for eugenics. It compiled extensive 
records of families carrying 'inherited diseases', and it began a project which., .get 
this., .forcibly sterilised young children who were not considered to be of a high 
enough IQ. No, no, I am not talking about Nazi Gennany during the war; I am 

master races 


talking about the United States of America in 1946-1947! Boy den Gray's great aunt, 
Alice Shelton Gray, founded the Human Betterment League (the North Carolina 
branch of the national eugenics sterilisation movement), and she was the official 
supervisor of the master race experiment that was begun at the Grays' 'medical 
school’. Others involved were Dr Claude Nash Herndon, the assistant director of 
medical genetics' at the school, and Dr Clarence Gamble (the heir to the Proctor 
and Gamble soap empire), who was the chief of 'national field operations’. Children 
enrolled in the Winston-Salem school district were given 'intelligence tests' and 
those who fell below the mark considered acceptable to these bizarre people were 
sterilised. Their recommendations were passed to the State Eugenics Board, which 
had the authority to order sterilisation under North Carolina law. Dr Claude Nash 
Herndon talked of his work in an interview in 1990 which was reported in George 
Bush, The Unauthorised Biography: 

"...IQ tests were run on all the children in the Winston-Salem school system. Only the 
ones who scored really low [were targeted for sterilisation], the real bottom of the 
barrel, like below 70. Did we do sterilizations on young children? Yes. This was a 
relatively minor operation. ..It was usually not [done] until the child was eight or ten 
years old. For the boys, you just make an incision and tie the tube. ..We more often 
performed the operation on girls than with boys. Of course, you have to cut open the 
abdomen, but again, it is relatively minor." (p59) 

Oh, that's OK then. What were the media doing while all this was going on? Not 
a lot, it turns out. Dr Herndon talked of their "good relationship" with the press. 
This is less surprising when you realise that Gordon Gray owned the Winston-Salem 
Journal, the Twin City Sentinel and the radio station WSJS. Eugenics was being 
promoted on a wide scale after the war in the guise of population control, just as it 
is today. In the early 50s, when John Foster Dulles was chairman of the tax-exempt 
New World Order front, the Rockefeller Foundation, he travelled with John D. 
Rockefeller III on a number of world tours campaigning for policies to stem the 
expansion of the non-white populations. In November 1952, Dulles and Rockefeller 
launched the Population Council with tens of millions of dollars provided by the 
Rockefeller family. The American Eugenics Society left its old headquarters at Yale 
University, the home of the sinister Skull and Bones Society, and moved in with the 
Population Council. The two organisations, in effect, became one. The first 
president of the Population Council was Frederick Osborne, the long-time secretary 
of the American Eugenics Society. The child-steriliser of North Carolina, Dr Claude 
Nash Herndon, was made president of the Eugenics Society in 1953. 

When George Bush became ambassador to the United Nations in 1972, he and 
his clique in the US Agency for International Development arranged the first official 
contract between the American govermnent and the Sterilization League of 
America, which had, by then, changed its name yet again, to the Association for 
Voluntary Surgical Contraception. Under this contract, the US govermnent 
(taxpayer) began to fund this organisation to do in non-white countries of the world 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

what it had already done to children in North Carolina. In 1988, the year George 
Bush was elected president, another contract was arranged which involved the 
American taxpayer spending $80 million dollars over five years to expand this 
work in 58 countries in Asia, Africa, and Spanish- America. Millions have been 
sterilised and most of it has been funded by the taxpayer. Other countries do the 
same. And by the way, Dr Clarence Gamble, the sterilising enthusiast from the 
Proctor and Gamble soap family and the Bowman Gray Medical School, has also 
enjoyed funding from the USAID budget. His so called Pathfinder Fund is paid to 
infiltrate non-white societies and break down resistance to sterilisation. 

The Planned Parenthood Federation, which has been supported at every 
opportunity by George Bush and the manipulating Elite, was actually founded in 
London, at the offices of the British Eugenics Society. You can see that while the 
names change and the rhetoric may be couched in terms deemed acceptable to 
public opinion at the time, we are looking at the same unwavering agenda, weaving 
its way through the decades and the generations. Nazi Gennany was but its most 
famous example. Global centralisation of power, fundamental control of the minds 
and bodies of the mass population, and the creation of a master race. These are the 
themes that span the centuries and they still dominate the secret agenda today, 
which is manipulating our lives. 

But how many people in this world believe they are racially superior to the rest? 
The number is so vast it doesn’t bear thinking about. Ironically, many of those who 
have suffered from the master race mentality of one race, actually believe that they, 
themselves, are superior genetically to others. That attitude, that thought pattern, is 
broadcast into the collective mind, which creates a collective version of that reality. 
If within our psyche, we believe we are racially superior, we are more likely to 
attract that same mentality to us. A feeling of racial superiority is an imbalance and 
our subconscious attracts our imbalances to us as physical experiences so we can 
face them, leam from those experiences, and let them go. These imbalances often 
relate to thought patterns we hold onto from previous physical lives as well as this 
one, which is why someone who does not have a conscious feeling of racial 
superiority might still attract a racial experience to them. It is our subconscious 
reality that we are creating. We - humanity as a whole - thought the global master 
race mentality/reality into existence and we can now think it out again, by seeing 
all colours and creeds as equal, which they are. 

The Elite can get away with its deception because it has so many faces and 
works through so many different groups and organisations. In the next three 
chapters, I will unravel some of this structure and make it easier for those new to 
this subject to understand how the Elite remains hidden from most of the world 
while secretly plotting our collective fate. 

master races 



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chapter 8 

the secret government 

W ith the war at an end, the world was at the mercy of the Global Elite. Europe 
was devastated, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and 
economically - as it was planned to be. 

The enormity of the deceit may be hard to comprehend as you survey those 
endless rows of white gravestones in the war cemeteries of France, but those young 
men and women did not die for freedom in its true sense. They died to satisfy the 
Elite agenda for global domination and, on a higher level, to deepen the control of 
the Prison Warders on the Fourth Dimension. Of course, if those soldiers on both 
sides had known that, there would have been no war. Instead, they were presented 
with a story that the Nazis were a uniquely evil creation that had to be stopped by 
the forces of goodness, freedom, and virtue. Again, another black and white fantasy. 
The Nazi philosophy was unspeakable, but it was also the philosophy of those who 
controlled the Allies. The same forces funded and manipulated both of them. 

At the end of World War II, the United States was the most powerful country on 
Earth. It had bankrolled the war and, through the lend-lease system of supplying 
armaments on the basis of 'have now, pay later', Europe was drowning in debt to 
the American - Elite-controlled - bankers. Roosevelt had told Churchill years 
earlier that the British Empire would have to be dismantled and now that was a 
certainty. Britain’s long period of pre-eminence was over, destroyed by the two 
World Wars. For me, Britain should never have had an 'empire' in the first place, 
but we need to keep our eyes on why it was brought to an end by those plotting 
their own world supremacy. If you read the Illuminati Protocols (which I included 
in The Robots' Rebellion), you will see that the use of debt and wars as a means of 
control was precisely what the manipulators had always planned. 

These protocols came to light late in the last century and, although they have been 
condemned as a 'forgery', they tell the story of the twentieth century with remarkable 
accuracy. Whoever wrote them knew what was coming. The debt they talk about was 
to grow still more, with the European countries borrowing heavily from America, to 
rebuild their towns and cities in the aftermath of all the bombing that had gone on. 

The United States (Global Elite) introduced its Grand Area strategy to control 
Western Europe, the whole of the Western hemisphere, the Middle and Far East, and 
the fonner British Empire. The Third World was essential to this policy. In the words 
of a 1949 memo by the US State Department, the Third World would ".. .fulfil its 
major function as a source of raw materials and a market for industrial capitalist 
societies". 1 Put another way, it was going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically 

the secret government 


raped. George Kennan at the State Department even suggested at this time that 
Europe might enjoy a ’psychological lift' from exploiting Africa, as declassified 
documents reveal." Vital to this plan was to ensure that no country, particularly in the 
Third World, was allowed to delink from Elite economic domination and run their 
economy for the benefit of the people. This so called 'threat of a good example', which 
others might follow, led to slaughter across South and Central America and the East, 
including Vietnam. Henry Kissinger (Comm 300) would call the introduction of social 
and economic reforms in Third World countries a 'virus' that, if allowed to thrive, 
would 'infect' a much wider area. 3 Or, as Secretary of State Dean Acheson (Comm 
300) said in the late 1940s, "One rotten apple can spoil the barrel". The Elite's barrel. 

The more terror that could be used against leaders and people trying to 
eliminate dependency on the Elite bankers and multinationals, the less likely it was 
that anyone else would try it. This was the fundamental and base motivation 
behind the United States (Elite) strategy which engineered the horrors in Vietnam, 
Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Italy, Chile, the Dominican Republic, 
Laos, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, and Indonesia. You would need a map of the world 
to list them all. Behind these events and the overthrow of democratically elected 
governments were many of the Nazis employed all over the world by the CIA. The 
SS officer and Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie, the 'Butcher of Lyon’, was one who was 
employed by the Americans to spy on the French. For hundreds, if not thousands, 
of Hitler's men who were ban kr olled by the CIA, it was 'business as usual' after the 
'defeat' of Nazism. The manipulation was happening on many levels, but the most 
important goal was to cause so much conflict between nation states (the problem), 
that public opinion would demand that something must be done (the reaction), and 
the Elite could then unveil its long-tenn plan for centralised global institutions 
under the control of a tiny clique (the solution). 

In summary, the foundation themes of the Elite's plan immediately after the war 
were the following: 

• To introduce a world authority called the United Nations (with associated bodies 
l ik e the World Health Organisation), which could evolve into a world 
government with powers to control the lives of everyone on the planet. 

• To continue to cause conflicts across the world and to use the fear of the Soviet 
Union to massively increase spending on nuclear weapons and 'conventional' 
weapons, thus adding to the terror of nuclear war and demands for global 
security. To set up an American-European defence alliance (which was called the 
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)) and a United Nations 'peace' 
keeping force, which, through the engineering of conflicts, would eventually be 
fused together to form the world army. 

• To create three 'free trade’ regions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which 
would be sold to people initially as merely economic groupings. Gradually, 
however, these would be evolved into centralised political unions, with one 


... and the truth shall set you free 

central bank and one currency. These would be stepping-stones to the 
introduction of the same institutions on a global scale. The European Economic 
Community, now the European Union, was the first of these, but the other two 
are now underway, also. 

• To advance the control of public opinion and to research and expand the 
understanding of how to manipulate the human psyche, individually and 
collectively. Today this agenda includes the microchipping of people and their 
pennanent connection to a global computer. 

• To create a welfare state while destroying alternatives to the economic system 
and, when the desired dependency had been achieved, to dismantle that state 
welfare support, so creating a vast underclass without help or hope. 

• To make fantastic amounts of money in the course of realising all of these 
ambitions via the Elite-controlled companies and banks. 

• To continually add to the debt burdens of people, business, and state, thus 
increasing the control exerted over them. 

The approach which was followed to hoodwink public thinking was painfully 
predictable, but highly effective: Discredit the nation state. This was laid out during 
the War by the Gennan economist and refugee, Hans Heymann, who produced his 
Plan for Pennanent Peace using funds given by., .the Carnegie Endowment for 
International Peace. In this work he said: 

"Nations have created international disharmony in the vain belief that harmony in our 
society can be achieved on a national basis. ..This narrow-minded approach has left us 
one strong hope, namely, that this fallacious concept may hold only during a transitional 
period... After the debacle [World War Two] an international organisation will be 
imperative, for the well-being of society as a whole ." 4 

It was classic problem-reaction-solution. In 1945, the original Round Table secret 
society had two main offshoots - the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) 
at Chatham House in London (which had branches in many other parts of the 
world), and the RIIA’s United States branch, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) 
in New York (which had branches across the United States). In the post-war years, 
these would be joined by the Bilderberg Group (Bil), the Trilateral Commission 
(TC), and the Club of Rome (CR) to fonn a highly effective network of manipulation 
which comprises a very significant element of the secret government of the world - 
a government that is far more powerful than any elected authority (Figure 7). 

You will find the membership of these organisations among the elite of global 
politics and political 'advisors', banking, oil companies, multinational corporations, 
media owners, executives and journalists, the military, the law, and education. They 

the secret government 


work as organisations 
within organisations, 

infiltrating these spheres of 
influence and secretly 
promoting the Global Elite 
agenda. The majority of 
their colleagues and 
employees have no idea 
what is going on or how 
they are being used. As 
with the Round Table, there 
are distinct circles of people 
within these front groups. 
There is an elite core who 
work full time for the 
cause; a circle of members 
who know the agenda and 
work within their own 
organisations to achieve it; 
and an outer circle of 
members who are not 
aware of the real and full 
implications of the agenda, 
but are useful to the 
manipulators in the short term. Not everyone who is a member of these 
organisations is a conscious manipulator and we need to use our intuition and the 
information presented by researchers to decide which ones kn ow the score and 
which are being used without understanding what they are really involved in. In 
this chapter, I will outline the background and influence of these groupings and of 
their associated power blocs, the United Nations and the European Union. 

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) 

The Anglo-American Elite who met at the Versailles Peace Conference in Paris in 
1919 formed the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations in 1920 and 1921, as 
discussed earlier. The so called 'special relationship’ between Britain and America 
is, in fact, the relationship between the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations. 
Today the Royal Institute, with the Queen as its patron, has an enormous effect on 
British and global policy. It is the British Foreign Office. So why, it can be fairly 
asked, has British economic and political power been curtailed? The answer is that 
the British manipulators are far more interested in creating a world government 
than in improving Britain as a country. If curtailing British economic power and 
the empire was necessary for this wider plan, then so be it. As with the 'Jewish' 
clique, their commitment is to the cause of the All-Seeing Eye cult, not the interests 
of the people. 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

At the time of this writing, the RIIA’s three joint presidents are Lord Carrington 
(Comm 300), the fonner Conservative cabinet minister (including Foreign 
Secretary), Secretary-General of NATO, member of the Trilateral Commission, and, 
from 1991, the chainnan of the Bilderberg Group; Lord Callaghan of Cardiff, the 
former Labour Prime Minister, cabinet minister (including Foreign Secretary), and 
Bilderberg attendee; and Lord (Roy) Jenkins of Hillhead, a founding member in 
Europe of the Trilateral Commission, a Bilderberger, and the fonner Labour Cabinet 
minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Lord Jenkin s was one of the ’Gang of 
Four', along with fonner Labour Foreign Secretary, Lord (David) Owen (TC), who 
split the Labour Party in 1981 by launching their own Social Democratic Party 
(SDP). He was also a President of the European Commission and, together with 
people like the fonner Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath (Bil, TC), he is a 
passionate advocate of European union. The chainnan of the RIIA is the fonner 
Conservative MP, Christopher (now Lord) Tugendhat, the chainnan of the Abbey 
National Building Society and Governor of the Ditchley Foundation, which is a 
front for the New World Order, according to many researchers and published 
works. Tugendhat describes the European Union as, "the most hopeful and 
beneficent political development to be undertaken in this part of the world this 
century., .it is a brave and noble [sic] venture that I am proud to be able to serve". 5 
The Institute names as 'honorary presidents' the "presidents and prime ministers of 
the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries". 6 The presidents, prime 
ministers, and political elite throughout the world speak at the Institute, often 
under the secrecy of the 'Chatham House Rule’. This says that: 

"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants 

are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the 

speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed; nor may it be mentioned 

that the information was received at a meeting of the Institute ." 7 

So much for open government. The Institute is highly secretive and will not 
release details of its membership in high places. Why not, if it is only a 'think tank'? 
What is there to hide? When I rang to ask for a list of members in the British 
Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet, I was told by the membership secretary that the 
names of individual members are never released. To join, you have to be nominated 
by two members who know you well and even then you might not pass the 
selection procedure. Running alongside this membership is another which is only 
allowed access to the Institute's library. This second fonn of membership helps to 
smokescreen what is going on elsewhere in the organisation. The Institute is funded 
today, as it has been from the start, by the major global companies and banks. Its 
'Energy and Environment Programme’ is paid for by major oil companies, coal and 
electricity producers, and the Atomic Energy Authority. My goodness, I bet that's 
unbiased! Major corporate members of the RIIA are: Morgan Guaranty Trust 
Company of New York (J.P. Morgan); S.G. Warburg Group pic (before its takeover); 8 
Barings pic (before its mysterious and high profile collapse), the British Foreign 

the secret government 


and Commonwealth Office; the Ministry of Defence; the United States Embassy; the 
RTZ Corporation; Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa; British Petroleum; 
Shell International; Bank of England; Barclays Bank; Lloyds Bank; National 
Westminster Bank; Lazard Brothers; TSB Group; Abbey National; Midland 
Montagu; Coopers and Lybrand; Unilever; British American Tobacco Industries; 
British Aerospace; The Economist; Gerard Atkin s and Co Ltd; John Swire and Sons 
Ltd; and Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI). 

The other corporate members comprise a list of the world's leading companies, 
countries, and media. Even the Church of England is in there, along with the 
African National Congress (ANC) and Amnesty International. Why is Amnesty 
International supporting an organisation through which manipulation is 
orchestrated that adds massively to the number of political prisoners? Media 
organisations supporting the RIIA include ABC News Intercontinental Inc; CBS 
News; NBC News Worldwide Inc; Britain's Channel Four TV and Independent 
Television News (ITN); Fuji Television; Der Spiegel; The European; The Financial Times; 
The Guardian; The Independent and Independent On Sunday; The Observer; Daily 
Telegraph; The Times; The Scotsman; The Yorkshire Post; Reuters, the international news 
agency; The New York Times; The Washington Post; The Wall Street Journal; The Reader's 
Digest; and, quite outrageously for an organisation claiming to be independent, the 
BBC World Service; the BBC Monitoring Service; and BBC Radio. 

Taxpayer funding and support for the RIIA is given not only by the British and 
Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence, but also the Cabinet Office, the 
Treasury, the Department of the Enviromnent, the Department of Trade and 
Industry, Customs and Excise, and many other sources. The British Labour Party 
International Department is a corporate member, along with the Trades Union 
Congress (TUC), and so are other names we have seen throughout this book. These 
include the Chase Manhattan Bank (the post-war amalgamation of the Rockefellers' 
Chase Bank and the Rothschild/Warburg Bank of Manhattan), Morgan and 
Warburg companies and amalgamations, N.M. Rothschild and Sons Ltd, J. Henry 
Schroder (also acting as the bankers for the BBC charity, the Children in Need 
Appeal), the Ford Motor Company, and that population control organisation so 
beloved of George Bush, the Planned Parenthood Federation. Another name which 
keeps coming up in my investigations is the Hambros Bank Ltd, which is also a 
corporate member of the RIIA. The creation of a United States of Europe under 
centralised control is a major stepping-stone in the New World Order plan, and so it 
is appropriate and hardly surprising that the RIIA is also supported by the 
Commission of the European Communities, the European Parliament UK Office, 
the European Policy Advisers (UK) Ltd, European Round Table (how apt!) of 
Industrialists, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development . 10 

The Institute is used as a private forum for the elite to sell their New World 
Order ideas to invited audiences and those with influence in the media, politics, 
education and commerce. It is a lobbying organisation, in effect, for the New World 
Order and a means (outside the 'official' government machine) through which deals 
can be done and events arranged without the knowledge of either the public or 


...and the truth shall set you free 

elected parliaments. It is more than that, however. It is a central and powerful pivot 
in the secret government network, with very close links to the British Royal Family 
and British Intelligence. Again, most of the people involved with the RIIA do not 
realise how it is being used. 

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The United Nations (UN) 

The CFR is the Royal Institute, Stateside branch. The only major difference between 
them is that the CFR membership list is more widely available and some of its 
members have been so disturbed by what they have seen and heard that they have 
spoken out against it. Not many, but some. If only that were the case in Britain, 
where they leave the Americans standing when it comes to secrecy! Most of the 
'secrets' that come to the surface in Britain are those which have been purposely 
leaked to undennine a politician, personality, or group, for some desired, 
manipulative end. This general rule also applies in the US, but the British 
establishment has had longer to perfect its leak-proofing techniques. Since the 
fonnation of the CFR, every president of the United States has been a member 
except for Ronald Reagan. In truth Reagan was not president, his vice-president 
George Bush, a CFR member, was running the show. It was the Council on Foreign 
Relations, no doubt with RIIA input and coordination, that brought the United 
Nations (the successor to the League of Nations) into being. This was the jewel of 
the post-war manipulators and one of the main reasons the Second World War was 
fashioned. By 1945, the world was understandably sick and tired of war and the 
public mind was open to anything that might prevent more human slaughter. 
Problem-reaction-solution brought forth the United Nations. The UN Charter was 
officially accepted by representatives of fifty countries at a meeting in San Francisco 
on June 26th 1945. But that was only the public culmination of years of behind-the- 
scenes manoeuvring by the Council on Foreign Relations, which controlled the 
administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The writer, James Perloff, revealed the 
background to the UN in his 1988 book, The Shadows Of Power: The Council On 
Foreign Relations And The American Decline: 

"In January 1943, the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, formed a steering committee 
composed of himself, Leo Pasvolsky, Isaiah Bowman, Sumner Welles, Norman Davis, 
and Morton Taylor. All these men - with the exception of Hull - were in the CFR. Later 
known as the Informal Agenda Group, they drafted the original proposal for the United 
Nations. It was Bowman - a founder of the CFR and member of Colonel House's old 
'Inquiry' - who first put forward the concept. They called in three attorneys, all CFR 
men, who ruled that it was constitutional. Then they discussed it with Franklin D. 
Roosevelt on June 15th, 1944. The President approved the plan, and announced it to 
the public the same day." 11 

In his book, The American Language, H.L. Mencken suggests that the tenn 'United 
Nations' was decided by President Roosevelt during a meeting with Winston 
Churchill at the White House in December 1941, shortly before the attack on Pearl 

the secret government 



Harbor. The US delegation at the founding meeting of the UN was like a roll call of 
the CFR. It included Isaiah Bowman, Hamilton Fish Annstrong, Sumner Welles, 
Nonnan H. Davis, James T. Shotwell, and the Russian-born Leo Pasvolsky. They were 
all CFR members who served during the war on Roosevelt's Advisory Committee on 
Post-War Foreign Policies. In all, seventy-four CFR members were in the delegation. 
This was the vehicle through which the United Nations was manipulated into being. 

The US delegation at the San Francisco Conference also included: John J. McCloy 
(CFR chainnan from 1953-70, a member of the Committee of 300, the chainnan of 
the Ford Foundation and the Rockefellers' Chase Manhattan Bank, and friend and 
advisor to nine presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan); John Foster Dulles (Hitler 
supporter, CFR founder, and soon to be Secretary of State); and Nelson Rockefeller 
(an arch manipulator, four times elected Governor of New York, and vice president 
in the administration of President Gerald Ford). The attitude of John J. McCloy 
typified that of the manipulators who created the UN. He was a financial advisor to 
the Italian fascist government of Benito Mussolini and he played a significant role in 
Nazi Gennany for the Harriman/Bush bank which was financing Hitler. McCloy 
sat in Hitler's private box at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin at the invitation of Rudolf 
Hess and Hennann Goring. 13 McCloy was also a member of the Bilderberg Group 
Steering Committee. 

The secretary general of the conference was the State Department official and 
CFR member, Alger Hiss, later exposed as a secret agent employed by the Soviet 
Union. Hiss was executive secretary of the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference, 
where he worked with Stalin's man, Vyacheslav Molotov, on the details of the UN 
Charter. He was described as President Roosevelt's 'top international organisation 
specialist' at the Yalta Conference in the Crimea in February 1945, which was also 
attended by Churchill and Stalin. After guiding the UN into existence, Hiss was 
made president of the infamous Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an 
appointment made by John Foster Dulles, who ignored infonnation about Hiss's 
espionage when he was told about it in 1946. Later Hiss was exposed and spent 44 
months in prison. 

Other covert Communist Party members of the CFR were in the US delegation in 
San Francisco for the launch of the UN, among them Dexter White, who was also 
revealed as a Soviet agent. The Council on Foreign Relations directs the United 
States policy, whatever 'party' is officially in power. As John J. McCloy once said: 
"Whenever we needed a man [for a government position] we thumbed through the 
roll of the council members and put through a call to New York" (The CFR 
headquarters at Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street). 14 The granddaughter of 
fonner President Theodore Roosevelt, the newspaper columnist Edith Kennit 
Roosevelt, summed up the grip of the so called 'Eastern Establishment’ working 
through the CFR: 

"What is the Establishment's view-point? Through the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower 

and Kennedy administrations its ideology is constant: that the best way to fight 

Communism is by a One World Socialist State governed by 'experts' like themselves. 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

The result has been policies which favour the growth of the superstate, gradual 
surrender of United States sovereignty ..." 15 

Robert W. Lee, writing in the September 1992 edition of The New American 
pointed out that at least fourteen of the eighteen US secretaries of state since the 
CFR was founded in 1921 have been members of that organisation, including the 
acting secretary of state at the time of the article, Lawrence Eagleburger. The last 
eight directors of the CIA, including George Bush, had been CFR members, and 
over the previous four decades, the Democratic and Republican Party candidates 
for president or vice president who were (or became) members of the CFR were 
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Henry Cabot Lodge, 
Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie, George McGovern, Jimmy 
Carter, Walter Mondale, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bush, Michael 
Dukakis, Geraldine Ferraro, and Bill Clinton. 

This, then, is the organisation which created the United Nations. 16 The UN even 
built its headquarters in New York on land given free of charge by the Rockefellers. 
Besides the Rockefellers, names like Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, and Marburg were 
manipulating in the background, behind the politicians and advisors. The United 
Nations was sold to the public as a means to bring peace to the world, to solve 
differences by words, not war. Most of the people who work for the UN genuinely 
believe that is its purpose. They are about to be disillusioned on that score, I'm 
afraid. The UN is but a 'Trojan Horse’ for the global fascist/communist tyranny 
known as the New World Order. It is the vehicle through which the world 
government and world anny are being manipulated into place and through which 
public opinion is being softened up, by conflicts and propaganda, to accept this 
policy as the only way to bring peace and stability to human affairs. All seven of the 
UN secretary generals since 1945 have promoted such thinking. The last holder of 
the office, Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, began his career under the Egyptian dictator, 
Gamal Abdel Nasser. Boutros-Ghali called for a pennanent UN Army (world anny) 
and for the UN to have the right to levy taxation (world government). His 
successor, Kofi Annan, wants the same. 

The original United Nations has given birth to a stream of connected 
organisations which coordinate the New World Order plan in areas like health 
(World Health Organisation), population control or - more accurately - eugenics, 
(the UN Population Fund - UNFPA), economic development and enviromnent (the 
UN Environment Programme - UNEP), education, science and culture (UNESCO), 
and the list is getting longer all the time. These are organisations which are 
designed to globalise control of all areas of our lives and we urgently need to wake 
up to this. The UN is a front for the Illuminati/Freemasonic hierarchy. In a speech 
in 1970, Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society in America, predicted 
with remarkable accuracy what the United Nations would become: 

"The United Nations hopes and plans - or, more accurately, the insiders, the 
conspiratorial bosses above it, hope and plan for it-to use population controls, 

the secret government 


controls over scientific and technological developments, control over arms and military 
strength of individual nations, control over education, control over health, and all the 
controls it can gradually establish under all of the different excuses for international 
jurisdiction that it can devise. These variegated separate controls are to become 
components of the gradually materialising total control that it expects to achieve by 
pretense, deception, persuasion, beguilement, and falsehoods, while the enforcement 
of such controls by brutal force and terror is also getting under way ." 17 

That is what the United Nations was always intended to do; that is what it was 
created to do; that is what it is now doing. 

The European Economic Community - now The European Union 

The plan to create three global trading blocks which would eventually be merged 
into one is not new. It has been a long-tenn plan to centralise power in Europe, the 
Americas, and Asia-Australia, via groupings promoted initially as free trade areas, 
but later evolving into the European Union, the American Union, and the Pacific 
Union. The European Economic Community was the first, and this has been 
followed by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which involves 
the US, Canada, and Mexico. This agreement was signed by President George Bush 
on August 12th 1992. In my scores of public talks throughout 1994, I said that this 
would eventually be expanded to encompass the whole of the Americas. This was 
not prophecy, simply knowledge of the game plan. It doesn't matter what president 
is nominally in power, be it Republican or Democrat, the plan rumbles on. What 
was it that George Bush, a Republican, said when NAFTA was launched? That he 
wished to see a free trade area stretching from the top of North America to the tip of 
South America. What was it that Bill Clinton, a Democrat, said at a gathering of 
leaders from throughout the American continent on December 10th 1994? 

"History has given the people of the Americas the chance to build a community of 
nations, committed to liberty and the promise of prosperity... early in the next century 
[I want to see]. ..a huge free trade zone from Alaska to Argentina." 

Spot the difference? No, nor me. Another thing I was predicting through 1994, 
again from knowledge of the agenda, was the creation of the third 'free trade area' 
involving Asia and Australia. On November 16th 1994, I picked up a copy of the 
London Daily Telegraph to see that this had been agreed to on the previous day. 
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) grouping was accepted at a 
Summit meeting near Jakarta, Indonesia, attended by Bill Clinton, Paul Keating 
(the Australian Prime Minister), and heads of the Asian governments. Either 
Keating is in on the scam or he is easily duped. Now the process will begin of 
evolving the two latest trading blocs into the model used in Europe before merging 
them all into one. 

The plan for a United States of Europe under centralised control goes back 
centuries. It was one of the goals of the Knights Templar. When the Templars were 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

destroyed in their stronghold in France by a combination of the French King and 
the Pope, many of those who survived the onslaught regrouped in Scotland and the 
Templars refonned under the pseudonym, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This 
has a large number of its members in the high places of influence and power in the 
world, not the least in the United States. The men behind the European Community, 
now the European Union, were Jean Omar Marie Gabriel Monnet (Comm 300), the 
son of a French brandy merchant; Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi (Comm 
300) from Austria; and Joseph Retinger (Comm 300), a Polish socialist, who fonned 
an organisation called the European Movement to press for central control of 
Europe. He was also most influential in the creation of the Bilderberg Group, one of 
the key vehicles for secret government manipulation. Jean Monnet was the most 
important figure, however, in European union. 

Monnet went to Canada in 1910, at the age of just twenty to seek new markets 
for the family brandy business. There he linked up with the Hudson Bay Company 
and the Lazard Brothers banking operation and became part of the Anglo-American 
scene, even though he was French. He became a confidant to presidents and prime 
ministers, and this won him a highly lucrative contract to ship materials from 
Canada to France during the First World War. When the war ended he was 
appointed to the Allied Supreme Economic Council and he became advisor to the 
group around Lord Milner (Comm 300) and Colonel House (Comm 300), which was 
preparing the Treaty of Versailles and creating the League of Nations. By 1919, his 
influence and reputation among the manipulators was such that he was named the 
Deputy Secretary General of The League of Nations. The same names again. Six 
years later he moved to America and became vice president of a company owned 
by the Bank of America, called Transamerica. Monnet was now in the perfect 
position to coordinate the America-European conspiracy to create the European 

Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book in 1923, calling for a United 
States of Europe. He was named after Richard Wagner, of whom Hitler had said 
that to understand Nazi Gennany one had to understand Wagner. A close friend of 
the Count's father was Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. The Count's book 
was called Pan Europa, and he went on to form the Pan European Union with 
branches right across the continent, supported by leading European politicians, the 
Anglo-American Establishment, including Colonel House and Herbert Hoover, and 
the usual crowd that pop up everywhere. The Count said in his autobiography: 

"At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of 
his friends, Max Warburg, from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know 
us. To my great surprise [sure!], Warburg spontaneously [sure!] offered us 60,000 gold 
marks to tide the movement over for its first three years. ..Max Warburg, who was one 
of the most distinguished and wisest men that I have ever come into contact with, had 
a principle of financing these movements. He remained sincerely interested in Pan- 
Europe for his entire life. Max Warburg arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to 
introduce me to Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch." 18 

the secret government 


Also among the supporters of the Pan European Movement was Winston 
Churchill (Comm 300), who wrote an article in 1930 for the American publication, 
The Saturday Evening Post, entitled "The United States of Europe". This was nine 
years before the Second World War for which Churchill so vigorously campaigned - 
a war that was responsible for creating the European Community. Count 
Coudenhove-Kalergi was given enthusiastic backing from such 'unbiased' sources as 
John Foster Dulles, Nicholas Murray Butler, the president of Columbia University 
and the Carnegie Endowment for International War (sorry, 'Peace'), and Dr Stephen 
Duggan, the founder and first president of the Institute of Education, which was 
100% controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. Those who funded the 
Bolshevik Revolution and both sides in the two World Wars, including Adolf Hitler, 
were plotting to introduce the European Community as well as the United Nations. 

Meanwhile, Monnet was also close to Franklin D. Roosevelt, thanks to his 
relationship with the President's influential aide, Harry Hopkins, who was to 
Roosevelt what Colonel House had been to President Wilson. Hopkins was 
financed by the Rockefellers and he was their man in the White House. He was 
recruited by Nelson Rockefeller to work on the New Deal which actually prolonged 
the United States depression. 19 Both Monnet and Hopkins were supporters of the 
Soviet Union and Monnet was deeply involved in the lend-lease policies through 
which vast amounts of weapons, other materials, and knowledge of US nuclear 
technology were transferred to the communist world. Organisations like the Federal 
Union Movement - later the Atlantic Union Committee and the Atlantic Council of 
the United States - were fonned to press for the union of America and Britain. Such 
bodies were dominated by CFR members. 

Among the directors of the Atlantic Council in the 1970s were George Bush 
(Comm 300) and one of the world’s most influential and tireless manipulators, 
Henry Kissinger (Comm 300), of whom much more will be revealed as our story 
progresses. The pressure and propaganda for European Union reached new heights 
in May 1948, when the United European Movement held its Congress of Europe. 
The leading advocates of the Movement were Winston Churchill and his son-in-law, 
the British politician Duncan Sandys, and working behind the scenes to great effect 
were Jean Monnet and the creator of the Bilderberg Group, Joseph Retinger. The 
Congress adopted seven Resolutions on the political union of Europe. One of them 
stated, "The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step 
towards the creation of a United World" [world government]. Monnet also headed 
the Committee for the United States of Europe, which had the same goal. 20 

The post-war American loans to Europe, known as the Marshall Plan or 
European Recovery Programme (ERP), were used both to provide funds for the 
European Union movement and to undermine the independence of sovereign 
states and increase the pressure for the central control of Europe. This aid plan was 
supposed to be the work of General George C. Marshall, President Truman's 
Secretary of State, but it is now known that the architects were Jean Monnet and 
the Council on Foreign Relations. 21 In 1946-1947, a CFR study group was fonned to 
report on the Reconstruction of Europe. The group was chaired by the lawyer, 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Charles M. Spofford, and the secretary was David Rockefeller (Comm 300), later to 
be head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the chainnan of the CFR, a leading 
influence in the Bilderberg Group, and creator of another front for the Elite, the 
Trilateral Commission. 

Within little more than a year, this CFR 'study group’ changed its name to the 
Marshall Plan and was sold as government policy. The man chosen to head the 
Marshall Plan in Europe was... Averell Harriman (Comm 300), who based himself at 
the Rothschild's Paris Mansion, Hotel Talleyrand. The proposal was not given an 
easy ride and there were many congressmen who could see through the 
smokescreen. The CFR therefore launched a propaganda offensive by Elite 
organisations to ensure that the policy was accepted. These included the CFR- 
controlled business and trade union bodies and, of course, the CFR-controlled 
media. The policy of a United States of Europe was given sterling support from the 
CFR's New York Times and Washington Post. 

The Elite-contrived 'Cold War' would also be very useful, as indeed it would be 
on so many occasions in the decades that followed. The need to make loans to 
Europe to overcome the threat of communism (which the Elite had created) was 
effectively used to win Congressional approval for the Marshall Plan. John J. 
McCloy (Comm 300), the chainnan of the CFR for nearly twenty years, said that his 
period as US High Commissioner to Germany after the war had shown him how 
the use of the communist threat could get things done. "People sat up and listened 
when the Soviet threat was mentioned", 22 he said. When the proposals secured 
approval, the Marshall Plan executive board included Allen W. Dulles, then 
president of the CFR; Philip Reed, the chainnan of General Electric; the fonner 
secretaries of war, Henry L. Stimson and Robert P. Patterson; and the fonner 
undersecretary of state, Dean Acheson (Comm 300), a member of the CFR who was 
in the US delegation at the fonnation of the United Nations. 

The first step in the creation of the European Community was the introduction of 
the European Coal and Steel Community, which started in July 1952, and merged 
the coal and steel industries of West Gennany, France, Italy, Belgium, the 
Netherlands, and Luxemburg under one central control. It had the powers to decide 
prices, investment, raise money, and make decisions by majority voting. It was 
introduced under the name The Schuman Plan (after the French socialist foreign 
minister and later prime minister, Robert Schuman), but once again the man behind 
it was Jean Monnet, then head of the French General Planning Commission. The 
idea won gushing praise from CFR names like John Foster Dulles and Dean 
Acheson, and Monnet was awarded the Wateler Peace Prize of two million francs to 
recognise the "international spirit which he had shown in conceiving the Coal and 
Steel Community...". Who made the award? The Carnegie Foundation! Two 
admirers of Monnet, Merry and Serge Bromberger, set out the plan in their book, 
Jean Monnet And The United States Of Europe: 

"Gradually, it was thought, the supranational authorities, supervised by the European 

Council of Ministers at Brussels and the Assembly in Strasbourg, would administer all 

the secret government 


the activities of the Continent. A day would come when governments would be forced to 
admit that an integrated Europe was an accomplished fact, without their having had a 
say in the establishment of its underlying principles. All they would have to do was to 
merge all these autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then 
proclaim a United States of Europe ." 23 

Monnet and his plotters tried to introduce a European anny under their central 
command. They called for disarmament by the nations and the creation of one 
army. The same is happening today on a global scale. The six members of the Coal 
and Steel Community signed a treaty to this effect in 1952, but it failed to 
materialise when the French Parliament refused to accept it. Still, on March 25th 
1957, the six did sign the two Treaties of Rome to create the European Economic 
Community or Common Market, and the European Atomic Energy Community 
(Euratom). The negotiations for the Treaties of Rome were controlled by Monnet 
with constant help from the CFR network in the United States. This was confirmed 
by Harvard lecturer, Ernst H. van der Beugel, an honourary secretary-general of 
the Elite's Bilderberg Group and a member of the Trilateral Commission. In his 
book, From Marshall Aid To Atlantic Partnership (foreword by his friend, Flenry 
Kissinger), he says: 

"Monnet and his action committee were unofficially supervising the negotiations and as 
soon as obstacles appeared, the United States diplomatic machinery was alerted, 
mostly through Ambassador Bruce. ..who had immediate access to the top echelon of 
the State Department... 

"At that time, it was usual that if Monnet thought that a particular country made 
difficulties in the negotiations, the American diplomatic representative in that country 
approached the Foreign Ministry in order to communicate the opinion of the American 
Government which, in practically all cases, coincided with Monnet's point of view ." 24 

Monnet = Global Elite. The Single European Act, which brought down trade 
barriers across Europe from 1992, and the Maastricht Accords for European union 
are just more stepping-stones along the road to the United States of Europe under 
Elite control. The stepping-stones approach is used daily to fool the public. The 
manipulators know that if we were asked to move from nation state sovereignty to 
world government in one leap, even the bewildered herd might ask what was going 
on and oppose it. So we are sold a series of intennediate stages which are promoted 
as isolated and unconnected events. Once we have accepted one, the next is 
introduced until the final goal is reached by stealth. It is like putting someone in a 
bath of cold water and then heating it slowly until it boils. Only in the final stages 
does the victim realise what is happening and by then it may be too late. Josef 
Stalin, the authoritarian dictator of the Soviet Union, explained this process in his 
book, Marxism And The National Question, published in 1942 when the Anglo- 
American-communist game plan was obviously well known to him. He wrote: 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

"Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. 
Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty 
than they will for a world authority. Later, the regionals can be brought all the way into a 
single world dictatorship ." 25 

Which is precisely what is happening. In 1984, the Soviet KGB defector, Anatoliy 
Golitsyn, warned that there would be a 'false liberalisation’ in the Soviet Union and 
Eastern Europe. This would be welcomed by the West, he said, and it would lead to 
a merger of the European Community and the countries of the fonner Soviet Union. 
On the same weekend in December 1994, that Bill Clinton announced plans for the 
NAFTA free trade area to be expanded across the Americas to Argentina, the 
European heads of government revealed plans to allow countries of the fonner 
Soviet Union to join the European Union. Events are now moving very quickly. In 
the first draft of this chapter, I wrote that the plan was to eventually merge the 
fonner Soviet Union into the United States of Europe and, before this book was 
finished, it had been officially announced. 

Look at how far the confidence trick has travelled since the introduction of the 
European Economic Community, or Common Market. We were told we had to join 
or the British economy would collapse. Oh really? The current British deficit in 
European trade and membership contributions since we joined is closing in on £100 
billion! 26 Once the peoples of Europe had been tricked into believing that if they 
didn't join they would all face disaster, the word economic was dropped from the 
title and it became the European Community (stepping-stone). Later there was 
another name change to the European Union (stepping-stone). We have also had the 
move towards the centralisation of political power in the community and the 
erosion of national decision-making (stepping-stone). This was followed by the 
pressure for a European Central Bank and one European currency (stepping-stone). 
And the concept of Europe with centralised control administered by a European 
Central Bank, one currency, regional administration and common labour, transport 
and industrial policies, is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis planned for Europe. 
They even called their plan the European Economic Community (Europaische 
Wirtschaft = gemeinschaft). 27 

In his 1966 book, Tragedy And Hope, Elite ’insider’ Carroll Quigley explained 
how the process of European integration on all levels was to be achieved in 
stages; Richard N. Gardner (Comm 300) of the CFR was later to say how the plan 
was to "erode it [sovereignty] piece by piece". 28 On November 9th 1988, the 
European leaders gathered at the Pantheon in Paris to celebrate the centenary of 
the birth of Jean Monnet, the man called ’the father of Europe’. But what was 
there to celebrate about Monnet’ s creation? It has kept the peace in Europe since 
1945? No, no. The Elite has allowed that to happen so European integration could 
take place. Without the manipulators there would have been no pan-European 
wars in this century, anyway. Monnet created a monster which is in the process of 
devouring freedom. The integration of Europe is another major vehicle for the 
New World Order. 

the secret government 


The Bilderberg Group (BIL ) 29 

The creation of the European Community and the Bilderberg Group are linked by 
one man in particular, the Polish socialist, Joseph Retinger, a founder of the 
European Movement and fellow conspirator with Jean Monnet. It was Retinger and 
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who suggested regular meetings of European 
foreign ministers. Out of these meetings came the customs union known as the 
Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg), a forerunner to the 
European Community. Appropriately, it was in a speech at Chatham House to the 
Royal Institute of International Affairs that Retinger set out his vision of a Europe in 
which countries would ’relinquish part of their sovereignty'. 30 In London he met 
Averell Harriman, then US Ambassador to England. Harriman arranged for him to 
visit the United States to gather support for the Independent League for Economic 
Cooperation, also known sometimes as the Economic League for European 
Cooperation, which Retinger was organising. In America, Retinger (in his own 
words) enjoyed widespread approval for his plans from Russel C. Leffingwell, senior 
partner in the J.P. Morgan bank and official of the CFR; David Rockefeller, the CFR 
chairman from 1946-53; Nelson Rockefeller (CFR); Sir William Wiseman (Comm 
300), partner in Kuhn, Loeb, the Rothschild company; George Franklin, the CFR 
executive director from 1953-71 and an 'in law' to the Rockefeller family; John Foster 
Dulles, and many other familiar characters. 31 By this time, Retinger had already 
fonned the American Committee on a United Europe with Allen Dulles, the first 
head of the CIA, and William Donovan, the head of the CIAs predecessor, the OSS. 32 

From these and other discussions came the idea of a grouping of leading 
politicians, political advisors, media owners and executives, multinational company 
and banking executives, military leaders, and educationalists, who would meet to 
decide the future of the world. It would become known as the Bilderberg Group, 
named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where the first 
meeting took place from May 29th to 31st 1954. At the heart of the Bilderberg 
Group's fonnation were the Rothschilds and people like Retinger, Prince Bernhard 
of the Netherlands, Paul Rykens (the chainnan of the soap and food giant, 
Unilever), and that man again, Averell Harriman. The influence of Harriman on this 
century can hardly be overstated, although most people will never have even heard 
of him. It was Harriman who arranged the lend-lease supplies to Britain and the 
Soviet Union; was the leading administrator of the Marshall Plan in Europe (which 
directed the policies of recipient countries); introduced the defence budget 
procedures with Jean Monnet and the British civil servant, Edwin Plowden, for the 
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) which are still used today; headed the 
Mutual Security Administration which reanned Europe during the Cold War. This 
was the man whose family businesses supported the emergence of Adolf Hitler and 
the eugenics movement. 

Prince Bernhard, the fonner Gennan SS officer, Gennan spy via the I.G. Farben 
Company, 33 and later a major shareholder with Lord Victor Rothschild in Shell Oil, 
went to America to arrange the US membership of the Bilderberg Group. Prince 
Bernhard was bom in 1911 as the Gennan Prince of Lupp-Biesterfeld and later 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

worked for I.G. Farben's ’NW7' intelligence department. He married Princess 
Juliana (Comm 300) of the Netherlands in 1937. They were exiled to London after 
the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands and this ’former’ Gennan intelligence 
operative worked as a top military liaison with allied forces. 34 The man who 
persuaded Bernhard to be the frontman for the Bilderbergers was that arch 
manipulator.. .Lord Victor Rothschild. The annual meeting of the Anglo-European- 
American Elite known as the Bilderberg Group was to become a key component in 
the Elite network which forms the secret government of the world today. Among 
those who attended that first meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel in 1954 were David 
Rockefeller (CFR); Dean Rusk (CFR, TC, Rhodes Scholar), the head of the 
Rockefeller Foundation and Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy; Joseph E. 
Johnson (CFR), head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the 
US Secretary of the Bilderbergers; Denis Healey (TC, RIIA, Comm 300), the British 
Labour Party Minister of Defence from 1964-1970 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 
1974-1979; Hugh Gaitskell, the future leader of the British Labour Party before his 
death in the early 60s; and Lord Boothby, who worked with Winston Churchill on 
the unification of Europe. 35 Denis Healey has attended more Bilderberg meetings 
since 1954 than any other United Kingdom politician. He also became chainnan of 
another Elite creation, the International Monetary Fund Interim Committee, and he 
was given a grant by the Ford Foundation 36 to launch the Elite's Institute of 
Strategic Studies, which began operating in London in 1958. 37 For 12 years, Healey, a 
leading member of the Fabian Society, served on the council of the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs and became a member of the Rockefellers' Trilateral 
Commission in 1979. 

The Bilderberg Group consists of a small core elite, known as the Steering 
Committee. This is unelected and was headed by Prince Bernhard, a close friend of 
the British Royal Family. He remained chainnan until he resigned in 1976 when he 
was implicated in the Lockheed bribery scandal. Lord Home (Comm 300), the 
former British Prime Minister, took over as chainnan and since 1991 that post has 
been held by Lord Carrington. He is an extremely close associate of Henry 
Kissinger. Carrington is a former British cabinet minister, secretary general of 
NATO, member of the Committee of 300, and cunent President of the Royal 
Institute of International Affairs. Peter Rupert Carrington comes from a family 
which made its money from banking. Carrington was on the board of Hambros 
Bank (Comm 300 designate) which has been linked with the Michel Sindona 
financial scandal in Italy. This was, in turn, connected with the infamous P2 
Freemasonry Lodge which blew Italian politics apart. Among Lord Carrington's 
other business interests have been directorships at Rio Tinto Zinc, Barclay's Bank, 
Cadbury Schweppes, Amalgamated Metal, British Metal, Christies (the 
auctioneers), and the chairmanship of the Australian New Zealand Bank. 

In his book, The English Rothschilds, Richard Davis reports that Lionel Rothschild 
was a frequent visitor to the Carrington’s home in Whitehall. The two families are 
related by the marriage of the fifth Earl Rosebery to Hannah Rothschild, daughter 
of Mayer, in 1878. During the ceremony, she was given away, as the British say, by 

the secret government 


Prime Minister Disraeli. The Bilderberg Elite, like Carrington and those on the 
steering committee, coordinate the regular attenders of Bilderberg meetings (who 
know the real game plan) and those invited on a rare or one-time basis (who may 
not know the true agenda of the organisation, but can be fed the party line that 
world institutions are the way to peace and prosperity). The Elite are also very 
efficient manipulators of the ego and many politicians feel themselves to have 
’arrived’ on the international stage if they are invited to attend. 

The Bilderberg Group meets once a year and always in the strictest secrecy. The 
hotels are cleared of everyone except the Bilderbergers and hotel staff. The meetings 
discuss the strategy required over the following twelve months to further the goals 
of the New World Order, and it cooperates with associated organisations. Not a 
word of the discussions is allowed to be reported in the mainstream press. This, 
despite the attendance of major media figures l ik e Katharine Graham (Bil, CFR, TC), 
the present owner of the Washington Post, and Conrad Black (Bil, TC), the owner of 
the Hollinger Group which controls the London Daily Telegraph, the Jerusalem 
Post, the Spectator, and scores of other media organisations around the world. 
Graham is also co-chairman (with Arthur Ochs Sulzberger of the New York Times) in 
the jointly-produced International Herald Tribune, another propaganda sheet for 
the Global Elite. Graham is further connected with Newsweek magazine and the 
news agency, Associated Press (AP), which feeds infonnation to countless media 
outlets around the world; not information about the Bilderberg Group, however, or 
the CFR or Trilateral Commission. 

Three board members of Black's Hollinger empire, and/or the Daily Telegraph, 
are Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Black has 
served on the Bilderberg Steering Committee. His Hollinger Group has an 
interesting history. It was fonnerly known as the Argus Corporation which evolved 
from a company set up by the elite British intelligence unit of World War II, the 
Special Operations Executive, thanks to the leading economic warfare expert, 
Edward Plunket Taylor. He was a business partner of George Montegu Black, 
Conrad’s father. Both were involved in brewing in Canada and their rise paralleled 
that of the Bronfmans, the family of a Canadian gangster of the prohibition period. 
Today the Bronfmans are closely connected with that notorious Elite organisation, 
the Anti-Defamation League. In 1940, Edward Plunket Taylor was personally 
appointed by Winston Churchill to the Special Operations Executive. His cover was 
to chair a private company called War Supplies Ltd, which was created by the SOE. 
Taylor and George Montegu Black made a vast fortune through this company and it 
continued after the war as the Argus Corporation, now the Hollinger Group. Taylor 
left in 1970 to draft the banking laws for the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas 
which, as a result, became "offshore" havens for dodgy money. Under Conrad 
Black's stewardship, a stream of Bilderbergers and other names mentioned in this 
book have been appointed to the board of Telegraph newspapers and the Hollinger 
Group. Great to know we have a free press, eh? 

Another member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee is Andrew Knight, the 
fonner executive on the Economist, Black's Daily Telegraph, and later the executive 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

chairman of Rupert Murdoch's News International which, in Britain, owns the Sun, 
Today, the News of the World, the Times and Sunday Times. Knight is still on the 
board of that organisation. Since 1982, he has been part of the Council of 
Management of the Ditchley Foundation, based at Ditchley Park, near Oxford, in a 
castle built for the Earl of Lichfield in the sixteenth century. The Ditchley 
Foundation was given the property by Ronald and Marietta Tree. Ronald was a 
fonner high flyer in British Intelligence. 38 The steering committee of the Bilderberg 
Group often holds its monthly meetings at the castle. The Ditchley Foundation is a 
New World Order front organisation which works closely with the Tavistock 
Institute for Human Relations in London, which a number of researchers and 
published works have claimed is a centre for the study of mass mind manipulation. 
Several of the names mentioned in this book are connected with Ditchley including 
Christopher (Lord) Tugendhat, the chainnan of the Royal Institute of International 
Affairs. The American branch of the Ditchley Foundation is run by Cyrus Vance 
(CFR, TC, Bil, Comm 300), secretary of state under Carter and a director of the 
Rockefeller Foundation. The number of journalists and media executives in the 
Bilderberg Group and in other strands in the network is very substantial, but try 
finding a word about these meetings in the mainstream media. 

Behind the Bilderbergers are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Today Henry 
Kissinger is a major manipulator, albeit as a puppet of those who really control him. 
Kissinger is an elite member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, 
and the Council on Foreign Relations, and he is connected with the Royal Institute 
of International Affairs, the Rockefeller/Rothschild Chase Manhattan Bank, and the 
Rockefeller Foundation. He also runs his own organisation, Kissinger Associates, 
among whose founding directors you will find.. .Lord Carrington! Kissinger and 
Carrington have close connections with Lord Roll of Ipsden, another Bilderberger, 
Trilateralist, member of the Committee of 300, and board member of Kissinger 
Associates. Lord Roll (fonnerly Sir Eric Roll) was the president of the merchant 
bank, S.G. Warburg. Another close friend of Kissinger in England was British 
Intelligence operative and spy, Lord Victor Rothschild. 

The Spotlight newspaper in Washington (which seeks to publish material that the 
mainstream media will not report) is constantly seeking to infiltrate Bilderberg 
meetings. It had a good year in 1991 when it obtained the guest list of the meeting 
in Baden-Baden, Germany. Among the names were David Rockefeller and a stream 
of US administrators, politicians, and company heads. Bill Clinton was there, then 
as governor for Arkansas, but he was soon to be President of the United States. 
Clinton is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral 
Commission, two of many things this Democrat shares with his predecessor in the 
White House, the Republican, George Bush. Conrad Black was there, as always, and 
so was another elite Bilderberger, the longtime head of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli 
(Comm 300). He is the richest and most powerful figure in Italian society with 
interests in banking, insurance, chemicals, textiles, armaments and publishing, 
reputed to be worth $60 billion. His publishing empire includes two of the three 
leading newspapers in Italy, La Stampa and Corriere dela Sera. I bet they don’t 

the secret government 


mention that their owner is a leading voice in the Bilderberg Group. Henry 
Kissinger described him as "one of the people in this world I like the most". 39 

European royalty was represented by two regular attenders, Queen Beatrix of 
the Netherlands (Comm 300), the daughter of Prince Bernhard, and Queen Sophia 
of Spain. The British delegation included John Smith, 40 the late leader of the Labour 
Party, who was also a Trilateralist; Gordon Brown, the shadow Labour Chancellor; 
Andrew Knight; Lord Roll of Ipsden; Lawrence Lreedman, the head of the 
Department of War Studies at Kings College; Christopher Hogg, the chainnan of 
Courtaulds; and Patrick Wright, the Pennanent Undersecretary of State and head of 
the Diplomatic Service. Manfred Womer, the late secretary general of NATO, was 
there and so was John R. Galvin, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at SHAPE 
headquarters. Galvin has been an advocate of NATO operations outside its official 
sphere of influence. The secretary general of NATO is a Bilderberg appointment. 
Most, if not all, of them have been Bilderbergers. In more recent times, the 
Bilderberger Joseph Luns, was replaced by Lord Carrington, who was followed by 
Manfred Womer, and after his death in 1994, he was replaced by another regular 
Bilderberger, Willy Claes, the Belgian Loreign Minister (who has since been 
questioned by Belgian police investigating corruption). The latest head of NATO, 
the Spaniard, Javier Solana (Bil), has been constantly pressing the Bilderberg Group 
agenda for a European anny, the expansion of NATO into the fonner Soviet Union, 
and for NATO to operate outside its designated area. According to The Spotlight, the 
introduction of the world army was high on the agenda in Baden-Baden, with 
Henry Kissinger saying in one of his Bilderberg forums: 

"A UN army must be able to act immediately, anywhere in the world, without delays 

involved in each country making its own decisions based on parochial considerations ." 41 

And, of course, Henry, if there just happened to be lots of conflicts in which UN 
Peacekeeping Lorces were exposed as inadequate and ineffective as in Bosnia, 
Rwanda, etc, the public outcry could be met with: "Well, if you will just agree to 
give the UN Lorces more powers, they could respond quicker and be as effective as 
you want them to be". Problem-reaction-solution. Kissinger also said he was 
delighted with the way George Bush was able to declare war on Iraq by going direct 
to the United Nations when under the US Constitution, only Congress was allowed 
to declare war. If Americans could be persuaded to surrender warmaking decisions 
to the UN and let their young men die wearing a UN uniform, fighting under a UN 
flag, ’parochial nationalism’ in Britain, Prance, and elsewhere would disappear, 
Bilderberg speakers said, according to Spotlight infonnants. Bill Clinton has pressed 
for just such a policy in Bosnia and we will see further efforts to do this with other 
UN operations. 

The same old names which keep coming up everywhere attended the June 1994 
Bilderberg meeting in Linland. Among the invited high and mighty was Peter D. 
Sutherland (TC, Comm 300), the Director General of GATT, the General Agreement 
on Tariff and Trade, which is an Elite front to bring down trade barriers and put all 


... and the truth shall set you free 

countries at the mercy of the Elite-controlled world economic system. Sutherland 
was a perfect choice for the job as a former member of the Commission of the 
European Community. He was a Bilderberger before he became head of world 
trade. His successor as the top man at the World Trade Organisation, the Italian, 
Renato Ruggiero, is also a Bilderberger. Another regular Bilderberger, the 
Netherlands Prime Minister, Ruud Lubbers, was also there in Finland, along with 
bankers like J. Martin Taylor, the chief executive of Barclays Bank. Two other names 
of significance to British voters are Tony Blair (Labour) and Kenneth Clarke 
(Conservative). They attended the 1993 Bilderberg meeting in Vouliagment, Greece, 
where David Owen (TC) spoke about Yugoslavia and the future of Europe. Tony 
Blair, then the opposition home affairs spokesman, went on to become Labour 
leader and prime minister, while Kenneth Clarke would become the Chancellor of 
the Exchequer. Both support a federal Europe. 

In June 1995, the Bilderberg Group met at three exclusive hotels, The Grand, The 
Park, and The Palace, on a mountainside at Burgenstock in Switzerland. It was a 
rare occasion when they met in the same place twice. Coincidentally, I was on 
holiday in Switzerland when the Bilderbergers gathered and I was told of the 
meeting by Spotlight newspaper only a few days before I arrived. I went to 
Burgenstock before the meeting and again on their final day of discussions. What a 
difference the second time! 

The roads and paths to the hotels were blocked by Swiss police and the military 
manned lookout posts across the mountain. All this for a private meeting of an 
organisation that operates outside the ’democratic' process. 

I asked a policeman at a road block what was going on. All he could reply was 
"top secret, top secret". He knew no more than that. It was a bizarre situation. I 
could have told the policeman what he was guarding, but he didn’t know! It 
illustrated brilliantly the way the global pyramid operates. The policeman appeared 
to be a very nice man. No doubt he had children and grandchildren and he had no 
desire to leave them a global fascist state. But there he was on a Swiss mountainside 
playing his part, unknowingly, in shielding from the public glare, the very people 
who are plotting to create just such a world dictatorship. 

The European-Atlantic Group (EAG) and The Atlantic Council (AC) 

In 1954, the year the Bilderberg Group was founded, another organisation came into 
being, the European-Atlantic Group. Its headquarters are at 6 Gertrude Street, 
Chelsea, London. The group was formed by the late Lord Layton, who was then 
Vice-President of the Council of Europe and it brings together members of 
parliament from all parties, industrialists, bankers, economists, and journalists 
(sound familiar?) to promote closer relations between the "European and Atlantic 
countries by providing a regular forum in Britain for infonned discussion of their 
problems and possibilities for better economic and political cooperation with each 
other and with the rest of the world". 42 This means, to use its own words, 
connecting with international organisations, including The Council of Europe, 
NATO, OECD, the Western European Union, the European Union, the European 

the secret government 


Free Trade Association, the GATT global 'free' trade organisation, and the Economic 
Commission for Europe. And, it might add, any organisation which desires a world 
government or can be used to that end. Its hierarchy is dominated by the House of 
Lords and includes a representative of the American New World Order front, the 
Council on Foreign Relations. Among the vice-presidents on the list I have from the 
1990s are: Lord Carrington, chainnan of the Bilderberg Group; Lord Chalfont, 
chainnan of the House of Lords Defence Committee; Graham Dowson, joint 
president of the European League for European Cooperation; Douglas Fairbanks, 
the Council on Foreign Relations; Lord Gladwyn, president of the European 
Movement; Robert Maxwell (deceased), embezzler, Mossad agent, and publisher of 
the Daily Mirror newspaper; Sir David Nicholson, chainnan of the European 
Movement; Derek Prag, chainnan of the London Europe Society; Lord Pym, who 
took over as foreign secretary from Lord Carrington at the time of the Falklands 
War; and Lord Shawcross. 

The Atlantic Council (fonnerly the British Atlantic Council) is a similar 
organisation, even down to many of the personnel. Its vice-presidents include: Lord 
Canington; Lord Gladwyn; Lord Pym; Lord Shawcross; the Earl of Bessborough, a 
past president of the European-Atlantic Group; Lord Home, fonner Conservative 
prime minister, and past chairman of the Bilderberg Group; Edward Heath, former 
Conservative prime minister, Bilderberger, Trilateralist, and obsessively in favour of 
European union; Denis Healey; William Rogers, Bilderberger, fonner Labour 
minister, and one of the 'gang of four' who formed the breakaway Social 
Democratic Party, now the Liberal Democrats. 

If the Royal Institute of International Affairs were not so shy about its 
membership list, you would find many names active within these two organisations 
involved at the RIIA also, I'm sure. The European Atlantic Group and the Atlantic 
Council are both part of the New World Order network. 

The Trilateral Commission 43 

The next element of the secret government network was unveiled in 1972-1973 by 
David Rockefeller (Comm 300), the head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, leading 
Bilderberger, and leading manipulator of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which 
he was the long-time chainnan. David Rockefeller is one of the most high profile, 
and most obvious, New World Order manipulators on the planet, although he is 
really a puppet of those above him in the pyramid. He created the Trilateral 
Commission which, as its name suggests, is made up of three groupings - the 
United States, Europe, and Japan. Rockefeller was partly inspired to do this by 
Zbigniew Brzezinski (TC, CFR, Bil), a professor at the Elite-controlled Columbia 
University. Brzezinski had also been researching the need for US-Europe-Japan 
cooperation at the Elite-controlled 'think tank', the Brookings Institute in 

Brzezinski wrote a book called Between Two Ages: Am erica's Role In The 
Technetronic Era, in which he described a new society "...that is shaped culturally, 
psychologically, socially, and economically by the impact of technology and 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

electronics - particularly in the area of computers and communication". 44 He said 
in the book that "national sovereignty is no longer a viable concept" and suggested 
the movement, in stages, "toward a larger community of the developed nations... 
through a variety of indirect ties and already developing limitations on national 
sovereignty". In 1990, he wrote in the Elite's mouthpiece, the New York Times, that 
Europe should follow a policy "founded upon the grand concept of a trans- 
European commonwealth with the European Community at its core, but 
embracing Central Europe and being open also to eventual association with the 
Soviet Union". You can see where this guy is coming from. David Rockefeller was 
so impressed with Brzezinski that he made him director of the Trilateral 

Commission, which recruited members from all areas of influence and power in 

the United States, Europe and Japan. Many of those recruited were already 
members of the Council on Foreign Relations; some were Bilderbergers, too, and 
others, like Henry Kissinger, were linked to all of them and the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs as well. Among the seventeen people who met at the 
Rockefellers' estate (Pocantico Hills in Tarrytown, New York) to plan the Trilateral 
Commission on July 23rd and 24th 1972, were C. Fred Bergsten (CFR, Bil), Senior 
Fellow at the Brookings Institute and a fonner Assistant for International 
Economic Affairs to Henry Kissinger; and McGeorge Bundy (CFR, Bil), the 
President of the Ford Foundation and head of the National Security Council under 
both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. The early funding for the Trilateral 

Commission came from David Rockefeller, the Ford Foundation, the Kettering 

Foundation, the Lilly Endowment, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Thyssen 
Foundation, with smaller amounts donated by organisations like General Motors, 
Exxon, Coca Cola, Time magazine, CBS, and the Wells Fargo Bank. 45 The 
Commission made its headquarters at 345 East 46th Street, New York. 

One of the first ambitions for David Rockefeller and his Trilateral Commission 
was to put a commission member in the White House as President of the United 
States as soon as possible. He achieved this at the next election when Jimmy Carter, 
the Democrat peanut fanner from Georgia, beat Gerald Ford. Carter was selected 
for president by Rockefeller and Brzezinski and the whole Elite network of money, 
media, and dirty tricks were used to ensure he was elected. Carter was another 
puppet president controlled by the Elite. His speeches in his election campaign 
were written by Brzezinski and none could have been more insulting to the truth 
than his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination. In the world of politics 
you don't tell people what you stand for; you tell them what they want you to stand 
for. When you look at Carter's background, what greater example of this could 
there be than when he spoke of: 

"...a political and economic elite who have shaped decisions and never had to account 
for mistakes nor to suffer from injustice. When unemployment prevails, they never 
stand in line looking for a job. When deprivation results from a confused welfare 
system, they never do without food or clothing, or a place to sleep. When the public 
schools are inferior or torn by strife their children go to exclusive private schools. And 

the secret government 


when the bureaucracy is bloated and confused, the powerful always manage to discover 

and occupy niches of special influence and privilege ." 46 

Sure, Jimmy, sure. He might have added at the end.. ."And quite right, too". 
Carter's administration was awash with Trilateral Commission members. Among 
its ranks were Walter Mondale, the vice president; Cyrus Vance, the secretary of 
state; Warren Christopher, the deputy secretary of state; Harold Brown (CFR), 
secretary for defense; W. Michael Blumenthal (CFR), secretary of the treasury; C. 
Fred Bergsten (CFR, Bil), assistant secretary of the treasury for international affairs; 
Henry Owen (CFR), the ambassador-at-large and the president's special 
representative for economic summits; Paul C. Wamke (CFR), chief disarmament 
negotiator; Andrew Young (CFR), ambassador to the United Nations, Paul A. 
Volcker (CFR, Bil), chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and... Zbigniew 
Brzezinski (CFR, Bil), Carter's national security advisor. This was the Trilateral 
Administration. It became a standing joke among insiders that whenever Carter 
was faced with a decision or document involving foreign policy, he would say 
"Clear it with Brzezinski" or "Has Brzezinski seen this ?" 47 Paul Volcker was made 
head of the Federal Reserve by Carter on the instructions of David Rockefeller. It is 
one of the most influential posts in the Elite network, with its power to control the 
American economy. Volcker became the North American chairman of the Trilateral 
Commission and was both a Bilderberger and member of the Council on Foreign 
Relations. He remained chairman of the 'Fed' until he was replaced during the 
Reagan administration by the present incumbent, Alan Greenspan, who is also a 
member of the TC, CFR, and Bilderberg Group. Just a coincidence, naturally. 

The Trilateral Commission's influence became worldwide with its membership 
across the American, European and Japanese elites. Ireland was well represented on 
the executive committee of the TC in Europe through both Prime Minister Garret 
Fitzgerald (Bil) and the then little known Mary Robinson, who would go on to be 
the first woman President of Ireland. After I had spoken about these matters in a 
meeting at Totnes in South West England, a lady in the audience sought me out. 
"That’s the first time I have heard anyone talk about this since my husband (who 
worked for the South African government) showed me a document which said that 
the Trilateral Commission had ordered Britain to pull out of Rhodesia", she said. 
The lady, like most people in the world, had never heard of the Trilateral 
Commission at the time she saw the document. Who was the British Foreign 
Secretary at that time, I thought, during the administration of Margaret Thatcher 
(Bil), when Britain left Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe? It was.. .Lord Carrington, 
Bilderberger and member of the Trilateral Commission. He was continuing a policy 
put into motion by the previous Labour government of Jim Callaghan (Bil), now a 
president, along with Lord Carrington and Lord Jenkins (TC, Bil), of the Royal 
Institute of International Affairs. And who was Callaghan's foreign secretary? 
David Owen, a soon-to-be member of the Trilateral Commission who worked 
closely with Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter's ambassador at the United Nations, and 
member of the Trilateral Commission. I remembered also that when the European 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Community sent an ’ambassador’ to negotiate ’peace’ in Bosnia, they chose... Lord 
Carrington. When he 'failed', they sent.. .David Owen. Later an ’independent’ peace 
negotiator arrived on the scene from America - Jimmy Carter. And, I thought, who 
was foreign secretary when the policies were decided that led to the Falklands War 
between Britain and Argentina in 1982? Lord Carrington. He resigned over what 
happened and was rewarded with the job of secretary general of NATO! Also 
deeply involved in the negotiations over Rhodesia and the transition from white 
dictatorship to dictatorship by Robert Mugabe, was Lord Soames, a director of N.M. 
Rothschild until 1979. I'm sure that all these coincidences must have an innocent 
explanation. Its just that I can't think of one. 

The Club of Rome and the Environmental Movement 

The Club of Rome was launched publicly in 1968 by the Italian Freemason, Aurelio 
Peccei (Comm 300), who once said to his friend, the fonner US Secretary of State, 
Alexander Haig (TC), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated. 48 Weishaupt 
was the man behind the modem Illuminati. Peccei was the chief executive of the 
Fiat Motor Company under its president and prominent Bilderberger, Giovanni 
Agnelli (Comm 300). The Club of Rome was created by meetings at the Rockefeller 
family's private estate at Bellagio in Italy. 49 It was, and is, the Club of Rome's role to 
issue propaganda about the environmental crisis and use this to justify the 
centralisation of power (problem-reaction-solution) and the suppression of 
industrial development in both the West and the so called Third World. It is also 
another 'justification' for population control (eugenics). Peccei was a passionate 
advocate of world government and his Club of Rome has produced plans for 
restructuring the world into five regions under the control of a central world 
authority. It has issued many 'reports', including Limits To Growth in 1972, 
sponsored by the Rockefellers. It was distributed as a 197-page paperback 
published in 18 editions and 23 languages. Limits To Growth has been widely quoted 
by the enviromnental movement to support their arguments, but they should 
consider the fact that anything that comes out of the Club of Rome is part of an Elite 
plan to direct human thinking and persuade people to accept the goals of the New 
World Order. So is the Club's "spiritual/arts" offshoot, the Club of Budapest, 
headed by Ervin Laszio, an associate of Aurelio Peccei. They might consider, too, 
the fact that Peccei later admitted that the computer used to produce their data and 
justification had been preprogrammed to produce the desired result. He said this 
had been done because nations required 'shock treatment’ if they were to accept 
population control. 50 The acclaimed economist, Gunnar Myrdal, said of the Club of 
Rome methods: 

"The use of mathematical equations and a huge computer, which registers the 
alternatives of abstractly conceived policies by a 'world simulation model', may impress 
the innocent general public but has little, if any, scientific validity. That this 'sort of 
model is actually a new tool for mankind' is unfortunately not true. It represents 
quasilearnedness of a type that we have, for a long time, had too much of ..." 51 

the secret government 


It was under the influence and guidance of the Club of Rome and its 'data' that 
another report was produced which has had a fundamental effect on the 
acceleration of 'environmentalism'. This was a study ordered by the Trilateral 
Commission-controlled Carter administration. On July 24th 1980, in the last months 
of the Carter presidency, his secretary of state, Edmund Muskie (TC, CFR), 
presented the Global 2000 report to the President. It painted a global picture of 
overpopulation, resource and food shortages, and environmental dangers which, it 
estimated, would cause the deaths of at least 170 million people up to the year 2000. 
This was followed six months later by another report, Global Future: A Time To Act, 
the work of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This called for a 
series of measures to respond to the crisis set out in Global 2000 and at the top of 
the list of responses was., .population control through sterilisation and other means. 
Both reports called for, in effect, the restriction of scientific development and 
technological transfer to developing countries and soon these policies were being 
lauded around the world. Cyrus Vance (TC, CFR, Bil, Comm 300), Carter's secretary 
of state before Muskie, chaired the Committee for the Year 2000 for this purpose. 
Vance was the man who instigated both Global 2000 and Global Future during his 
tenure at Carter's State Department. In his first official speech at the United Nations 
in 1977, Vance rejected calls from developing countries for changes to the 
International Monetary Fund and the unfairness of the economic system, and 
instead he suggested a ".. .new world order based on environmentalism". 

I would have more confidence in the problems and solutions presented by the 
Club of Rome and these two US reports if the people behind them were not the very 
same politicians, bankers, industrialists, and academics who support and promote 
the policies of the Elite-controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of 
International Settlements, and World Bank, which in turn, are responsible for the 
death, starvation, and suffering of billions of people across the planet. One of the 
architects of the Global 2000 Report was Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), a fonner 
president of the World Bank, the policies of which have wreaked enviromnental and 
human genocide in the Third World! I would have more confidence if these 
'enviromnental messiahs' were not the same people who suppress the introduction 
of known technologies, such as free energy technology, 52 which could in a few years 
replace today's fossil-fuel-burning enviromnental carnage. I differ from those who 
say there is no environmental crisis and that the whole thing is a propaganda 
creation. I think we are inflicting appalling wounds to Planet Earth and if we go on 
as we are there will be serious consequences, indeed there already are. What I feel, 
however, is that these wounds are being knowingly inflicted by the Elite, and no 
doubt in certain areas, exaggerated for propaganda purposes to create yet another 
global problem-reaction-solution scenario. 

If those behind all this really cared about the enviromnent and the lives of those 
who suffer so terribly from the present system, they would be releasing the 
suppressed technologies which would dramatically reduce the damage which is 
being wreaked upon the Earth. Reports like Global 2000, Global Future, and those 
produced by the Elite/Club of Rome, base their findings on what they call 'current 


. . . and the truth shall set you free 

trends'. But what are 'current trends'? They are only the result of the current 
policies of the Elite manipulators. Change the policies and you change both the 
'trends' and the recommendations on how to react to the 'trends’. The rape of the 
Third World enviromnent creates dependency by billions of people on the Elite- 
controlled economic system, as their ability to live sustainably without outside 
'support' is destroyed. Environmental damage is therefore terrible for the mass of 
humanity, but an excellent tool for the Elite's ambitions. Change these policies and 
change the 'trends’ (environmentally-created dependency) and you make irrelevant 
the 'solutions' suggested in Club of Rome reports. But funnily enough, such reports 
never call for an end to Elite policies, because these publications are part of them. 

Most enviromnentalists are genuinely campaigning for what they believe to be 
right, but there are some who are knowingly working to the New World Order 
agenda and I must say I am less than convinced when I hear people like A1 Gore 
(CFR), the vice president to Bill Clinton (TC, CFR, Bil), being presented as an 
'environmentalist'. I would take his concern for the enviromnent and humanity a 
little more seriously if he had not been one of the Democrats who voted with 
George Bush's Republicans in favour of the war in the Gulf in 1991, and had his 
enviromnental policies not come straight off the pages of Club of Rome and Global 
2000 reports. I was an enviromnental campaigner throughout the 1980s and became 
a national spokesman for the British Green Party, so I can see how many of the 
responses of the enviromnental movement resulted from the Club of Rome, Global 
2000, approach to both problems and solutions. I am still an environmental 
campaigner, but now from a much, much, wider perspective and I can appreciate 
how the 'green movement’ is being manipulated to promote the New World Order. 
When, for instance, the green movement presents wind power and wave power as 
alternative fonns of energy to fossil fuels, this so lacks credibility that there appears 
to be no choice but to continue to exploit the planet and create pollution. This is 
helping to obscure the fact that free energy technology exists. I can also see today 
how the pressure for population control is, and always has been, promoted by the 
Elite to justify a policy of eugenics. 

The theme of these various enviromnental reports is that economic growth must 
end, something with which much of the enviromnental movement would agree. So 
would I, in fact. As with everything, I feel, we need to look at the shades of grey if 
we are to find the truth of any situation. On one side you have the 
enviromnentalists who challenge growth and on the other you have some of those 
who are investigating the New World Order conspiracy, who say the enviromnental 
problems are all a hoax. I see the truth in the middle somewhere. Yes, there are 
enviromnental problems, but the questions we need to ask are these: Have the 
enviromnental problems been created deliberately, largely to produce a situation of 
problem-reaction-solution? And are at least aspects of the 'enviromnental crisis' 
being deliberately emphasised and exaggerated to quicken the problem-reaction- 
solution response by the public? I believe the answer to both questions is yes. 

We can look in the same way at economic growth. Some say it has to stop, some 
say there are no limits to growth. But what is growth? It is merely the measurement 

the secret government 


of the amount of money that is spent for goods and services in any year. This figure 
- what we call Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 
Therefore ’growth' is the sum total of all the positive and negative events in the 
world every year that involve money being spent, that's all. The money spent on 
improving the quality of people's lives and that spent on wars, road accidents, and 
responding to oil tanker catastrophes are all measured exactly the same by this 
system, because all are adding to the economic tally - GDP. This is plainly farcical. 
What we call growth tells us nothing, except how absurd our economic indicators 
are. When we speak of an end to growth or we say there are no limits to growth, we 
have to ask "What kind of growth? And the growth of what?" Of course there are 
limits to growth if you are talking about the constant expansion of what we take 
from the planet and throw at her in pollution. But, when the true understanding of 
physics and technology is revealed and introduced in our everyday lives, we will 
see that this suppressed knowledge can give us the warmth and power we need for 
a comfortable life for all the peoples of the world without dismantling the planet. 
Under this system, the growth in take-make-and-throwaway and mine-bum-pollute 
can slow down and end, while - at the same time - everyone in the world has a 
better, not a more primitive standard of life. The end to growth in take-make-and- 
throwaway and the expansion of better living conditions for all are not a 
contradiction. They are made possible by ending the suppression of scientific 
knowledge that will solve the environmental and human 'problems’ which have 
been engineered to control us. What is clear is that the use of environmentalism to 
justify centralised control continues apace. Working to this end alongside the Club 
of Rome is the United Nations. In February 1972, an advertisement sponsored by 
the Rockefeller/CFR-controlled World Association of World Federalists 53 appeared 
in The Humanist, the magazine of the American Humanist (this-world-is-all-there-is) 
Association. Note the use of words like problem and solution. It said: 

"World Federalists believe that the environmental crisis facing Planet Earth is a global 

problem and therefore calls for a 'global' solution - a worldwide United Nations 

Environmental Agency with the power to make decisions stick. WAWF has submitted a 

proposal for just such an agency to be considered at the 1972 UN Environmental 

Conference to be held in Stockholm." 

The timing is interesting here. 1972 was the year of the publication of the Club of 
Rome’s Limits To Growth report. The troops were being gathered for the battle. It 
was a battle to persuade the public that there was a global enviromnental problem 
in need of a global - centralised - solution. The momentum generated from that UN 
Enviromnental Conference led to just such an Enviromnental Agency, the UN 
Enviromnent Prograimne (UNEP). The first executive director was a Canadian, 
Maurice Strong (Comm 300), a millionaire oilman and fonner trustee of the 
Rockefeller Foundation. He had been the secretary-general of the Stockholm 
conference and is a major voice in the Club of Rome. Strong and David Rockefeller 
wrote the foreword for a Trilateral Commission book, Beyond Interdependence: The 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Meshing Of The World's Economy And The Earth's Ecology . 54 Among the co-authors 
was Strong's friend and fellow Canadian, Jim MacNeill, who had advised him at 
Stockholm. They were also both members of the World Commission on 
Enviromnent and Development and MacNeill, as secretary general of that 
organisation, played a leading role in writing the report called Our Common 
Future, another tome constantly quoted by the enviromnental movement. It is also 
known as The Brundtland Report, after the prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlam 
Brundtland, who put her name to it. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the 
European Union and population control measures. Her husband, Arne Olav 
Brundtland, is a Bilderberger. 

In 1992 came the much-heralded United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil, which brought together the heads of world governments and the best known 
enviromnentalists, such as Britain's Jonathan Porritt, the fonner head of UK Friends 
of the Earth and now advisor to Prince Charles. The secretary general of the Rio 
Summit was, well I never,.. .Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller's green friend. 
Strong was advised by Rockefeller's other green buddy.. Jim MacNeill. Beyond 
Interdependence, the Trilateral Commission's enviromnental offering, was 
published in preparation for Rio, as was Global Economics And The Environment 
by the Council on Foreign Relations. The theme was., .centralisation of control to 
protect the world. Maurice Strong is President of the World Federation of United 
Nations Associations, co-chainnan of the World Economic Forum, and a member of 
the Club of Rome, among countless other bodies steeped in the New World Order. 
Strong is using the enviromnent to justify centralisation of power. 

Another well-known green face behind the Rio Suimnit was Lester R. Brown, 
the 'anti-establishment' head of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington. His 
dislike for the establishment does not, however, prevent him being a member of 
the CFR. His Institute publishes the annual State Of The World reports detailing 
the demise of the global enviromnent. The 1989 version on my own bookshelf tells 
me that: "The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Winthrop Rockefeller Trust, and the 
George Gund Foundation supply the backbone of financial support for the State of 
the World series". I can't claim to have been surprised. In his State Of The World 
1991, Brown said: 

"...the battle to save the planet will replace the battle over ideology as the organizating 
theme of the new world order.. .[with] the end of the ideological conflict that dominated 
a generation of international affairs, a new world order, shaped by a new agenda, will 
emerge ." 55 

There had obviously been a mobilisation by the Elite to speak with the same 
voice and also to use those environmentalists - by no means all - who don’t know 
they are being manipulated. David Rockefeller (Comm 300), Henry Kissinger 
(Coimn 300), Francois Mitterand (Coimn 300), Willy Brandt (Coimn 300), Mikhail 
Gorbachev, and so many more all parroted the party line on the enviromnent, 
which, put succinctly, was global crisis = global solution. Gorbachev, well-schooled 

the secret government 


by his friends Rockefeller and Kissinger, suddenly began to speak passionately of 
the environment. He said: 

"The ecological crisis we are experiencing today - from ozone depletion to deforestation 
and disastrous air pollution - is tragic but convincing proof that the world we all live in is 
interrelated and interdependent. This means that we need an appropriate international 
policy in the field of ecology. Only if we formulate such a policy shall we be able to avert 
catastrophe. True, the elaboration of such a policy poses unconventional and difficult 
problems that will affect the sovereignty of states ." 56 

The New York Times columnist, Flora Lewis (CFR) welcomed Gorbachev's call 
to instigate a "plan for a global code of enviromnental conduct., .[which would] 
have an aspect of world government, because it would provide for the World 
Court to judge states". 57 The secret government network has so many members in 
the media that there is never a problem finding support for its manoeuvrings 
from that direction. There are environmental problems, most of them due to 
Elite policies, but be very careful before you accept the propaganda of the 
environmental centralisers. It's your mind they are after. I would suggest that it is 
very much worth someone looking into the major funders of environmental 
organisations and the background to their front people to see if any li nks with the 
Elite network exist. 

The Club of Rome and Population Control 

Another sinister aspect of the Club of Rome and the super dupers planning the 
Elite's 'green' campaign is their use of the environment to promote population 
control - eugenics. It is plainly true, as the New World Order promoters say, that 
there is a limit to the number of human beings who can live on this planet. You 
can't argue with that because when there is a human being for every square foot of 
the Earth, there will be clearly too many. So there are limits. But again we need to 
ask questions here. How many is too many? Would the comfortable carrying 
capacity of the Earth be far greater if the industrial and banking elite were not 
destroying the food-growing potential of the Third World and if suppressed 
scientific and technological understanding were made available to everyone? Have 
the projected future numbers been purposely exaggerated to justify a policy of 
global eugenics? The answers to those questions, I believe, are: more than we have 
now; yes; and yes. When you read the findings of the Club of Rome publications 
and others like Global 2000, and you look at the people behind them and their 
history of support for eugenics, its not hard to appreciate that these reports are 
really excuses for the culling of those areas of the world population considered to be 
of inferior stock, i.e. the non-white peoples and even those considered inferior 
among the whites. In political language it comes out something like this: ".. .the 
most fundamental point underlying all American foreign policy needs is 
overpopulation". 58 Those words were spoken by Robert McNamara (CFR, TC, Bil), 
one of the men behind the Global 2000 report. 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

At the centre of all this is again the name Rockefeller. In 1952, after decades of 
funding and supporting eugenics, John D. Rockefeller III established his Population 
Council, which still exists today. This Elite-front has been calling for zero 
population growth in the United States and, in the words of its 1979 annual report: 
"the spread of government-supported family planning programs throughout the 
developing [ie. non-white] sector" and "the spread of the zero population 
movement and the Club of Rome's Malthusianism in the developed countries". 59 
Malthusianism is named after Thomas Robert Malthus, the guy I mentioned in the 
last chapter. He was a paid agent of the British East India Company, which inflicted 
opium on the Chinese. His population theories were designed to justify the need to 
keep down the lesser genetic stock, whom he saw as little more than animals. 
Officials of the Population Council were strongly represented among the 'outside 
consultants' called in by the authors of Global 2000 and Global Future. 

The head of the Global 2000 task force appointed by Cyrus Vance was Gerald O. 
Barney, the supervisor of another Rockefeller environment/ population control 
study, The Unfinished Agenda. Other agencies which supported the preparation of 
the report included The World Wildlife Fund, 60 headed by Prince Philip (Bil) and 
backed by Prince Charles (Bil), Prince Bernhard (Bil), and the Hapsburg Family; the 
Institute for World Order, created by C. Douglas Dillon under the direction of 
Bertrand Russell (Comm 300); and the Draper Fund-Population Crisis Committee 
established by the eugenics promoter, William Draper; and the Elite-controlled 
Aspen Institute. In 1965, an organisation inspired by the Council on Foreign 
Relations was launched called the Agenda 2000 group. This produced a report co- 
authored by Zbigniew Brzezinski (TC, CFR, Bil) which called for an end to 
population growth in the Third World. The same year, George Ball (TC, CFR, Bil), 
the then Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs in the Johnson 
Administration, appointed a task force to investigate the 'problem' of population 
growth. Appointed to the task force, which later became the Office of Population 
Affairs, were.. .Cyrus Vance (TC, CFR, Bil, Comm 300), who instigated the Global 
2000 Report to the President, and Richard Gardner (TC, CFR, Comm 300) who 
would later become ambassador to Italy for Jimmy Carter and United Nations 
advisor to President Bill Clinton. Look how those demanding a New World Order 
of centralised global political and economic control are also those who want 
population control - eugenics. This is the thinking behind the Club of Rome and the 
Global 2000 Report, which are so often quoted by the enviromnental movement! 

Wars have been used blatantly and without mercy to enforce population control 
in non-white countries. Two of the main US military commanders in Vietnam were 
Maxwell Taylor and William Westmoreland, both members of the Population Crisis 
Committee-Draper Fund and committed to population control. The genocide by Pol 
Pot in Cambodia was one of the most obvious examples of the culling of a non-white 
population. Millions died as an estimated 32 per cent of the Cambodian population 
were murdered. 61 There were many people responsible for this, including Henry 
Kissinger, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger, a legendary supporter of the 
Chinese communist regime, has been the key voice in American-Chinese relations 

the secret government 


since the time of Richard Nixon. His attempts to undennine the established order 
were highlighted in 1969 when he and his president authorised the illegal bombing 
of Cambodia. They used the excuse that they were attacking North Vietnamese 
troops stationed there during the Vietnam War. 

This genocide was the subject of an article of impeachment against Nixon put to 
the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 in the wake of Watergate, but it was 
defeated. Kissinger always claimed the Kh mer Rouge were the agency of the North 
Vietnamese when in fact Kissinger's Red China was behind them. Using the excuse 
of attacking the Kh mer Rouge to stop their assault on the Cambodian capital, 
Phnom Penh, the US forces launched a campaign of terror bombing on that country. 
Nearly 80,000 bombing sorties by B-52s and F-llls have been officially confirmed 
and they dropped 539,129 tons of explosives. The number of Cambodian dead is 
estimated at anything at between 30,000 and 500, 000. 62 But the biggest carnage was 
still to come because the devastation caused by the Kissinger-Nixon policy made 
the takeover by Pol Pot and the Kh mer Rouge inevitable. The US 'ambassador' to 
Red China during this period, the man who communicated between the communist 
regime and his boss, Henry Kissinger, was George Bush. 63 Cambodia was, at least in 
part, about population culling, in my view. 

Kissinger took over from Averell Harriman as the 'shuttle-diplomat' of the Elite. 
Kissinger is always flitting around, manipulating the American administration and 
foreign governments. In 1969 he was head of both the State Department and the 
National Security Council in the Nixon Administration. Nixon may have been 
officially president, but Kissinger ran the government. At his suggestion, Nixon 
named Laurance Rockefeller (TC, CFR, Bil) to lead a special commission on 
population growth. This recommended in 1972 that population control be 
introduced in America (i.e. among the 'lesser' stock). After discussions with the 
Club of Rome, of which he is a prominent member, Kissinger later established two 
other population control organisations within the departments of govermnent 
which he controlled with an iron fist. In the years 1968 to 1977, the USAID 
programme for expenditure on health projects dropped by $40 million, while those 
directed at population control went up by $100 million. In 1974, Kissinger and the 
Rhodes Scholar, Brent Scowcroft (CFR, TC, Bil), supervised the production of the 
National Security Study Memorandum 200, called Implications Of Worldwide 
Population Growth For US Security And Overseas Interests. It has now been 
declassified and reveals some of the true motivations behind America's enthusiasm 
for population reduction in the developing world. 

Continued population growth in these regions, the document said, would 
increase their political, economic, and military power in a number of these countries 
and would lead to an increase in demands for sovereign control of resources and to 
anti-imperial movements. This is a long-winded way of saying that these countries 
would wish to run their economies for their own benefit and not America's. Plans 
therefore had to be developed, it said, to remove opposition to population control. 
The countries the Kissinger-Scowcroft memorandum highlighted for special 
attention were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Look at what has 
happened in these countries since 1974. 

In the Memorandum, Kissinger said that the truth behind the motivation for 
population control had to be kept secret from the leaders of these countries: 

"It is vital that the effort to develop and strengthen a commitment on the part of less 
developed countries not be seen by them as an industrialised country policy to keep 
their strength down or to reserve resources for use by the 'rich' countries. Development 
of such a perception could create a serious backlash adverse to the course of 
population stability." 

In the early 70s, Kissinger asked the State Department's Office of Population 
Affairs to produce a study targeting Central/South America and Africa. This led, 
to a considerable degree, to the engineering of 'civil wars' in the countries of 
Central America and Africa which have caused so much famine, death, and 
suffering beyond imagination. It was a means to reduce the targeted population of 
the world, as are designer diseases. The US-Kissinger (Elite) policy was articulated 
by Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the Office of Population 
Affairs. He said: 

"There is a single theme in all our work - we must reduce population levels. Either they 
[governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kind of 
mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut [all Kissinger engineered]. 
Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires 
authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it. [Or rather, you need the 'problem' 
to justify fascism.] 

"...The professionals aren't interested in lowering population for humanitarian 
reasons. ..We look at resource and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic 
needs, and we say that this country must lower its population - or else we will have 
trouble. So steps are taken. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower the 
population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis. The 
government of El Salvador failed to use our programmes to lower their population. Now 
they get a civil war because of it. ...There will be dislocation and food shortages. They 
still have too many people there." 64 

Some more of Mr Ferguson’s little gems include: 

"To reduce the population quickly you have to pull all the males into the fighting and kill 
significant numbers of fertile, child-bearing age, females... [Speaking of the civil war in 
El Salvador he said] You are killing a small number of males and not enough fertile 
females to do the job on population. ..If the war went on for 30 to 40 years like this, 
then you might accomplish something. Unfortunately [sic], we don't have too many 
instances like that to study." 65 

the secret government 


I know it's horrible to know that anyone can see life in such terms, but Mr 
Ferguson is outlining very well the attitude of the Elite, its US State Department, 
and the Club of Rome. When prominent enviromnentalists stand in front of crowds 
of non- white peoples in the Third World telling television cameras that we must 
have population control, they are helping the Elite's agenda. Some will know that, 
many will not, but the effect is the same. I am in favour of all peoples having the 
choice not to conceive children if that is their wish. Choice, however, is not a word 
the manipulators can spell. Again look at the timing of the launch for so many of 
the population control initiatives by Kissinger and others: the late 60s and early 70s, 
just as the Club of Rome was getting started. Coinciding with the Club's beginnings 
in 1968, came the book by Professor Paul R. Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, which has 
sold upwards of 20 million copies. In that he said: 

"Our position requires that we take immediate action at home and promote effective 
action worldwide. We must have population control at home, hopefully through a system 
of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion if voluntary methods fail. ..We can no 
longer afford merely to treat the symptoms of the cancer of population growth; the 
cancer itself must be cut out ." 66 

Ehrlich was a biologist at the Elite-controlled Stanford University and his wife, 
Anne, was a member of the Club of Rome. 67 He said that compulsory birth control 
could be imposed by governments via the addition of "temporary sterilants to water 
supplies or staple food". 68 Shortly, when we come to the "Report from Iron 
Mountain," you will see the even greater relevance of this statement. The 'brutal and 
tough-minded’ decisions which Ehrlich said would be required are evident in Henry 
Kissinger's much-loved abode, China. It was here that the one-child-per-family policy 
was implemented and paid for directly, or indirectly, by the United Nations. Western 
and Chinese observers have spoken of seeing thousands of women "rounded up and 
forced to have abortions"; of women "locked in detention centres or hauled before 
mass rallies and harangued into consenting to abortions"; of "vigilantes abducting 
pregnant women on the streets, hauling them off, sometimes handcuffed and trussed, 
to abortion clinics". There are much worse stories even than those. 

The United Nations network of organisations is awash with interlinked 
population control policies and eugenics. Behind them all is the Elite's secret 
government. When the UN secretary general, U Thant, started the UN Fund for 
Population Activities, it was administered by one Paul Hoffman (CFR, Bil), a US 
chief of foreign aid, trustee of the Institute of Pacific Relations and administrator of 
the Ford Foundation funds. He was also a member of the London-Wall Street 
financial clique. Professor Jacqueline Kasun, an outspoken opponent of UN 
population policies in her book, The War Against Population, revealed the network of 
agencies linked to the UN Fund for Population: 

"Deriving its income from the United States and other governments, it provides support 
to numerous 'non-governmental organisations', including the [Rockefellers'] Population 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Council, the Population Action Council, Worldwatch, the Population Crisis Committee 

and Draper Fund, and the Centre for Population Activities. These organisations in turn 

make grants to each other and still other organisations ." 69 

The Elite's World Bank, which is supposed to make grants to help the 
development of the poorer countries, also has population control at the top of its 
agenda. In 1992, the World Bank President, Lewis Preston (CFR) said at the Rio 
Earth Summit that he would increase substantially the bank's support for 
population control - later pledging to double the money made available. The bank's 
International Safe Motherhood Initiative is a joint project with the International 
Planned Parenthood Federation, Family Care International, the Population Council 
(funded by US government aid programmes), and other agencies. These include 
several from the UN such as the Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health 
Organisation (WHO). This 'initiative' involves forced birth control on pain of 
economic reprisals. As President Preston said, the Safe Motherhood agenda would 
be "integrated into the bank's policy dialogue with developing countries". Cut your 
population or you get no cash. There, Mr Preston, that's a simpler way to put it. 
Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), the head of the World Bank in the 1970s, is a 
vehement campaigner for population control. "The threat of unmanageable 
population pressures is very much like the threat of nuclear war" he said in the 
Boston Globe in 1982. This is the mindset of the organisation which controls 
'development' funding in the Third World. 

So the Club of Rome and its associated connections within the United Nations, 
the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and nation governments has the 
role in the network to promote the use of the environment to demand centralised 
control and eugenics. The Club of Rome was launched publicly in 1968, just a few 
years after a group of invited 'experts’ met in the United States to prepare a report 
which, it is plain to see, was to inspire the sort of policies I've just described. 

The Report from Iron Mountain 70 

This was the secret report of the Special Study Group of fifteen people brought 
together during the Kennedy years. The proposal for the study group came around 
1961 and it was established in August 1963. Among those assembled is claimed by 
some researchers to have been John Kenneth Galbraith (CFR), the Keynesian 
economist. The first and last meetings were at Iron Mountain, an underground 
facility near the town of Hudson, New York. It is a place where important 
documents are stored and the base for the emergency corporate headquarters for 
corporations like Standard Oil of New Jersey (the Rockefellers, Exxon), 
Manufacturers Hanover Trust (Rothschilds), and Shell. The content of the report 
was revealed by one of the group who believed the public should know what it 
contained. This group member had the code name 'John Doe’ and his friend, 
Leonard C. Lewin, produced a document summarising the Iron Mountain report. I 
have a copy of this. 71 It says that the idea for the study came from members of the 
Kennedy Administration like Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), McGeorge Bundy 

the secret government 


(TC, CFR, Bil), and Dean Rusk (TC, CFR, Bil). The brief was to study the 
implications of a world without war while still maintaining the control of the 
population wielded by war and the fear of war. Part of the report said: 

"There is no question [that] a universal requirement that procreation be limited to the 
products of artificial insemination would provide a fully adequate substitute control for 
population levels. Such a reproductive system would, of course, have the added 
advantage of being susceptible to direct eugenic management. Its predictable further 
development - conception and embryonic growth taking place wholly under laboratory 
conditions - would extend these controls to their logical conclusion. The ecological 
function of war under these circumstances would not only be superseded, but 
surpassed in effectiveness. 

"The indicated immediate step - total control of conception with a variant of the 
ubiquitous 'pill 1 , via water supplies or certain essential foodstuffs, offset by a controlled 
'antidote' - is already under development." 

Remember this was the 1960s. More than thirty years have passed since then 
and such an 'indicated immediate step’ was 'already under development’. So 
what the hell is going on today in our water supplies and essential foodstuffs, 
both of which are largely controlled by Elite companies? Also, just look again at 
what Professor Paul Ehrlich said in his book, The Population Bomb, published 
two years after this secret report was completed in 1966. He said that 
governments could enforce birth control by the addition of "temporary sterilants 
to water supplies or staple food...". Yet another amazing coincidence. The Report 
From Iron Mountain laid out the functions of war which new policies would 
have to replace: 

1 Economic. War has provided both ancient and modern societies with a dependable 
system for stabilising and controlling national economies. No alternate method of 
control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself 
remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness. 

2 Political. The permanent possibility of war is the foundation for stable government; it 
supplies the basis for general acceptance of political authority. It has enabled 
societies to maintain necessary class distinctions, and it has ensured the 
subordination of the citizen to the state, by virtue of the residue war powers inherent 
in the concept of nationhood. No modern political ruling group has successfully 
controlled its constituency after failing to sustain the continuing credibility of an 
external threat of war. 

3 Sociological. War, through the medium of military institutions, has uniquely served 
societies, throughout the course of known history, as an indispensable controller of 
dangerous [free-thinking] social dissidence and destructive antisocial tendencies. 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

4 Ecological. War has been the principle evolutionary device for maintaining a 

satisfactory ecological balance between gross human population and supplies available 
for survival. It is unique to the human species. 

Very nice, I'm sure. So what did these 'experts' suggest as alternatives to further 
world wars? Unite the people behind the controllers under the threat of war or 
some other form of destruction and keep them in a pennanent state of fear, 
therefore dependent on their perceived 'saviours'. In the light of this need to control 
without world war, the Report From Iron Mountain proposed the following for 

"An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force [a world army now 
called the United Nations Peace Keeping Force and NATO]; an established and 
recognised extraterrestrial menace [now being engineered with the themes of horrible 
aliens and a possible invasion of Earth?]; massive global environmental pollution; 
fictitious alternate enemies; a modern, sophisticated form of slavery; new religions or 
other mythologies; a comprehensive programme of applied eugenics." 

All of these things have emerged since the report was completed. There you see 
the proposal for the enviromnental threat/eugenics scenario which was to follow 
very soon afterwards. The report called for the establishment of a secret War/Peace 
Research Agency using "unaccountable funds" which would study both the peace 
and war options. Among the research required, said the report, was the 
"...determination of minimum and optimum levels of destruction of life, property, 
and natural resources prerequisite to the credibility of external threat essential to the 
political and motivational functions" and "[the] frequency of occurrence, length of 
phase, intensity of physical destruction, extensiveness of geographical involvement, 
and optimum mean loss of life". This is the deeply imbalanced state of mind behind 
those who promote and manipulate into being the New World Order, and conflicts 
are created to fit in with this plan - the war in the former Yugoslavia being another 

In this chapter, I have described the network of Round Table-Royal Institute of 
International Affairs-Council on Foreign Relations-Bilderberg Group-Trilateral 
Commission-United Nations-European Union-Club of Rome, which together 
constitute a secret government of the world acting outside and above what 
laughably passes as the 'democratic process'. I have further shown that the 
members of these groups follow a long tradition of manipulators working from the 
same agenda of world government, central bank, currency, and anny, and a 
genetically engineered, microchipped population. But the organisation behind the 
New World Order coup d'etat is far wider and more complex than this network of 
front organisations. They are a vital part, but only a part, of the Pyramid of Deceit. 

It is on that pyramid the spotlight will now be turned. 

the secret government 



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the secret government 


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chapter 9 

pyramid power 

T he covert network of control is but the physical version of the multidimensional 
prison, within which our lower consciousness has been, until now, entrapped 
for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Those at the higher levels of the Elite-Illuminati-Brotherhood are, I believe, 
vehicles for the manipulation of the physical world by the Prison Warders of the 
Fourth Dimension. There are many connections between the Elite-Brotherhood and 
black magic, and once you get involved in that, it is easy for your consciousness to 
be taken over by an extreme negative force. Such ceremonies and ritual can conjure 
up very dark and malevolent energies, which can possess the people involved. 
Most Freemasons leam the lines of their ceremonies and go through the ritual 
without any idea of what they are playing around with and attracting to them. Most 
think it is just a gentlemen's club, but the ceremonial has been designed to attract 
extreme negative energies which allow a "possession" by the negative elements of 
the Fourth Dimension. 

When I spoke at a spiritual-healing exhibition in Birmingham, I was surprised to 
find it was being held in the main Freemasons' centre in what is Britain's second city. 
The Freemasons rent part of the complex to outside organisations to earn money. I 
was delighted because it allowed me to study the subject in the heart of what must be 
among the largest centres of Freemasonry in the United Kingdom. By 'coincidence' 
while I was there, I managed to see the inside of some of the temples where the public 
are not allowed to go. The complex, called the Clarendon Suites, is built virtually 
without windows once you get through the main entrance. This is appropriately 
symbolic, I feel, of keeping out the Fight. I walked into a temple of the Royal Arch 
branch of Freemasonry where the public are not allowed to go, and I will never forget 
the feeling of extreme negative energy hitting me the moment I stepped through the 
door. Goodness knows what they must do to attract that scale of malevolence! It took 
the breath away. And most of the members will not understand what they are doing. 
Once you synchronise vibrationally with that sort of energy, it can take you over and 
control you - especially if you have no understanding of what you are messing with. 
You can become a mental robot of the Prison Warders, without knowing it. This is 
how people are snared and pulled into the net. It won’t happen to every Freemason 
because it depends on their intent and their own vibrational rate at the time, but it 
happens to those who are of a state of mind that is open to such possession. 

Freemasonry, like the Elite network in general, can manipulate and deceive most 
of its own membership because it is structured like a pyramid. If you look at any 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

The Pyramid of Manipulation 

Prison Warder Consciousness (Fourth Dimension) 

Global Elite 

ivels of knowledge and heirachy 
within the institutions, eg - from 
ishierto chairman of 

All the major institutions 
and groups that affect our 
daily lives connect with the 
Global Elite, which decides 
the coordinated policy 
throughout the pyramid. 

People in the lower 
compartments will have no 
idea what they are part of. 

Figure 8 

organisation, from a small business to a multinational corporation, you will see the 
same pyramid structure. At the top will be a very few people who know everything 
there is to know about the organisation, its motivation, agenda, and the direction it 
wishes to go. The further you descend from the peak, you meet more and more 
people who know less and less about that overall picture. They are only aware of 
their part in the organisation and not everyone else's. This is a manipulator's dream 
and it is the means through which the Elite can control so many people and 
organisations across the world. 

Most of those working for the New World Order agenda don’t know they are 
doing so. The conspiracy couldn’t exist if everyone involved was in on the plot. 
Manipulating the manipulators and controlling the controllers is essential to its 
success. Take the CIA. It has a policy of ’compartmentalisation’. Put more simply, 
the ’need to know' approach. At the top of the CIA are those who know the true 
nature of its agenda. The further down you go, the less the CIA employees are 
aware of this wider perspective. There can be many people within the CIA who do 
their daily tasks quite innocently. They might think that what they are doing is 
serving the United States and is not at all sinister. But they don’t know how what 
they are doing connects with the work of others like them throughout the pyramid 
to produce a very unpleasant picture. Only those few at the top know that. It is in 
this way that the Elite control and manipulate. Each of the various elements, the 
Council on Foreign Relations, Freemasonry, etc are also structured as pyramids, and 
they are themselves all a part of a vast global pyramid with the Elite at the top. It 
may appear to be a mass of unconnected organisations and people, but there is a 
central controlling force that holds the structure together and unites it into a 
common cause and policy (Figure 8). 

pyramid power 


The Global Elite 

At the apex of this global empire are the Elite who are, I believe, solidly locked into 
the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warder consciousness which decides the policy and 
oversees its implementation. I don't know exactly the pecking order of power here, 
but I am confident about the various elements involved, at least. I believe that at the 
highest levels of the Global Elite are shadowy people who are not known to the 
public. I would say that the force behind the House of Rothschild is right up there, 
but I do not believe they are at the top. They too will be taking orders and maybe 
the Habsburg dynasty is above them in the hierarchy. The Elite's power stems from 
their misuse of the esoteric knowledge and their conscious connection to their 
'gods', the Prison Warders. Perhaps no-one I name in this book will be at that level. 
People such as Henry Kissinger, are yes-men, and super-gofers, albeit high- 
powered ones. Many of the others will be used without their knowledge, or full 
knowledge, of what they are part of. I am naming the pawns, the gofers and super- 
gofers, of this small group of people I call the Super Elite, the Black Magicians. 
These are the controllers of the All-Seeing Eye cult, which is the force behind the 
Global Elite and those who are manipulating the New World Order into being. 
Some researchers believe that the Rothschilds are at the peak of the Pyramid (I 
don’t) and under them is a Council of Thirteen, a Council of Thirty Three, and then 
the Committee of 300, also known as the Olympians. 1 

The Global Elite as a whole is the group of people who are selected and initiated 
into the higher, sometimes highest, levels of knowledge in the whole human 
structure. While they will be working today to speed the emergence of the New 
World Order, they will also be looking for others who are deemed to be of the right 
calibre. Then, as the present personnel 'retire' or die, the reins of the conspiracy are 
handed to the next generation of the Elite, just as Averell Harriman was replaced in 
his role by Henry Kissinger. In the same way Umberto Agnelli (Bil) is being 
prepared to replace his ageing father Giovanni Agnelli in the Elite hierarchy. So 
while the 'they' - the actual personnel - change with the generations, the agenda 
they are working from remains basically the same. It is like passing on a baton in a 
relay race and, because of the nature of the family structure of much of the Elite, the 
baton is often handed on across the generations of certain families. This becomes 
even more understandable because the parents indoctrinate the children from the 
earliest possible age and later introduce them to the same secret societies and 
ceremonial which synchronises them into the Prison Warders' vibration. 

The Illuminati 

Not every member of a secret society or the other organisations I name is part of the 
Elite. There is a difference between Freemasonry and what I will tenn Tlluminised’ 
Freemasonry, those parts of the order which have been infiltrated by Illuminati 
agents. The word Illuminati - 'the Illuminated Ones' - goes back into the ancient 
world. It is a covert force which has created or taken over groups and organisations 
to manipulate the world in the desired direction. The Illuminati's greatest weapon 
is the advanced esoteric knowledge it has passed on through its initiation 


...and the truth shall setyoufree 

ceremonies and the misuse and abuse of that knowledge. The most obvious 
expression of Illuminism was the Bavarian Illuminati officially created by the 
Gennan professor, Adam Weishaupt, in May 1776, and controlled by the House of 
Rothschild, the bankers to endless revolutions and wars. It was Weishaupt who 
used his wing of the Illuminati to infiltrate and take over Freemasonry. 

Weishaupt was trained as a Jesuit, which is short for the Society of Jesus. The 
founder of the Jesuits, the Spaniard, Ignatius Loyola, fonned a secret society within 
this apparently Catholic order and the initiates were called the ’Alumbrados' which 
means the ’enlightened', the 'illuminated'. Conflict followed between the Jesuit 
'illuminism' and Weishaupt's Gennan version, battles which the traditions of 
Weishaupt mostly won although the Jesuit network is still very much a part of the 
Elite. Weishaupt created 13 degrees of initiation in his Illuminati and the key 
personnel were to be found in the top nine degrees. The Illuminati is a pyramid, 
too. The members were given special Illuminati names, inspired by ancient Rome 
and Greece. Weishaupt was called Spartacus. These people became members of 
other secret societies like the Freemasons and 'illuminised' them - took them over 
and used them to destabilise nations and hasten the New World Order. They did 
the same within governments, banking, commerce, the military, and the media, on 
behalf of the Elite. 

So there is Freemasonry and Illuminised Freemasonry. The fonner manipulates 
at one level, but it too is being manipulated by another covert force, the Illuminati, 
which in turn answers to its Global Elite. There are organisations within 
organisations (say, the Freemasonry network within a government) and another 
organisation within those organisations (the Illuminati membership within the 
Freemasons). This Illuminised fonn of Freemasonry became known as The Grand 
Orient Lodges. It followed the modified Hegelian tradition of infiltrating two 
extremes and playing one off against the other to create the desired change. Using 
these methods, it was pledged to overthrow the rule of the monarchies, destroy 
faith in God, put an end to patriotism and nation states, abolish the ownership of 
property and dismantle traditional social order. 

The Black Nobility 

The Illuminati interconnects within the Global Elite with what is known as the 
Black Nobility, an ancient grouping of 'blue bloods'. It has its base in Italy, 
particularly in Venice and Genoa. Both John Cabot (real name Giovanni Cabotto) 
and Christopher Columbus lived in Genoa before 'discovering' different parts of the 
Americas within four years of each other. Today another Giovanni is claimed by 
scores of researchers to be a member of one of the Black Nobility families. This is 
Giovanni Agnelli, longtime head of the Fiat Motor Company until 1996 and a 
leading Bilderberger. The Agnelli family dominates Italy and it is said, only half 
jokingly, that the main responsibility of an Italian prime minister is to "polish 
Agnelli's doorknobs". 2 Agnelli had a much publicised relationship with Pamela 
Churchill, Winston's daughter-in-law, before she married.. .Averell Harriman. She 
was a leading fundraiser for Bill Clinton and became US Ambassador to Paris. The 

pyramid power 


Agnelli family were closely connected with Mussolini, and Giovanni’s grandfather 
was made a senator for life by the fascist leader. Some families of the Black Nobility 
in Venice and Rome claim an ancestry back to the Roman Emperor Justinian, a man 
reputed to have taken references to reincarnation out of the biblical texts in the year 
553. They have a desire to return to a system symbolised by the Roman Empire and 
they are a major force within the Global Elite. This ’noble’ line would appear to go 
back at least a thousand years, probably far longer, and emerged in part through the 
Guelf and Ghibelline conflicts in Italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 

Guelf came from Welf, a Gennan prince competing for control of the Holy 
Roman Empire, and Ghibelline came from the name of the castle owned by his 
opponents, the Hohenstaufen family. The Guelfs supported the Pope and the 
Ghibellines supported the rule of the Hohenstaufen family. Great conflict followed, 
with the Guelfs triumphant in the end. The Guelfs (Black Nobility) became 
immensely powerful through their later control of banking and international trade. 
They set up great financial centres in Lombardy and they dominated the scene so 
much that Lombard became the name given to all Italian hankers in Florence, 
Genoa, Venice, and Milan. Eventually they expanded their influence northwards to 
Hamburg, Amsterdam and London. Today the Black Nobility also control the 
financial centres of Switzerland where the spoils of the drug trade and other illegal 
activities are laundered behind the facade of Swiss respectability. The Black Nobility 
were at the heart of the slave trade from where the fortunes of many leading 
American and British families originated and they were behind the Orange Order 
which put William of Orange on the British throne, and led to the Bank of England 
and the National Debt. In more recent times, the Orange Order has been behind the 
Protestant wing of the conflict in Northern Ireland. 

The Black Nobility includes, or is at least connected to, the Dutch Royal Family 
of Prince Bernhard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group. Its connections 
extend to London and the British 'establishment' families of the old aristocracy and 
the new 'money' aristocracies. Members of the European bluebloods which are 
closely linked with the British Royal Family are involved. The Swedish, Dutch and 
Spanish royal families are often represented at Bilderberg meetings. In the UK, 
Prince Philip and Prince Charles have attended Bilderberg meetings and Queen 
Elizabeth II is named as a member of the Committee of 300. 3 It is believed by 
researchers who have investigated the Black Nobility, that at this level the British 
Royal Family is subordinate to the Italian members who trace their ancestry back to 
the original Guelfs and beyond. I feel that the vicious personal attacks on Prince 
Charles and the taped telephone conversations released to the media, which have 
done so much to damage him, are no accident. Is it part of a coordinated campaign 
to undennine him? Is he a rebel they wish to destroy? It is possible. Charles and his 
brother Andrew, turned down the offer to become Freemasons, an organisation 
with close connections to the British monarchy over the years. The Illuminati/Black 
Nobility/Global Elite use many secret and less secret organisations in pursuit of 
their global tyranny and the most all-pervading of them is Freemasonry. Illuminised 
Freemasonry is the first level down from the Illuminati/Black Nobility, and you will 


.and the truth shall set you free 

The Masonic Structure 

Scottish Rite 

York Rite 








33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General 

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret > 

31° General Inspector Inquisitor Commander 

30° Grand Elect Knight K-H O 

29° Knight of St. Andrew \ 

28° Knight of the Sun 

27° Commander of the Temple — 

26° Prince of Mercy 

25° Knight of the Brazca Serpent 

24° Prince of the Tabernacle 

23° Child of the Tabernacle 

22° Prince of Libanus 

21° Patriach Noachite 

20° Master Ad Vitarn v\\S\\\ 

19° Grand Pontif \ YVWVV 

18° Knight of the Rose Croix of HRDM \ \\\\\\ 
17° Knight of the East and West \ \\\\\\V N 

16° Prince of Jerusalem \^\\\\ 

15° Knight of the East or Sword v ' \\\\\\\ 

14° Grand Elect Mason 

13° Master of the Ninth Arch 
12° Grand Master Architect 
11° Sublime Master Ejected 

10° Elect of Fifteen 

9° Master Elect of Fifteen — 

8° Intendent of the Building 
7° Provost and Judge ^ 

6° Intimate Secretary 
5° Perfect Master ... 

4° Secret Master 
3° Master Mason — __ 

2° Fellow Craft _ 

1° Entered Apprentice - 

Order of Knights Templar 
— Order of Knights Malta 
Order of Red Cross 

Royal Arch Mason 

Most Excellent Master 
-Past Master (Virtual) 

Mark Master 

Master Mason 

I Fellow Craft 

Entered Apprentice 

Figure 9 

find its membership involved in all the organisations in the network I described in 
the last chapter: the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign 
Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and their like-minded brethren. 


The vast majority of Freemasons in the world never progress beyond the bottom 
three levels of degree (Figure 9). But above them are another thirty higher levels in 
the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which owes its inspiration to the ancient Knights 
Templar. Even the 33rd degree is not the top because there are the Illuminati levels 
above that, and the 33rd degree itself is unofficially divided into two streams, one 
knowing far more than the other. At each stage, the initiate is told a little more 
about the true nature of Freemasonry and the real game plan. Those who have 
reached the 33rd degree are on a different planet in terms of what they know, 
compared with the Masons on the bottom three levels. Joseph Smith, the ’prophet' 
who founded the appalling Monnon 'church', was a 33rd degree Freemason. The 
men who go down to the local Freemasons' lodge in your town or city will not have 
a clue what their organisation is being used for. They have to be kept in the dark if 

pyramid power 


the plan is to work and what better way of doing this than to use these distinct 
levels of initiation. Only those considered to be ’acceptable’ progress to the higher 
levels and find out what is really going on. The vast majority of Freemasons are on 
the bottom three levels. They are the fodder and the front. Between the 4th and 33rd 
degrees, you find those of the ’right mind' who have influence in society, light up to 
presidents of the United States. Then you have the Illuminati levels, which you will 
not see mentioned in any Freemasons guidebook. Those are the people who 
actually run the show and they are the agents of the All-Seeing Eye cult. World 
Freemasonry is a massive pyramid of manipulation. 

It was not always like this. It is said that Freemasonry was once a society that 
was exclusive to those who worked as stonemasons and builders on the churches 
and cathedrals. It was then called Masonry. Their lodges were like trade 
organisations some historians claim, and their secrecy and rituals were designed to 
protect their profession from unskilled outsiders. Most of the Masons' work came 
from the Catholic Church, ruled from Rome. The immense wealth of the Church, 
most of it stolen directly or indirectly, paid for the construction of the great 
cathedrals on which the masons' income largely depended. But disaster came when 
Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1534 and formed his own Church of England after 
the Pope refused him a divorce. This event had many implications for the future 
(see The Robots' Rebellion) and it ensured that many masons were made 
unemployed. Far from continuing the building programmes of Rome, Henry looted 
the monasteries and everything else he could get away with. He was broke, 
basically, and there were always wars to fight. One of his targets was the assets of 
the 'fraternities, brotherhoods and guilds'. The masonry societies collapsed in the 
wake of this royal mugging and the desperate lack of work for their members. 
Many of the lodges disappeared, along with their ancient records, and little is 
known about their true history. 

The lodges (branches) which survived did so by opening their memberships to 
people who were not stonemasons, or so the story goes. These newcomers - the 
businessmen, merchants, landowners, and aristocracy - were called 'speculative' 
masons and soon they far outnumbered the original members. This was the Knights 
Templar/ Illuminati manifesting on the public stage in the guise of Freemasonry. 
The first recorded initiation of a speculative mason in England was in 1646 when 
Elias Ashmole (don't say it too quickly) joined a lodge in Warrington. He was an 
astrologer and indeed esoteric knowledge was to be an important part of the new 
Masonry at the higher levels of initiation. Masonry had become Freemasonry and as 
the years passed, the only remaining connection with the stonemasons were the 
symbolic paraphernalia and names for the levels of initiation like apprentice, fellow 
craft, and master mason. The working tools of the stonemasons - the square, 
compasses, level, plumbline, gauge, gavel, and chisel - were still used in the bizarre 
ceremonies and rituals and the Freemason's apron was another throwback to the 
stone masons. But Freemasonry now had a very different agenda. 

During the rituals which the founders of the new Freemasonry introduced, bare- 
chested initiates were blindfolded with a noose around their neck and a dagger held 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

to their heart. They had to swear to serve the order and keep its secrets, on pain of a 
grotesque ritual death. The penalty for divulging the secrets of the Second Degree 
(the Fellow Craft Mason) is "having my left breast laid open, my heart tom 
therefrom, and given to the ravenous birds of the air, or devouring beasts of the 
field as a prey". In the Third Degree (Master Mason) it is "being severed in two, my 
bowels burnt to ashes, and those ashes scattered over the face of the Earth and 
wafted by the four winds of heaven, that no trace of remembrance of so vile a 
wretch may longer be found among men, particularly Master Masons " 4 Channing. 

These are the sorts of ceremonies that conjure up the malevolent energies. At the 
same time, in public, Freemasonry is claiming to be a school of morality and it talks 
of fraternity and ’brotherly love'! The public apologists for Freemasonry will tell 
you that these rituals are only symbolic, but there is much evidence that not 
everyone thinks so, including the Freemason known as Jack the Ripper. The 
powerful ties of loyalty (and fear, too, when necessary) engendered in the 
membership makes sure that very few have dared to disclose the secrets, even after 
leaving the craft. In fact, while people may cease to pay their fees or turn up at the 
lodge, the oaths still apply. There is no mechanism by which a Mason, once 
initiated, can unswear his oath. 

Such oaths were invented to create fear and control. They were not part of the 
rituals of stonemasons, as some of their few surviving rule books, the 'Gothic 
Constitutions’ as they are called, have proved. The penalty for revealing the secrets 
in those days was to be thrown out of the lodge. It beats having your bowels burnt to 
ashes, for sure. The Freemasonry rituals and oaths are based on a piece of invention 
in the eighteenth century - the Freemason story of Hiram Abif. According to the 
Freemasonry invention, Hiram Abif was the architect of Solomon's biblical Temple. 
The Gothic Constitutions of the stonemasons make no reference to such a man, but 
he became the Freemasons' martyr figure. Invention has it that Hiram refused to 
betray the secrets to three fellow craft masons anned with masonic tools. They 
murdered him when he would not reveal his secrets, so the myth goes, and King 
Solomon ordered a search when Hiram appeared to be missing. Hiram's body was 
discovered 'indecently interred’ and was reburied with 'all respect and reverence'. 
Solomon ordered those responsible for the murder to be executed and in some 
versions of the story, the killers, Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, were so full of remorse 
that they asked to be put to death. Jubela asked for his throat to be cut and his 
tongue tom out; Jubelo chose to have his left breast tom open and his heart fed to the 
vultures; and Jubelum was the one who asked for his bowels to be burned to ashes 
and scattered before the four winds of heaven. You can see where the Freemasons' 
rituals and oaths come from. Their rituals play out the story and death of Hiram 
Abif, baring their breast with their trouser legs rolled up to bare their knees . 5 

The story of Hiram Abif is a fantasy. The Freemasonic thought police have made 
great play of the ancient links with the building of King Solomon's Temple in 
Jerusalem. They have turned it into something akin to the Vatican - and then some. 
But the Bible from which the figure of Hiram was taken, describes a very different 
man. First of all his name was simply Hiram. The addition of Abif came from the 

pyramid power 


founders of masonic myth. Abif 's a miff, you might say. And what does the Bible 
say about this man? Does it say that he was "the most accomplished mason on 
Earth", as the Freemasons claim? Not quite. It says that he was neither a mason nor 
an architect, but a worker in brass. According to the Book of Kings, he arrived from 
Tyre after the temple was finished. The Book of Chronicles says he came before the 
Temple was built and was an ornamental metal worker. Any stone skills he had 
were in decoration, not construction. There is another Hiram in the Bible, the King 
of Tyre, who is not the same man. But he is also held in great esteem by 
Freemasonry because he is supposed to have supplied Solomon with Lebanese 
cedarwood for the Temple. And that's another thing. The Bible says the Temple was 
built mostly of wood and was no bigger than a church hall of today (30 by 90 feet). 
The last thing they needed was a stonemason architect. But while the story of 
Hiram Abif is a nonsense, it is possible that its themes originate in ancient Egypt 
when King Seqenenre was murdered for refusing to reveal the most secret esoteric 
knowledge to a rival. If so, this is yet further confirmation that the same stream of 
knowledge and manipulation stretches from antiquity into modern Freemasonry 
and the world today. My feeling is that the force that emerged as Freemasonry was, 
and is, the Knights Templar, which until then had been operating underground, 
following the papal purge. The pyramid structure allows the Elite, the few at the 
top of Freemasonry, to control the majority by misleading them and keeping them 
in the dark. The Illuminati Protocols, found in the last century, did - whatever 
people may say about their origin - describe brilliantly how Freemasons are used: 

"We shall create and multiply Freemasonic lodges in all countries of the world, absorb 
into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges 
we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we 
shall bring under one central administration [The Illuminati], known to us alone and to all 
others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders... In these 
lodges we shall tie together all revolutionary and liberal elements. Their composition will 
be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us 
and will fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. Among the 
members of the lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police 
since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police is in a position not 
only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our 
activities and to provide pretexts for discontents..." 
Protocol 15 

The protocols describe the Masons on the lower levels of degree - the great 
majority - as a part of a 'show army' who are there only "to kick dust in the eyes of 
their fellows". Everyone is manipulating everyone else. Unless we know the secret 
society background of people employed by the controlling institutions, be it the 
police, politicians, doctors, military officers, editors and journalists, or government 
officials, and unless we know what that secret society truly stands for, how can we 
possibly kn ow what agenda those who run a country or community are working 


...and the truth shall set you free 

from? These people pledge their total allegiance to their secret society in these ritual 
ceremonies, so what happens to their allegiance to the public they have been elected 
or appointed to serve? While people in the secret societies are allowed into such 
positions of control and influence without even having to acknowledge their 
membership, the whole system is open to the most outrageous corruption. And that 
is what happens. The system is outrageously corrupt. Not every member is corrupt; 
most are not. But it doesn't take many to have a terrific impact on society. 

Once you have Freemasons in the top positions, who decide which people are 
recruited or promoted within an organisation, you can make sure that fellow 
Freemasons get into the key positions of power. One generation of Freemasons 
follows another as the baton is handed over. When you have achieved this you can 
run an organisation or a country almost as you like. Or a world. Freemasons also 
commit themselves to helping each other in distress. That sounds very nice, but 
what about those who are not part of the club, the 'Profane', as we are called? Does 
that mean we are subject to lesser consideration when faced with a Freemason in 
authority? In at least a number of cases, the answer is most certainly "yes". The 
Freemasons have a series of signs and words which allow them to recognise each 
other, including the funny handshake. These also include the Freemasons' sign for 
"grief and distress" (i.e. Get me out of trouble), the verbal version of which is: "Will 
no-one help the widow's son?" The widow's son is Hiram Abif. 

These signs and signals come in very handy when you are arrested by 
Freemason police officers or appear in court before a Freemason judge. It doesn't 
always work, of course, but we are kidding ourselves if we think it doesn't happen. 
The political determination to tackle this dangerous injustice is simply not there, 
because either the politicians involved - of all parties - are Freemasons themselves 
or connected with the wider network, or they are frightened to act because their 
position depends on them not upsetting the secret society elite. Some leading 
politicians are high ranking Freemasons. Lord Palmerston, the British Prime 
Minister at the time of the opium wars against China, was the Grand Patriarch of 
the Grand Orient [Illuminati] version of the order. The former French president, 
Francois Mitterand (Comm 300), was also a Grand Master of the Grand Orient. 6 

Most of the names I have mentioned in the book, those involved with the 
Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and 
all the rest will also be Freemasons or members of some connected secret society. 
But they are all answerable to the same master - the Global Elite. In most countries 
there is an elite Freemasonry 'cell' which is particularly powerful and which may be 
unknown even to some high ranking Freemasons. There are many cells linked to 
the Illuminati-controlled fonns of Freemasonry, the Grand Orient Lodges. The 
French Revolution was partly hatched and coordinated by the Grand Orient Lodge 
in Paris. In Britain there are, according to some, an elite cell called the Parlour Club 
and a European elite group called the Club of the Isles. 7 In the US they have the the 
Skull and Bones Society, which is closely related to Freemasonry, and so is the 
Orange Order which is at the heart of the Northern Ireland conflict. The Round 
Table is designed on Freemasonic lines and links in with that network. The 

pyramid power 


infamous Knights of Malta are another elite organisation which coordinates its 
covert activities with Illuminised Freemasonry and has enonnous influence within 
the system. Its official head is the Pope! The best kn own of the Elite Freemasonry 
cells is the Propaganda Masonica Due Lodge (P2) based in Italy, but operating in 
other countries also. When this was discovered, it produced one of the greatest 
political scandals in history. If we look at the background of the P2, you will 
appreciate how these Elite Freemasonry cells operate in countries around the world 
and the methods they use. 

Propaganda Masonica Due (P2) 

The P2 Lodge in Rome was founded in 1877 for those Freemasons who were 
visiting the capital from other parts of Italy. It had only fourteen members by the 
mid-1960s, but it was about to be launched into world prominence when it was 
'restructured' by Licio Gelli at the request of the Grand Master of Italy, Lino Salvini. 
Once Gelli took over, the membership of the P2 Lodge soared within a few years to 
almost a thousand, although he was almost certainly the vehicle for other powers 
behind P2 who kept their control secret. Some researchers believe this hidden 
control to be the Alpine Freemasons' Lodge in Switzerland, which has had among 
its membership, Henry Kissinger and the founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio 
Peccei (Bil). Others say this was only the 'middle man’ between P2 and its real 
controllers, the banking interests centred on the House of Rothschild. P2 initiation 
ceremonies took place at its headquarters in the Excelsior Hotel under the 
supervision of a fonner Grand Master of Italy, Giordano Gamberini, but the name 
most associated with P2 is Gelli. 

Gelli was a fascist supporter of Mussolini during the war and helped to organise 
the "rat line" which smuggled Nazis out of Gennany when the Allies invaded. He 
fled to Argentina some years later when his background came to light and he made 
many political friends there, including the dictator, Juan Peron (for whom he 
became an economic advisor), and Jose Lopez Rega, the man behind the Triple A 
death squads responsible for thousands of murders. Rega raised vast sums by 
smuggling cocaine into the United States. When Peron came out of exile to take 
power for the second time, he fell on his knees in public to thank Gelli. Many Nazis 
fled to South America after the war and P2 is closely connected with Nazi 
International. Gelli, as a committed fascist, would have been very much at home in 
such company. Indeed it was he who helped many Nazis, like Claus Barbie, escape 
to South America (which became a bigger version of Gennany as it was under 
Hitler). Gelli was close to the Nazi dictator of Nicaragua, Somoza, and he was also 
connected with the Nazi paramilitary organisation operating in Italy called U 
Gladio (a CIA front). 

Gelli returned to Italy in the mid-1960s as Argentina's honourary consul. He 
built a network of contacts in high places around him after he became a Grand 
Orient Freemason in 1965. This was helped by his membership in the Knights of 
Malta, which gave him an 'in’ to the highest levels of the Vatican, a link he and P2 
were to exploit so effectively. Gelli's friends in the United States Republican Party 


... and the truth shall set you free 

invited him to the inauguration of President Reagan in 1981. (Reagan would later 
lay a wreath on the graves of SS storm troopers during the 40th anniversary 
ceremonies of the Second World War, the symbolism of which would have been 
very powerful for the Nazi mentalities in the CIA and the Global Elite, the real 
controllers of the P2.) Gelli also attended the inaugurations of Presidents Carter and 
Ford, and he called himself a friend of George Bush. 

In July 1981, Gelli's daughter was stopped at Rome Airport and documents were 
confiscated from the false bottom of her suitcase. They were copies of the United 
States document known as Supplement B. This was a supplement to the US Field 
Army Manual FM 30-31. It was dated March 18th 1970 and signed by General 
Westmoreland. It describes how to destabilise a country through infiltration of the 
controlling organisations and the use of agents provocateur. 8 This is precisely what 
Gelli and his controllers did. 

Gelli worked successfully to win official recognition for Italian Freemasonry 
from the centre of world Freemasonry, the United Grand Fodge in Fondon. Italian 
Freemasonry has a long history of controversy and involvement in politics. It was 
banned by Mussollini, as was Gennan Freemasonry by Hitler, not the least because 
they were both helped to power by secret societies and realised their influence. 
After the war, the American OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, put pressure on the 
desperate Italian government to allow Freemasonry to return and the Mother Fodge 
in Fondon conferred official recognition. In doing so, they had officially recognised 
an organisation that has the closest of connections with the Mafia. These ties go 
back to the ’Carbonari’, an amalgamation of Freemasons, the Mafia, and the 
military, which was fonned in the nineteenth century to oppose Napoleon. The 
Carbonari were also closely linked with the Guelphic Knights - the Black Nobility. 

Through the 1970s, Gelli was recruiting some of the most powerful people in 
Italian society into P2 until he had created a state within a state, working from a 
common agenda. The names of the membership were known to him and maybe one 
or two others. Not even the other members knew all the names on the P2 
membership list. Using the well-tested Elite structure, he divided the membership 
into two divisions and then subdivided them into a series of other groups. Only the 
leaders of these groups knew who their members were - and then only those in their 
particular group. P2 members were controlled by the terror of knowing the horrific 
penalties for not doing as they were told. When, in March 1981, Gelli's premises 
were raided by police they discovered 962 names on the P2 membership lists in his 
office safe and suitcase. There were three cabinet ministers, forty other MPs, forty- 
three generals, eight admirals and hundreds of civil servants and diplomats, heads 
of the security services, the chiefs of police in the country's four biggest cities, 
industrialists, financiers, TV stars, and twenty-four journalists. I believe strongly that 
something similar is happening in the United Kingdom and many other countries, 
which mirrors the methods and aims of P2. Henry Kissinger was believed by some 
to be a member of P2 or at least a major force in its policy and methods. P2 certainly 
has a powerful foreign membership, which gives it tremendous influence within 
European and US intelligence and banking. The Italian Prime Minister, Giulio 

pyramid power 


Andreotti was close to Gelli. When Andreotti stood trial for involvement with the 
Mafia he named his character witnesses as the fonner United Nations Secretary 
General, Perez de Cuellar (a reputed P2 member), and.. .Henry Kissinger. 9 The 
journalist, Mino Peccorelli, a member of P2, said it was actually run by the CIA. He 
wasn’t allowed to say it for very long, though. Peccorelli was murdered by a means 
acknowledged as a Mafia death-ritual for those who say too much. More evidence 
for the CIA connection came from fonner CIA contract agent, Richard Brenneke, in 
an interview on Italian Television on July 2nd 1990. He said: 

"We [the CIA] have used the assistance of these people [P2] to get in and out of the 
United States drugs and money, and to get in and out of Italy drugs and money. We 
used these people to create situations that would favour the explosion of terrorism in 
Italy and other European countries at the beginning of the 70s. The P2 is still alive and 
it is still used for the same purposes as at the beginning of the 70s. The CIA has 
financed the P2 to the tune of $1 million to $10 million per month. ..That CIA money 
was used for several purposes, one of them terrorism. Another purpose was to obtain 
support in smuggling drugs coming from other countries into the US. There also has 
always been a connection between P2 and the CIA." 

Brenneke was another who said that Licio Gelli was only the nominal head of P2 
and the real control came via Switzerland and the United States. The 1970s and 
early 1980s were terrible years for Italy. Terrorism sponsored by P2 included the 
bombing at Bologna Railway Station, in which eighty-five people died in 1980. A 
terrorist group called The Red Brigade was blamed for many atrocities, including 
the kidnap and murder in 1978 of the Christian Democrat leader and former Prime 
Minister of Italy, Aldo Moro, in which five of his bodyguards also died. Terrorist 
groups like the Red Brigade and the Baader-Meinhoff Gang in Germany are not all 
that they seem. As with these two groups, their members are often trained by the 
CIA or other Elite organisations. They are part of the problem-reaction-solution 
process, a cover for the assassination of 'difficult' people, and a means to destabilise 
societies. At the hearing into the death of Aldo Moro, several members of the Red 
Brigade said they knew of high level US involvement in his murder. On November 
10th 1982, the court heard devastating testimony from a close associate of Moro, 
Gorrado Guerzoni. He said that a top United States politician had threatened Moro 
that unless he changed his policies he would be dealt with. Moro wanted to stabilise 
Italy, the US politician wanted to destabilise her. Aldo Moro's wife, in her evidence, 
also said that a "high ranking United States political figure" had told her husband: 
"Either you stop your political line or you will pay dearly for it". Who was the man 
that Gorrado Guerzoni named in court? 

Henry Kissinger. 

This was widely reported in Italy, but not a single word appeared in the New 
York Times or the Washington Post, even though one of America's most famous 


... and the truth shall set you free 

people had been accused in a court of law with involvement in the death of a leading 
foreign politician kidnapped and murdered by a terrorist gang. Free press? Sure 
there is. When Moro was kidnapped, the Italian government refused to negotiate his 
release. This was strange because they had negotiated when others had been 
abducted. His family could not understand it at the time. It was as if the authorities 
didn’t want him released. The truth was that they didn't. The Elite conspiracy does 
not have an allegiance to one country or political system. It has its members in all 
parties and countries and they cooperate for their common aims. To them borders 
and countries do not exist, except as a means to play one side against another. 

Two significant names found on the P2 membership list were the financiers, 
Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona. It was while investigating the fake kidnapping 
of Sindona and his work as financial advisor to the Vatican and the Mafia that the 
police uncovered Gelli's P2 scandal. The Roman Catholic Church had long 
outlawed Freemasonry within its ranks, although many of its clergy and officials 
are members. During the period of Gelli, however, when official Vatican hostility to 
Freemasonry was significantly reduced, the P2 Lodge took over the Papal State 
through the infiltration by Gelli, Calvi, and Sindona. The Pope through these years 
of P2 infiltration was Pope Paul VI and it was he who reduced the opposition to 
Freemasonry within the Roman Catholic Church. Interestingly, a Canadian 
publisher, Daniel Scallen, employed the Pinkerton Detective Agency of New York to 
investigate the Pope's behaviour. A detective went to Rome in 1973 and reported 
that there were two Pope Pauls in the Vatican! He reckoned that plastic surgery had 
been used to make an impostor resemble the Pope. When you see different close-up 
pictures of the Pope from this time, it is certainly feasible. There do appear to be 
distinct differences. Tapes of the Pope's speeches at Christmas and Easter were 
analysed by the FBI and found to be the voices of different people. During his 
investigations, the Pope's niece admitted to the detective that there was indeed an 
impostor, and his family (who visited the real Pope regularly at the Vatican) was 
aware of this, she said. The investigation ended when the detective was arrested in 
Rome and sentenced to four years in prison. He was later deported and then 
'disappeared'. There were some who found it far-fetched when I said in The Robots' 
Rebellion that look-alikes were used for some public figures. It isn't, you know. It 
has now been shown that the Saddam Hussein we saw after the Gulf War was not 
the same man we saw before the war. It was a plastic -surgery-created look-alike. 10 

When the P2 scandal broke, top ranking Vatican officials were implicated, 
including the Secretary of State, Cardinal Villot. It was Villot, according to Stephen 
Knight's book, The Brotherhood, who many believe applied pressure on the Roman 
Catholic hierarchy to tone down its opposition to Freemasonry. He was also named, 
in another investigation by David Yallop called In God's Name, as a prime suspect 
in the murder of Pope John Paul I, who died after only 33 days in office in 1978. 
This Pope perhaps knew something of what was going on, both in terms of 
Freemasonry infiltration and the stealing of Vatican wealth. The 'Christian' wing of 
the All-Seeing Eye cult wants to infiltrate and destroy Christianity in the same way 
its Jewish membership are working to undennine Judaism. Maybe Pope John Paul I 

pyramid power 


was determined to act to bring an end to the manipulation, although others say he 
was an Illuminati Pope. Anyway, he was found dead, murdered by agents of P2, 
and this was covered up with lies about ’natural causes'. The doctors who were 
allowed to examine him appeared confused, with each suggesting a different cause 
- heart attack, cancer, and brain tumour. Take your pick. Many believe he was 
poisoned, but the truth was never investigated by the authorities. He was found 
dead at 5.30am and by 9.30am his body had been embalmed and his intestines 
removed and burnt. There was no post mortem. Standsficld Turner (CFR), the 
fonner CIA director, said that Pope John Paul's personal physician, one of the first 
to examine his body, was an asset of the CIA. Cardinal Villot himself died in 1979 
before the P2 story was exposed. In the period leading up to his death, he said that 
he would reveal the story of the Pope's demise, but he never did. The doctors who 
were allowed to examine Villot gave the cause of death as bronchial- 
pneumonia. . .sorry, kidney trouble., .no, hold on, hepatitis., .no, er, internal 
haemorrhage. Remind me not to call the Vatican if I ever need a doctor. 

Michele Sindona, the P2 member, financial swindler, money launderer, and later 
convicted murderer, became involved with the Vatican bank, L'Istituto per le Opere 
di Religione (IOR) and introduced his partner, Roberto Calvi, to the bank's chief, 
Bishop Paul Marcinkus. Calvi had his own bank, Atnbrosiano, in which the Vatican 
hank became a major shareholder, thanks to the Freemasonic connections and 
Gelli's close relationship with the top officials and the Pope. A massive fraud 
ensued and when Banco Atnbrosiano collapsed in 1982, it had debts of £800,000,000. 
The Vatican bank paid creditors £164,000,000 which created a cash crisis for the 
Roman Catholic Church, similar to the one faced by the protestant Church of 
England in more recent years. 

Roberto Calvi, who became known, as did Sindona, as 'God's Banker', fled to 
Austria and then England, where he arrived on June 15th 1982. Two days later his 
secretary, Graziella Corrocher, who kept the books for P2, 'fell' from a fourth floor 
window at the Atnbrosiano Bank. The following day Calvi was dead, too. He was 
found hanged from scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge in London, with his pockets 
full of masonry, four miles from the Chelsea Cloisters where he was staying. 

Even as his body was being found and reported, Italian police and other officials 
were chartering a plane to England. They need not have been so hasty, there were 
plenty of Freemasons within the London authorities who could cover up his 
murder. A City of London Inquest announced a verdict of suicide, which beggars 
belief. A man who wants to kill himself leaves his apartment, where the deed could 
have been done, travels to Blackfriars Bridge and despite suffering from extreme 
vertigo, he climbs down onto scaffolding underneath the arches which he could not 
have known was there. He then somehow rigs up the rope, fills his pockets with 
rubble, and hangs himself. Yeah, sounds feasible. A second inquest in June 1983 
returned an open verdict, which at least was a little more sensible, though far from 
the outcome the evidence demanded. 

There was certainly Freemasonic symbolism involved in his death and the 
Masons love their symbolism. Blackfriars was once the site of a friary church run by 


...and the truth shall set you free 

a Dominican Order who were called Blackfriars because of the black habits they 
wore. It was they who expanded the use of pulpits, hence the pulpit is a theme in 
the stonework on Blackfriars Bridge. Members of the P2 lodge dressed l ik e 
Blackfriars for their rituals. Also, one of the masonic penalties talks of the victim 
being ".. .buried in the sand of the sea at low water mark, or a cable's length from 
the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours...". 
One tarot card depiction of death is also a man hanged beside water. Whatever the 
detailed background, Calvi was clearly murdered, either for what he had done or 
for what he knew about what had happened. It was probably both. And that is the 
penalty faced by many Freemasons who have outlived their usefulness. 

It would be nice to think that the P2 scandal was an isolated case, but I do not 
believe that to be so. Yet to be uncovered in most countries (certainly in the most 
influential ones) are, I have no doubt, similar cells of elite Freemasons creating and 
controlling a state within a state. I do not accept, either, that even the P2 has ceased 
to exist, nor that the Elite's control of the Vatican has been purged. One other point 
is the name itself, P2. That indicates that somewhere there must be a PI. But where? 
Almost certainly the United States, or the United Kingdom, possibly both. 

The Knights of Malta 

During the period of the Crusades in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when the 
Pope tried to remove the Muslims from Jerusalem, a number of 'Knights' orders 
emerged. They included the Knights Templar (Knights of the Temple) and the Order 
of Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem. Both suffered persecution after the 
Crusades failed, but the Knights Templar survive to this day and their creed fonned 
the basis of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry with its 33 degrees. The Order of St John 
of Jerusalem changed its name with its changes of location. It became the Knights of 
Rhodes when it was given the island by the Pope and then the Knights of Malta, 
which it ruled as a sovereign state until the Order was removed by Napoleon in 
1798. After a period of nomadic existence, or so their official history says, Pope Leo 
XII (a dogmatic Catholic extremist) established a new headquarters for the Order in 
Rome in 1834. Today they are called the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and they 
enjoy all the diplomatic rights of a head of state. More than forty countries recognise 
their sovereignty and have full diplomatic relations with this official, and oh-so- 
accurately described, state within a state. By Papal Decree, the international head of 
the Order, the Grand Master, has the rank of prince, the importance of a cardinal, 
and the title Most Eminent Highness. The overall chief, officially at least, is the Pope. 
The Knights of Malta are major powerbrokers within the Elite network, with close 
ties to the Black Nobility and world politics, not the least in the United States. 
Alexander Haig (CFR), the secretary of state in the Reagan administration, is a 
member and some believe Reagan may have been. Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, the 
fonner president of France, was also a member. It was d'Estaing (Bil) and former 
Gennan Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt (Bil), who did so much together to promote 
European integration. 11 The Order has particularly close links with the security 
services like the CIA. In 1948, it gave one of its most prestigious awards of honour to 

pyramid power 


General Reinhard Gehlen, who was Adolf Hitler's head of anti-Soviet espionage. 
After the war, Gehlen was hired by the newly created CIA to organise its operations 
in Europe! CIA directors known to be Knights of Malta have been John McCone and 
William Casey, and so was George Rocca, a deputy chief of CIA counter-intelligence. 
The Knights of Malta were almost certainly involved in the guns-for-drugs Iran- 
Contra affair in the US, which brought Oliver North to world public attention. North 
was represented at the hearings by the law firm of Bennett Williams, a Knight of 
Malta. One of the Americans who intervened to ensure that selected Nazi personnel 
escaped from Gennany to the United States after the war was the industrialist, J. 
Peter Grace, the one-time American head of the Knights of Malta. 

This Order is an ultra-extreme authoritarian organisation which connects with 
the highest levels of the Elite web. Research by the writer, Betty Mills, for her 1990 
book, Colonel North, William Casey, And The Knights Of Malta, reveals that in the 
1930s there was an attempted coup by the Order in America. At the centre of this 
was the Knight of Malta, John J. Raskob, but it failed when Marine General Smedley 
Butler refused to take part and instead produced evidence of the plan. He 
implicated Raskob, board chainnan of the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Motors, 
and one of the thirteen founders of the Knights of Malta in the United States. 
Congressional hearings were held, but amazingly, or perhaps not so amazingly, 
Raskob was never called to testily. And, as Betty Mills says: "It is interesting and at 
the same tune very disturbing to note that the 1930s plot to seize the White House is 
not to be found in history books or encyclopedias as far as we can tell". 12 Who 
controls the media and the official versions of history? Correct. 

Once more we see how the Knights of Malta cross-reference with the other 
pieces in the puzzle, including the media. William F. Buckley, the publisher and 
oilman, is a member of the Skull and Bones Society, the Council on Foreign 
Relations, and the Knights of Malta. Frank Shakespeare, another Knight, was 
president of CBS Television, vice-chainnan of RKO, and the United States 
ambassador to the Vatican. Shakespeare has also served on the Elite-controlled 
Heritage Foundation under the ultra-right chainnanship of Paul Weyrich. This has 
links to the Habsburg family, one of the driving forces behind the Pan European 
Movement which led to the European Community, and a key family within the 
Global Elite. The social historian Stephen Binningham says: "The Knights of Malta 
comprise what is perhaps the most exclusive club on Earth. They are more than the 
Catholic aristocracy... [they] can pick up the telephone and chat with the Pope". 13 I 
would go further than that and say they control the Vatican in league with other 
Elite elements and, far from being the Catholic aristocracy, they are not even 
Catholic. This is only a cover for their activities and they worship a very different 
version of 'god', the Luciferic Consciousness symbolised by the Pyramid and All- 
Seeing Eye. The Vatican was controlled by the Elite via the Knights of Malta before 
Gelli’s P2 got involved. Indeed, Gelli was a member of the Knights of Malta. 

The present Pope and official head of the Knights of Malta is the Pole, Karol 
Wojtyla, a fonner actor and employee of I.G. Farben. He has had one attempt on his 
life, which might have been a warning to "do as you're told or else". It's difficult to 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

say. Certainly he carries with him the bent or broken cross, depicting the distorted 
figure of Jesus. This was an invention by Satanists in the fifth century and used by 
black magicians. It was outlawed in the Middle Ages. In 1978, the year that Pope 
John Paul I was murdered and Pope John Paul II took over the papacy, a set of 
Vatican stamps was issued featuring a pyramid and an all-seeing eye. 

The Orange Order and Sinn Fein 

Behind the ongoing conflicts in the world's trouble spots you will find the Global 
Elite secret society network manipulating both sides. The news is full of stories 
about "freedom fighters" and "arms struggles" around the world. Most of the 
people involved believe they are fighting for "freedom" in their country or 
community when they are really being used as part of a coordinated global 
revolution to destroy communities and nation states on the road to world 
government. In Northern Ireland, the arms struggle has cost the lives of 3,000 
people on both 'sides' of the so called Catholic and Protestant Divide. At the lower 
levels, there is no doubt that two perceived 'sides' exist if only in the minds of those 
involved. But the Protestant political and paramilitary groups are underpinned by a 
secret society, the Orange Order. This is the same secret society controlled by the 
Black Nobility that put King William of Orange on the British throne and imported 
the Dutch central banking system to Britain in the fonn of the Bank of England. The 
Catholic political and paramilitary wings are also part of the secret society network 
and far from "fighting for freedom", they are a Lansky-style organised crime 
syndicate. Why, at the highest level, can't they have been working together all along 
to play one side against the other in classic modified Hegel fashion while at the 
same time projecting at the public mind a belief in two deeply opposing forces? 
Pollard’s The Secret Societies Of Ireland says that the force behind the revolutions of 
Europe had Ireland in its sights: 

"These emissaries from France aimed at bringing England low, and spreading the 

doctrine of world-revolution by means of an alliance between the Catholic malcontents 

of the South and the Republican Presbyterians of the North." 

One vehicle for the Irish strand of the world-revolution was the Irish 
Brotherhood, later the United Irishmen, founded by the Freemasons, Wolfe Tone 
and Napper Tandy in 1791. The writer and researcher of the eighteenth and early 
nineteenth century, Robert Clifford, said that the Irish revolutionary network 
maintained contacts with similar international movements through the Illuminist 
Jacobin Club in Paris (a force behind the French Revolution), the Revolutionary 
Society in England, and the Scottish Committee of Refonn. The Fenian Society, later 
the Irish Republican Brotherhood, was formed between 1857 and 1858 under the 
guidance of James Stephens who, from the start, saw this Brotherhood as a part of 
the much wider European revolutionary movement. Fenians travelled to Paris to 
study the methods of the Carbonari, the Italian Elite-Brotherhood network, very 
closely connected to the Black Nobility. In 1865, the Fenians joined the secret society 

network under Karl Marx known as the International Working Mens' Association 
and founded the Irish Brotherhood in London on September 28th 1864, which, with 
help from the American Fenian Brotherhood, was not primarily designed to win 
democracy, freedom and justice for the Irish people. It was created to exploit their 
thoroughly understandable sense of injustice to further the world (Elite) revolution. 
Marx saw Ireland as an important weapon to undermine England and it has been 
used that way ever since with the Irish people as the pawns of the manipulators on 
both 'sides'. Robert Clifford wrote: 

"What unhappy deluded people then were the lower associates, who were informed of 
nothing, but were to be mere agents of rebellion and murder, and were hurried on into 
the abyss of horrors by a few political liberties who grasped at dominion, and wished to 
wade to the helm of the state through the blood of their countrymen! ...In those parts 
where the whole population was Catholic, hand bills were distributed, purporting to be 
the Constitution of the Orange Men, which was death and destruction to every Catholic; 
for, if the common people could once be stirred up to rebellion, it was easy to turn their 
minds against government as the centre of the Orange Men." 

Meanwhile, you say something similar to the Protestants about the Catholic 
leaders and, bingo, you have the horror of Ireland throughout the twentieth 
century. It is classic modified Hegelianism or, you might also say, Kissingerism or 
Harrimanism (Figure 10). The secret society network in Ireland is phenomenal for 
such a small population and it is this which led to the creation of Sinn Fein in 
1905, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). This network is, in 

turn, connected to the web 
controlled by the Global Elite 
and it is through this that the 
well-documented links between 
the IRA and other terrorist 
groups have been coordinated. 
The New Covenant Times said in 
its January/March 1994 edition, 
that the loyalist paramilitary 
movement was deliberately 
backed by an MI5 operation 
called "Tara" with the intention 
of creating so much violence 
and tit-for-tat murder by both 
the IRA and Protestant loyalist 
paramilitary, that the UK 
Parliament would agree to 
allow Northern Ireland to be 
absorbed into the Republic 
Figure 10 of Ireland. 

The Irish Pyramid 

Prison Warder Consciousness (Fourth Dimensional) 
Global Elite 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Some of the background to this came out in the story of Cohn Wallace, the 
subject of a book by the journalist, Paul Foot, called Who Framed Colin Wallace? He 
was a part-time soldier and an outstanding public relations officer at the army 
headquarters in Northern Ireland. Later he was moved to another department 
under the control of MI5. It was a department dealing with the promotion of 
disinfonnation. Here Wallace became aware of the "Tara" operation and its links to 
the suppression over 20 years of the history of child sexual abuse at the Kincora 
Boys' Home. When Wallace asked to be removed from the project, he was 
immediately sent to England and charged with a 'security offence’. Later he was 
charged with murder. I have nothing in common with most views expounded by 
MP Enoch Powell (Bil) over the years, but on one thing I believe him to be entirely 
correct: that not only was Wallace framed by the establishment, his treatment 
implicated individuals at every level, from the Cabinet Office to junior policemen 
and civil servants. The conflict in Northern Ireland has a very much wider 
background than we have been led to believe 14 and a source within the UK 
establishment who worked on Northern Ireland related projects, told me that the 
catholic and protestant parliamentary leaderships meet to discuss strategies! I am 
sure something similar has been happening in the Middle East as the 'peace' 
negotiators, Arafat and the late Prime Minister Rabin, combined to offer the 
Palestinians the 'gift' of long-term slavery dressed up as 'freedom'. 

The Skull and Bones Society 

This is an important society within the Elite pyramid which has tremendous 
influence within the United States. It is run with the strictest secrecy from its 
headquarters at Yale University, in a windowless mausoleum appropriately known 
as 'The Tomb' where the members meet twice a week during tenn time. The 
detailed history of the Skull and Bones is a mystery, but it is believed to have been 
introduced into the US more than 150 years ago as Chapter 322 of a Gennan secret 
society and was also known at one time as the Brotherhood of Death. The Illuminati 
in disguise. The symbolism of the initiation ceremony would appear to indicate at 
least close links with Freemasonry. It was started in 1832-1833 by General William 
Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, a famous American family name. In 1876, 
Taft was to be the Secretary of War in the Grant Administration and his son, William 
Howard Taft, was the only man to be both President and Chief Justice of the United 
States. The Skull and Bones Society is deeply racist and was founded on the fortune 
made from illegal drugs. The society was incorporated in 1856 as the Russell Trust 
and by a special act of state legislation, its trustees are exempted from filing 
corporate reports to the Connecticut authorities. 

The initiation ceremonies for the Skull and Bones still take place at Deer Island in 
the St Lawrence River. The island is owned by the Russell Trust Association, along 
with most of the land on which Yale University stands. The Russell family made its 
enormous wealth from the opium trade in the nineteenth century through the drug 
syndicate known as Russell and Company. Its business was to take opium from 
Turkey and transport it illegally to China. Their only rivals were the Perkins 

pyramid power 


syndicate, based in Boston, which had intermarried with other families of the 
British genetic line who had previously been involved in the slave trade. 

The Russells eventually bought out the Perkins and became the centre of the US 
opium racket, in league with other ’blueblood’ families like Coolidge and Delano 
(Comm 300 family designate), both of which produced Presidents of the United 
States. The head of Russell and Co in Canton while all this drug racketeering was 
going on was Warren Delano Jr, the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 
These American families also connected with British families involved in the opium 
trade like the Keswicks (Jardine Matheson) and many others supported by the 
British governments of Lord Palmerston, the symbolic head of Grand Orient 
Freemasonry. The Keswicks and Jardine Matheson have been members of the 
Committee of 300. Given the source of its creation, therefore, it was only right that 
the Skull and Bones Society was launched with a pirate's flag as its symbol. 

The link between the Skull and Bones and the families of the Eastern 
Establishment named throughout this book was to continue to the present 
day.. .names like Bush, Rockefeller, Harriman, Whitney, Payne, Vanderbilt, Bundy, 
and so on. The writer, Anthony C. Sutton, acquired copies of Skull and Bones 
membership lists going back to 1832. 15 About 20-30 families, overwhelmingly from 
the Eastern seaboard, dominate the Order. Most claim ancestry with the British 
aristocracy or have a genetic line going back to the English Puritan families who 
arrived in America around 1630-1660. These families either secured financial power 
themselves or married into wealth via the sons of the moguls like the Rockefellers 
and Harrimans. One side had the money; the other had the genes from the 
perceived elite bloodlines of the 'Mother Country'. It is not only in Asia that they 
have arranged marriages. In these Anglo-American families it is done to protect or 
'advance' the genetic lines of the pseudo-bluebloods who owe the origins of their 
inherited wealth and influence to drug running, slavery, and carefully chosen 
marriage partners. These intenningled families help and support each other in their 
quest for financial, political, and genetic dominance. 

A big Skull and Bones family is the Lords of the well known New York law finn, 
Lord, Day, and Lord. Their present clients include the New York Times and the 
Rubin Foundation, which funds the Elite's Institute for Policy Studies in Washington. 
Winston Lord (TC, Bil) became the chainnan of the Council on Foreign Relations in 
1983. The Bush clan are well represented, too, in the Skull and Bones. Prescott Bush 
was initiated in 1917 and then married into the family of financiers and wheeler 
dealers, the Walkers. 16 George Herbert Walker Jr was another Skull and Bones man. 
In 1948, Prescott's son, George Herbert Walker Bush, joined the Order, a move that 
would be exceedingly helpful in his climb to become head of the CIA and president 
of the United States. Pat Buchanan, one of Bush's challengers at the Presidential 
election, accused him of running "a Skull and Bones Presidency". Yale and the Skull 
and Bones are also recruiting grounds for the CIA and it was from his student days 
that Bush almost certainly began his career with the Elite-controlled spy agency. 

His father Prescott Bush is most famous within the Order for raiding the grave of 
the Native American Apache leader, Geronimo. In May 1918, Bush and five other 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

Skull and Bones members ransacked the grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. They took 
turns to stand guard while the others robbed the grave, and took away artifacts and 
Geronimo's skull. This was taken to Skull and Bones headquarters at Yale where it 
is used in their sick rituals and ceremonies. This horrible story is told in an internal 
history of the Skull and Bones Society. It was quoted to Ned Anderson, the Tribal 
Chainnan of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, when he was negotiating to have 
Geronimo's remains returned to the tribe's custody. A 1989 article in the New 
Yorker said that "one Bonesman.. .recalled during the early 70s seeing perhaps 30 
skulls, not all of them human, scattered about the Tomb". 

This is the mentality which goes on to enjoy positions of power within the 
American administration - in George Bush's case, the presidency. Once again it is a 
mentality, a vibratory state, that can be locked into the Prison Warders frequency. 
Fifteen students a year are hand picked to join the Skull and Bones. They are 
selected in their junior year, but only become members in their senior year before 
they go off into the outside world. They can then continue to secretly promote the 
aims of the Skull and Bones in the worlds of politics, business, banking, the media, 
education, and all the other spheres of influence. 

Fear and the threat of blackmail are weapons the society uses to keep its 
members in line. Part of the initiation ceremony is to he naked in a coffin with a 
ribbon tied to their private parts while they masturbate and shout out details of 
their sexual experiences. I must say I have never seen George Bush in the same light 
since I realised that. Apparently these sexual discussions continue throughout the 
lives of Bonesmen, although only at the initiation is it done from a coffin. When a 
student is initiated, he is given his Skull and Bones name. He becomes a 'knight' in 
the tradition of other secret societies like the Knights of Malta. The older knights in 
the S and B are called Patriarchs, and those of us on the outside - the masses - are 
called Gentiles, barbarians, and vandals. 

If you look at the period of the Russian Revolution to the end of the Second 
World War alone, you can appreciate how the Skull and Bones has been a common 
theme throughout these years of conflict and manipulation. On the board of the 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company which helped to hand the Bolshevik Revolution, 
maintain the Soviet dictatorship, and fund both sides in the two world wars, you 
find nine members of the Skull and Bones Society, including W. Averell Harriman, 
Harry P. Whitney, Knight Woolley, and Percy Rockefeller. On the board of W. A. 
Harriman (Brown Brothers, Harriman from 1933) were eight members of the Skull 
and Bones, among them W.A. Harriman, E. Roland Harriman, Knight Woolley, and 
Prescott Bush. Very obviously, the Skull and Bones Society was, and is, an important 
means of coordinating the Elite operations. Averell Harriman is a prime example of 
how Skull and Bones members have orchestrated the direction of the United States 
and the world, but many of the Americans I have mentioned in this book are 
members of the S and B. Its members have been behind the eugenics movement, the 
creation of the World Council of Churches, and the American Civil War (in which 
the Skull and Bonesmen worked with the Rothschilds, who had an agent on each 
side, Judah Benjamin and August Belmont). 

pyramid power 


I have in Figure 11 (overleaf) fitted together the overall structure into the global 
pyramid of control. I do not claim for a moment that this is 100% accurate. We are 
talking of a force shrouded in secrecy and disinformation, after all. But it will give 
you some idea of how it fits together. It was constructed by the Elite with control of 
the following in mind: governments and politicians; political opinions of all shades; 
the economic system; the world military; the media; the intelligence agencies; public 
opinion manipulation; 'health' - the pharmaceutical industry; the illegal drugs 
network; population control - eugenics; education; food production; and so forth. 
These interconnecting elements hang together on a structure controlled from the top. 
It involves the covert infiltration of the authorities which guide the direction of 
society and the covert manipulation and coordination by key Elite satellites in the 
centre of the structure like the Round Table and the Royal Institute of International 
Affairs. All these threads and lines of command eventually feed into the United 
Nations and its ever mushrooming network of agencies and power. I do not wish to 
give the impression that this network is all powerful, nor that it manipulates without 
internal pressures and strife. The network can only control and manipulate the mass 
of the people if we cooperate with it. If we cease to concede our right to think for 
ourselves and stop cooperating with the controllers, their 'power' is no more. Also, 
the Elite do not always agree on everything. One long-time researcher into the New 
World Order said the Elite were like a gang of bank robbers. They agree on the 
crime, but they argue over the methods and the division of the spoils. I think such 
pressures will play a major role in its imminent destruction. 

One name in the diagram there which you may not have heard of is the 
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA, which, 
according to many books and investigators, tops the network of mass mind 
manipulation research establishments and its findings are used to direct the policies 
of the Global Elite network. In 1921, just as the Royal Institute of International 
Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations were being fonned, the Duke of 
Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, gave one of his buildings for research into the 
effects of shellshock on British soldiers in the First World War. This was carried out 
under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare under Sir 
John Rawlings-Reece (Comm 300). A student of Sir John Rawlings-Reece was Henry 
Kissinger. It was Tavistock, according to researchers like Eustace Mullins and 
others, that introduced the drug culture of the 1960s; and designed the mass 
bombing raids on civilians during the Second World War to break the spirit of the 
people. Mind manipulation and brainwashing will also be used on people useful to 
the Global Elite to 'encourage' them to see the world in the required manner. 17 

The Tavistock nexus has grown far and wide and links into the Club of Rome and 
the Bilderberg network. It connects with the Ditchley Foundation, which was 
founded in 1957 by Sir Philip Adams, a long time employee of the British Foreign 
Office, which is in turn controlled by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and 
the Bilderberg group. In the United States, the Tavistock network includes the 
Stanford Institute, the Institute for Social Relations, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage 
Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the Centre for Strategic Studies at Georgetown, 

pyramid power 


and the Rand Corporation (which has Zbigniew Brzezinski among its number). This 
mind control network is itself linked (with the tax-exempt foundations) into the 
education system, including the business and banking schools which develop 
methods of controlling people through the financial system. Again the overwhelming 
majority of people involved will have no idea where the directives and policies really 
originate. The Brookings Institution in the US is responsible for developing policies to 
manipulate the population through the money system, and so is the Mont Pelerin 
Society. A leading light of this, and of the Hoover Institution, is economist Milton 
Friedman, the inspiration of the monetarism disaster introduced by those political 
puppets, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s. 

You'll note also that the whole structure not only connects from the top, down; 
the various elements connect crossways too. There are infinitely more link-ups and 
organisations involved than I have mentioned in the diagram. Within most of these 
organisations, the lower levels will not know what they are being used for and it is 
important to recognise that the system of compartmentalisation and the 'need to 
know' principle means that the different levels are following different agendas. At 
the lower levels within the CIA, British Intelligence, and the KGB, they would have 
been genuinely fighting the Cold War. Their agents in the field would have been 
spying on each other in the belief that East and West were sworn enemies. But at the 
higher levels, they had another agenda because they knew that the Cold War was a 
sham to serve Elite ambitions. These multidimensional agendas controlled by the all- 
knowing Elite continue within the economic, political, and military systems today 
and while most of the people involved in the Global Pyramid don’t realise what they 
are part of, the mindset established at the top sets the agenda that filters down 
through all the levels. You could call this the 'culture of corruption’ that we see so 
often in society, even in the lower echelons of business, the police, and politics. 

Throughout this pyramid there is one common and all-pervading force, guide, and 
motivation. It decides the policy and holds the strings of those who manipulate our 
lives. This force is the guiding light, or rather darkness, which controls the thinking 
and the direction of those at the top of this Pyramid of Deceit. It is the Prison Warders’ 
consciousness and its principal vehicle is known to us as black magic. 

Postscript to 21st century edition 

In the 2004 presidential election both candidates, George W. Bush and John Kerry, 
were initiates of the Skull and Bones Society - two masks on the same face as usual. 
And an initiate of Licio Gelli's P2 Freemasonry lodge in Rome was a man called Silvio 
Berlusconi. He went on to become prime minister of Italy and the country's major media 
mogul. Just a coincidence nothing to worry about! 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 


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4 After 1986, such dire penalties ceased to be spoken by the initiate during the ceremonies 
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chapter 10 

the Super Elite - the black magicians 

A t the highest level of the Elite's human pyramid, I believe they do know that 
they are working with a Fourth Dimensional consciousness which has been 
known symbolically by many names (such as Satan, Set, Lucifer, the Devil, and - 
in this book - the Prison Warders). At this top level, they are knowingly interacting 
with this force, which probably takes many forms. There is evidence that many 
people involved over the years have believed they were working for extraterrestrial 
'super men’. Some may have had face-to-face contact with a negative ET group 
from the Fourth Dimension. 

To understand the true nature of the conspiracy, we need to appreciate its esoteric 
foundation. Esoteric knowledge, often called 'the occult', is not negative in or of 
itself. It is just the knowledge of the potential to harness the energies of Creation for 
good or ill, and the understanding of the human psyche and how it can be balanced, 
healed, or manipulated. It is not the knowledge that is good or bad; it is the way we 
use it. People at the highest levels of the Elite-Illuminati-Brotherhood network are 
often members of extreme sects based on ancient rites and Lucifer/Satan worship. 
Yes, Satanists run the world. If you infiltrated some of these bizarre gatherings, I am 
sure you would see some very famous faces. The security services such as the CIA 
and US Military Intelligence, are seriously infiltrated by sects that worship these 
various names for the Prison Warder consciousness. Lieutenant-Colonel Michael 
Aquino, a senior officer within US Military Intelligence, formed the Temple of Set, 
but when this was made public, the authorities said they saw no problem. During 
the Second World War, the Elite's esoteric tradition was at work on both sides. 

President Roosevelt, who was a 33rd degree Freemason, also had the esoteric 
name, the Knight of Pythias, and wore the red fez of the Ancient Arabic Order of 
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. This organisation claimed to be connected with the 
Illuminati. 1 Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, was a Freemason and had 
several meetings with the Satanist Aleister Crowley, another esoteric guru and a 
high initiate of many orders, including the Order of the Golden Dawn and the 
Order of Oriental Templars (more on him later). Churchill's meetings with Crowley 
do not, of course, constitute proof that the British Prime Minister was a Satanist, but 
it does show that behind the scenes, esoteric knowledge in all of its forms is taken 
far more seriously than it is in public. This was the case during Elizabethan times 
and has been throughout human history. 

The two greatest creations of the black magicians in the twentieth century have 
been the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. If I take the example of Adolf Hitler and 


...and the truth shall set you free 

the Nazis you will get an idea of the mindset of those who control the Elite today. 
This story is not unique to Hitler's Gennany. Behind the public faces, its themes 
could be told again and again within regimes, both authoritarian and 'democratic', 
across the world. Gennany has long been a centre for esoteric thinking and the 
secret societies this knowledge seems to spawn. It was from this philosophical 
stream that Hitler and his crazed followers would emerge. One of the pre-Hitler 
'prophets' was the composer, Richard Wagner, in the nineteenth century. His 
composition, The Ride Of The Valkyries, captures his obsession with the invading 
powers of evil. Wagner declared the imminent arrival of the Master Race. His work, 
The Ring, was the musical expression of his belief in Gennan supennen bestriding 
the world stage like the ancient pagan gods Wotan and Thor. Hitler would later say 
that to understand Nazi Gennany, one had to know Wagner. One of the students of 
master race fanatic Wagner was Gustav Mahler, whose studies with Wagner were 
funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild. 

Adolf Hitler was officially bom at Braunau-am-Inn, on the border of Gennany 
and the Austria-Hungary empire, but the amazing story of who he really was will 
be told in a later book when I have compiled the evidence. The esoteric was to 
become a consuming passion for Hitler, especially in his rise to power. He was 
strongly influenced by the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who was bom in 
the Ukraine in 1831. Some researchers claim she had connections with the secret 
society of Italian revolutionaries, the Carbonari, who were closely linked to the 
Black Nobility, and she was a member of the Egyptian society, the Brotherhood of 
Luxor, which she later denounced as "a den for disgusting immorality, greediness 
for selfish power, and money making". Madame Blavatsky arrived in New York in 
1873 and, with the help of a Colonel Henry Olcott she founded the Theosophical 
Society two years later. This is still around today. Its doctrines are based on 
Blavatsky books such as Isis Unveiled, which was written in 1877, and The Secret 
Doctrine, published in 1888. She claimed to be in psychic contact with Hidden 
Masters or Supermen. These Hidden Masters, she said, lived in Central Asia and 
could be contacted telepathically by those who knew the secrets to the esoteric 
mysteries. Today we call this process of communication 'channelling'. There are 
many UFO sightings and much research which indicates that there are secret 
underground and underwater bases for extraterrestrials around the world, Central 
Asia among them. I am not saying that Blavatsky was negative, only that Hitler 
was influenced by her work. 

The belief in the Masters and the Great White Brotherhood of discamate entities 
promoted by people like the Theosophical psychic of the post-Blavatsky period, 
Alice Bailey, 2 is a theme that remains well entrenched in parts of what is known 
today as the New Age Movement. Alice Bailey claimed to 'channel' an entity she 
called "The Tibetan" and she produced a number of books, including Hierarchy Of 
The Masters, The Seven Rays, A New Group Of World Servers, and New World Religion. 
She said that her Tibetan Master had told her the Second World War was necessary 
to defend the plan of God. That sounds ridiculous to me, but there are many in the 
New Age field who believe that everything is meant to be and is the will of God, 

the super elite - the black magicians 


even a global holocaust. It seems like a great excuse to do nothing and a cop-out of 
mega proportions. 

My own view is that the ’Masters', 'The Great White Brotherhood’, and this 
whole concept is something to be very wary of. Whenever I hear the tenn ’master’ I 
cringe. Two organisations linked to Alice Bailey's work, the Lucis Trust and the 
World Goodwill organisation, are both staunch promoters of the United Nations - 
almost UN 'groupies', such is their devotion. I will discuss these further in a later 
chapter. The more I go into this, it is interesting to see how the New Age has 
inherited 'truths' over the decades in the same way that conventional religion has 
done over the centuries. As the followers of Christianity have inherited the 
manipulated version of Jesus, so New Agers have inherited the 'Masters'. There is 
too little checking of origins, too much acceptance of inherited beliefs, I think. If the 
New Age isn't careful, it will be Christianity revisited. It is already becoming so. I 
believe this concept of Masters can be a means through which those who have 
(quite rightly in my view) rejected the status quo of religion and science can still 
have their minds controlled by the Prison Warders of the Fourth Dimension. 

Another big influence on Hitler was the novel, The Coming Race, by the 
Englishman, Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Comm 300), a British Colonial Minister 
heavily involved in imposing opium addiction on the Chinese. He was a close 
friend of Disraeli and Dickens, and Grand Patron of the English Rosicrucian Society 
which included Francis Bacon and John Dee in its earlier membership. Bulwer- 
Lytton is best known for his work, The Last Days Of Pompeii, but his passion was 
the world of esoteric magic and, as a British colonial minister, for running opium to 
the Chinese. In The Coming Race, he wrote of an enonnous civilisation inside the 
Earth, well ahead of our own. They had discovered a power called Vril which, by 
the use of the psyche, could be used to perfonn 'miracles'. These underground 
supermen would, according to Bulwer-Lytton's novel, emerge on the surface one 
day and take control of the world. Many Nazis believed this. Lord Bulwer-Lytton is 
often referred to by Madame Blavatsky in her book, Isis Unveiled. The themes of 
underground supennen or hidden masters can be found in most of the esoteric 
secret societies. Certainly this was true of The Order of the Golden Dawn, fonned in 
1888 by Dr Wynn Westcott, a Freemason, and S.L. Mathers. They called their 
'masters' the 'Secret Chiefs'. The theme of extraterrestrials living underground fits 
in with the 1960s survey of contactees which detailed the stories of the pure 
Melchedekan race with their blond hair and blue eyes. They were also said to be 
living inside the Earth. 

Mathers devised a series of rituals and initiations and designed them to help his 
members access their full psychic and physical potential. He believed, however, that 
this gift was only for the few and he was a supporter of authoritarian government. 
These rituals, no doubt, would have attracted the dark energies which allowed 
vibrational synchronisation - possession - by the Warders. In the mid- 1890s, there 
were temples of the Order in London, Edinburgh, Bradford, Weston-Super-Mare, 
and Paris, where Mathers made his home. The Order of the Golden Dawn also 
spoke of the vril force and one of the Order's secret signs was the salute which the 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Nazis would use when saying "Heil Hitler". The esoteric foundations on which 
Nazism was created continued to build. Mathers had known Madame Blavatsky 
and so had the master of the Order's London Temple, the poet, William Butler 
Yeats, who would go on to win a Nobel Prize. Yeat's view of Utopia mirrored that of 
Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. The poet spoke of: 

" aristocratic civilisation in its most completed form, every detail of life 
hierarchical, every great man's door crowded at dawn by petitioners, great wealth 
everywhere in few men's hands, all dependent upon a few, up to the Emperor himself, 
who is a God dependent upon a greater God and everywhere, in Court, in the family, an 
inequality made law ." 3 

Remnants of the Order of the Golden Dawn continue to this day, but the original 
version splintered after a row between Yeats, Mathers, and Aleister Crowley, which 
split the membership into quarrelling factions. Other significant esoteric thinkers 
and groups which influenced the gathering Nazi philosophy included the Order of 
the Oriental Temple, which used sex as part of its rituals to create and harness the 
energy known as the vril, and two Gennan esoteric 'magicians', Guido von List and 
Lanz von Liebenfels. In his summer solstice celebrations, List used wine bottles on 
the ground to fonn the symbol of the Hennetic Cross, also known as the Hammer 
of Thor. It was the Badge of Power in the Order of the Golden Dawn, and we know 
this symbol as the swastika. Lanz von Liebenfels (real name Adolf Lanz) featured 
the swastika on the flag which flew over his 'temple' overlooking the Danube, and 
for these two black magicians it symbolised the end of Christianity and the 
dawning of the age of the Aryan supennen. They believed in the racial inferiority of 
those they called the "dark forces" such as the Jews, the Slavs, and the Negroes. 
Liebenfels recommended castration for these peoples. The two vons, List and 
Liebenfels, were to have a massive i nf luence on Adolf Hitler. In 1932, with Hitler on 
the verge of power, von Liebenfels would write to a fellow believer: 

"Hitler is one of our pupils. ..You will one day experience that he, and through him 
we, will one day be victorious, and develop a movement that will make the world 
tremble ..." 4 

Two others who would influence the thinking and beliefs of Adolf Hitler were 
the Englishmen, Aleister Crowley and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Crowley was 
bom in Warwickshire in 1875. He rebelled against a strict religious upbringing and 
was initiated into the Order of the Golden Dawn in 1898, after leaving Cambridge 
University. He left the Order after the row with its founders and then travelled to 
Mexico, India, and Ceylon, where he was introduced to yoga and Buddhism. He 
also became a record-breaking mountaineer. Buddhism replaced his interest in the 
occult until an experience in Cairo in April 1904. Crowley was asked by his wife, 
Rose, to perform an esoteric ritual to see what happened. During the ceremony, she 
entered a trance-like state and began to channel the words of a communicator. 

the super elite - the black magicians 


"They are waiting for you", she said to Crowley. The "they", she said, was Horns, 
the god of war and the son of Osiris, in ancient Egyptian belief. Crowley did not 
accept any of this and asked his wife a series of detailed questions in an effort to 
trick her. But Rose, who knew little of the esoteric, gave the correct answer every 
time. I believe the Prison Warders were on the line again. 

The communicator told Crowley to be at a desk in his hotel room between noon 
and one o'clock on three specific days. He agreed and in these periods he wrote, via 
automatic writing, a document called The Book Of The Law. Automatic writing is 
when your ann and hand are guided by another force and often no-one is more 
surprised at what they are writing than the person involved. Crowley's 
communication said that the old age of Osiris was being replaced by the new age of 
Horns. But it said the old age would first have to be destroyed by barbarism and the 
Earth bathed in blood. There would be a World War, it said. The Book Of The Law 
talked of a race of supennen and condemned the old religions, pacifism, democracy, 
compassion, and humanitarianism. "Let my servants be few and secret: they shall 
rule the many and the known" the 'superman' continued. The message went on: 

"We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. For they 
feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak: this 
is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world... Love one another with 
burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your 
wrath. ..Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate 
the consoled and the consoler... 

"I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and 
dead. Amen. ..Therefore strike hard and low, and to hell with them, master.. .Lurk! 
Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my 
worship be about my secret house. ..Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with 
swords and with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow 
in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their 
flesh to eat... Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child. ..kill and torture; spare not; 
be upon them !" 5 

If that sounds remarkably like some of the angry God stuff in the Old Testament, 
that's because it was almost certainly the same force on the Fourth Dimension 
which communicated to the ancients, to Crowley, and to anyone else on that 
vibration who would help to stimulate the conflict and the energy of human misery, 
on which the Prison Warders feed. This is the force that controls the consciousness 
of those which control the Global Elite-Illuminati-Brotherhood, and it is the focus of 
worship in the All-Seeing Eye cult going back to ancient times. The communicator 
said that Crowley was the "Beast 666" who had come to destroy Christianity, 
something his mother had said earlier in his life. He apparently tried to ignore what 
he had written with his guided hand, but it would not go away, and from 1909 on 
he began to take it seriously. Very seriously. He said: 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

"After five years of folly and weakness, miscalled politeness, tact, discretion, care for 
the feeling of others, I am weary of it. I say today: to hell with Christianity, Rationalism, 
Buddhism, all the lumber of the centuries. I bring you a positive and primeval fact, 
Magic by name; and with this I will build me a new Heaven and new Earth. I want none 
of your faint approval or faint dispraise; I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, 
anything, bad or good, but strong." 

Crowley left his former tutor, MacGregor Mathers, a broken man as he embarked 
on a psychic war against him. They both conjured up the ’demons' to attack the 
other, but Mathers lost out. Such psychic wars are very much part of the 
Brotherhood today. Crowley's communicator, the Prison Warder consciousness, 
would also take over the psyches of Adolf Hitler and the other architects of Nazism. 
Long after his death, Crowley would become a hero to many involved in the 
'Flower Power’ period of the 1960s, when the young were calling for love and 
peace. The irony is not lost. Crowley welcomed the First World War as necessary to 
sweep away the old age and usher in the new one. After going public with his 
revelations, Crowley was made the world head of the Gennany-based Order of the 
Oriental Temple (OTO) and this gave him very significant influence among like- 
thinkers in Gennany. 

Houston Stewart Chamberlain (Comm 300) was bom in England in 1855, but 
moved to Gennany in 1882. He manied Eva, the daughter of Richard Wagner, in 
1908 and became a prestigious writer. His best known work was Foundations Of 
The Nineteenth Century which ran to twelve hundred pages and sold more than 
250,000 copies. It made him famous throughout the country. He was, however, a 
troubled man who had a series of nervous breakdowns. He felt himself to be taken 
over by demons and his books were written in a trance and a fever, which suggests 
that he was locked into another highly negative consciousness. The Prison Warder 
consciousness again. In his autobiography, he said he did not recognise much of his 
writing as his own. The themes of his work are very familiar; all civilisation comes 
from the Aryan race and the Germans were the purest of all; Jews were the enemy 
who would pollute the Aryan bloodlines. Yawn. 

Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler said Chamberlain was a prophet. 
Chamberlain became the principal advisor to Kaiser Wilhelm and urged the king to 
go to war in 1914 to fulfil the prophecy of Gennany's world domination. When the 
war was over and Wilhelm had abdicated to an estate in Holland, he realised how 
he had been manipulated. He gathered together a mass of books on the occult and 
the Gennan secret societies and he was convinced that they had conspired to create 
the First World War and cause Gennany to be defeated. Chamberlain, who had 
been awarded the Iron Cross by the Kaiser, died in 1927 after years in a wheelchair, 
broken in body and spirit. But his influence was to live on in the mind of Adolf 
Hitler. Chamberlain, incidentally, was introduced to Hitler by Alfred Rosenberg, the 
refugee from Russia, and another satanist figure. "Satanism" is merely the worship 
of, and possession by, the negative manipulators on the Fourth Dimension. It was 
Rosenberg, despite his Jewish background, who gave a copy of the Protocols Of The 

the super elite - the black magicians 


Learned Elders Of Zion to Hitler via another occultist, Dietrich Eckart . 6 The 
All-Seeing Eye cult at work again. 

These were some of the people and beliefs that moulded the thinking of the man 
claiming to be a young Austrian bom with the name Schiklgruber, but later rather 
better known as Adolf Hitler. "Heil Schiklgruber" would not have had the same 
ring to it, somehow. He hated school, the official story goes, and wanted to be an 
artist, an ambition which took him to Vienna. He spent hours in the libraries 
reading books on astrology, mysticism, and the religions of the East. He was 
fascinated by the books of Blavatsky, Chamberlain, List, and Liebenfels. He picked 
out bits from each of them to produce his preferred mixture, a cocktail of horror and 
hatred that would manifest as Nazism. His passion was the power of the will. The 
potential of willpower to achieve anything it desires was to be his focus and guide 
throughout the years that followed. Put another way, creating your own reality. 

He practised the esoteric arts in his effort to access the level of consciousness he 
was convinced would turn him into one of the supennen he had read so much about 
and believed in so much. His psyche became locked into the Prison Warder vibration 
more powerfully than before. He was possessed, probably during some black esoteric 
ritual which opened his psyche to the malevolent vibration. You only have to look at 
his beliefs to see that he would have had 'vibrational compatibility' with this 
consciousness. It was now that an uncharismatic and ineffectual man would begin to 
exude the charisma and magnetism that would captivate and intoxicate a nation. 

We talk of some people having magnetism and 'magnetic personalities', and that 
is exactly what they have. We are all generating magnetic energies and these attract 
to us the energies (people, places, etc) that relate to what is going on in our 
subconscious. Some people transmit powerful magnetism and others less so. 
Negative energies are just as magnetic as positive. Those connected to, and therefore 
generating, the extreme Prison Warder vibration will be very magnetic. You often 
hear highly negative people described as having a magnetic personality or a 'fatal 
attraction’. This is why. It is also where the magnetism and charisma of Adolf Hitler 
suddenly came from. When he was standing on a public platfonn with that 
contorted face and crazed delivery, he was channelling the Prison Warder/Luciferic 
Consciousness from the Fourth Dimension and transmitting this vibration to the vast 
crowds. This affected the vibrational state of the people attracted by it and turned 
them into equally crazed agents of hatred. It is the Pied Piper principle, using a 
vibration instead of a pipe. As the writer Alan Bullock said of Hitler: 

"His power to bewitch an audience has been likened to the occult arts of the African 
Medicine-man or the Asiatic Shaman; others have compared it to the sensitivity of a 
medium, and the magnetism of a hypnotist ." 7 

And Hennan Rauschning, an aide to Hitler, said in his book, Hitler Speaks: 

"One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are 
ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seem to be 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

supernatural powers which set them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is 
possessed. Once the crisis is past, they fall back again into mediocrity. It was in this 
way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself - almost 
demoniacal forces of which the individual named Hitler was only the temporary vehicle. 
The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of 
which one was conscious in his presence. ..It was like looking at a bizarre face whose 
expression seems to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting 
impression of hidden power ." 8 

Hitler was under the control of the Prison Warders and he appeared to live in 
perpetual fear of these ’supermen’. Rauschning told how Hitler suffered from 
terrible nightmares and would wake in terror screaming about entities who were 
invisible to all, but him. He once said to his aide: 

"What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a 
class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical 
order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in 
perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. 
And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot 
speak.. .But of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. ..The new man is 
living amongst us now! He is here. Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. 

I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him ." 9 

After Hitler moved to Germany, he spent a lot of time in Bavaria, from where 
Weishaupt’s Illuminati had sprung, and he returned there in 1918 after lighting in 
the war. Or at least that's the official line. The following year, he came across a tiny 
and rather pathetic political party called the German Workers Party. This was an 
offshoot of an esoteric secret society called the Gennan Order, which was fiercely 
nationalistic and anti-Jewish. Out of this Order came other similar societies, 
including the infamous Thule Society. Thule was supposed to be an ancient lost 
civilisation of Nordic people with blond hair and blue eyes. Yet another foundation 
of the Nazi belief system can be seen to have an esoteric origin, as did the swastika, 
the Hitler salute, the idea of an Aryan Master Race, and the view of Jews. 

A founder of the Thule Society was Rudolf Glauer, an astrologer, who changed 
his name to the grand sounding Baron von Sebottendorff. His demands for a 
revolution against Jews and the Marxists turned the Thule Society into a focus for 
the anti-Jew, anti-Marxist, Gennan Master Racers. Out of all this came the Gennan 
Workers Party, which would one day become the Nazi Party. 

Another committed occultist and friend of Sebottendorff now becomes highly 
significant. This was Dietrich Eckart, a heavy-drinking, drug-taking writer who 
believed he was here to prepare the way for a dictator of Gennany. He met Hitler in 
1919 and decided he was the one, the 'Messiah', he was looking for. It is Eckart who 
is credited with Hitler's advanced esoteric knowledge and probably the black magic 
ritual, or rituals, which plugged him so completely into the Prison Warder 

the super elite - the black magicians 


vibration. From now on. Hitler's power to attract support grew rapidly. Eckart 
wrote to a friend in 1923: 

"Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the 

means of communication with Them. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced 

history more than any other German ." 10 

Hitler was also a member of another esoteric secret society, the Luminous Lodge 
or Vril Society. Vril was the name given by the English writer, Lord Bulwer Lytton, 
to the force which, he claimed, awakens people to their true power and potential to 
become supennen. In 1933, the rocket expert, Willi Ley, fled from Gennany and 
revealed the existence of the Vril Society and the Nazis' belief that they would 
become the equals of the supennen in the bowels of the Earth by use of esoteric 
teachings and mind expansion. They believed this would reawaken the vril force 
sleeping in the blood. The initiates of the Vril Society included two men who would 
become infamous Nazis, Heinrich Himmler and Hennann Goering. Vril members 
were convinced they were in alliance with mysterious esoteric lodges in Tibet and 
one of the so called Unknown Supennen, who was refened to as The King of Fear. 
Rudolph Hess, 11 Hitler's Deputy Fuhrer until he made his ill-fated flight to England 
in 1941, was a dedicated occultist and a member, with Hennann Goering, of the 
Edelweiss Society, a black sect which believed in the Nordic Master Race 
(Melchedekans?). Hess worshipped Hitler as The Messiah, although how he could 
do this when the Fiihrer was hardly blue eyed and blond haired, is not clear. Hitler 
had the same problem in equating the two, but he would have found some 
ridiculous explanation for it, I'm sure. 

Another Hitler obsession was the so called Spear of Destiny, the weapon alleged 
to have been use to pierce the side of Y'shua (Jesus) at the crucifixion. He stole what 
was claimed to be the spear when the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938, and it was 
taken to Nuremberg. The legend says that whoever has the spear and decodes its 
secrets will have control of the world for good or evil. The one that Hitler stole is 
now in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna, where there was a major fire in November 
1992, seven days before the blaze which destroyed part of Windsor Castle. 

Another obsessive occultist in the Third Reich was Heinrich Himmler. He was 
into all matters esoteric and he used his knowledge in the blackest of ways. He was 
particularly interested in the rune stones, a system of divination in which stones 
carrying symbols are thrown or selected and the choice or combination 'read' by an 
'expert'. It was Himmler who fonned the notorious SS and, as with the swastika, he 
chose an esoteric symbol for his horrific organisation: the double S or 'sig' rune, 
which looks like two flashes of lightning. The SS was a virtually self-contained body 
and the epitome of all of the esoteric knowledge in which the Nazis believed so 
passionately. Only those considered racially pure were allowed to join, and 
instruction in the esoteric arts, including the rune stones, was fundamental to their 
training. The SS was run and governed as a black magic secret society. Their rituals 
were taken from others such as The Jesuits and The Knights Templar. The highest 


... and the truth shall set you free 

ranking initiates were the thirteen members of the Grand Council of Knights (led by 
their Grand Master, Heinrich Himmler), and the black rituals were performed at the 
ancient castle of Wewelsberg in Westphalia. They celebrated the festivals of the 
Nordic pagans and the summer solstice. Here they worshiped Satan, Lucifer, Set, 
whichever name you prefer, the consciousness which was the Nazis and is the Elite 
today. Prince Bernhard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group, was in the SS. 
Esoteric knowledge and black magic pervaded all that Hitler and the Nazis did, 
even down to the use of pendulums on maps to identify the positions of enemy 
troops. The original swastika symbol was right-handed which, in esoteric terms, 
means light and creation, the positive. Hitler insisted it be turned around to 
symbolise black magic and destruction. The mass rallies that Hitler used so 
effectively were designed with the knowledge of the human psyche and how it can 
be manipulated. In Satan And Swastika, Francis King says: 

"Hitler's public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi Party's 
Nuremberg Rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The 
fanfares, military marches and Wagnerian music all emphasised the idea of German 
military glory. The massed Swastika banners in black, white and red filled the 
consciousness of the participants in the Rally with National Socialist ideology. The 
ballet-like precision of the movements of the uniformed Party members, all acting in 
unison, evoked from the unconscious the principles of war and violence which the 
ancients symbolised as Mars. And the prime ritual of the Rallies - Hitler clasping to 
other banners the "blood banner" carried in the Munich putsch of 1923 - was a quasi- 
magical ceremony designed to link up minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images 
symbolised by the dead National Socialist heroes of the past. 

"The religio-magical aspects of the Rallies were emphasised by the fact that their high 
points were reached after dusk and took place in a 'Cathedral of Light' - an open space 
surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the 
sky. If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed a ritual intended 
to 'invoke Mars' he could not have come up with anything more effective than the 
ceremonies used at Nuremberg." 

And what applied then, applies now. The esoteric knowledge used by the Nazis 
for the mass hypnosis on the Gennan people, is being used today to expand the 
global hypnosis on the human race. Symbols, words, colours, sounds, and 
techniques of which the public are not even aware are being used in the media and 
advertising to hypnotise us. The Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels was 
based on the esoteric knowledge of the human psyche. He knew that people will 
believe anything if you tell them often enough and if you can engineer events which 
create the "something must be done" mentality in the public mind. He used 
colours, symbols, and slogans to great effect. The slogans were used like mantras 
and repeated over and over again, hypnotising the mass psyche. All alternative 
views and infonnation were censored and the people were programmed to respond 

the super elite - the black magicians 


as desired. What is the difference between that and the constant drip, drip, drip, of 
inaccurate and biased infonnation that is fed to us and our children today? It may 
not have a swastika on it, but it is still mass hypnotism. 

It would seem to be a contradiction that Hitler sought to destroy secret societies 
like the Freemasons and to prevent the use of esoteric knowledge in Gennan 
society, but it isn't. He knew as much as anyone the power available to those with 
the understanding, and he wanted to keep that for himself. One man the Nazis 
wanted to destroy was the 33rd degree Freemason Dr Rudolf Sterner, an Austrian 
who understood the powers of creation and the way they can be used for good and 
evil. I have come across many conflicting views and claims about Steiner's intent 
and I've not yet developed an opinion. I feel, however, that he was not as positive 
as he's made out. He joined the Theosophical Society and the Order of the Oriental 
Temple, but later fonned his own Anthroposophical Society. Armed gangs began to 
break up Steiner's meetings and threatened the lives of those who listened to him. 
He fled to Switzerland and died in 1925, a year after his centre at Domach was 
burned down by the Nazis. In 1934, all forms of fortune telling were banned in 
Berlin and later esoteric books were banned throughout Gennany. Secret societies 
were disbanded and even the Thule Society and the Gennan Order (which had 
together founded Nazism) were targeted. Astrologers were attacked and killed and 
people like Lanz von Liebenfels were prevented from publishing their work. This 
purge had two main motives. To distance Hitler and the Nazis from the occult in the 
minds of the public and other countries, and, most importantly, to pull up the 
ladder and stop anyone else from using esoteric knowledge against them as they 
were using it against others. This is one reason, too, why this knowledge has been 
suppressed and ridiculed throughout the Western world and hidden behind the 
smokescreens of this-world-is-all-there-is science, and one-life-and-then-heaven-or- 
hell religion. 

The role of the esoteric in the rise of the Nazis has been thoroughly underplayed 
or ignored except in a few excellent books such as Gerald Suster's Hitler And The 
Age Of Homs. 1- Look deeper into any historical situation and you will usually find 
the esoteric. John Ruskin, the man who inspired Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, and 
those who fonned the Round Table secret society, was himself influenced by the 
esoteric writings of Plato and by Madame Blavatsky the books of Lord Edward 
Bulwer-Lytton, and secret societies in the mould of the Order of the Golden Dawn. 
The murder of US President Abraham Lincoln has been explained by some as part 
of the struggle between competing secret societies, although I don't accept that. One 
of his close friends, Pascal Beverly Randolph, revealed that Lincoln was involved 
with a society called the Brotherhood of Eulis after being initiated into the secrets of 
"sexual magic" in the Middle East. Lincoln was also believed to be a high ranking 
member of the Hennetic Brotherhood of Luxor or of the Light. 13 Many of the famous 
political and economic faces of history and today are masks which hide their true 
nature and motivation. They are the apparently 'different' faces of the All-Seeing 
Eye network. We are watching actors on a stage and someone else is writing their 
script. Rasputin, the so called mad monk of the history books, was neither mad nor 


...and the truth shall set you free 

a monk in the conventional sense. He was a mystic who went through a massive 
spiritual experience while "searching for god" in Asia. His psyche was opened to 
some higher - or lower - consciousness and this Russian peasant was suddenly a 
different person. He was capable of healing and had an intense magnetism and 
legendary sexual drive. A few years after returning to Russia, he had such a hold 
over the Tsar that he was, in effect, the ruler of the country. 

Stories have come to light of the black esoteric basis of the KGB in the fonner 
Soviet Union. Today the KGB under other titles plays exactly the same role in 'free' 
Russia. Only its name has changed. One report highlights the manipulation within 
the Kremlin by General Georgy Georgievich Rogozin who, it is said, uses black 
magic to program the psyche of those he wishes to control. 14 He heads a highly 
secretive intelligence group in Boris Yeltsin's presidential team. The global 
intelligence network is founded on the misuse of esoteric knowledge. The Global 
Elite and those who abuse the esoteric knowledge also know that if you can control 
the key energy power points (acupuncture points and chakra vortexes) on the 
Earth's energy grid, you can massively affect the psyche of the people, as the 
human minds interact with the grid energies, the Earth mind. 

We have seen how the United States of America was founded on esoteric 
principles and knowledge. The Great Seal of the United States is a mass of esoteric 
symbols, signs, and numbers, including the pyramid and all-seeing eye. This 
symbol was put on the dollar note during the presidency of Freemason Franklin D. 
Roosevelt. It is also no coincidence that the Declaration of Independence and the 
founding of Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati both happened in 1776. 
Numbers and years represent energy vibrations, as do planets, sounds, colours, and 
symbols. We see some of these symbols in the crop circles and patterns. The genuine 
ones (those not hoaxed by the forces of disinformation), speak to our subconscious 
and help to awaken us in ways we cannot yet fully understand. At the higher levels 
of the Global Elite, this esoteric knowledge is used to decide when and where 
events will happen to give them the best chance of success. 

You will find the same numbers and sequences throughout ancient texts and 
beliefs. The lists of sevens in Revelation have esoteric, not literal, meanings. The 
Bible is packed with such numerology, which the church has taken literally. 
Thirteen, or the 'twelve and one’, has great esoteric significance under the laws of 
numerology and the vibrations they represent, and for other historical reasons, too. 
It means transformation, new birth, a new order. Hence you find Jesus and twelve 
disciples and the Grand Master Himmler and twelve other 'knights' in the Grand 
Council of the SS. It is the same knowledge, used with different intent. Osiris, the 
god of Egypt, had twelve followers according to legend, Buddha had twelve 
disciples, as did the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. There are the twelve knights of King 
Arthur's Round Table, twelve sons of Jacob, twelve princes of Ishmael, twelve tribes 
of Israel, twelve signs of the zodiac. The Bilderberg Group Steering Committee has 
39 members (13 + 13 + 13) and it chooses its locations on esoteric principles. 15 It is 
the same with the global institutions. Geneva, the home of the League of Nations 
and many other Global Elite fronts, is regarded by the secret societies as one of the 

the super elite - the black magicians 


planet's most important earth energy centres. You will find the numbers 13 and 33 
in the symbols and logos of many institutions and companies named in this book. 
Francis Bacon's esoteric "code" number was 33 and it is used as code in the 
Shakespeare plays to indicate that Bacon was the real author (see the works of 
Manly P. Hall). The 33 represents the degrees in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 
On the Great Seal of the United States and its depiction on the dollar note, you find 
13 steps on the pyramid, the 13 degrees of the Illuminati. The pyramid has 33 
stones. On the Great Seal the bald eagle (the phoenix until 1841) has 13 feathers on 
each wing, 13 arrows in the right talon and an olive branch with 13 leaves in the 
left. In his beak he has a scroll with the 13 letters of "E Pluribus Unum" - out of 
many, one. Around this are 13 stars in the shape of the Star of David. There is also a 
shield with 13 stripes which represent the original 13 states. On the United Nations 
logo, the map of the world is arranged in 33 segments within 13 ears of com, and 
the UN building is sited over one of the most sacred springs (energy points) to the 
Native Americans. The Proctor and Gamble logo is an old masonic symbol with a 
bearded man in a circle alongside 13 stars. The combined Xs in the Rockefeller oil 
giant, Exxon (Esso), is another symbol of the Scottish Rite. 16 The symbolism is 
everywhere. The 'thinking' and the basic beliefs I have outlined from Nazi 
Gennany are only a public manifestation of what is still going on in the secret world 
of the Elite today as they worship the All-Seeing Eye - the Luciferic Consciousness 
of the Fourth Dimension. 

After the war, the Nazis moved their base to South America and the United 
States, at the invitation of the Nazi funder, Allen Dulles, and they helped him to 
fonn the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. This is a key part of today's global 
gestapo and the same black use of esoteric knowledge and the worship of the 
extraterrestrial 'gods' and 'supermen' remains at the core of the CIA and the Global 
Elite to this day. What was true of Hitler is true of the upper reaches of the 
Brotherhood network, even down to the appalling genetic experiments which have 
continued in the underground bases in the United States, (and other countries, too, 
no doubt, including the UK). We have this farce of a 'public debate' about the 
morality of genetic engineering while the most horrendous experimentation goes on 
in secret, I believe, using people (including children) who go 'missing'. After the 
first edition of this book, a correspondent wrote to tell of an Argentine friend who 
said that Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi geneticist, was set up with his own 
island after the war so that he could continue his sickening experimentation. The 
island is in a river delta in an area called Tigre, about 50 kilometres from Buenos 
Aires. Black use of esoteric knowledge under the guidance of the Prison Warder 
consciousness is at the peak of the Elite's human pyramid of global manipulation. 
I feel that people like Hitler were merely stooges, used to create conflict with other 
stooges like Stalin, and so bring about the desired post-war outcome. The Super 
Elite are well above the levels of people like Hitler and Stalin in the pyramid. 

Given the background to the Nazi beliefs in the esoteric, the "Aryan supermen" 
and its possible connection with the stories of the Melchedekans, I was interested 
to come across an organisation called the Raelian Foundation. It is based in 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Figure 12a: Temporary sticker Figure 12b: Swastika within the Star of David 

The new sticker on the front of Rael's book When the sticker was peeled off, this is the symbol 

that it was hiding 

Geneva, Switzerland, with branches around the world. This is the creation of a 
fonner French motor racing journalist called Claude Vorilhon Rael (rail) who 
claims to have met an extraterrestrial group which he says are the Elohim of the 
Old Testament. Rael says he was taken to their planet and he was told that the 
Elohim genetically engineered the human race. According to the stories told in the 
secret 1960s survey of contactees, the ones known as Elohim were the 
Melchedekans. Rael claims to be the "messiah" of the Elohim, the "Guide of 
Guides", and they instructed him, he says, to tell people that they must do 
everything he says. Oh really, Rael? My reply to the Elohim and to Claude would 
be unsuitable for a family audience. Rael (the messiah, Guide of Guides), says the 
Elohim are preparing to return to take over the world. Fascinating how close that is 
to the Nazi belief in the return of the supermen. And what was it that Rael says 
that the Elohim desire? A world government and currency; for the annies to stop 
fighting each other and come together as a world police force; and for only those 
scientifically assessed as the intellectually brightest to be allowed to run for 
political office. What's more, only those who pass an intellect test devised by 
scientists should be allowed to vote and the masses should simply do as they are 
told with no rights to decide who governs them. 

I had never heard of Rael or his followers until I was told by a source close to the 
British intelligence network that some of those behind the campaign to discredit me 
as a "neo-Nazi" after the first edition of this book were connected with the Rael 
Foundation in the UK. That same day someone else gave me a book by Claude Rael 
called The Message Given To Me By Extra-Terrestrials. They Took Me To Their Planet . 17 
The Rael Foundation appeared to be suddenly very shy about the symbol on the 
front of the book which Rael said was the symbol of the Elohim. A sticker with 
another symbol had been used to cover up the original one on the cover. You will 
perhaps appreciate why when you look at Figure 12. The esoteric knowledge and 

the super elite - the black magicians 


the themes of extraterrestrial master races pervade the Elite pyramid and have done 
for thousands of years right into the modem world. 

But I cannot stress too powerfully that esoteric knowledge is neutral. It is not the 
knowledge we need to challenge, but its negative use. It can, and is, used to very 
positive effect. When I hear Christian investigators of the New World Order 
condemning all esoteric thinkers and groups as the 'evil occult' and 'Devil 

worshippers', it reveals a serious misunderstanding of reality, in my view, and a 
bigotry that ill becomes them. As I shall discuss in more detail towards the end of 
the book, the positive use of spiritual knowledge is crucial to building the better 
world we seek and which we are making a reality, have no fear. It is built on the 
foundations of love and respect, the emotions - the energies - which are sweeping 
away the blackness of hatred and misunderstanding. 

In these last three chapters I have outlined the structure within which the 
manipulation is coordinated, the means through which the dark force controls it, 
and the mindset that motivates its behaviour. Now we can examine how this is 
expressed in the world around us and how it affects our lives every day. 


1 Enrique De Vicente, "The Occult Roots of the New World Order", Exposure magazine, Vol. 1, 
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2 Alice Bailey founded the Arcane esoteric school. Again, I am not saying that she was a 
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of manipulation. 

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identification by examining 'Hess' and locating a First World War wound, he was not allowed 
to do so. 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

12 Gerald Suster, Hitler And The Age Of Horus (Sphere, London, 1981) 

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those attending the Bilderberg meeting at Lake Como in 1965 were Prince Philip and Lord 
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chapter 1 1 

the debt scam 

I t is impossible to understand the global conspiracy unless we appreciate the 
background to the world money system. This is not taught in the schools and no 
smart-suited economist or correspondent on the television news will tell you the 
truth, either. Some of them don’t know what is going on because they have been 
programmed to believe nonsense by the education system, while others simply 
don’t want you to know. The foundations of the manipulation toward a world 
government, anny, bank and currency are built on the fantastic con trick we call the 
banking system. Once people understand the way this works, it is easy to see how a 
few can control the lives of everyone else. It is worth repeating and expanding here 
on what I said in Chapter 3. 

The banks are given the power to ’create’ money, by which they mean 'creating' 
non-existent money known as credit. This costs them nothing, but the moment this 
credit is brought into theoretical existence the banks can start to charge interest on 
it. This is the system that controls everyone's life. But it goes further than that. 
When you take out a loan, the bank 'creates' credit for the size of the loan, say 
£20,000. If only in theory, that is 'new' money. But you are not going to pay back 
only £20,000, because you have to pay interest on that loan. The interest has not 
been 'created' by the bank, but it still has to be found from somewhere. So where? 
From the wealth and credit already circulating in the world. 

In this way, since this crazy banking system began, the real wealth of the planet 
has been sucked into the banking system as the interest paid on every loan to every 
person, business, and government. This has allowed them to lend even more non- 
existent money on the back of that and get the world even deeper in debt. The 
wealth and credit-loaning capacity they have accumulated is beyond 
comprehension, far more than that of the United States, the richest country in the 
world. In fact, they own the United States, as they own almost every other country 
in the world. The bankers have used this wealth and credit mountain to buy and 
control the global oil companies, multinationals of every kind, the media, the 
armament companies, the drug companies, the politicians, the political 'advisors', 
and virtually everything else they need to control the world. The same few people 
and families own the lot! They hide this truth behind the front organisations, the 
nexus of companies, and the puppet directors, and they are supported in their 
desire for secrecy by the pathetic media and the education system. The Rockefellers 
and Rothschilds alone control a fantastic network of banks, oil companies, 
multinational corporations, airlines, and scores of other organisations. The 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

Rockefeller/Rothschild Chase Manhattan Bank has enough power by itself to 
stimulate a global financial panic. In 1995 the Chase merged with Chemical Bank 
which had already absorbed Manufacturers Hanover. The concentration of power is 
incredible. But the true controllers of these empires are hidden from public view by 
frontmen, trusts, foundations, and companies. The Rockefellers' ability to hide the 
extent of their power is phenomenal. But with the Rothschilds it borders on genius. 
Particularly since the second World War, they have sought to promote an image of a 
declining power operating outside of the big league. Nonsense. They are the big 
league along with other elements of the Global Elite. 

According to the New World Order researcher, Eustace Mullins, 1 the Rothschilds 
use the code 'City' and 'First City' in North America to indicate banks under their 
influence from the City of London. He says these include First City Properties, First 
City Financial Corporation of Vancouver, First City Trust of Edmonton, and First 
City Development Ltd, which are all headed by Samuel Belzberg. Much of the 
coordination is communicated through Rothschild Inc., of Rockefeller Plaza, New 
York, according to Mullins. The Rothschilds also operate through a Canadian 
company known as PowerCorp which in turn connects with the Hollinger Group, 
the Canadian publishing empire owned by the elite Bilderberger, Conrad Black. The 
Hollinger Group controls a stream of publications worldwide, including the 
London-based Telegraph newspapers, and its international advisors are Henry 
Kissinger and Lord Carrington, chairman of the Bilderberg Group, former British 
cabinet minister, and a cousin of the Rothschild family. (These two formed their 
own company, Kissinger Associates.) This covert interlinking of power in banking, 
politics, and the media allows the same few individuals to promote the same policy 
through a host of apparently unconnected institutions and organisations. 

By controlling the creation of credit, the ha nk ers can cause booms and busts, 
nationally and internationally, whenever they wish to further their ambitions. An 
economic depression is not caused by a collapse in the demand for goods and 
services. People do not decide that they no longer want jobs done or articles 
produced. An economic depression is caused when there are not enough pieces of 
paper and electronic 'money' in circulation to pay for those goods and services. 
And who controls the amount of money-credit in circulation? The banks. If they 
want to cause a depression for ulterior motives, as in pre-war Germany and the US, 
they take measures which reduce the amount of money in circulation. They reduce 
the number of loans they make and raise interest rates. 

This also reaps a colossal reward for the major (Global Elite) banks. People still 
have to pay the interest on loans taken out before the manufactured economic 
collapse and if they default, the banks take their property and increase by hundreds 
of thousands the number of farms, businesses, and homes they own. And with 
every payment of interest by those who continue to pay their loans during a 
depression, more money is being taken out of circulation and not recycled back into 
the economy, thus increasing the depression. 

This process of reducing the money in circulation and causing a depression can 
be seen all the time. The economists and their poodles, the politicians and economic 

the debt scam 


correspondents, call all this part of the 'economic cycle’. Baloney. In the 1930s that 
terrible depression, in which men, women, and children starved in a world of 
plenty, was caused by the ha nks withdrawing money from circulation by refusing 
loans. It wasn’t that people didn’t want to eat; they simply could not afford to buy 
the food because money had been artificially taken out of circulation. I will leave it 
to an ’insider' to sum up the situation I have described. Robert H. Hemphill, a 
credit manager at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, said: 

"This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. 
Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks 
create ample synthetic money we are prosperous, if not, we starve. We are absolutely 
without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, 
the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the 
most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so 
important that our present civilisation may collapse, unless it becomes widely 
understood and the defects remedied very soon ." 2 

There was no money, people were told, to build houses and feed the population. 
But suddenly, when it was time for the Global Elite's war, the money available to 
finance Hitler, Japan, and the war effort in the United States and Great Britain was 
limitless. People often say that there always seems to be money available to fight 
wars. Of course there is, because the bankers who control the world economic 
system want those wars. They do not want people well-housed with full bellies and 
a proper education because then they would be much harder to control. It was not 
the much-hyped 'New Deal’ policies of Franklin Roosevelt which ended the 30s 
depression, it was the banks putting money back into circulation to finance the war 
they were creating. Here is a reality of life on Earth: 

There is no need for anyone to be cold, hungry, homeless or in poverty. All these 
things are caused by the lack of pieces of paper and electronic numbers called 
money circulating in the world and by the charging of interest on them. We could 
change that today if the desire was there. 

The world financial system and policies of boom and bust are controlled by just 
thirteen people - the members of the International Banking Commission in Geneva, 
Switzerland, which was set up by David Rockefeller on behalf of the Elite in 1972. 
The Commission is made up of two members each from the US Federal Reserve, the 
Bank of England, the central hank s of Gennany, France and Switzerland, and one 
member each from the Netherlands, Austria and Scandinavia. It has its own 
intelligence agency known as Four-I, the International Intelligence Infonnation 
Institute. This banking Elite is controlled by families like the Rothschilds, 
Rockefellers (Rockenfelders), Bilts and Goldbergs. Connecting with the Commission 
is the Bank of International Settlements, also in Switzerland, the country at the 
centre of the Elite financial network. The BIS helps to coordinate the policies of the 


The Banking Pyramid 

Prison Warder Consciousness (Fourth Dimension) 
Global Elite 

. . . and the truth shall set you free 

Federal Reserve, other national central banks, 
Bank of England, etc 

Private Banks - 
Chase Manhattan, 
Barclays, National 
Westminster and their 
equivalent in other countries 

International Banking Commission, Bank of International 
Settlements, IMF, World Bank, OECD etc 

Figure 13 

national central banks, like the United States Federal Reserve, the private banking 
cartel which decides the economic and interest rate policies of the United States, no 
matter what the puppet presidents and politicians think about it (Figure 13). The 
’Fed’ does not have board membership of the BIS, but it is the coordination that 
goes on unofficially that matters. The Federal Reserve sends representatives to all its 
meetings and subscribes to the shares of the BIS. 3 Most people in America don’t 
even realise the Federal Reserve is a private organisation. They think (a) the 
government would not be stupid or corrupt enough to allow a private banking 
cartel to run the country (wrong!) or (b) that the word ’Federal’ means that it must 
be part of the government (equally wrong). 

The tenn Federal is used for many Elite organisations in the US to give the 
illusion of government ownership. In the United Kingdom, we are sold the illusion 
that the Bank of England is nationalised and therefore under the control of the 
government. The Bank of England is one of the focal points of the Elite financial 
network. It was controlled by the Rothschild Empire when it was an officially 
private bank, and it has continued to be controlled by the Global Elite since it was 
nationalised by the post-war Labour Government and it became an unofficial 
private bank. 

The first move by the new Labour Party Chancellor Gordon Brown (Bil) after 
taking office in May 1997, was to allow the Bank of England to set interest rates like 
the Federal Reserve, a move he had hinted at two years earlier. 4 Within days of 
taking office he did precisely that. Eddie George, the Bank of England Governor, is a 
fonner executive of both the Elite-controlled Bank of International Settlements and 
the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

the debt scam 


The whole house of cards, and the control of the human race, is based on the 
charging of interest on money. The subject of interest is crucial. There is nothing 
wrong with money if it is used only as a measure of exchange for goods and 
services. It is when you can charge interest on money, most of which doesn’t 
physically exist, that enonnous dangers arise. You can then make more money from 
manipulating pieces of paper and electronic numbers than you can from producing 
essential goods and services for people who need them. With the charging of 
interest, the money chases those who already have money and ignores those who 
have not. The cataclysmic social and financial divisions in the world are caused by 
the charging of interest on money. Production is geared to greed, not need, and the 
rich get richer and the poor, poorer. Often it is not the cost of a house that prevents 
people from buying a home, it is because we have to buy three or four for the right 
to live in one! 

A mortgage leaflet put out by the National Westminster Bank tells me that if I 
take out a loan of £50,000, I will actually pay them back £152,000, the price of three 
houses to buy one. And on the front of the leaflet they have the nerve to claim: "The 

National Westminster Bank. We’re here to make life easier". Imagine the 

transfonnation that would occur if people only had to repay the capital (with no 
interest) on their house over a period of 25 to 30 years. The cost of a mortgage and a 
basic human right (a home) would plummet immediately by two-thirds. The 

builders would still get paid because they are paid from the capital price. The 

suppliers of the materials would still get paid for the same reason. The only person 
who would not make the killing of today would be the banker who currently makes 
a fortune from every house purchase. Builders go out of business and people sleep in 
the streets to allow a few bankers to grow fatter and richer, and ever more powerful. 

There is no reason whatsoever why a government cannot print its money 
interest-free and lend it interest-free to the people to buy a home, with perhaps a 
small one-time charge to cover administration costs. The only thing stopping this is 
the lack of will to do so by politicians of all parties controlled directly by the Elite or 
by its economic manipulation. Look at how taxation could be reduced dramatically, 
or even removed, if our governments - the people, in other words - were not 
paying back phenomenal sums in interest on money ’borrowed’ from the banks. A 
friend in the financial business reckons that for every pound or dollar that exists as 
cash, another 30 million exists (or rather doesn't!) as electronic "credit". Pastor 
Sheldon Emery described this system of government debt-creation very well in his 
book. Billions For The Bankers, Debts For The People: 

"The Federal Government, having spent more than it has taken from its citizens in taxes, 
needs, for the sake of illustration, $1 billion. Since it does not have the money, Congress 
has given away its authority to 'create' it, the Government must go to the 'creators' for 
the $1 billion. But the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, doesn't just give it away! 
The bankers are willing to deliver $1 billion in money or credit to the Federal Government 
in exchange for the Government's agreement to pay it back - with interest! So Congress 
authorises the Treasury Department to print $1 billion in US Bonds, which are then 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

delivered to the Federal Reserve Bankers. The Federal Reserve then pays the cost of 
printing the $1 billion (about $1,000) and makes the exchange. The Government then 
uses the money to pay its obligations. What are the results of this fantastic transaction? 
Well, $1 billion in Government bills are paid all right, but the Government has now 
indebted the people to the bankers for $1 billion on which the people must pay interest! 
Tens of thousands of such transactions have taken place since 1913 [when the Federal 
Reserve was created] so that by the 1980s, the US Government is indebted to the 
bankers for over $1 trillion on which the people pay over $100 billion a year in interest 
alone with no hope of ever paying off the principal. [It is far more today]. Supposedly our 
children and following generations will pay forever and forever! 

"You say, "This is terrible!" Yes, it is, but we have shown only part of the sordid story. 
Under this unholy system, those United States Bonds have now become 'assets' of the 
banks in the Reserve System which they then use as 'reserves' to 'create' more 
'credit' to lend. Current 'reserve' requirements allow them to use that $1 billion in 
bonds to 'create' as much as $15 billion in new 'credit' to lend to States, 
Municipalities, to individuals and businesses. Added to the original $1 billion, they 
could have $16 billion of 'created credit' out in loans paying them interest with their 
only cost being $1,000 for printing the original $1 billion! Since the US Congress has 
not issued Constitutional money since 1863, in order for the people to have money to 
carry on trade and commerce they are forced to borrow the 'created credit' of the 
Monopoly Bankers and pay them usury-interest!" 5 

The term 'constitutional money' is a reference to the United States Constitution, 
which says, "Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value 
thereof." Unfortunately, either by accident or design, it does not say that Congress 
shall always coin money and regulate the value thereof, and that no-one else will 
ever do so. The consequences of this have been quite dreadful for America and the 
world: in 1910, the Federal debt was only $1 billion, or $12.40 per person. State and 
local debts were very small or non-existent; by 1920, just seven years after the 
Federal Reserve was launched, the US Government debt was $24 billion, $228 for 
every citizen; in 1960, the national debt was $284 billion or $1,575 per head; by 1981, 
the debt passed $1 trillion and has gone on soaring ever since. If the whole of the 
United States were handed to the bankers to pay back the debts, they would still be 
owed another two, maybe three Americas! 6 It was not without reason that Thomas 
Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, said: 

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, 
first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks, and the corporations that will grow up 
around ...[the banks]..., will deprive the people of their property until their children will 
wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." 7 

In the United Kingdom, the government was paying £1 billion a year in interest 
on borrowing after the end of the 1960s. By 1993 it had soared to £24.5 billion. The 

the debt scam 


government has borrowed to pay interest on previous loans while the capital has 
remained unrepaid. Contrast that £24.5 billion in interest payments with the £33 
billion spent on health that year and the £11 billion awarded to education. 8 Don’t 
complain about a lack of school books or crumbling buildings. The bankers have 
got to eat, you know. 

The creation of debt through interest charges also sets up the structure through 
which the takeover of the world by the few becomes possible. The bankers can 
accumulate and manipulate businesses by accepting, or refusing, loans. One regular 
takeover scenario is for the Elite bankers, in concert, to deny loans to a target 
business or multinational corporation. This depresses its value on the stock 
exchanges. At this point, with the price of the stock falling, the bankers buy large 
blocks of shares at bargain prices. The bankers then have a sudden change of heart 
and approve the loan, thus increasing the company's share value. The banks either 
sell the shares and make a handsome profit or they retain their increased control in 
the boardroom. When the banks gain control, what do they do? They ensure that 
the company borrows more and more from the banks until they are so much in debt 
that the ha nks own everything. 

It is in this way that the same few people have come to own all the major 
businesses, the media, and so on. Once they owned the media, of course, it became 
easy to keep the truth from the people and feed us the lies that are necessary to 
mislead and confuse us. If you are a journalist or a bank employee, go and find a 
mirror and ask it some questions. Your children are going to face the consequences 
of the New World Order like everyone else's, unless you wake up. Nothing would 
improve the lives of people quicker than an end to the charging of interest on 
money and for governments to print their own money, interest free, or to make the 
ha nks pay interest to the government. President Abraham Lincoln began to do this 
with his so called 'greenbacks'. He was murdered soon afterwards by John Wilkes 
Booth, an alleged agent of the House of Rothschild, in 1865. President John F. 
Kennedy proposed to do it and some of his interest-free notes are still in circulation. 
He was murdered by the Elite in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. 

Another money confidence trick is that of inflation. We are told that inflation is 
caused by too much money in circulation chasing too few goods. This is used to 
justify the removal of money from circulation, which leads to an economic 
'depression'. This was a ruse used by the Volcker-Reagan-Thatcher trio in the early 
1980s when the 'in’ phrase was "squeezing inflation out of the system". How can 
inflation be caused by too much money chasing too few goods when in any boom 
or depression the shops are full of goods on the shelves left unsold? And if more 
goods are being sold and production is increased, why don’t the so called 
economies of scale bring prices down? Greed is part of this, for sure, but there are 
actually too many goods chasing too little money in circulation. Interest on money 
massively inflates prices and it does so while ensuring that there is too little money 
to spend on goods. 

Each time a bank creates a loan, it is creating more debt than the amount of the 
loan itself. Take the example of the £50,000 loan from the National Westminster 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Bank I mentioned earlier. The loan is worth £50,000, but the debt created at the same 
time is £102,000. To pay this back, the borrower has to find more money - double, in 
this case - than he has borrowed. The only way he can do this is to earn money that 
someone else has borrowed into existence. The debt of people and government 
explodes in this way, but there is still a scarcity of money to spend on goods because 
so much of the money in circulation is spent on servicing debt. 

We are told in these circumstances that the supply of money in circulation must 
be reduced because prices are being inflated by too much money in the system. The 
main reason prices go up is because they are reflecting the amount of debt that has 
to be serviced. The more debt, the higher the prices throughout the system from 
material suppliers to transportation to advertising to shops. The cumulative effect 
of all this debt is reflected in the price of a product on the shelf. Whenever you buy 
anything, from a loaf of bread to a Rolls Royce, you are paying back someone else's 
debt to the banks. How do the economic 'experts’ react to higher prices caused by 
the need to service debt? They raise interest rates to discourage more borrowing 
and reduce the amount of money in circulation. And what effect does that have? It 
creates more debt among those people already servicing loans and ensures that 
there is even less money to spend on goods. Whichever situation you have, there is 
never too much money chasing too few goods, except among certain products and 
commodities from time to time due to a host of other factors, including greed. 
Generally it is always the other way round, too little money for too many goods. 
The only difference in this situation during a boom or bust is that of degree. The 
end of charging interest on money will lower prices and transform the lives of 
everyone on the planet. So what are we waiting for? 

The Gold Mountain 

One point to emphasise is the extent of the wealth accumulated by the Elite through 
the debt-interest system, and by stealing the world's gold. A contact who has 
studied and worked within the global financial system, says that gold stolen by the 
Elite, from Russia after the war and from Japan, the USA and other sources, totals 
some $60 trillion. This, he says, is held at the Clouten precious metals depository 
near Zurich, and similar depositories at Umbrea near Geneva, in Vienna and at the 
Rhein - the main airbase in Frankfurt. During the war, the Elite gold was stored at 
the US military base at Melinom near Jakata, Indonesia, where it was guarded by 
20,000 troops. My contact has paperwork to prove many of these claims. 

The Money Police 

After the Second World War, with the nations of Europe devastated by conflict and 
debt to the Elite's bankers, the next stage in the global domination of money and 
credit was installed through groupings like the Organisation for Economic 
Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Bank, the International 
Monetary Fund (IMF), and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). 
The World Bank, IMF, and GATT were all agreed upon by British and American 
negotiators at a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944. Most 

the debt scam 


influential in these agreements were the economist, Lord Keynes, from Britain, and 
the US Treasury Secretary, Harry Dexter White (CFR), who, with Alger Hiss, the 
secretary general at the launch of the United Nations, would later be exposed as 
communist spies. The technical secretary at Bretton Woods was Virginius Frank 
Coe, an official of the US Treasury. He was appointed secretary of the new IMF until 
it was revealed in 1952 during congressional testimony that he was also a member 
of Dexter White's communist ring! These were the guys who created the IMF, World 
Bank, and GATT. 

The role of the World Bank (not to be confused with a world central bank) is to 
make loans to governments for large capital projects. These have been used, as 
intended, to finance projects in poor countries designed to meet the needs of the 
multinationals. These include policies forcing people from the land, thus destroying 
self-sufficient lifestyles and creating dependency on the Elite's global economy. 
Much of the destruction of the rainforests has been done with loans from the World 
Bank, which, as we have seen, is always headed by appointees from the CFR, TC, 
Bil, establishment, and has eugenics as a key pillar of its policy. This subsidised 
enviromnental destruction has another plus for the Elite. It helps them to justify 
world control by the need to 'save the planet'. 

A role of the World Bank and other global economic 'agencies' is to make a 
fortune for the multinational construction companies like the Bechtel Group. This is 
normally done by making loans to Third World countries for mega construction 
projects which are irrelevant, even disastrous, for the needs of the local people. In 
April 1995, President Bill Clinton successfully nominated James Wolfensohn to be 
the new president of the World Bank. Wolfensohn, an Australian-bom, naturalised 
American, has the perfect background for the post. In the 1960s, he worked for the J. 
Henry Schroder Bank in London and went on to serve on the Rockefellers' 
'population control’ organisation, the Population Council. Other Global Elite groups 
he has served include the Rockefeller Foundation, the Institute of Advanced Studies 
at Princeton, and the Brookings Institute. Add to that his position on the steering 
committee of the Bilderberg Group and his membership in the Council on Foreign 
Relations and Trilateral Commission, and you have the perfect man to head the 
Global Elite's World Bank. I'm sure none of this influenced Bill Clinton’s 'decision' 
to nominate him! In 1992, Wolfensohn joined forces with Lord Rothschild to form J. 
Rothschild, Wolfensohn, a business advice consultancy. As chainnan, they 
appointed Paul Volcker, 10 the fonner chainnan of the Federal Reserve Board and 
leading member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and 
Bilderberg Group. Volcker was the man who launched the devastating economic 
policies in the United States and the UK in the 1980s which were fronted by Ronald 
Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is there to intervene when poor countries 
in Africa, Asia, and the rest of the developing world get into Elite-engineered 
financial trouble. The idea has been to encourage and bribe the politicians in these 
countries into relinquishing self-sufficiency in food and into opening up their lands to 
the multinational food and chocolate giants. These countries began to export luxury 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

cash crops to the rich nations and to use that money to pay for imported food from 
those same rich countries. Also, the developing nations would export natural 
resources to the rich nations at knock-down prices and then buy back (at inflated 
prices) the luxury products the industrialised countries made with those natural 
resources. However, these luxury goods only go to the tiny, corrupt, political and 
economic clique in these developing countries. The majority of the population go 
hungry because the food-growing land is occupied by the multinational corporations. 
The Elite's policy was to submerge the poor countries in debt and take them over in 
the same way they had with the multinationals and the industrialised nations. When 
these governments find themselves in financial trouble and unable to meet their debt 
repayments, in goes the IMF to 'restructure' the repayments or offer more loans to 
pay the interest on the previous ones. But, in return for imposing more debt, the IMF 
in s ists that its (Elite) economic policies are followed. These involve cutting food, 
health, and education subsidies, and the exporting of more resources and cash crops. 
The IMF tells all the developing countries to do this and thus creates a glut on the 
world market for these commodities and the price collapses. More is exported at the 
expense of food-growing land for the poor, but no more is earned. The winners are 
the rich nations who get their resources and commodities cheaper. As a result you 
have the sight of hundreds of thousands of Brazilian children dying through hunger- 
related disease when Brazil is the second biggest exporter of food in the world. But 
what a wonderful fonn of eugenics and culling of the non- white population! A third 
of the Brazilian population lives below the poverty line and seven million abandoned 
children beg, steal, and sniff glue on the streets. This, in a country that should be 
among the most prosperous in the world, with no problem of feeding itself. Its 
problems are not natural. They are, like those throughout the Third World, 
manufactured for the benefit of the Elite. Don't be kidded by all this stuff about 
compassionate 'overseas aid’. 

Every year vastly more wealth is transferred from poor countries to rich than 
goes the other way. We are bleeding them to death. And the overseas aid that is 
made available is not aimed at helping developing countries. It is used to bribe 
corrupt politicians, to build the infrastructure needed by the multinationals, or to 
subsidise industries in the rich countries, like Bechtel, who carry out the work as 
part of the aid deal. Another reality of life on Earth: 

There is no need for starvation and horrific suffering in Africa, Asia and Latin 
America. It is not the result of 'natural disasters', but of coldly calculated design. 

'Free' Trade 

The GATT policy is there to create dependency on the world economic system by 
forcing countries to drop their barriers to trade. This concept of 'free trade’ was 
advocated in the last century by the Scottish economist, Adam Smith, and it was 
designed, at least in part, to justify Britain's refusal to stop the exports of opium into 
China. Pressure for Adam Smith's - Elite-supported - view led to the repeal of the 

the debt scant 


Com Laws in May 1846, which removed protection for British agriculture from 
overseas imports. It was a disastrous policy, just as its architects (such as the Elite- 
controlled Bank of England and the Baring Brothers Merchant Bank) intended it to be. 
’Free’ trade has come a long way since then. GATT is now coordinated by the Elite's 
World Trade Organisation, based in its stronghold of Switzerland. It makes sense for 
the coordination of Elite banking and trade policies to be based in the same country, I 
suppose. Countries which add tariffs to imported goods to protect home producers 
are bad news for the New World Order. Such countries are far less dependent on the 
global system because they produce for themselves what their population needs. 
Trade in this sense is based on mutual benefit, not winner takes all. 

In the early years of the United States, the government's main income was from 
tariffs. If goods were going to be imported, all the people should benefit, it was 
believed. GATT, the European Union, the North American Free Trade Area, and the 
new Asian-Pacific free trade area (APEC), are designed to destroy this protection 
and create dependency on the global system which the Elite control. Over recent 
years the momentum has increased to destroy the diversity of production in all 
countries and make them dependent on importing essential goods. 

The British Conservative Governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major 
played their part to perfection in this. The suicidal 'monetarism' of the Thatcher- 
Reagan years destroyed the diversity of home production while the wave of 
'privatisations’ in the UK and elsewhere has handed the power over essential 
services like water, electricity, and gas into Elite hands - often with big government 
subsidies, to boot. The consequences of this can now be seen by all but the most 
dedicated idiot. But the media promotes 'free trade’ as a good thing and 
'protectionism' as bad. They have bought the line sold to them by economists, 
politicians, and university lecturers, and they sell it to everyone else - the public. 

I remember when the latest GATT agreement was being negotiated (the so called 
Uruguay Round), how the famous news presenters in Britain summoned their most 
concerned and ominous voices to announce to their nightly audience of millions 
that the negotiations had broken down. We should all be very worried, we were led 
to believe, because if the new GATT was not agreed upon, an economic nightmare 
would ensue. In truth, a nightmare for the Global Elite, not for the people. The 
Director General of GATT, Peter D. Sutherland (Bil, TC, Comm 300), was wheeled 
out to tell the world how important it was that the governments reached agreement. 

Sutherland, a fonner member of the European Commission and chainnan of the 
Elite-controlled Allied Irish Banks, was well briefed with the Bilderberg Group's 
views on the matter. He attended their meeting in Finland in June 1994, and again 
in Switzerland in 1995. Of course, in the end GATT was agreed and passed through 
Congress and parliaments by governments and 'oppositions' alike, because the 
overwhelming majority of politicians of all parties are either too naive to see 
beyond the end of their noses (most of them) or they know what the game plan is 
(the relative few). The World Trade Organisation has the power to impose sanctions 
on countries which erect barriers to the flow of 'free' trade. The Elite must have 
gone into orgasm when this lot was agreed. What a tool to control the world! 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

’Free’ trade is the freedom of the strong to exploit the weak. It is the means 
through which multinationals, subsidised by their governments via the overseas aid 
budgets and other hidden channels, operate ’cartelism’ against the interests of the 
general population. It is the freedom to create dependency on a system which only 
the few control, and to use that dependency to manipulate at will. The freedom to 
move production from high wage industrialised countries to the sweat shops of the 
Third World, savagely exploiting the native population. The freedom to steal their 
food growing land and to destroy the industries and incomes of those in the 
developed world, also. In doing this, the Elite create anger, despair, and division, 
the perfect combination for manipulation. That, my friends, is the ’free’ trade the 
economists, politicians, and news correspondents tell us we desperately need more 
of. The word in my head at this moment does not bear repeating. 

The Seven Sisters Oil Cartel 

Working alongside the banks, and owned by the same people, are the oil 
companies. These are responsible for countless coups and conflicts and the 
grotesque manipulation of sovereign countries. As late as 1882, oil had little 
commercial value. It was used in lamps and not much more. William "Doc" 
Rockefeller also peddled oil at $25 a pint as a cure for warts, snake bites, cancer, and 
impotency" In 1853 his son, John D. Rockefeller, fonned the infamous Standard Oil 
Company to supply the fuel for the growth in oil burning lamps and to exploit the 
much greater potential claimed for the substance seeping through the rocks and 
fissures of the Earth. With the development of the internal combustion engine, the 
value of oil was transfonned. So were the economy and politics of the world. The 
British Admiral, Lord Fisher, was one of the first to see the military significance of 
oil and later, as First Sea Lord, he led the debate on how to secure supplies for the 
British Navy in a country which, at that time, had no oil of its own. As usual, the 
answer was: If we don't have any, we’ll take someone else's. An Australian 
engineer, geologist, and devout Christian called William Knox d’Arcy had found oil 
north of the Persian Gulf, in what is now Iran. He had bought the rights to exploit it 
from the Shah for $20,000 and agreed to pay a 16% royalty on sales. The contract 
granted him and all his "heirs, assigns, and friends" exclusive rights to Persian oil 
until 1961. The British Secret Service, on behalf of the government, dispatched the 
'ace of spies', Sidney Reilly, to dupe d'Arcy into handing over his rights to the 
British. Reilly (real name, Sigmund Georgjevich Rosenblum from Odessa, Russia) 
posed as a priest and persuaded d'Arcy to sign over his exclusive rights to Persian 
oil to a 'Christian' organisation, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. In early 1913, at 
the urging of Winston Churchill, Fisher's successor as First Sea Lord, the Asquith 
government secretly bought a controlling interest in Anglo-Persian Oil. We know 
this company better today as British Petroleum - BP. The wealth of this company is 
founded on the work of an agent of the British Secret Service, the notorious spy, 
Sidney Reilly, who lied to, and hoodwinked, a gullible man by manipulating his 
devout Christian beliefs. Given the behaviour of BP over the years, that is rather 
appropriate, really. 

the debt scam 


For years, the competition between oil companies and countries seeking to 
dominate world oil supplies, led to conflict throughout Europe and the Middle East. 
Britain was responsible for stimulating wars in the Balkans, Turkey, and Bulgaria 
before 1914 to disrupt and sabotage the building of Gennany's 'Berlin to Baghdad’ 
Railway, which threatened Britain's grip on the Middle East. The British used their 
control of Kuwait to prevent the completion of the railway from Baghdad to the 
Persian Gulf. Using force and corrupt sheikhs, the British Government ruthlessly 
seized control of Arab countries and their oil supplies. It was to set the scene for the 
conflict we have witnessed in the Middle East ever since, and the creation of the 
State of Israel was part of the divide and rule policy based on the control of oil. Can 
you understand why the Arabs today get so angry at what they see - quite rightly - 
as Western imperialism? They have had it up to here. 

The other oil company controlled by the British government was Royal Dutch 
Shell, 12 outwardly run by the Dutch-bom, Sir Henry Deterding (Comm 300), a 
naturalised Briton. In fact, it was controlled by a group of parties who voted on 
behalf of the British Government. The covert support and guidance of the British 
government turned Shell into a global company which challenged the Rockefeller's 
Standard Oil, even on its own ground in America. Deterding is another man often 
linked with the secret funding of Adolf Hitler and a future major shareholder of 
Shell Oil would be Prince Bernhard, a chainnan and founder of the Bilderberg 
Group. In May 1933, Deterding entertained Hitler's representative, Alfred 
'Protocols' Rosenberg, at his estate near Windsor Castle. Researcher Oswald Dutch 
claims that in 1931, Deterding and his backers (the Samuel family) gave Hitler 
£30,000,000. Eventually the 'oil wars' between the rival companies ended in the late 
1920s with an agreement finalised at Achnacarry, Sir Henry Deterding's Scottish 
Castle. This created the Anglo-American oil cartel which became known as the 
Seven Sisters. The meeting between Deterding, John Cadman of Anglo-Persian Oil 
(BP), and Franklin D. Roosevelt's close friend, Walter Teagle, of the Rockefellers' 
Standard Oil (Exxon), was held secretly under the cover story of a grouse shoot. The 
Seven Sisters cartel has worked as one unit since then to control price and supplies 
to suit its sordid ambitions. The ultimate control is with the Elite. The Seven Sisters 
is comprised today of Shell, BP, Esso/Exxon (Standard Oil of New Jersey), Gulf, 
Mobil, Standard Oil of California (SOCAL), and Texaco. This virtual amalgamation 
of interests and policy mirrored to an extent the post-war banking mergers which 
created giants like the Rockefellers' Chase Manhattan, the amalgamation with the 
Kuhn Loeb (Rothschilds), Bank of Manhattan. The oil industry, too, was divided 
between the Rockefellers (Rockenfelders) and the Rothschilds. 

Shell and BP were part of a power structure which included the British 
government, the Foreign Office, and the intelligence agencies. This remains so 
today. There are countless examples of this govemment/oil company/ intelligence 
agency connection at work. In 1941, the British and the Russians invaded neutral 
Iran on the nonsensical pretext that a few Gennan engineers were there. Controlling 
the oil supplies of Iran had nothing to do with it, naturally. The troops, backed up 
by smaller Indian and American forces, took over the country's food supplies, 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Iranians through starvation. Typhus and 
typhoid killed yet more, as did the use of the railway for shipping lend-lease 
supplies to Russia which stopped heating oil from reaching the Iranian people in 
the terrible winter of 1944-1945. These were the countries who sat in judgement of 
war crimes at Nuremberg. 

In response to this, the Iranian nationalist leader, Dr Mohammed Mossadegh, 
became prune minister in April 1951. He instituted a policy of nationalising all oil 
production, with appropriate compensation to the foreign oil companies. The Iranian 
government also guaranteed supplies to Britain as before and the employment of 
British workers in Iran. The British Government responded by imposing an 
economic stranglehold on Iran, freezing her assets held in British banks, introducing 
full sanctions and an embargo on Iranian oil. This was supported by other members 
of the Seven Sisters cartel. Mossadegh went to the United Nations to plead his case 
in 1953, but the Security Council, dominated by the US and Britain, did not want to 
know. He then went to Washington for help, but again got nowhere. The US sent a 
'mediator' to Iran with a delegation full of people connected to the American oil 
companies. Who was this 'mediator'? It’s that man again.. .W. Averell Harriman. His 
view was that Iran should accept the British position of Prune Minister Winston 
Churchill, his old friend. I never would have guessed that, would you? 

While the British and American press assassinated Mossadegh's character and 
grossly misrepresented the situation, Iran did win its case, thanks to Mossadegh's 
eloquence at the World Court. But by now his downfall was well-advanced. 
Appeals for economic aid from the US were turned down by President Dwight 
Eisenhower (CFR) on the advice of his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles (CFR), 
and his brother, the CIA chief, Allen Dulles (CFR). The Dulles brothers, in concert 
with British Intelligence, persuaded Eisenhower that Mossadegh had to be 
overthrown. Seventeen key members of the Eisenhower administration were 
members of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Nonnan Schwartzkopf senior, the father of 'Stonnin' Norman’ of Gulf War fame, 
had made many contacts in the Iranian army when he trained some of their 
generals during the war. He offered these people power if they overthrew 
Mossadegh. A coup, organised by British Intelligence and the CIA with the code- 
name, Operation AJAX, removed Mossadegh in August 1953. The Shah of Iran was 
installed as a puppet of Britain and the USA until he was, himself, removed by 
those same forces twenty-five years later and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini. 
This was part of the Elite's 'arc of crisis' policy in the Middle East, which has 
ensured the Arab nations have remained divided and ruled. The Shah reversed 
Mossadegh’s policy and denationalised the Iranian oil industry. He and the CIA 
also established SAVAK, one of the most vicious intelligence agencies in the world. 
Its operatives were trained by the CIA and subjected their victims to sickening 
torture and imprisonment without trial. From about 1957 SAVAK began a close 
relationship with the Israeli/Global Elite intelligence arm, Mossad, which also 
trained SAVAK personnel. You thought Israel and Iran were different sides? Not at 
the top level they aren't. 

the debt scam 


Another brave man to take on the Seven Sisters cartel was Enrico Mattel, the 
leader of Italy's biggest non-communist resistance organisation in the Second World 
War. It was Mattei who coined the tenn Seven Sisters. He wanted a self-sufficient 
Italy which was independent of the Anglo-American oil cartel. As head of the State 
energy company, ENI, he established a network of petrol stations across Italy which 
rivalled those of Shell and Esso. This expanded into refineries, a vast chemical 
plant, a tanker fleet, and an engineering subsidiary. He began negotiations with 
Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Shah of Iran, to whom he offered 75% of all 
profits. Mattei was challenging the Seven Sisters monopoly like no-one had before 
and his competition forced down petrol prices in Italy by a quarter. The last straw 
for the Seven Sisters came in October 1960 when Mattei went to Moscow to 
negotiate a deal to access the massive oil fields of the Soviet Union. Two years later 
to the month, as the pipelines were being constructed to exploit the Soviet reserves, 
Enrico Mattei was killed when his private plane crashed on a flight from Sicily, the 
home of the Mafia, to Milan. Charges of deliberate sabotage continue to this day. 
The head of the CIA station in Rome, Thomas Karamessines, who would later help 
to organise the coup against the Chilean leader, Salvador Allende, left Italy 
immediately after the crash without explanation. The CIA chief at the time, the 
Knight of Malta, John McCone, owned more than $1 million worth of shares in 
Standard Oil of California, better known as Chevron. At the time of his death, 
Mattei was arranging to meet President Kennedy, who, according to some 
researchers, was pressuring the oil cartel to reach agreement with the Italians. A 
year later Kennedy himself was assassinated. 

The oil companies, governments, intelligence agencies, the banks, the 
multinationals, the media: all of these are indivisible because all are owned or 
controlled by the same forces. The intelligence agencies work for the interests of the 
oil companies and vice versa. Sir Henry Deterding was known to have been 
connected with British Intelligence as was Weetman Pearson (later Lord Cowdray), 
who sold his Mexican Eagle oil interests to Deterding's Shell. Pearson (Comm 300) 
used the profits to establish the Pearson Trust, which owns The Economist 
magazine and the London Financial Times. It also holds a substantial share of the 
international merchant bank, Lazard Freres. The Economist was launched in 1843 to 
press for the abolition of the Com Laws and the advent of Tree' trade. 

The Oil Price Shocks 

The Elite coordinate a single overall policy through the many and various elements 
in the pyramid and nothing reveals more obviously how the banks, oil companies, 
and politicians work in concert than the oil price shocks of the 1970s. Part of the 
Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 was to make the dollar the world's premier 
currency and link its value to gold. It was decided that $35 would equal an ounce of 
gold and that US gold could be redeemed for dollars. The United States 
government, however, found itself in serious trouble by the early 1970s, as so many 
dollars were exchanged for gold that US reserves couldn’t cope. An American 
financier friend, who has many contacts at high levels in the States, says that since 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

this time there has been little or no gold in Fort Knox, although this is obviously 
covered up. President Richard Nixon decided to suspend the policy of exchanging 
dollars for gold. This sent the world financial system (those who didn't know 
beforehand) into chaos. Nixon was acting on the advice of his chief Budget Advisor, 
George Shultz (CFR, TC, Bil, Comm 300 and later Kissinger Associates), Paul 
Volcker (CFR, TC, Bil, and future head of the Federal Reserve), and Jack F. Bennett, 
a future director of the Rockefellers' Exxon Oil. On Nixon's shoulder at this time 
was Henry Kissinger, of course. The other architects of Nixon's policy were the 
financial institutions and merchant banks in the City of London. 

The 'City' is alive with Freemasonry and it is no coincidence that such a small 
country can have so much influence, via the City institutions, on the world 
economy. The Freemasons, and more particularly Illuminised Freemasonry, run the 
City and the UK Government, regardless of which party is nominally 'in power'. 
Among the main characters in the manipulation of Nixon at this time were the 
merchant bankers, Sir Siegmund Warburg, Edmond de Rothschild, and Jocelyn 
Hambro (Comm 300). 13 The dollar was revalued at $38 an ounce, but this was now 
only theoretical, because dollars could not be redeemed for gold. This created the so 
called Eurodollar market to handle the investment of the huge flow of dollars in 
Europe which once bought US gold. This Eurodollar market was based on London's 
financial centres which made colossal profits from their 'accidental' windfall. Lord 
Roll of fpsden (then Sir Eric Roll), was one who exploited this situation to great 
effect and made vast sums for S.G. Warburg. Roll is a former chairman of the 
Bilderberg Group, a Trilateralist, a member of the Committee of 300, and a board 
member of Kissinger Associates. 

The value of the US dollar plummeted as a result of these events, but delinking the 
dollar from its exchange for gold was only the first stage in the Elite strategy. In May 
1973, the Bilderberg Group met on an island at Saltsjoebaden, Sweden, owned by the 
Swedish banking family, the Wallenbergs (Comm 300). Under the chairmanship of 
Prince Bernhard, the meeting brought together 84 leading financial and political 
manipulators. They included: Lord Roll of fpsden from S.G. Warburg; Henry 
Kissinger; Robert O. Anderson, owner of Atlantic Richfield Oil; Sir Eric Drake, the 
chairman of BP; Sir Dennis Greenhill, a director of BP; Rene Granier de Lilliac, of 
French Petroleum; Gerrit A. Wagner, president of Royal Dutch Shell; Olof Palme 
(Comm 300), the later assassinated prime minister of Sweden; George Ball of Lehman 
Brothers; David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank; Zbigniew Brzezinski, director 
of the newly formed Trilateral Commission and future national security advisor to 
Jimmy Carter; Giovanni Agnelli, head of Fiat; Helmut Schmidt, the German Finance 
Minister; Otto Wolff von Amerongen of German Chambers of Commerce; and Baron 
Edmond de Rothschild. Also representing Britain were Denis Healey of the Labour 
Party and the Conservative, Reginald Maudling, another regular Bilderberger in the 
1960s and 70s. The meeting was organised by Robert D. Murphy, who, as US Consul 
in Munich, sent back favourable reports about Adolf Hitler in the 1920s. 14 

At this meeting, a presentation was made that was to affect the entire world. 
Walter Levy, the US Government's official oil economist for the Marshall Plan after 

the debt scam 


the war, announced a proposal to increase the price of oil by 400%. 15 Just five 
months later, in October 1973, came the 'Yom Kippur War’ 16 when Egypt and Syria 
unsuccessfully invaded Israel. It was this excuse that the Arabs used to massively 
inflate the price of oil, cut production, and announce an oil embargo against the 
USA for supporting Israel. Yet again the world economy was thrown into a frenzy 
of pain and turmoil. In Britain, there was a three-day working week to preserve fuel 
stocks and millions lost their jobs and livelihoods throughout the world. The poor 
countries of the Third World were devastated, making them open to the next stage 
in the strategy - unrepayable debt. The architect of the Yom Kippur War was the US 
National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. The 'shuttle 
diplomacy' for which he became famous and much revered was, in fact, a policy of 
misrepresenting each side's position to the others, thus making war inevitable. This 
is what Kissinger did via the Israeli Ambassador in Washington, Simcha Dinitz, and 
his diplomatic contacts in Egypt and Syria. 17 Look at the wars and terror that 
Kissinger has been responsible for and then remember this: in this same year, 1973, 
Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! There's nothing like a Nobel Peace 
Prize to hide what is really going on. Look at some of the other recipients and the 
timing. How do you win a Nobel Prize? Start a war secretly and then get the credit 
for stopping it. How appropriate that Alfred Bernhard Nobel, after whom the peace 
prize is named, made his fortune from the discovery of dynamite and the 
manufacture of explosives! 

The Bilderberg Group had secured its enormous rise in the price of oil and so 
well had it been done, the manipulators also had someone else to blame for it - the 
Arab oil-producing countries. This is a vital ingredient in every Elite strategy. Make 
events happen, but find someone else to blame for them so that you, the 'innocent 
party', can step forward with the 'solutions' to the problems you have covertly 
created. All of this had been long planned. Look at the sequence of events: through 
1972 and 1973 before the Yom Kippur War, the multinational oil companies in the 
US, like the Rockefellers' Exxon, had been cutting back on the domestic supply of 
crude oil, reducing stocks to alarming levels in time for the Arab Oil embargo and 
soaring prices they knew were planned in late 1973. The oil companies were given a 
free hand to do this by Nixon on the advice of his aides, who included Henry 
Kissinger and George Shultz. In February 1973, Kissinger, Shultz, and John 
Ehrichman (who was implicated in Watergate) were appointed by Nixon as an 
'energy triumvirate' and they effectively controlled US energy policy. Three months 
later came the Bilderberg meeting which agreed to the 400% oil price rise. Five 
months after that came the Yom Kippur War and the price rise and oil embargo on 
the USA. With domestic supplies so low, the US economy collapsed. All these 
events dovetailed perfectly. 

We should not underestimate the role of Britain in this story. Diplomatic sources 
quoted in A Century Of War say that the British and Kissinger worked hand in 
hand in countless covert projects to manipulate events in other sovereign states. 
"The British, you know, were very clever" the sources said. "They were willing to 
let the Americans do the public dirty work and take the blame, while they worked 


...and the truth shall set you free 

1 8 

very effectively on a more discreet level., .(through).. .Chatham House.. ." And 
look at what Kissinger himself said in a speech to the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs at Chatham House on May 10th 1982. Speaking of the Anglo- 
American special relationship, he said: 

"Our postwar diplomatic history is littered with Anglo-American 'arrangements' and 
'understandings', sometimes on crucial issues never put into formal documents. ..The 
British were so matter of factly helpful that they became a participant in internal 
American deliberations to a degree probably never before practised between sovereign 
nations. In my period in office, the British played a seminal role in certain American 
bilateral negotiations. ..In my White House incarnation, then, I kept the British Foreign 
Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State 

"In my negotiations over Rhodesia, I worked from a British draft with British spelling 
even when I did not fully grasp the distinction between a working paper and a Cabinet- 
approved document. The practice of collaboration thrives to this day ..." 19 

The British Foreign Secretaries involved in the negotiations to pull the UK out of 
Rhodesia were David Owen, then of the Labour Party, and member of the Trilateral 
Commission a year after leaving office, and.. .Lord Carrington, now chainnan of the 
Bilderberg Group, a Trilateralist, and founding board member of his close friend's 
company, Kissinger Associates. Another consequence worthy of note is that the leap 
in the price of oil suddenly made it far more financially viable to exploit the UK oil 
reserves in the North Sea by BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and others. In January 1974, 
Kissinger's reluctant puppet, The Shah of Iran, demanded and achieved another 
100% increase in the price of oil by the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries 
(OPEC). The 400% increase decided upon by the Bilderberg Group had been 

Third World Debt 

So what did the Elite bankers and oil companies gain from the oil price shocks? 
Money, power, and manufactured dependency for great swathes of humanity. The 
economic collapse allowed the banks to accumulate yet more land, businesses, 
people, and control, and their oil companies flourished. In 1974, the Rockefeller- 
owned Exxon replaced General Motors as the biggest American corporation. But 
the real motivation went well beyond that. Part of the deal behind the scenes with 
the Arab oil producers was that a large percentage of the billions of dollars the 
Arabs were receiving in extra revenue would be invested in the global Elite banks. 
The main recipients were Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Manufacturers Hanover 
Trust, Bank of America, Barclays, Lloyds, and Midland. They then set about 
'investing' these enonnous revenues in the poor countries of the world in Asia, 
Africa, and South America, who were forced to borrow to prevent starvation in the 
wake of the oil price shocks. The Rothschild-controlled Manufacturers Hanover 

the debt scam 



Trust of New York, led the way in this. Millions of men, women, and children 
suffered and died from this callously created depression. 

These loans which caused the debt crisis of the 70s, 80s and 90s were the 
Bilderberg Group's 'petrodollar recycling’ strategy at work. The deal with the Arabs 
was that oil would only be purchased in dollars, and that created another killing for 
the holders of dollars and Eurodollars in the USA and London. Kissinger ensured 
that the Saudi Arabians were well supervised. David Mulford, the head of the 
London eurodollar operations of White Weld and Company, was made director and 
senior investment advisor to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, the country's 
central bank. In 1974, 70% of OPEC profits were invested in stocks, bonds, and land 
overseas. Sixty per cent of this ($57 billion) went to the financial institutions based 
in New York and London in one year alone. 

But even these incredible sums were nothing compared with the figures the 
recipient banks were actually lending to the Third World. Banks are allowed to 
'create' new money (non-existent credit) many times in excess of the wealth they 
have deposited in their vaults and on their computer screens. If they lent only ten 
times the money they received from the Arabs in one year, 1974, they would have 
loaned (and charged interest on) $570 billion. But thanks to a banking scam called 
fractional reserve lending, they could loan 26 times the funds they had on deposit 
and, in some cases, 66 times! This is the 'debt' that has caused such untold famine, 
poverty, and death in what we call the Third World. It is credit that does not, in 
reality, exist. A third fact of life on Planet Earth: 

The so-called third world debt which is crucifying great swathes of our fellow 
humanity across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, causing unspeakable misery, is 
debt on money that has never, does not, and will never exist! 

The banks sent out representatives in droves across the Third World, lending money 
l ik e confetti and looking especially for corrupt and incompetent politicians who 
they knew would waste it. Why would they do that? Because it was the land and 
natural resources of these countries the Elite are after, and still are. They want them 
to default on their debts, that's the idea. The plan was to offer them a forgiveness of 
debt in return for rights over those countries' natural resources for all time. This is 
happening today and those leaders who refuse are being removed in 'people's 
revolutions’ and assassinations. The non-existent money was lent to the Third 
World at flexible interest rates. If world interest rates went up, the repayments 
increased. So, lend them the money when interest rates are relatively low, and then 
hit them with the sting. 

Enter Paul Volcker, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan at exactly the right 
time during the 1980s to launch the madness called monetarism which sent interest 
rates, and so Third World debt, through the roof. This policy, decided by the Elite's 
International Banking Commission in Geneva, which swept across the world from 
London and Washington in the 1980s, began with the appointment by President 
Carter of Paul A. Volcker as head of the Federal Reserve Board. The President's right 


... and the truth shall set you free 

to appoint the chainnan of the ’Fed’ is another little ploy to kid the people that the 
Federal Reserve is part of the government. Carter was told to appoint Volcker by his 
puppeteer, David Rockefeller. Reagan said during his election campaign that he 
would replace Volcker. Reagan was elected, but Volcker stayed put. Volcker is a high 
ranking member of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. 
So is his successor, Alan Greenspan. You get the picture? Monetarism, the oil price 
shocks, the Yom Kippur War, and Third World debt are all interconnected and part of 
a coordinated Elite policy to take over the planet on behalf of the Prison Warders. 

Across the world in the 1980s, the regulation of the stock markets, banks, and 
financial centres, was dismantled in the name of 'freedom'. The Elite's control of the 
world financial system reached new heights. Companies which had served the 
community for a hundred years and offered sound employment to thousands were 
taken over on borrowed money by manipulating the share price and then asset- 
stripped and destroyed. We heard the new wisdom of "You can't buck the markets" 
and "Set the people free". They forgot to add ".. .and hand them over to the Elite 
cartels". In the United States, Ronald Reagan deregulated the savings and loans 
system through the Gam-St Gennain Act of 1982. This opened the doors for the 
funds of these businesses to be looted by the CIA, the Mafia, and other organised 
crime. One of them, the Silverado Bank Savings and Loan, was a CIA operation. 21 It 
crashed to the tune of billions of dollars which the American taxpayer is having to 
replace. On the board of Silverado Savings and Loan and its most prominent 
director, was Neil Bush, the son of George Bush (who had been at the forefront of 

This was the period of the yuppie, young people who could make hundreds of 
thousands of pounds and more in a week by guessing the future price of 
commodies desperately produced for export by the starving Third World. The effect 
in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, was beyond words. With each percentage rise in 
world interest rates, the repayments and the debts themselves soared. All this and 
more continues today. Yet despite all this suffering, the interest rate policies of the 
Elite and its political stooges, meant that at the end of each ever more desperate 
year, these countries owed more than they had owed twelve months before, without 
borrowing a single extra cent. Meantime, the Elite banks like Citicorp, the 
Rockefeller/Rothschild Chase Manhattan, and the major British banks were 
reporting record profits. 

The impression is given that all this debt was the result of stupid and corrupt 
politicians in these countries. Yes, there are stupid and corrupt politicians in the 
Third World, as there are in the House of Commons and the Congress, and the Elite 
are quick to seek them out and often promote them into positions of power. But 
many politicians in the Third World are neither corrupt, nor stupid. Their difficulty, 
once again, is that the banks, multinationals, intelligence agencies, the media, and 
governments, work as one entity to an agreed-upon policy. Because of 
compartmentalisation, most people involved in these organisations don’t even 
realise that this is the case. In August 1976, the heads of 85 non-aligned countries 
(those not involved with the USA or USSR), met in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to discuss 

the debt scam 


the mounting debt crisis. Their declaration called for a restructuring of the global 
economic system to remove the rigged, built in, subservience of developing 
countries to the industrialised world. It also demanded a resolution to the debt 
crisis which was swamping these countries in hunger and disease. The United 
Nations did nothing. And one by one the leaders who signed and promoted the 
Colombo Declaration were removed from office. Frederick Wills, the representative 
from Guyana, was among them. He told the authors of A Century Of War. 

"The only Third World raw material that did well in the economic arena was oil, but the 
large oil reserves were centred on the Middle East, and manipulation of inter-Arab and 
Arab-lsraeli conflicts, together with inculcation of penchant for prestige projects meant 
that Third World oil reserves could not be used as factors in Third World development. 
One by one Third World countries were gripped by inflation and starvation, by low life- 
expectancy and high infant mortality. The Old Order of Canning, Castlereagh, Pitt, and 
Disraeli remains ." 22 

Note another reason for these policies. The culling of Third World, non-white 
people. Eugenics. The Castlereagh mentioned there was a nineteenth century British 
Foreign Minister who handed over Europe to the New World Order bankers, 
particularly the House of Rothschild, at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. A devout 
student of this man's methods was.. .Henry Kissinger. It was Kissinger who 
blackmailed and threatened other developed countries into ignoring the appeals 
from the Third World and it was he, too, who set in motion the events that would 
remove those leaders, among them Indira Gandhi in India. This was done, as in 
many other cases, by sending in the IMF to enforce policies of such austerity that 
the leader was blamed and thrown out. By now he had formed his own 
'consultancy' called Kissinger Associates, the board members of which were 
Kissinger, Lord Carrington, Lord Roll of Ipsden, and Robert O. Anderson of 
Atlantic Richfield. All except Carrington attended the Bilderberg Group meeting in 
Sweden which agreed the 400% increase in the price of oil. IMF debt restructuring 
became the buzz words for increasing the debts without lending another dollar. As 
a result the people of the Third World continue to suffer and all the Live Aids in the 
world will not change that unless we address the cause - Elite exploitation with the 
aim of owning the planet and everything upon it, and the way the people of the 
Third World are programmed to expect and create that reality. 

Charity events like Live Aid, Band Aid, and Comic Relief are wonderful in that 
they help to highlight the plight of the developing countries. But we need to be 
addressing the cause, so that such charities are no longer needed. Charities are a 
symbol of a global imbalance. They only exist because of that imbalance. It is not 
gifts of charity which the Third World needs as a first priority, it is the dismantling 
of the system in which the rest of the world live off their backs and bleed them dry 
with the net outflow of funds and resources to the industrialised countries (read 
banks) every year. The greatest gift we can give those people is a new vision of what 
they can achieve and what life can be like if they are determined to grasp it and 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

create that reality. If you were bom in unthinkable poverty and despair and in an 
apparently hopeless situation, you, like everyone else, would believe that life will 
always be like that. A day-to-day struggle, just to survive. Such a mindset will 
create, and continue to attract, that reality. Breaking the spiral of despair is vital to 
the creation of another and positive reality. There are many ways this can be 
achieved, but giving people a belief in their own potential and how they can change 
their lives for the better is at the heart of any solution. 

Stealing the Planet 

Today we continue to see the next stage in the Elite/Third World debt strategy: to 
forgive or restructure the debt in return for land and resources. The enviromnental 
movement is playing a part, mostly unknowingly, in this. One of the initiatives 
supported by many in the environmental movement is known as ’debt for equity'. 
Under this proposal, the international debt of Third World countries is forgiven in 
return for handing over areas of wilderness and 'environmentally sensitive' lands. 
It is promoted as a system that wins both ways. The debts of poor countries are 
reduced and these wilderness and other lands are protected. Unfortunately, the 
green movement in general has a very poor record of looking behind the 
smokescreens thrown up by the New World Order crowd. Firstly, the scheme would 
not reduce debt; it would change the nature of it and steal the lands of these 
countries. And secondly, who is behind the idea? Ladies and gentlemen let's hear it 
for.. .David Rockefeller and Baron Edmond de Rothschild! One example of this was 
something called The World Conservation Bank (WCB), which was apparently 
initiated at the Fourth World Wilderness Conference, held on September 13th 1987 
at Denver, Colorado, and continued over the following four days at the notorious 
Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. James Baker, the US Treasury Secretary and 
long time buddy of George Bush, made a speech in support of the World 
Conservation Bank. The official host of the World Wilderness Conference was 
George W. Hunt, an accountant and investment consultant, who had done some 
reading about world conspiracy 'theories'. This helped him to realise what was 
going on before the eyes of some genuine environmentalists who had no idea how 
they were being manipulated. An interview with George Hunt appeared in 
Moneychanger magazine in the United States. In that, he explained how the World 
Conservation Bank was being designed as a world central bank to create yet more 
debt in the Third World and steal the lands of the poor while trumpeting its success 
in reducing debt and 'saving the environment’. He said: 

"...the banker Baron Edmond de Rothschild was at the meeting for six days. Edmond de 
Rothschild was personally conducting the monetary matters and creation of this World 
Conservation Bank, in the company of I. Michael Sweatman of the Royal Bank of 
Canada. Those two were like Siamese twins, and that's why I say that it appears they 
were running at least the money side of this conference and I would say the conference 
was primarily to get money. Also, David Rockefeller (of Chase Manhattan Bank) was 
there and gave a speech on Sunday ..." 23 

the debt scam 


The scam was to transfer the debts from the Third World countries to the World 
Conservation Bank and, in return, those countries would give land to the WCB. 
Should the WCB collapse or get into repayment difficulties on the debts, it would 
then owe its assets to the global bankers, who would be at liberty to seize the lands 
of the Third World. Alternatively, in the ever-gathering centralisation, there could 
be a ’takeover’ of the WCB by the United Nations, thus giving control over the 
lands to this New World Order front. As the fact sheet published by the Secretariat 
of the Wilderness Conference said: 

"...plans for the WCB propose that it act as an intermediary between certain developing 
countries and multilateral or private banks to transfer a specific debt to the WCB, thus 
substituting an existing 'doubtful debt' in the bank's books for a new loan to the WCB. 
In return for having been relieved of its debt obligation, the debtor country would 
transfer to the WCB natural resource assets of 'equivalent value'." 

Problem-reaction-solution. If accepted, this would give the World Conservation 
Bank control over 30% of the Earth's land surface through this means alone, never 
mind all the rest that the Elite own. When George Hunt delivered a written protest to 
David Rockefeller via the 'great man’s' bodyguard, Hunt says he received a warning 
from Rockefeller's office saying that: "I’d better stay out of politicking or I'd regret it." 

Note also that while the manipulators are quite happy for loans from other 
countries to be, in effect, forgotten - 'retained in-country' for enviromnental projects 
- the loans from the Elite banks would not be forgotten. They would be transferred 
from the Third World Countries (’doubtful debts') to the World Conservation Bank, 
which would guarantee the repayments in money or Third World land. Another 
well known face at this conference which initiated the WCB was the Social 
Democrat Prime Minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland. This was 
appropriate because she recommended an organisation like the WCB in the UN- 
sponsored Brundtland Report on the environment called "Our Common Future". 
This was compiled in league with David Rockefeller's 'green' associates, Maurice 
Strong (Comm 300) and Jim MacNeill, two leading lights in the UN Commission on 
Environment and Development and the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil. Same names, 
same agenda; on and on it goes. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny. In fact, 
some of it is anyway. In the Moneychanger article, George Hunt reported the 
contribution to the environmental debate made by Baron de Rothschild: 

"He said innovation is the key to the pollution problem. We need growth and 
development. For instance, we have a C0 2 problem. [Baron de Rothschild proposed] 
that we create large dry ice machines that will absorb C0 2 from the atmosphere, and 
then take the dry ice that we create up to the polar ice cap to keep it from melting." 

Moneychanger interviewer: "Oh, come off it." 

No, I'm not kidding. I said to myself, this guy has either lost his mind or... 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

(Moneychanger interviewer in fits of uncontrollable laughter) 

"...or he is just laughing at us. Isn't that something? And by the way I've got the whole 
conference on tape." 

I tried to track down the World Conservation Bank in 1995 and no-one seemed to 
have heard of it. I rang Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and the British 
Government's Environment Department, and they all scratched their heads. I rang 
the United Nations Enviromnent Agency and at first they acknowledged the name 
before returning to the phone to say that they, too, had never heard of it. Maybe it 
never got started or maybe it is working quietly out of the public eye, I don't know. 
I do hope the first one is the case. If you know what happened to the WCB, please 
let me know. 

The Nuclear Power 'Sting' 

One effect of the oil price shocks which the Elite oil cartels had to suppress was the 
move to nuclear power. I have great reservations about nuclear power and I feel it is 
just a middle stage before we realise it is possible to harness the natural energies of 
Planet Earth to give us all the safe, non-polluting, wannth and power that we need. 
What is clear, however, is that there has been a well-organised campaign by the oil 
cartels to discredit and destroy nuclear power as a credible alternative to oil. What 
follows will provide more cause for reflection by the enviromnental movement, and 
give you another example of how the network of banking/oil-business/political 
interests work together to deceive and use people of genuine intent. 

In December 1971, McGeorge Bundy (CFR, TC, Bil), the head of the Ford 
Foundation, arranged for the $4 million funding of a study called A Time To 
Choose: America's Energy Future. This made its report in 1974, amid the energy 
debate stimulated by Henry Kissinger's oil price hike. Bundy was Kissinger's 
fonner dean at Harvard University and his boss for a short time when Kissinger 
was a consultant to the National Security Council of John F. Kennedy. The Ford 
Foundation report pressed for 'alternative' energy sources like wind and solar 
power, and dismissed nuclear power. The oil cartel is quite happy with the 
conventional green 'alternatives’ because they do not have the credibility to replace 
oil. They fear other alternatives, however, like nuclear power and, especially, the 
free energy technology which uses the Earth's energy field. This is why the latter 
has been so soundly suppressed. 

The expansion of nuclear power was another reason for the environmental 
agenda which was being stimulated in this same period via the Club of Rome and 
other Elite fronts. Here again we meet one of the oilmen at that infamous 
Bilderberg Group meeting which agreed to the oil shocks, Robert O. Anderson, 
owner of the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company and a board member of Kissinger 
Associates. He channelled large sums through his Atlantic Richfield Foundation to 
organisations opposed to nuclear energy. One was to become a front-runner in the 
enviromnental movement: Friends of the Earth. It was set up with the help of a 

the debt scam 


$200,000 dollar grant from Anderson. 24 He also donated to the Friends of the Earth 
campaigns against the Gennan nuclear programme in the mid-to late-seventies by 
people like FoE leader, Holger Strohm. The CFR/Rockefeller-controlled Ford and 
Carnegie Foundations poured millions into the environmental campaigns and 
pressure groups, as did the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, 
the Rockefeller Family Fund, and the Rockefeller-connected Mellon Foundations 
(Gulf Oil). 25 

The French Friends of the Earth director, Brice LaLonde, was a partner in the 
Rockefeller law linn, Coudert Brothers, in Paris. LaLonde was appointed 
Enviromnent Minister in 1989 by the Freemason, Francois Mitterand (Comm 300). 
Robert O. Anderson, the multimillionaire oilman, was chairman of his own 
creation, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Where was most of the 
Wilderness Conference held which discussed the World Conservation Bank? ...the 
Aspen Institute. Anderson has used Aspen as part of his anti-nuclear power 
strategy and to highlight the enviromnent as a global problem in need of a global - 
centralised - solution. Aspen is partly funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 
Some of the trustees of the Aspen Institute were Robert McNamara (CFR, TC, Bil 
and World Bank President), Richard Gardner (CFR,TC, Bil, Comm 300), Lord 
Bullock of Oxford University, Russell Paterson of Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb 
Inc., and oil executives of Exxon, Gulf, and Mobil. Anderson appointed Joseph 
Slater from the Ford Foundation as Aspen President. Here we had a close knit and 
cosy bunch of pro-oil, New World Order manipulators. Surely there would not be 
an enviromnentalist to be seen in such company! 

But wait, who's this? There is a Maurice Strong named on the Aspen Institute 
Board. It couldn’t possibly be the same Maurice Strong I mentioned earlier as the 
friend of David Rockefeller, could it? The Maurice Strong who was the first head of 
the UN Enviromnent Agency and 'Mr Green’ at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio? It 
surely could. Given that this 'enviromnentalist' is a Canadian oil man, he would 
have had a lot in common with his fellow directors. 

Aspen financed an international network linked to the UN called the 
International Institute for Environment and Development and on its board were 
Anderson, Strong, McNamara, and Roy (Lord) Jenkins, from Britain, the Labour 
cabinet minister, founder of the Social Democratic Party, head of the European 
Coimnission, Bilderberger, member of the Trilateral Coimnission, and a president of 
the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Anderson's strategy was timed to be 
ready to attack the nuclear power industry when its credibility was at its peak - the 
period following the leap in oil prices. Atlantic Richfield and the Rockefellers 
funded the anti-nuclear 'green' lobby, including the World Wildlife Fund, chaired 
by the Bilderberg Group's Prince Bernhard, and later by Trilateralist and Rockefeller 
associate, John Loudon, an executive of the company of which Bernhard was a 
major shareholder, Royal Dutch Shell. 

Today the WWF, now called the Worldwide Fund for Nature, is headed by 
Prince Philip (Bil), the enviromnentalist with a love of shooting birds from the sky. 
It is not only Prince Philip who can be seen to have a smoking gun in his hand. So 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

can many who have shaped the enviromnental debate and the 'solutions' to Third 
World debt. It really is time for those in the green movement who genuinely care for 
the planet - the majority - to wake up and take another look at what they are 
involved in. There is one heck of a confidence trick going on. 

Researcher, Dr Kitty Little, suggests another reason for the Elite's attack on 
nuclear power. Dr Little worked at the British Atomic Energy Establishment at 
Harwell between 1949 and 1958, and she has been a major contributor at the public 
inquiries into the nuclear power complexes at Windscale (Sellafield) and Hinkley 
Point. Her research and contacts over more than 50 years led her to believe that the 
French ann of the House of Rothschild is seeking to monopolise uranium and 
nuclear power technology, together with the technology for reprocessing spent fuel. 
Dr Little says they are planning to achieve this monopoly by the time gas and oil 
supplies are running out. In pursuit of this, they are using enviromnental concerns 
and political manoeuvring to destroy the coal industry and to stop the development 
of nuclear power and reprocessing by national governments. They want to hoard 
the rights to this know-how themselves for when the world is running out of 
energy. The privatisation of the British electricity industry was part of this strategy 
of controlling energy supplies, Dr Little says. Who privatised British electricity and 
helped to run down the coal industry? Lord Wakeham. Who did he work for after 
he left the government? N.M. Rothschild. Who advised the government on the 
privatisation of electricity, coal, and gas? N.M. Rothschild. Who advised the Hanson 
multinational in its efforts to acquire the privatised Eastern Electricity in August 
1995? N.M. Rothschild. The alleged KGB spy Donald Maclean was, in fact, feeding 
geology reports to Guy Rothschild in France, detailing where resources had been 
located, including uranium. Maclean had access to these reports in his job at the 
Foreign Office. According to Dr Little, the Rothschilds now control 80% of world 
uranium supplies. 26 

I stress that I am not attacking Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and the 
enviromnental movement in general. They have done some good work overall. I am 
merely pointing out that they can, and are, used to promote the New World Order, 
mostly (though certainly not in every case) without their knowledge. Again the 
Elite are not 'pro' or 'anti' the environmental movement. They will use it when it 
suits their interests and undennine it when it doesn't. The British Friends of the 
Earth campaigns director, Andrew Lees, a man I met and had great respect for, was 
found dead in Madagascar in January 1995 where he was filming the site of a 
proposed two billion pound mine, a joint venture between a subsidiary of the 
London-based multinational, Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), and the Madagascar 
government. The official verdict of a 'heart attack' sounds very convenient and 
coincidental to me. When environmentalists can be duped into advancing the New 
World Order agenda, they are supported, congratulated, and patted on the head. 
When they are behaving in ways that oppose the plans of those in power, quite 
another approach is used towards them. So it is with all people and all subject areas. 

When Pakistan's Prime Minister, Ah Bhutto, proposed an expansion of his 
country's nuclear power programme, he came under tremendous pressure from 

the debt scam 


Henry Kissinger by August 1976 to drop the plan. Independent power supplies of 
whatever kind are not good for control and what the Elite fear more than anything 
is someone setting a good example that others will follow. What happened to 
Bhutto also fits in with Dr Little's contention about the monopoly of nuclear 
technology. According to some Pakistani sources, Kissinger said that unless the 
policy was changed he would "make a terrible example of Pakistan." 27 Bhutto still 
refused and by 1977 he was overthrown in a military coup led by General Zia Ul- 
Haq, who reversed Pakistan's policy of independence from the US Bhutto named 
Kissinger as the force behind the coup and, because he knew too much and was 
prepared to say it, the controlling world community sat on its hands while Bhutto 
was hanged. From his prison cell, Bhutto wrote: 

"Dr Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State for the United States, has a brilliant mind. 
He told me that I should not insult the intelligence of the United States by saying that 
Pakistan needed the Reprocessing Plant for her energy needs. In reply, I told him that I 
will not insult the intelligence of the United States by discussing the energy needs of 
Pakistan, but in the same token, he should not insult the sovereignty and self-respect of 
Pakistan by discussing the plant at all. I got the death sentence ." 28 

The list continues to mount. Even the campaign against nuclear power leads to 
the same people and the same agenda. And by the way, it was the Elite-puppet, 
General Zia Ul-Hag, who was used to trigger the war in Afghanistan. 

What Next? 

What can we expect the banking-business manipulators to do from this point on? 
The Elite want the introduction of a world central bank that would run the planet as 
the Federal Reserve now runs America. All banks and money-flows would be 
controlled by the handful of people who would control the World Central Bank. The 
idea is to concentrate power into regional centres, as with the European Central 
Bank, and then fuse them together as one. The present World Bank and IMF would 
be absorbed into this centralised global financial dictatorship. In the same way, the 
proposed European currency is a stepping-stone to the planned one-world currency. 
The momentum towards this centralisation will be furthered by increasing pressure 
to allow the United Nations to levy taxation via tariffs on all air travel, cross-border 
trade, or other means, to give it an income independent of the sovereign states it is 
supposed to be serving. It can then fund its own empire and the world army, which 
is being created by fusing NATO with the UN 'peacekeeping' forces. The world 
anny is designed to ensure that no nation refuses to concede to the global dictators. 
The manipulation is seeking to intertwine all economies and governments into a 
global system, from which even those who eventually see what is going on will find 
it very difficult to delink. You only have to read the newspapers and the Elite 
publications to see what is afoot. In 1984, Professor Richard N. Cooper (CFR, TC) 
said in the CFR's Foreign Affairs propaganda sheet that the world required a new 
monetary system: 


... and the truth shall set you free 

"...I suggest a radical alternative scheme for the next century; the creation of a 
common currency for all the industrial democracies [sic], with a common monetary 
policy and a joint Bank of Issue to determine that monetary policy. ...The key point is 
that monetary control - the issuance of currency and of reserve credit - would be in the 
hands of the new Bank of Issue, not in the hands of any national government. ...A 
single currency is possible only if there is in effect a single monetary policy, and a 
single authority issuing the currency and directing the monetary policy. How can 
independent states accomplish that? They need to turn over the determination of 
monetary policy to a supranational body." 29 

This has been the Global Elite's game plan for centuries. The manoeuvrings and 
the politic-speak can be observed every day. Look at what President Bill Clinton 
and the other heads of the elite Group of Seven (industrial nations), said in the 
summer of 1994. Under the headline "G7 reaches out for new order - UN and 
finance refonns urged", the London Guardian reported on July 1 1th; 

"The West's leading industrial powers yesterday took the first tentative steps towards 
the creation of a post-Cold War economic and political order, calling for a fresh look at 
the Bretton Woods financial institutions and a revitalised United Nations... 

"...At the initiation of President Clinton and with the support of President Mitterand, the 
Group of Seven pledged itself to a revamp of the International Monetary Fund, World 
Bank, and the G7 itself. The world needed new global economic institutions to 'ensure 
the future prosperity and security of our people', Saturday's communique said." 

The global currency is not intended to be physical money. It will be entirely 
credit, figures on a computer screen. The plan is to replace all paper money and 
coins, and even credit cards, with a bar code inserted under the skin of every 
human being. This barcoding would be programmed with all the details about us, 
including our financial assets. You would go into a shop and pay for the goods by 
holding the bar code, probably in your wrist, over a beam at the check out. This will 
read the bar code, check that you have enough credit, and reprogramme your 
under-the-skin bank statement to remove the amount you have just spent. 

This offers enonnous potential for control. At present, if you go into a shop and 
the computer refuses your credit card, you can pay with cash. But what happens 
when cash no longer exists and the computer says no to your barcoding? You have 
no means to purchase anything. And, naturally, those who campaign against the 
(by then) global fascist /communist dictatorship, will find that the computer doesn’t 
want to know. Far fetched? Not in the least. The technology already exists and it is 
only a case of bouncing public opinion into accepting it. We will be told that this 
system will end all tax evasion (no 'readies' to avoid taxation), stop credit card 
fraud, and help to fight the 'war on drugs', a classic problem-reaction-solution 
scenario, because the Elite control the illegal drugs market. Credit cards are a 
stepping-stone to lead us along the road to barcoding and the end of cash, just as 

the debt scam 


microchipped identity cards are also stepping-stones to the under-the-skin 
microchip which will connect us pennanently to a central computer - if we don’t 
wake up and stop it. 

The day I completed a draft of this chapter, or thought I had, I went into the next 
room to read the newspaper. It was the London Times of January 6th 1995, and in 
there I found an article by writer Paul Penrose, headed "Will plastic smart cards be 
Europe’s common currency?" All that I had been writing that day, and had outlined 
in The Robots' Rebellion, was there before me. The best banking brains of the 
European Union are designing the money of the future, the article said. It made the 
point that the introduction of the planned European currency would be very costly 
for governments and businesses with all the new notes and coins involved. So there 
was a problem. What could the solution be, one wonders expectantly? It couldn’t 
just be..? Oh yes it could. I quote: 

"One novel solution is to phase out physical cash altogether. Under this scenario, 
electronic money [credit] loaded into a microchip embedded in a plastic card would 
become the symbolic common currency of a united Europe. In the Federal superstate of 
the next millennium, there may be no rustle of Euro-notes, no jingle of Euro-coins, just 
the battery operated blip of machine-readable data changing hands." 

And, of course, something will be found to be less than perfect about this system 
once it is introduced and the cash has gone. The solution to this ’problem’ will be 
the barcoded human being. What is clearly planned to hurry along the world 
central bank and one world currency is a global crash and currency chaos, using the 
tried and trusted methods. For that to work and the public mind to be conned, the 
Elite will need to find a scapegoat for the crash, so the ha nk ers and politicians can 
appear over the horizon on their white horses to offer the solution. 

An Englishman called Jonathan May, who worked in financial and oil circles for 
many years, realised what was going on and began to tell anyone who would listen. 
He tried to form a group of wealthy people who could construct an alternative 
money system to the one the Elite controlled. Threats were made on his life in 
England and he moved to America to continue his work. When he tried to 
introduce a non-interest credit system for Minnesota fanners struggling under a 
mountain of debt, it was crushed by the Federal Reserve. He was charged with 
fraud and jailed for 45 years. 

May says that not only did he not commit the crime - no crime actually took 
place! May's view is that the oil price shocks of the 1970s and the tidal wave of 
petrodollars channelled from the Arabs, through the Elite banks, to the Third 
World, were part of the plan to crash the global economy at some future date. The 
Arab oil producers, especially Saudi Arabia, didn’t realise what they were being 
used for, May says, nor that the global oil and banking cartels were owned by the 
same people. He believes the plan is to forgive the debt of the Third World countries 
when the time is suitable in return for the rights to their natural resources forever. 
This, says May, would mean the Arabs would lose their petrodollars held on 


. ..and the truth shall set you free 

deposit for a fixed term in the global banks (or rather, held by the companies 
created at arms' length from these banks to protect them from the consequences of 
such action). Arab nations would then have to raise cash flow by selling off 
enonnous amounts of their shares, land holdings, property, and businesses 
throughout the United States and the industrialised world. This, May's scenario 
continues, would collapse the global economy and the 'greedy' Arabs would get the 
blame for it. The bankers and politicians of the Elite in the midst of the chaos and 
turmoil would step forward with the solution., .the end of cash and a one world 
credit currency administered by a world central bank. 

I don’t know if that is precisely correct, but Jonathan May was obviously saying 
something the Elite didn’t want the people to hear. I am sure the plan involves 
events similar to this in outcome, if not in detail. May also reveals that the whole 
confidence trick is made possible by the unique privileges enjoyed by the banking 
trusts set up by the original John D. Rockefeller. Such trusts have since become 
illegal, but the ones already created have been allowed to continue. May says that 
the ownership of these trusts was vested in thirteen long-established banking 
families, most of which will have been mentioned in this book. 

The Food Bank 

Another aim of the Elite is to control the land and production of food at every level 
of the process. The natural crop seed varieties are being systematically destroyed 
and replaced by genetically-engineered seeds, which a handful of Elite-controlled 
multinational companies are patenting. Under Plant Breeder's Rights legislation, 
anyone using these seeds must pay a royalty to these companies or face a six-month 
jail sentence or fines of up to $250,000. This applies to anyone from a Western 
farmer to a poverty-stricken peasant in Bangladesh. The same 'patents' are being 
applied to all plants, animals, fungi, genes, and viruses, that have been genetically 
tampered with. The Uruguay Round of the GATT agreement has increased the hold 
that companies like Britain's ICI (supported by BP) and the US giants have over 
global seed varieties. This is giving them control over what we eat and even if we 
eat. This was the GATT agreement that the politicians, the media, and the big-name 
news presenters were telling us was so vital to our economic well-being! 

The 'Green Revolution’ of the 1960s and 70s which was sold as a means to feed 
the poor countries of the world was, in truth, a means to steal the natural plant 
varieties used there and replace them with hybrids dependent on chemical inputs 
which the same companies monopolise. The chemical inputs are killing the land 
and the body, in another form of population control. Control and dependency was 
the plan. The Rockefeller Foundation collected the seeds from 95% of the world's 
major cereal crops in the years leading up to the GATT Agreement and the Plant 
Breeder’s Rights Bills. The multinationals are phasing out the varieties they do not 
have rights to and making the world dependent on those that they do. UN statistics 
estimate that 75% of genetic diversity in agricultural crops has been lost in this 
century and what is left is now in great danger. More than 1,500 varieties of 
vegetable seeds were withdrawn from use in England in the first few years after a 

the debt scam 


national list of ’approved’ species was established. The costs of registering seed 
varieties is so high that only the multinationals can do it and yet genetically- 
engineered varieties forced upon Third World countries are often useless in those 
enviromnents. This adds to the hunger and debt. In India, a million fanners took to 
the streets when a US patent was awarded for the active genes of the neem tree, 
which has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy. No-one should own the 
patent to any seed or animal and especially not the mindset that controls the 

The fanning policies of the European Community and those demanded by 
GATT have been designed to destroy the small and medium-sized fanner and allow 
the land and the market to be taken over almost entirely by the multinational 
corporations across the world. Over-production in agriculture, the butter 
'mountains’ and the wine Takes', has not been caused by stupidity. It has been 
calculated to destroy smaller farms. What is happening to the smaller farmers in the 
industrialised countries is only a continuation and expansion of the policies used to 
steal the land of the Third World fanners. Ninety per cent of the food trade on this 
planet is in the hands of five multinationals. Half of our supplies are controlled by 
two of them, the Anglo-Dutch giant, Unilever (controlled by Bilderberg group 
clones), and the Nestle corporation in the Elite stronghold of Switzerland. Once 
again we see that 'free trade' is really cartelism, the means through which the vast 
destroy the small and get paid for doing so with public money. As John D. 
Rockefeller Jr once said: "Competition is a sin." 30 In the European Union it is 
estimated that the multinationals receive between 10 and 12 billion Gennan marks 
every year, merely for transporting goods and raw materials across national borders 
to repackage them and give the goods a 'national image’. The biggest beneficiary is 
Unilever, which has close family ties to the Sainsbury Supermarket Empire. 
Unilever increased profits in one year by 25.6%, at the same time that fanning 
incomes in Denmark dropped by 35.3% and in Gennany by 27.5%. Such are the 
profits to be made for the corporations that even car companies like Volkswagen 
and Daimler Benz entered the cattle-breeding market, a business which has led to 
the destruction of enonnous swathes of rainforest. 

This all fits into the global plan for dependency and control of every aspect of 
our lives. They want us literally to be robots, programmed to do as we are told, and 
the banking/business system is the backbone of this strategy. As with the wars and 
conflicts, I hope you can see that there is no need for all the poverty and economic 
suffering that we can hardly bear to witness on our television screens. This doesn’t 
have to happen. We allow it to happen. There is enough for everyone - enough 
food, enough wannth, enough for ah we need for a good life - yes, even with the 
number of people currently occupying Planet Earth. The suffering and poverty are 
there by design to control us, to divide and rule, and to create the fear within us that 
if we don’t conform and play the game by the rules of the Elite, we will end up in 
dire straits, also. Everyone for themselves. Winner takes all. It is a battle called 
survival, a battle to the death. The collective human mind has taken on those 
thought patterns and created this reality. 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

But remember, remember, remember. It doesn't have to be like this. This doesn't 
have to be the future. We are creating the future with every thought and act. If what 
we think and do changes, so will the future. If you summon your courage and get 
off your knees, we can leave our children a world that is truly, truly, free. There is 
nothing and no-one who can stop us, if enough people demand an end to this 
manipulation and are prepared to work unceasingly to that goal. No, not even the 
Global Elite. 


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chapter 12 

the hidden hand 

"He who gains most advantage from a crime 
is the one most likely to have committed it." 

The Roman playwright, Seneca 

T he covert force which is responsible for all those apparently unconnected 
economic events is also at large in the national and global political arena. The 
hidden hand of the Elite and its pyramid of deception can be shown to be behind a 
stream of officially unconnected political assassinations and scandals. 

For instance, what apparent link can there be between the assassination of 
President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the Oklahoma bomb in 1995, the Vietnam War, 
and the drugs-for-arms operation during the Reagan-Bush administration in the 
1980s, known as Iran-Contra? What could be the connection between the 
assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, the Watergate scandal which 
brought down Richard Nixon, the Bay of Pigs invasion against Castro's Cuba in 
1961 which did much to discredit John F. Kennedy, the removal of Margaret 
Thatcher as Prune Minister of the United Kingdom in 1990, and the suppression of 
infonnation about the UFO phenomenon which has been identified since the war? 
The answer is the Elite and the cult of the All-Seeing Eye. 

The same force has been behind all of these events and countless others which, 
on the surface and in the media, are not connected in any way. In this chapter, I'm 
going to show how these political assassinations and events were part of the same 
ongoing plan, which removes anyone who gets in the way, either by physical or 
character assassination. Understanding this is important because one method 
through which the human mind is diverted from seeing these connections is for 
each event to be promoted as a 'one-off This is done by the Tone assassin/no 
conspiracy' approach. The same strategy is used when each national civil war and 
revolution is said to be confined only to that country, and not part of a world 
revolution instigating trouble across the planet toward a common end. 

The Vietnam War 

So many events and implications were triggered by the war in Vietnam. The United 
States embarked on that debacle, the public were told, to challenge the spread of 
'communism'. We have already seen that 'communism' was the creation of the 
same Elite who publicly promote 'capitalism'. There is, therefore, another reason 

the hidden hand 


behind a war that killed so many on both 'sides'. Retired Air Force Colonel L. 
Fletcher Prouty was chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during 
the Kennedy years and he was directly in charge of the global system providing 
military support for the covert activities of the CIA. He wrote a book called The 
Secret Team and in the film, JFK, the character Colonel X was apparently based on 
Prouty who advised the film-makers. 1 On April 13th 1995, Prouty talked on Radio 
Free America about the background to the Vietnam War. He said that on January 
29th 1954, the CIA Director, Allen Dulles, secured approval during a meeting at the 
White House for the creation of an organisation called the Saigon Military Mission. 
The man selected to head this 'Mission' was the then Colonel Edward Lansdale, 
who had been working with the CIA to overthrow the government of the Philippine 
President, Ramon Magsaysay. The idea was to move Lansdale to Vietnam to do the 
same sort of work there. Vietnam at that time had been divided at the 17th parallel 
into North and South Vietnam by something called the Geneva Agreement. There 
were to be elections and either Ho Chi Minh in the North or Ngo Dinh Diem in the 
South would be elected to rule over all of the country. That was the theory, anyway. 

The Elite wanted a war instead. This would provide massive profits for the 
banks and anns companies (the same people), help to destabilise American society, 
create divide and rule in the Far East, and provide a cover for an enonnous trade in 
hard drugs. Prouty said that to create the appearance of an enemy to justify a war, 
the Saigon Military Mission (Allen Dulles and the CIA) embarked on 
"psychological warfare" - terrorism. They moved more than a million Vietnamese 
from the North to the South between 1954 and 1955. American Navy transports 
carried more than 657,000 of them and CIA airlines transported 300,000. Hundreds 
of thousands of others were persuaded to walk. These people had no food or 
money and they began to fonn into gangs of bandits to steal what they needed to 
survive. As this began to grow, the Americans who had purposely created the 
problem, dubbed these bandit gangs "insurgency movements" from the North and 
they were given the name the "Viet Cong". Thus the 'justification' had been created 
(problem-reaction-solution) for the Vietnam War. 

Robert McNamara (CFR, TC, Bil), Kennedy's defense secretary at the time of 
Vietnam, and later head of the World Bank, has now publicly confessed that 
Vietnam was a war that should never have been fought. He said that it was a war 
that the United States could not win and never even tried to win. Indeed, he might 
have added that it was a war that was never officially declared. McNamara's 
middle name is "Strange" and it was an inspired choice given his immense record 
of manipulation. He was the man behind the jungle clearances using the notorious 
Agent Orange. Quite why he has chosen to 'reveal all' now is not clear. Both 
McNamara and Prouty agree that President Kennedy wanted to withdraw from 
Vietnam and end the war. Prouty says that Kennedy approved a document called 
National Security Action Memorandum 263. This said that all US soldiers and other 
personnel would be out of Vietnam by 1965. This followed a stream of meetings 
called by the president to discuss Vietnam, most of which are recorded in the 
Government Printing Office publication, Foreign Relations Of The United States 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

1961-1963 (Volume IV): Vietnam (August to December 1963). McNamara says that 
Kennedy also refused to endorse the introduction of US combat forces in Vietnam. 
The Elite, however, did not want the war over that quickly and after Kennedy was 
assassinated in 1963 there was no withdrawal. According to McNamara, the 
successor to Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, released false reports about a North 
Vietnamese attack on US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. No such attack took 
place, McNamara says, but thanks to the unquestioning reporting of this 'fact' by 
the media, it further "justifed" the escalation of the war. 2 Throughout the 1960s, 
employees of the Morgan banking empire were officials in the military arms of 

On July 4th 1971, a group of young Americans gathered in Detroit, Michigan, to 
issue a formal indictment against a list of people they said were responsible for the 
carnage called Vietnam. The men they named were: William E Buckley Jr; Daniel 
Ellsberg; Henry Kissinger; Henry Cabot Lodge; Robert McNamara; Andre Meyer; 
David Rockefeller; Nelson Rockefeller; Dean Rusk; Walt W. Rostow; and Maxwell 
D. Taylor. Those names abound with members of the Council on Foreign Relations 
and the Bilderberg Group. To tell the full truth, that list needs to be very much 
longer. Vietnam was just another engineered human catastrophe. It happened only 
because it was made to happen in pursuit of the New World Order. Yet if you recall, 
the boxer Muhammed Ali was jailed for the 'crime' of refusing to take part and 
American men are still looked down upon for "avoiding the draft" to Vietnam. 
Being someone else's cannon fodder makes you a 'man', does it? Others were 
treated like lepers when they came back from Vietnam because of the way 
American 'pride' had been damaged by failing to win. My God. My God. 

John F Kennedy 

President Kennedy's alleged Tone assassin’, Lee Harvey Oswald, was an asset of 
the CIA who was set up to take the blame. He was the 'patsy', as they say in 
America. Investigations by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, showed 
that Oswald could not possibly have been responsible. Anyway, as the cine film 
taken by onlooker Abraham Zapruder proves, Kennedy was killed by shots from 
the front of the car, not the back where Oswald is supposed to have been shooting 
from a book depository. 3 The assassination was the work, not of one man, but of a 
highly trained and coordinated squad of professionals. Oswald, who realised he’d 
been set up and was prepared to say so in court, was taken through a public place 
where the nightclub owner Jack Ruby killed him. Ruby himself later died very 
conveniently or at least disappeared. The plan was complete. It was a lone assassin 
and the lone assassin was now dead. End of story. Long live President Johnson. 

District Attorney Jim Garrison, the man featured in the film, JFK, is still the only 
person to have tried a suspect with the murder of the president. This was Clay 
Shaw. Garrison's case against Shaw was severely damaged by the intimidation and 
murder of his main witnesses and Shaw was found not guilty. Later it became 
known that Shaw had been working for the CIA all along. Shaw was also a director 
of Pennindex, a Mossad front company which operated as an assassination bureau. 

the hidden hand 


Garrison established that witnesses to the assassination were threatened when they 
gave a version of events that did not match the official line. Many people who gave 
evidence to the Warren Commission which ’investigated' the assassination said that 
their statements were altered in the report and in some cases their signatures were 
forged on statements they did not make. There were so many obvious indications of 
official murder and official cover-up. Kennedy's body was rushed out of Dallas for 
a 'post mortem' in Washington, under military control. The pathologist was 
surrounded by officials while the examination took place and he was told what to 
find. The president's brain, the examination of which would have shown the 
direction of the bullets that killed him, went 'missing' and has never been found. 
Scores of other people who clearly knew something about the assassination went to 
an early death by car crash, shooting, or the Global Elite classic, the faked 'suicide'. 
The events in Dallas, Texas, on that tragic day, November 22nd 1963, were an Elite 
coup on the United States of America. It was so well done that very few even 
noticed that a coup had indeed taken place. 

There has been endless speculation about who killed Kennedy. Was it the CIA? 
The Mafia? Who? As usual, much disinfonnation has been spread to confuse and 
divert, but when you look at the pyramid nature of the manipulation, it probably 
involved many different agencies who were controlled by the Elite. This way there 
could be coordination between elements within the CIA, the FBI, the organised 
crime syndicate, the Dallas police department, the military, the 'Justice' 
Department, the media, the incoming President Johnson, and many others. 
Freemasonry was certainly a thread in this, too. Near the site of the killing today is 
an obelisk monument to Freemasonry with the flame of Lucifer positioned on the 
top. Mossad and the CIA were the prime agencies involved, I believe, right down to 
the driver of Kennedy's car, agent William Greer. The basic training of ah drivers in 
intelligence agencies and security firms ah over the world is: If you hear shots, your 
right foot hits the floor, and you get the hell out of the area as fast as the car will 
move. Greer stopped! Maybe he was a reincarnation of the guy who drove the 
Archduke Ferdinand. 

John and Bobby Kennedy were clearly bad news for the Elite for some reason, 
probably more than one. JFK's was a Bilderberg Group presidency, as Carter's was 
a Trilateral Commission administration. Kennedy, as far as I know, was not a 
Bilderberger, but many of his leading staff were. Dean Rusk, George W. Bah, 
McGeorge Bundy, Arthur Dean, Walter Roscow, George McGhee, Robert 
McNamara, and Paul Nitze were ah Bilderbergers. His assistant secretary and 
undersecretary of state, was... Averell Harriman, one of the main architects of the 
Vietnam War. Kennedy had asked the Brown Brothers, Harriman partner, Robert 
Lovett, to give him a list of possible candidates for his Cabinet! He also accepted the 
advice of Nelson Rockefeller to appoint Dean Rusk as his secretary of state, a man 
he had never even met. 4 Rusk took leave of absence from his job as head of the 
Rockefeller Foundation, to accept the job. Kennedy (CFR) also 'chose' Douglas 
Dillon (CFR) to be secretary of the treasury. Dillon was a trustee of the Rockefeller 
Brothers Fund. Rockefeller-connected place men have also held the treasury post 


... and the truth shall set you pee 

under Eisenhower, Johnson, and probably every other president of modem times. 

It is worth looking at the Kennedy assassination in some detail because it offers a 
superb example of the methods used by the Elite and the extent of their influence 
on events. I am indebted in parts of this section to the brilliant book by Michael 
Collins Piper called Final Judgement, The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination 
Conspiracy. John E Kennedy was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, the US Ambassador 
to London at the time that Tyler Kent was being jailed for revealing the shocking 
pre-war cables between Roosevelt and Churchill. Joe Kennedy was a sinister 
character who operated in the criminal underworld and made a fortune out of 
running booze during the prohibition era. He apparently had no love for Jewish 
people to say the least and he became a bitter enemy of Meyer Lansky, the head of 
the Organised Crime Syndicate. There were two main groups within organised 
crime, La Cosa Nostra, better known as the Italian Mafia, and the Jewish operation 
dubbed the "Kosher Nostra". Lansky led the latter and, contrary to popular myth 
and media stories, it was he, not the Italians, who was the "boss of bosses" in 
organised crime. Joe Kennedy's bitter relationship with Lansky worsened still 
further, it would appear, after Lansky's men highjacked one of Kennedy's 
consigmnents of bootleg whisky from Ireland. 5 According to the family of Chicago 
Mafia boss, Sam Giancana, the "Jewish Mafia" in Detroit, the so called Purple Gang, 
issued a contract on Joe Kennedy's life for operating his liquor activities through 
their territory. Kennedy, the Giancanas' say, went to Chicago to plead for his life 
with the Mafia bosses and their influence saved him. 6 This was the background 
from whence emerged John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. 

When JFK turned his eyes to the presidency he had a number of hurdles to 
overcome, especially the Kennedys’ deep animosity with the Jewish lobby in the US 
and the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate. Kennedy needed the money and support 
of both the Jewish lobby and organised crime if he was to have any chance of 
winning. In 1957, he further enraged Israel (the Rothschilds/Global Elite) and its 
massive network in the US when, as a young senator, he supported the demands by 
Algeria for independence from France. Israel bitterly opposed this. But father Joe 
Kennedy decided to swallow his pride and put aside his feelings to make sure his 
son became president. According to DeWest Hooker, a New York entertainment 
executive, he once approached Joe Kennedy with a business proposal to set up a 
television network independent of Jewish money and control. Hooker says of the 

"Joe admitted that when he was ambassador to England that he had been pro-Hitler. 
However, in Kennedy's words, 'we' lost the war. By 'we' he didn't mean the United 
States. When Kennedy said 'we', he meant the non Jews. Joe Kennedy believed that it 
was the Jews who had won World War II. 

"Kennedy said: 'I've done everything I can to fight the Jewish power over this country. 

I tried to stop World War II, but I failed. I've made all the money I need and now I'm 
passing everything I've learned to my sons'. 

the hidden hand 


"I don't go with the 'loser', Kennedy told me. 'I've joined the "winners." I'm going to 
work with the Jews. I'm teaching my boys the whole score and they're going to work with 
the Jews. I'm going to make Jack the first Irish Catholic President of the United States 
and if it means working with the Jews, so be it. I have sympathy with what you're doing 
Hooker', Kennedy said 'but I'm not going to do anything that will ruin Jack's chances to 
become president '." 7 

Events certainly support Hooker's claims. Joe Kennedy arranged for planted 
'news' stories to appear claiming Nazi support for his son's opponent, Richard 
Nixon, and JFK began a series of meetings with the Jewish lobby, particularly 
Abraham Feinberg, the president of the Israel Bond Organization who, unbeknown 
to Kennedy at the time, was raising private money for Israel's secret nuclear 
programme headed by Victor Rothschild. 8 Kennedy assured him that he would be 
good for Israel and the US Jewish lobby. Feinberg said of Kennedy: "My path to 
power was cooperation in terms of what they needed - campaign money". 9 
Feinberg apparently produced a donation of $500,000 from Jewish sources. 
Privately, however, Kennedy was appalled at what he was seeing. The newspaper 
columnist, Charles F. Bartlett, said that Kennedy, a close friend, had driven over to 
see him after the meeting with Feinberg and company. Bartlett said: "As an 
American citizen he was outraged to have a Zionist Group come to him and say: 
"We know your campaign is in trouble. We’re willing to pay your bills if you'll let 
us have control of your Middle East policy". 10 

Bartlett said Kennedy had pledged that if he became president he would end the 
power of special interest groups, particularly foreign ones, to dictate the outcome of 
election campaigns and foreign policy through their financial and political 
manipulation. In the meantime he had clearly decided that he needed their money 
to win power in the first place, as he did with Meyer Fansky and the Mafia. Joe 
Kennedy went back to Sam Giancana of the Chicago Mafia, who saved his life when 
the Jewish mobsters put a contract on him. Giancana's family say that Father 
Kennedy begged Giancana to support his son in the election and agreed a deal. 
When Giancana said he was not convinced that Kennedy could offer him anything 
for his help, father Kennedy is said to have replied: 

"I can. And I will. You help me now, Sam, and I'll see to it that Chicago - that you - can 
sit in the goddamned Oval Office if you want. That you'll have the president's ear. But I 
just need time. ..My son, the President of the United States, will owe you his father's 
life. He won't refuse you ever. You have my word ." 11 

JFK, meanwhile, was making his own deals with the mobsters. FBI phone taps 
and documents reveal that John "Jack" Kennedy had "direct contact" with Meyer 
Fansky during the 1960 presidential campaign. 12 So here we had a situation in 
which the Kennedys' had agreed pacts with the Israeli lobby (Israel and the 
Rothschilds in effect) and organised crime. In return the Israelis/Rothschilds 
wanted control of President Kennedy's Middle East policy and the mob wanted to 


...and the truth shall set you free 

be left alone to operate their international crime syndicate, headed by Meyer 
Lansky, without interference from the government law enforcement agencies. They 
were in for a shock on both counts. Kennedy double crossed them and they were 
beside themselves with rage and resentment. Both would be involved in Kennedy's 

As Michael Collins Piper reveals so superbly in his book, Final Judgement, there 
are key elements to the Kennedy story that have been suppressed because of where 
that knowledge would lead - Israel. Kennedy won the 1960 election by just 100,000 
votes, the smallest margin in American history, a confirmation of how crucial the 
financial and political support from the Israeli lobby and organised crime turned 
out to be. But JFK had no intention, it would seem, of giving them what they paid 
for. Quite the opposite. Almost from his inauguration, Kennedy waged a secret war 
with Israel and it's prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, over American policy in the 
Middle East and Israel's nuclear weapons programme. 13 Kennedy decided on a "no 
favourites" policy in the Middle East to ensure American influence in all those 
countries and he was horrified when he heard of Israel's development of a nuclear 
bomb. Ben-Gurion denied his country had such a programme, but as history has 
shown, he was lying. Abraham Feinberg, who arranged for Kennedy's election 
funding from the Israeli lobby, told the president that his demands for inspections 
of Israel’s nuclear plant at Dimona, could "result in less support in the 1964 
presidental election". 14 In 1962 and '63, Kennedy also introduced a total of seven 
bills to Congress to refonn the laws over campaign financing by special interest 
groups. All of them were crushed by the lobbying of those same groups. Kennedy 
was becoming seriously unpopular with the thugs and terrorists who controlled, 
and control, Israel at the expense of Jewish people as a whole. 

Kennedy further increased the tension with his support for a just solution to the 
problem of Palestinian refugees displaced by Israel. He pressured Israel at the 
United Nations to conform to a UN resolution demanding justice for the refugees, 
but Israel's foreign minister, Golda Meir (a later prime minister) described her 
"astonishment and anger" at Kennedy's policy. All this added massively to the 
hostility with Ben-Gurion and, on the Israeli's part at least, the animosity developed 
into a fierce hatred of Kennedy. On June 16th 1963 Ben-Gurion resigned as prime 
minister and defence minister. While other official reasons were offered for his 
decision, behind the scenes he believed that Kennedy's even-handed policy in the 
Middle East threatened the very existence of his beloved Israel. He could not 
change Kennedy's mind and so he wished someone else to try. In one of his last 
exchanges with Kennedy, he said: "Mr. President, my people have a right to 
exist., .and that existence is in danger". b According to the research of Michael 
Collins Piper in Final Judgement: 

" his final days as prime minster, (Ben-Gurion) ordered Israel's Mossad to 

orchestrate the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Based upon additional evidence 

uncovered, we believe that Mossad took the necessary steps and achieved 

that goal ." 16 

the hidden hand 


Mossad certainly had many close connections with others who wished to see an 
end to Kennedy, especially the CIA and Meyer Lansky. Kennedy had both of those 
in his sights also. While Kennedy had accepted campaign money from Lansky and 
the Mafia, he really wanted to destroy them. Once in office he appointed his brother 
Bobby as attorney general and he began a massive drive against the organised 
crime syndicate. Lansky and the Mafia were outraged at what they saw as a double 
cross. With his close ties to the CIA and Mossad, Lansky had previously been 
untouchable, but now he and his international operation were under threat. 
Kennedy also realised that the CIA was out of control and operating its own 
agenda. It had set him up for tremendous criticism in the Bay of Pigs disaster, the 
failed attempt to remove Castro from Cuba. Lansky's crime network was also 
involved in that because their casino and prostitution rackets in Cuba were 
destroyed by the arrival of Castro. Kennedy sacked Allen Dulles, the head of the 
CIA and funder of Adolf Hitler, and pledged to "splinter the CIA in a thousand 
pieces and scatter it to the winds". 17 The CIA, like Lansky and the Israeli lobby, 
knew that the survival of their power structure was threatened by John and Bobby 
Kennedy. Any one of these groups had the power and organisation to have 
Kennedy removed and here he was taking on all three. 

More than that, he had decided to withdraw the United States from the Vietnam 
War, much to the dismay of Lansky, Mossad, and the CIA who were using the 
conflict as a cover for their drug running operations in South East Asia, and to Israel 
who believed that while the attention of the US was concentrated on Vietnam, it 
could not keep a close eye on what was happening in the Middle East. The anns 
manufacturers and global banks also wanted the war to continue, of course. And 
there was yet another reason why Kennedy was deeply unpopular with the Global 
Elite as his presidential policies became clear. He wished to destroy the power of the 
Federal Reserve Board by issuing interest-free money. In fact he had already made a 
start with that before his death and some of his interest-free notes are still in 
circulation today. This was the Elite's worst nightmare. The last president to issue 
interest-free money had been Abraham Lincoln and look what happened to him. 
The forces ranged against Kennedy by 1963 were simply enonnous. Indeed, when 
you look behind the facades, they were all the same organisation controlled by the 
few. This will become clear as we look at the organisations working together to 
assassinate John F. Kennedy (Figure 14 overleaf). 

Israel, Mossad, and the Anti-Defamation League 

Israel is not a home for Jewish people. Let us not mince words here. The time for 
pussyfooting around is over. Israel is a base for the terrorists who created and 
control that state to operate, on behalf of the House of Rothschild and the Elite, a 
global terror and manipulation network. That is why it was created after the war 
and the influence of its intelligence ann, Mossad, is so vast for such a tiny country 
because Mossad is really the intelligence agency of the Rothschild-Rockefeller- 
Global Elite, while genuine Jewish people who live in Israel (the vast, vast majority) 
are used as an innocent front, a smokescreen, for this. So, too, is the suffering of 


... and the truth shall set you free 





Meyer 1 

Crime syndicate 
including the 
v Mafia / 

v (OAS) , 




The Kennedy Assassins 

Figure 14 

Jews in Nazi Germany which resulted from the manipulating of the Nazis into 
power by, among others, 'Jewish' financial and political forces. The way Jewish 
people have been stitched up is astonishing. It is no good some writers condemning 
the whole thing as a Jewish plot. It is not. The mass of Jewish people are victims, not 
perpetrators of the events I describe. It is those who control Israel who are among 
those behind the plot, not Jewish people, as at least some brave rabbis and other 
Jews have had the guts to point out. 

Mossad, like the State of Israel itself, was created by groups such as the Stem 
Gang and others, which terrorised Palestine out of existence after the war, under the 
financial and political direction of the House of Rothschild. Lord Victor Rothschild, 
the fonner British intelligence officer and KGB spy, was at the forefront of this. 
According to Simon Schama’s book, Two Rothschilds And The Land Of Israel (Collins, 
London, 1978), the House of Rothschild had acquired 80% of the land of Israel. They 
also paid the expenses of the early settlers, manipulated into being the 1917 Balfour 
Declaration which recognised Israel as a Jewish homeland, funded the Nazis and 
created Mossad and the terrorist underground in Palestine. Israel was founded by, 
and has always been controlled by, the Rothschilds and the rest of the Elite. The 
"Jewish homeland" scam is just a smokescreen and Jewish people are pawns in the 
game. The leaders and participants in this terror network later became leaders and 

the hidden hand 


prime ministers of the new Israel. People like David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, 
Yitzhak Rabin, and Yitzhak Shamir, the head of the Mossad assassination squad at 
the time of Kennedy's murder. The Anti-Defamation League is a Mossad 
(Rothschild) front in the United States and further afield. As we have seen, it evolved 
from an organisation set up before the First World War to brand as "anti-Semitic" the 
New York police commissioner who was detennined to destroy the mobsters. To this 
day the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) works, mostly covertly, to condemn as 
"anti-Semitic" anyone getting close to the truth. The fonner Mossad agent, Victor 
Ostrovsky, has confirmed all this in his books, By Way Of Deception and The Other 
Side Of Deception, which massively expose the extent of Mossad's world-wide 
operations and what he calls the "Judeo-Nazis" who control Israel and the Mossad. 
The ADL has tremendous influence, even control, of the mainstream media via other 
parts of the Elite network. As with Mossad, it prefers to use other people and 
organisations as fronts for its activities, so no-one knows where the motivation for 
stories, attacks, and assassinations is really coming from. Mossad ("The Institution 
for Intelligence and Special Tasks") has a genius for diverting attention from its own 
responsibility by producing "patsies" to take the blame - "false flags" as they are 
called in intelligence parlance. The ADL, which is part of B’nai B’rith, is based at 
United Nations Plaza, New York. B’nai B’rith means "Sons of the Alliance" and was 
established in 1843. Many of its speakers openly supported slavery during the 
American Civil War and it covertly supports and controls the Ku Klux Klan. Today 
this same B’nai B’rith seeks to label leading blacks as "anti-Semitic" and racist! 18 

The Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate 

Meyer Lansky was devoted to Israel and therefore the Rothschilds. His network 
played a crucial role in supplying guns and funds to the terror groups of Rabin, 
Begin, Ben-Gurion, Shamir, and others, as they shot and bombed the State of Israel 
into being. He then became a major supplier of the same to Israel. Lansky, Mossad, 
the Anti-Defamation League, and Israel were as one. Morris Dalitz, an intimate of 
Lansky in his gangster network, was given the Anti-Defamation League's annual 
Torch of Liberty award. His terror activities were not deemed as important as his 
contributions to Israel and the ADL. Indeed, his terror activities on behalf of the 
ADL may well have swung the voting. 

Whenever the heat was on in the United States, Lansky would run to Israel and 
he eventually settled there. Lansky (Israel) was trailing John Kennedy for a long time 
and, of course, Lansky hated the Kennedy family because of his conflict with Father 
Joe. It was a Lansky henchman on the West Coast called Mickey Cohen who was 
behind the introduction of Kennedy to the film star, Marilyn Monroe, after which 
they began a now much publicised relationship. The vehicle for this meeting was 
Cohen's close friend, the entertainer Joey Bishop, who was a member of the Frank 
Sinatra clique known as "The Rat Pack". The idea was to use Monroe to pump 
Kennedy for infonnation about his attitute to Israel, should he become president. 
She was, of course, later murdered, although it was made to look like "suicide". 
Those who killed her also killed Kennedy. Mickey Cohen was Lanksy's man in 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Hollywood where the film industry had long been a propaganda machine for the 
Elite's agenda and version of 'history'. It still is today, only the names have changed. 
Cohen also specialised in compromising screen stars sexually and then blackmailing 
them. Nice man. He was another financer and political manipulator on behalf of the 
Jewish terror groups and the State of Israel. Still, I'm sure "God" would have 
approved. One of Cohen's close associates was.. .Menachim Begin, then head of the 
terrorist group, Irgun. Jimmy "the Weasel" Fratianno, a leader of the West Coast 
Mafia, told of a meeting he attended in Bel Air to raise money for Begin's terrorists: 

"After (Cohen's) little speech, we start moving around the room and Mickey's rabbi 
introduces us to a guy called Menachim Begin, who's the boss of Irgun, an underground 
outfit in Palestine. This guy's wearing a black armband and he tells us he's wanted 
back there for bombing a hotel that killed almost a hundred people. He's a fucking 
lamster (on the run )." 19 

Begin, as Prime Minister of Israel, later won the Nobel Peace Prize! Gary Wean, a 
detective sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department, had the job of monitoring 
Cohen's activities. In his book, There's A Fish In The Courthouse, Wean co nfi rms the 
story about Marilyn Monroe and the Cohen-Begin connection: 

" At the time the rabbis were pushing them hard as hell to squeeze every bit of dough 
they could get out of Hollywood for Israel. Begin was spending more time hanging 
around Cohen in Hollywood than in Israel. Begin desperately wanted to know what 
Kennedy's plan was for Israel if he became president ." 20 

Another of Cohen's associates and a leading errand boy and operative for Meyer 
Lansky was Jack Rubinstein. He's better known today as.. Jack Ruby, the man who 
killed the Kennedy "patsy", Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The CIA 

The connections between the CIA, the organised crime syndicates, and Mossad are 
endless, not least with the global drug running operations in which the three of 
them cooperate. During the war the Americans used Meyer Lansky and the Mafia 
in a plan known as Operation Underworld and it is common knowledge that they 
were also used in plots to remove Fidel Castro in Cuba, an operation in which Jack 
Ruby also played a part. The Global Elite elements within the CIA and the Global 
Elite's wholly-owned subsidiary, Mossad, are the same organisation. Before, during, 
and after the assassinations of both John and Bobby Kennedy, the key coordinator 
of these connections was one James Jesus Angleton, who was educated in his early 
years in England at Chartridge Hall House in Buckinghamshire and Malvern House 
in Worcestershire. He was recruited by the CIA's predecessor, the Office of Strategic 
Services (OSS), after leaving the Skull and Bones university of Yale. In 1947, he 
joined the new CIA and progressed to the highly sensitive and pivotal post of head 
of CIA counter-intelligence. According to his biographer, Tom Mangold, his major 

the hidden hand 


patrons were Allen Dulles, the CIA director fired by Kennedy, and Richard Helms, 
who was appointed CIA director by Lyndon B. Johnson after Kennedy's 
assassination. Mangold says that, in effect, Angleton was given such a free reign to 
pursue his own agenda that there was virtually no monitoring or control of his 
activities. He was a law unto himself. This becomes very significant to the story 
when we realise that one of Angleton's key roles was the official CIA liason with 
Allied foreign intelligence agencies., .particularly with Mossad (Rothschilds). He 
was the head of the CIA's Israel desk! More than that he had long and intimate ties 
with David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli Prime Minister, who despised Kennedy and saw 
him as a threat to the existence of Israel. Kennedy's war with the CIA also 
threatened the existence of Angleton's job and power base. Angleton had many 
reasons to want Kennedy out of the way, but the most important was his connection 
to, and likely control by, Israel, which then, as now, controls much of the CIA 
operation. Wilbur Crane Eveland, a former advisor to the CIA and member of the 
policy-planning staff at the White House and Pentagon, said: 

"Stemming from his wartime OSS liaison with Jewish resistance groups based in 
London, James Angleton had arranged an operational-intelligence exchange agreement 
with Israel's Mossad, upon which the CIA relied for much of its intelligence about the 
Arab states ." 21 

My goodness, I bet those intelligence reports were unbiased! 

Lord Victor Rothschild 

There is also the British connection to consider here. While working in London for 
the OSS, James Angleton became a close friend of the spy, Kim Philby, and worked 
with Lord Victor Rothschild, the "fifth man" in the spy network of Philby, Burgess, 
Maclean, and Blunt. Lord Rothschild, the friend of Winston Churchill, was in fact 
far more than the "fifth man". He was the string puller of British Intelligence, a 
controller of, and agent for, Mossad, 22 and a dedicated manipulator for the House of 
Rothschild and the Global Elite. When Angleton was posted to Rome in 1944 by the 
OSS, it was Rothschild who gave him contacts in the Jewish underground there. 23 
Angleton was also a friend of the British Intelligence operative, Peter Wright, the 
man behind the books, Their Trade Is Treachery and Spycatcher, which were suggested 
and organised by Lord Rothschild. The books named the fonner MI5 chief, Sir 
Roger Hollis, as the "fifth man", so diverting attention from Rothschild. Wright's 
contention that Hollis was the Soviet spy was supported by Angleton on 
Rothschild’s behalf. Angleton was in Rothschild's debt for earlier favours and 
support. The British (Rothschild) connection to Angleton and the CIA/Mossad 
clique was fundamental. It was Rothschild who had powerful connections with all 
the parties involved, British Intelligence, Mossad, the CIA with it's head of counter- 
intelligence James Jesus Angleton, and other contracts at the highest Elite levels in 
the United States. 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Crucially it was Lord Victor Rothschild who masterminded the Israeli nuclear 
weapons programme which Kennedy wished to stop. Within months of Israel's 
formation, Rothschild and his close friend, Chaim Weizmann, set up a special 
nuclear physics department at Rehovoth. It was named after Weizmann, the head of 
British Zionism and the first president of the new Israel. Wei z mann had also been a 
key manipulator behind the Balfour Declaration, the letter sent by British Foreign 
Secretary Arthur Balfour to Victor Rothschild's uncle, Walter, in 1917, confirming 
British support for a Jewish state in Palestine. Victor Rothschild covertly gathered 
infonnation for the nuclear scientists at the Weizmann Institute from researchers 
and experts all over the world, including Albert Einstein, members of the British 
Atomic Scientists Association, and the mathmatician and philosopher, Bertrand 
Russell, who, with Einstein, helped to create the Pugwash Conferences on nuclear 
weapons. 24 Roland Perry writes in his book The Fifth Man: 

"The dream of an Israeli bomb was ambitious indeed, but it spurred Rothschild to keep 
abreast of all things nuclear so he could pass on data to the Weizmann Institute, which 
was planning a nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev Desert. Under a modified guise 
of concern about the spread and dangers of nuclear weapons, he was able to keep 
contact with appropriate scientists around the world." 25 

In this way, Rothschild had access to the Manhattan Project which led to the 
atomic attack on Japan, and he was an associate of Klaus Fuchs, the Gennan 
physicist who was later jailed for giving nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. 
Rothschild, who did the same, got away with it. His leading role, with money and 
infonnation, in the creation of the Israeli nuclear weapon was publicly rewarded in 
1962 when Rothschild was made an Honorary Fellow of the Weizmann Institute. 
Shimon Peres, who became Prime Minister of Israel following the murder of 
Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, worked with Rothschild to persuade the French to build the 
nuclear facility at Dimona. The French wing of the House of Rothschild would have 
had enonnous influence on the French Government. Peres, then director of the 
Defence Ministry, promised in return to support the French and British in their 
efforts to retake the Suez Canal from Egypt's President Nassar, something Israel 
wanted to happen anyway! 26 Peres and Asher Ben-Natan, a Mossad agent at the 
Defence Ministry, signed a top secret agreement with the French and her prime 
minister, Bourges Maunoury. 27 Roland Perry writes: 

"In it, the French promised to supply a powerful 24 megawatt reactor, the technical 
know-how to run it, and some uranium. The secret deal was only known to about a 
dozen individuals, including Rothschild, and with good reason. The fine print of the 
document allowed for the inclusion of equipment which would permit the Israelis to 
produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel. 

"In 1957, French engineers began building the two-storey reactor facility at Dimona 
on the edge of the Negev Desert, which secretly went down six levels below ground. 

the hidden hand 


The subterranean construction would be the place where nuclear weapons 

would be built ." 28 

This was the nuclear programme, the very creation of Rothschild, which 
President Kennedy wanted to end. So here was Lord Victor Rothschild (the man 
behind the use of Regulation 18b to jail people without trial for exposing the Second 
World War as a scam) with a stream of reasons to want Kennedy out of the way. He 
was also closely connected to all the people and organisations which assassinated 
the president. At the time of Kennedy's death, Rothschild was working for Shell 
Oil, but this post was a front for his covert manipulation and wheeler-dealing 
within British intelligence on behalf of the Elite. The House of Rothschild was 
deeply involved in the Kennedy assassination, of that I have no doubt. 


This company was a central part of the coordination between Mossad, the CIA, and 
the Lansky Syndicate. Serving on its board was Clay Shaw, the CIA operative 
indicted for Kennedy's murder by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, as 
highlighted in the film, JFK. It was because Shaw was linked to Pennindex, the 
pivotal vehicle in the whole plot, that so much dirt was thrown at Garrison. Shaw 
was also managing director of International Trade Mart and on the board of that 
company was Edgar Stem Jr, whose parents were leading financial supporters of 
the US Israeli lobby. 29 The Stems were among Shaw's closest friends and he was also 
connected to the Lansky syndicate. 

Pennindex (short for Pennanent Industrial Expositions) was a subsidiary of a 
company called CMC, founded in 1961 by an Eastern European Jew, Georges 
Mandel, who called himself Giorgio Mantello. Its cover operation, like that of 
Permindex, was presenting business exhibitions. One of its chief shareholders was 
the Banque De Credit International (BCI) based in the Elite stronghold of Geneva. 
This bank was established by Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, the longtime director of 
finance and supply for Mossad. 30 Rosenbaum was also an international vice- 
president of the World Jewish Congress, a co-founder of the World Zionist 
Congress, and a director of the Jewish Agency in Geneva, successor to the Palestine 
Liberation office, a coordinator of Jewish terrorism against the Arabs and the British 
in Palestine. The newspaper, Ha'aretz, once declared that "Tibor Rosenbaum is 
Israel". He worked closely with the Rothschilds (including Lord Victor for sure) and 
together with Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the French aristocrat, he set up the 
Israel Corporation which sought money abroad for Israel's development projects, so 
allowing her tax money to be spent on funding the military. 31 

Among the names that Rosenbaum sponsored was the 'financier' and Lansky 
dmg money-launderer, Bemie Cornfield. 3 - It was through Rosenbaum's bank that 
the Lansky Syndicate laundered most of its money in Europe. So did Mossad and 
the CIA. 33 The chairman of Pennindex was Major Louis M. Bloomfield, a devoted 
supporter of Israel. Pennindex was based in his home city of Montreal, Canada, 
before being relocated to Rome, where the CIA’s James Angleton had endless 


... and the truth shall set you free 

intelligence and underworld connections. Bloomfield was involved in Operation 
Underworld, the joint American intelligence operation with Lansky and the Mafia, 
while he served with Britain's counter-intelligence elite during the war, the Special 
Operations Executive (SOE). Operation Underworld was run from the Rockefeller 
Center in New York. Bloomfield's boss was Sir William Stephenson, who set up 
British intelligence operations in the United States before the war and was also 
connected with Lansky, Mossad, and the Rockefellers. 34 Stephenson is said to have 
been the character on which James Bond is based. Operation Underworld later 
became a centre for gun-running operations to the Jewish terrorist underground in 
which Stephenson, Bloomfield and Victor Rothschild played crucial parts. Working 
with Bloomfield in this were Meyer Lansky and Samuel Bronfman of the Canadian 
underworld family. 

It was a company set up by William Stephenson's Special Operations Executive 
that we know today as the Hollinger Group, controlled by the Canadian and 
leading Bilderberger, Conrad Black, the owner of the global media empire which 
includes the London Telegraph Newspapers and The Jerusalem Post. On the board of 
the Hollinger Group are a stream of Bilderbergers and CFR/TC members, including 
Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington. This is even more interesting when you 
think that the Pennindex chainnan and SOE operative, Louis Bloomfield, was really 
a frontman and attorney for the Canadian Bronfman family, who made their fortune 
from running booze during prohibition and from general gangster activities. The 
Bronfman gang were close to Conrad Black's father, another booze merchant and 
intelligence operative with the SOE, and the Bronfman's are long tenn financial 
supporters and members of the Mossad front, the Anti-Defamation League. 

Bloomfield first met Clay Shaw during the latter's service with the Office of 
Strategic Services (OSS) during the war, an organisation to which Bloomfield was 
also assigned. Shaw was based in London and became a friend of Prime Minister, 
Winston Churchill (Comm 300), whose personal advisor was.. .Sir William 
Stephenson. Also serving with the OSS in London at this time was James Jesus 
Angleton, the CIA’s head of counter-intelligence and the Israel desk when Kennedy 
was killed. And who was the man controlling British Intelligence at this same 
period? Lord Victor Rothschild, another close friend of Churchill, the man behind 
Israel's nuclear weapons project and one of the key people behind the creation of 
Israel. Rothschild knew Shaw, Bloomfield, Stephenson, and Angleton, who were all 
part of the team which conspired to kill Kennedy. Either directly, or through this 
group, Rothschild would have known, or had the means to communicate with, 
Meyer Lansky. Rothschild's connections with Mossad and Israel were fundamental. 
He was at the heart of the Jewish terror and intelligence groups which brought 
Israel into existence. One of these intelligence groups, the Hananah or Hananah 
"B", the terrorist wing, became what we know as Mossad. 35 The Rothschilds' own 
"in house" intelligence agency, which had been operating since the early days of the 
Rothschild dynasty, also fused with Mossad. 

Bloomfield and Shaw came together again on the board of Pennindex and 
worked together on its cover operation, the setting up of trade exhibitions around 

the hidden hand 


the world. On November 22nd 1963, President Kennedy was on his way to speak at 
the newly created Dallas Trade Mart when he was assassinated. It was that 
appointment at the trade mart which led his motorcade to pass through Dealey 
Plaza where the fatal shots were fired. A coincidence? I don’t think so, somehow. 

French Intelligence 

The death of President Kennedy and the many attempts on the life of the French 
President, General Charles DeGaulle, were orchestrated by the same organisation - 
the Rothschild-controlled, Mossad. One of the assassination attempts on DeGaulle 
was immortalised by the Frederick Forsyth ’novel', The Day Of The Jackal. 
Interestingly, in this same period there was a terrorist group known as the Jewish 
Anti-Communist League or JACL, 36 and this group cooperated with a renegade 
"cell" within French Intelligence called the OAS. 

The Israeli-CIA backed OAS was the group directly behind the attempts on 
DeGaulle's life. They opposed him for what they saw as his betrayal of France in 
giving independence to Algeria. Also opposed to this were Israel and Mossad, and 
the issue was one of the many conflicts they had with Kennedy, who supported 
Algerian independence as a young senator. Once again the endless connections 
unfold. During World War II, the CIA’s head of the Israeli desk, James Jesus Angleton, 
served as American intelligence liason with French Intelligence, the SDECE, and 
maintained many contacts with their operatives who shared his love of Israel. He also 
had strong connections with the Corsican Mafia in France which worked with the 
Lansky Syndicate. Drugs produced in the laboratories of Marseille by the Corsican 
Mafia were transferred to the streets of America by Lansky and Angleton's CIA. Israel 
and Mossad rarely do their dirty work themselves, nor the CIA come to that, and a 
fonner French Intelligence agent and diplomat told Michael Collins Piper, the author 
of Final judgement, that Mossad used a French team to assassinate Kennedy: 

"Even the CIA contract the services of the intelligence community (they like the French 
style) to wash dirty linens. The right hand does not know what the left did. The cover-up 
team doesn't know who execute. And the executioners are not interested in the 
aftermath of their mission. They don't care less ." 37 

The intelligence officer said that Yitzhak Shamir, the then head of the Mossad 
assassination unit and later Israeli Prime Minister, arranged for the French team to 
kill Kennedy in collaboration with Colonel Georges deLannurien, the deputy head 
of French Intelligence. As Collins’ infonnant said: 

"It was no coincidence that on the very day of the execution of the president by the 
French team, that (deLannurien) was at Langley (CIA headquarters) meeting with James 
Jesus Angleton, the Mossad mole ." 38 

Funny how Shamir doesn’t mention any of this in his 'autobiography', Summing 
Up. In that he says that Mossad stood for "honesty" and "moral standards". 39 No 


. . .and the truth shall set you free 

I'm not kidding. Shamir also says that he heard of the Kennedy assassination with 
"stunned disbelief' and somehow knew that everything would now be different. 40 
Ahem, excuse me Yitzhak, but wasn't that the whole idea? 

New Orleans 

The City of New Orleans was important in the plot. From there a man called Guy 
Bannister, a fonner FBI and Naval Intelligence operative, ran a 'detective agency', a 
cover story for it's CIA intelligence work. According to the fonner CIA contract 
agent, Robert Morrow, who was close to the New Orleans operation, the immediate 
CIA superior of Bannister was.. .Clay Shaw, the Pennindex director, and the only 
man to face trial for the murder of Kennedy, a charge he survived thanks to the 
murder and intimidation of key witnesses. One of Bannister's close friends was A.I. 
Bosnick, a leading figure in the New Orleans office of the Mossad-front, the Anti- 
Defamation League. Bannister's office at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans was also 
an informal branch of the renegade French intelligence cell, the OAS, which 
provided the actual assassins for Mossad and the CIA in Dallas. An OAS 
representative working out of Camp Street was the mercenary, Jean Souetre, who 
had ties with Meyer Lansky's allies in the Corsican Mafia. A CIA document 
discovered in 1977 by Dallas researcher, Mary Ferrell, revealed that French 
intelligence were trying to locate Souetre, an OAS terrorist, because he was 
considered a threat to the life of Charles DeGaulle. The document, dated April 1st 
1964, listed some known sightings of Souetre. It said that he was in Fort Worth on 
the morning of November 22nd 1963 (so was Kennedy) and that he was also in 
Dallas that same afternoon when Kennedy was shot. Within 48 hours of the 
assassination, the document said, Souetre was picked up in Texas and expelled from 
the United States. 41 Souetre said that the man referred to in the document was really 
another French assassin called Michel Mertz who, he claimed, used his name. 

It was through Bannister's office that Lee Harvey Oswald, himself a CIA asset, 
was unknowingly set up as the patsy. He was given a false story and told to pose as 
a pro-Castro communist by the CIA without realising why. It seems that plan A was 
to persuade the public that Oswald killed Kennedy out of support for Castro. It is 
possible that Oswald was funded by the Anti-Defamation League. Certainly the 
plan to give Oswald a pro-Castro public personna was supported by the ADL- 
controlled media. The NBC television and radio affiliate in New Orleans, WDSU, 
interviewed Oswald about his "pro-communist, pro-Castro" views in August 1963 
and then turned the tape over to the FBI. They also invited him to a debate about 
Castro and filmed him handing out pro-Castro leaflets in Dallas.Why so much 
airtime for Oswald in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination? Maybe 
the fact that WDSU was owned by the Stem family, very close friends of Clay Shaw, 
and major contributers to Israel and the Anti-Defamation League, would answer 
that question. After the assassination, the WDSU interviews with Oswald were 
immediately broadcast nationally by NBC, so providing support for the idea that 
Oswald was a "lone nut" who killed Kennedy in support of Castro. (Johann Rush, 
the young camerman who took the film of Oswald handing out the leaflets, 

the hidden hand 


emerged 30 years later as the "expert" whose "enhancement" of the Zapruder film 
was supposed to have "proved" that Oswald was the lone assassin!) 42 

The Sting 

It appears from the excellent research in Final Judgement that Dallas and Dealey 
Plaza was full of different people and groups who, after the event, could be linked 
by investigators to the assassination. This was done to provide so many possible 
assassins and senarios for investigators that the waters would be seriously 
muddied. It is a classic diversion tactic. Only a tiny few at the scene, the assassins in 
the Mossad-CIA-OAS ZR-Rifle Team, knew that the plan was to kill Kennedy. The 
others were there for other reasons and among these groups, it seems, was a CIA 
team who believed the plan was to fake an assassination attempt on the president. 
The idea, they believed, was to blame the attempt on Castro and cause so much 
outrage in America that Kennedy would drop his plan to make some kind of peace 
with Cuba or, ideally, he might even be pressured to launch an invasion and remove 
Castro. It is probable that the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt, with his connections to the 
Bay of Pigs disaster and the anti-Castro Cuban resistence groups, was one of this 
CIA "fake assassination" team, possibly its leader. If the story is true, no-one would 
have been more surprised than Hunt and his colleagues when Kennedy was 
actually shot and Hunt's CIA team almost certainly included one Lee Harvey 
Oswald. This is the mission Oswald would have been told he was assigned to 
before he began to promote himself so publicly as a pro-Castro communist when he 
was nothing of the kind. The story about the CIA "fake" team in Dallas was told to 
Gary Wean, formerly of the Los Angeles Police criminal intelligence squad. Wean 
met his infonnant through the Dallas Sheriff, Bill Decker, who had said: 

"There's a man in Dallas I've known for a longtime. He knows the entire truth about 
Oswald's involvement. He's scared to death to go to the Dallas Police Department or 
FBI. There has been a terrible double cross somewhere and everybody is scared 
shitless of everybody else. 

"You wouldn't believe the crazy suspicions and accusations heaped on all law 
enforcement in the South by imbeciles in D.C. and the chaos it has created ." 43 

Later Wean met with Decker's infonnant and he refened to him only as "John". 
Wean was told that E. Howard Hunt (who would later be one of the Watergate 
burglers) had informed Oswald that Kennedy himself was not aware of the fake 
assassination plan, but high-ranking cabinet officers did know about it. Oswald was 
told that he would flee the country after the fake 'assassination', but he would be 
allowed to return once Castro had been dealt with. 44 So Oswald thought the 
assassination was designed purposely to fail and he certainly realised immediately 
after Kennedy was killed that he had been set up to take the blame. Intelligence 
agencies do not operate as one entity, they use compartmentalisation to ensure that 
different elements have no idea what the others are doing. Gary Wean did not 


... and the truth shall set you free 

reveal the identity of "John" for obvious reasons, but after 1991 he was safe to do so. 
"John" was Senator John Tower, who in 1961, had become the first Republican this 
century to win a senate seat in Texas. Tower was a strong supporter and ally of the 
CIA throughout his career and would later help to cover up George Bush's 
fundamental involvement in the Iran-Contra anns-for-drugs scandal. On April 5th 
1991, John Tower died when his plane exploded. 

The Cover Up 

The cover up began from the moment the fatal shots were fired, indeed the cover 
stories were arranged well before. Oswald was presented across the world as a lone 
assassin who did it for Castro and Cuba. Oswald, however, said after his arrest that 
he had been set up. He wasn't going to go quietly, so he had to go physically. Step 
forward Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), who shot Oswald at point-blank range as police 
"escorted" him through a public place after his arrest. Ruby was portrayed as a 
Dallas night club owner who killed Oswald to avenge Kennedy's death. Er, I don't 
think so, somehow. Ruby's first phone call after his arrest was to A1 Gruber, a close 
associate of Mickey Cohen, the Meyer Lansky henchman in Hollywood. It was 
Cohen who worked with Menachim Begin to set up the John Kennedy-Marilyn 
Monroe connection which ended in the film star's murder by the same crowd. 
Gruber had arrived in Dallas shortly before the Kennedy assassination to visit Ruby, 
a man he hadn’t seen for ten years. 45 Ruby's lawyer at his trial was Melvin Belli, the 
friend and attorney of Mickey Cohen. 46 At least one meeting has been confirmed 
between Belli, Cohen, and Begin. 47 

Jack Ruby worked for A1 Capone and spent most of his life operating within the 
organised crime syndicate, especially for it's boss of bosses, Meyer Lanksy. Ruby 
has been portrayed as a Mafia man to divert attention from his real employer - 
Lansky. His association with Lansky led to Ruby's connections with the CIA, Israel, 
and the anti-Castro groups. Marita Lorenz, a fonner CIA operative, said at a libel 
hearing involving E. Howard Hunt of the CIA and The Spotlight newspaper, that the 
day before Kennedy's assassination she met in Dallas with Hunt and a group of 
other CIA operatives including.. Jack Ruby. Hunt, she said, was the paymaster for a 
top secret operation, the purpose of which she had no idea. She was told that her 
part was to act as a "decoy". 48 Instead she left Dallas and didn’t take part. It seems 
likely that Ruby, like Oswald, eventually realised that he had been set up. His 
family fired his lawyer, Melvin Belli, after Ruby was convicted and sentenced to 
death. But before his appeal could be heard, Ruby conveniently died in jail. 49 Ruby's 
demise, or at least disappearance, came after he made it clear he had some very 
important things to say about Kennedy's death. He asked Earl Warren, the head of 
the commission investigating the assassination, to be transferred for his own safety 
from Dallas to Washington to tell his story. Warren refused and the story was never 
told. I wonder why? 

In the light of what you have read in this book and in particular in the last few 
pages, let us look at the make up of the Warren Commission which decided that 
yes indeed Lee Harvey Oswald had worked alone. The Warren Commission was 

the hidden hand 


appointed by Lyndon Baines Johnson, the man who became president as a result of 
Kennedy's death. If you apply the question of: Who benefits? to the Kennedy 
assassination then Johnson is high on the list. What's more, he was closely 
connected to all the other players who benefited massively from the killing. 
Johnson had longtime connections with Meyer Lansky and had been taking bribes 
from the syndicate in return for political favours since he became a Texas Senator. 
Johnson, as Final Judgement makes clear, was a megacrook and only by using the 
Elite networks did he avoid going to jail for a very long time. When Johnson 
replaced Kennedy, the adminstration's war on organised crime was immediately 
disbanded. Johnson was also a favourite and keen supporter of Israel. Again, after 
Kennedy was gone, Johnson quickly reversed America's neutral policy in the 
Middle East to one of virtually unlimited financial and political support for Israel. 
Researcher and author Stephen Green wrote of the Johnson period in his study of 
America-Israel policy: 

"...during this time US financial support for Israel far exceeded that given any other 
nation in the world, on a per capita basis. And US diplomatic support for Israel in the 
UN and elsewhere was no less generous ." 50 

Johnson also reversed Kennedy's policy of withdrawing from Vietnam and that 
war escalated to the enonnous benefit of the Lansky-CIA-Mossad drugs operation 
in South East Asia and the coffers of the anns manufacturers and bankers. Johnson 
quickly halted the Kennedy plan to issue interest-free money and curtail the power 
of the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Lyndon Johnson, yet another crook to occupy 
the White House, gave all the participants in Kennedy's murder everything they 
asked for after becoming president in the wake of JFK's death. Johnson was the man 
whose very survival depended on the truth about the assassination (and his own 
involvement) never being publicly known. This was the same man who appointed 
the Warren Commission to establish the killer! Among it's members were: 

Chief Justice Earl Warren: 33rd degree Freemason and a man under the control 
of the organised crime syndicates, according to some researchers. That would 
certainly fit the picture. Warren was also a close friend of the leading newspaper 
columnist, Drew Pearson, and, through him, another columnist, Jack Anderson. 
It was Pearson who wrote stories aimed at diverting attention from the real 
assassins. He supported Israel slavishly through his columns and his biographer 
wrote that: "Over the years the Anti-Defamation League had helped Pearson 
enonnously. It provided infonnation he could not obtain elsewhere, backed his 
lecture tours, even assisted in the circulation of his weekly newsletter". 

Allen Dulles: The head of the CIA fired by Kennedy. Dulles helped to fund and 
support the Bolsheviks and Adolf Hitler, and the Dulles law firm handled the US 
affairs of the Nazi cartel, I.G. Farben. He headed the CIA during its gruesome 
mind-control project, MKUltra, and was a member of the Council on Foreign 


...and the truth shall set you free 

Relations and the Bilderberg Group. Dulles was a Nazi in his attitudes and a 
keen supporter of eugenics. 

John J. McCloy: At the tune of Kennedy's death and the Warren Commission, he 
was chainnan of the Council on Foreign Relations. McCloy was also a chainnan 
of the Ford Foundation and of David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank. He 
was a US delegate at the founding of the United Nations, a member of the 
Committee of 300, and helped Jean Monnet (Comm 300) to create the European 
Community. During the war he opposed a policy of accepting the Japanese 
surrender without dropping the atomic bombs. After the war, he ordered the 
release of Hitler's banker, Hjalmar Schacht, from his sentence for war crimes, as 
he did with other Nazis. 

Gerald Ford: 33rd degree Freemason, member of the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, 
and the Rockefeller-Elite-controlled Eastern Establishment. Vice president to 
Nixon at the time of Watergate. Nixon's forced resignation gave Ford the 
presidency and he appointed Nelson Rockefeller to head a 'commission' on the 
security services after Watergate to ensure that nothing of substance was done. It 
wasn't. While president, Ford would write to Senator Frank Church, chainnan of 
the Senate Intelligence Committee, demanding that the committee's report on US 
assassination plots, including that of JFK, be kept secret. 51 

Another man involved in the 'investigation' of the Kennedy assassination was 
J. Edgar Hoover, 33rd degree Freemason and legendary director and manipulator of 
the FBI. He hated Kennedy, who planned to remove him after the 1964 election. 
Hoover was connected to both Meyer Lansky and the Anti-Defamation League. 
Michael Milan, a fonner Lansky associate and undercover FBI operative, said: "I 
also knew that (J. Edgar Hoover) and Meyer Lansky sometimes broke bread 
together. Mr L. was never rousted, was rarely served with federal subpoenas, and 
was generally left alone to conduct business". 52 Hoover had very close links with 
the Mossad-front, the Anti-Defamation League. In 1947 a foundation was set up in 
his name thanks to money from the ADL. The Hoover Foundation’s first president 
was Rabbi Paul Richman, Washington director of the ADL. 53 Hoover was also a 
close friend of Louis Bloomfield, the head of the Mossad assassination front, 

These, then, were the men who decided that Oswald was the lone killer! More 
than that, the CIA department given responsibility for dealing with the Warren 
Commission 'investigation' was the counter-intelligence department controlled 
by.. James Jesus Angleton, the Mossad mole and a prime organiser of the 
assassination. The FBI-Warren Commission coordinator was William Sullivan, a 
close friend of.. James Jesus Angleton. 

The cover up has continued to this day with books and magazines funded by the 
assassins and their successors claiming that the Mafia, Castro, the KGB, etc. etc. 
killed Kennedy. Each one is designed to further obscure the real culprits, the Israel- 

the hidden hand 


CIA-Meyer Lansky-OAS network operating together under a central command, 
probably the House of Rothschild. Do you think the media is not controlled enough 
to keep the truth from the public for more than thirty years? As the fonner Mossad 
agent, Victor Ostrovsky says: 

"(I realised) that the occupation of the North American media is complete. In subjects 
dealing with the Middle East in general and Israel in particular, there is no longer a free 
press... I had always known there was a double standard when it came to dealing with 
subjects that were dear to the Jewish community. I had not known, however, how 
hypocritical that community and the media that lie at its feet can be. I had known that it 
had all but taken over the film industry and has a strong grip on Washington. ..Now 
through intimidation and double dealing, it obviously has taken over large portions of 
the American media. To all those who knew this all along, and were silent, and to those 
who remain silent now - shame on you ." 54 

The editor of Life magazine, Richard Billings, ran a vehement campaign to 
discredit Jim Garrison's investigations into the assassination, as Garrison has 
documented. Billings would later serve on the staff of the House Assassinations 
Committee, alongside it's director, G. Robert Blakey, an associate of Meyer Lansky's 
friend, Morris Dalitz. The committee decided the "Mafia did it". The Time-Life 
organisation later merged with Warner to create the Time- Warner media empire. 
This is an Elite-controlled organisation which now owns Turner broadcasting and 
its global 'news' channel, CNN. Warner Brothers was absorbed by a company called 
Seven Arts set up by a Meyer Lansky operative, Louis Chesler, and used to launder 
syndicate money. When Seven Arts won control of Warner Studios, major blocks of 
shares in the company were owned by the Investors Overseas Service of Bemie 
Cornfield, the frontman for the Rothschilds and Mossad's Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, 
the funder of Pennindex. In 1993, the Bronfman's (the gangster family who 
controlled the Pennindex chief, Louis M. Bloomfield) bought a controlling interest 
in Time-Wamer. How facinating, then, that Oliver Stone's 'expose' of the Kennedy 
Assassination, JFK, was distributed by Warner Brothers. Stone's film, a mixture of 
fact and fiction, blamed the military-industrial complex and the CIA and not the 
real conspirators, Mossad. Stone has since done a similar diversion job on Richard 
Nixon. The executive producer of JFK, the man responsible for finding the money 
for the film, was Amon Milchan, who was identified as a major arms supplier and 
undercover operative for Israel. Journalist Alexander Cockbum wrote in The Nation 
on May 18th 1992 that Milchan "was identified in one 1989 Israeli report as 
'probably' (Israel’s) largest arms dealer. A company he once owned was caught 
smuggling nuclear weapons fuses to Iraq". The public relations company hired by 
Stone to handle publicity for the JFK film was Hill and Knowlton in Washington 
D.C., the firm which coordinated the propaganda supporting America's 
involvement in the Gulf War. The Hill and Knowlton executive who headed the JFK 
publicity was Frank Mankiewicz, who began his career with the Anti-Defamation 
League in Los Angeles. 


...and the truth shall set you free 

To this day, the Kennedy assassination continues to stink. John Kennedy knew 
from his own family background and his experiences in politics that a Hidden 
Hand controlled the United States. I have read many reports that he said this at 
Columbia University, ten days before he died. 

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot against the American 
people. Before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of his plight ." 55 

I have never been able to confirm this quote, and it is almost certainly an urban 
myth, but what it says about the presidency is clearly correct. 

In his book, Defrauding America, Rodney Stich also reveals further evidence of 
CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination and its cover-up. Stich, a former 
federal inspector, uses his own knowledge, experience, and informants from within 
the intelligence network, to reveal the web of interconnected corruption throughout 
the US government. One of his contacts was Colonel Trenton Parker, a former high 
level CIA operative, who was connected with the agency's counter-intelligence unit 
known as Pegasus. Parker said that the Pegasus group had tape recordings of 
people planning the Kennedy assassination. He named them as "Rockefeller (which 
one, I wonder), Allen Dulles, Johnson of Texas, George Bush and J. Edgar Hoover". 
Parker went on: 

"I don't have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to 
[Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were 
conversations between Rockefeller and Hoover, where Rockefeller asks: 'Are we going to 
have any problems? I checked with Dulles. If they do their job, well do our job.' There are 
a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn't realise that his phone had been tapped." 

Parker said that the Pegasus group had also given files to Congressman 
McDonald about CIA criminal activities between 1976 and 1982. McDonald, a 
member of the Joint Armed Services Committee, let it be known that he was going 
to reveal startling evidence about CIA and government corruption when he 
returned from a trip to the Far East. But he did not return. He was on the Korean 
Airlines flight 007 shot down by the 'Soviet Union’. The plane's flight computer was 
reprogrammed to divert the aircraft into Russian airspace and they were waiting to 
shoot it down. 56 Two 'sides’ - same masters. 

Bobby Kennedy 

JFK's death triggered a spate of political assassinations in the United States during 
the 1960s as the New World Order imposed itself. His brother Bobby Kennedy, the 
attorney general who led the challenge to the Lansky syndicate, was murdered in 
1968 after making a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles as part of his 
campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. It is said he was killed by 
another "lone assassin", Sirhan Sirhan. Bobby's death benefited Richard Nixon, 

the hidden hand 


who had been supported in his political career by Prescott Bush, father of George. 
Nixon eventually became president at the election in which he would have faced 
serious opposition from Bobby Kennedy. Nixon's director of security in his 1968 
election campaign was James Golden, who took leave from his job as director of 
security at the Lockheed Corporation. Coincidentally, it was a guard from 
Lockheed, Thane Eugene Caesar, who was standing right alongside Bobby Kennedy 
when he was shot. Caesar, an employee of the Lansky syndicate, worked at 
Lockheed's Burbank centre in the top secret area reserved for the CIA’s U-2 spy 
plane project. Lee Harvey Oswald was also affiliated with the U-2. Another 
employee of Lockheed was Richard Gemt Butler an associate of the neo-Nazi, Keith 
Gilbert. This same Keith Gilbert, was charged with the failed attempt to assassinate 
the black civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, in February 1965, four days after 
another black leader, Malcolm X, was murdered. Gilbert said in prison that he was 
supported by some powerful forces and it later emerged that he was funded by 
another white supremacist, Loren Eugene Hall. In turn, Hall had been a witness for 
Edwin Meese, the legal counsel for Ronald Reagan (then governor of California), in 
a case linked to the JFK assassination. District Attorney, Jim Garrison, issued an 
extradition request to Reagan for the California resident, Edgar Eugene Bradley, in 
connection with the death of JFK, and Reagan asked Meese to handle it. In the 
course of this, Loren Hall was among his infonnants. Reagan delayed Garrison's 
request until Nixon became president and then refused it without comment. Meese 
would later become US attorney general, the nation's chief law officer, under 
President Reagan. Loren Hall and his son Loren Junior would be indicted for 
running a drug ring in Oklahoma in 1989. Loren Junior called a press conference to 
say that the drug operation was being used to raise funds for the Contras in 
Nicaragua, so beloved of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. 

Behind the scenes, those who killed JFK also killed Bobby. It was becoming 
increasingly likely that Bobby would win the Democratic nomination and he had an 
excellent chance of becoming president. This would have renewed JFK-style 
policies in relation to the Middle East and Organised Crime. Just as important, with 
Bobby in the White House the opportunity was there to blow the lid off the JFK 
assassination. Therefore Bobby was murdered using a mind-controlled assassin and 
if the fonner CIA operative, Robert Morrow, is to be believed, Mossad and the CIA 
used SAVAK, the Iran (Mossad-CIA) secret police force to do their dirty work this 
time. 57 It is certainly true that in the weeks before the murder, the Bobby Kennedy 
campaign had been infiltrated by Khyber Khan, a high ranking member of SAVAK, 
who used a cover story about falling out with the Shah. Bobby Kennedy believed 
him after previous experiences with Khan, but Khan brought in more SAVAK 
operatives to join him at Kennedy campaign headquarters. 

Lord Victor Rothschild, who was a close friend of the Shah, was involved along 
with the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton, in the overthrow of the Iranian leader, 
Mohammed Mossadegh, in 1953 which led to the creation of SAVAK. The patsy 
they used for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy was an Arab, Sirhan Sirhan. In 
the weeks before he killed Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, joined the Ancient Mystical 


... and the truth shall set you free 

Order of the Rosicrucians and followed their mail order course on "how to control 
your mind waves". He leamt how to put himself into a trance by staring into his 
own eyes in a mirror. During these trances, he began to write incoherent threats of 
violence and assassination. He didn’t remember doing this, but afterwards he 
recognised the handwriting as his own. Sirhan apparently worshipped Bobby 
Kennedy, but, it is said, he felt betrayed when Kennedy supported the deployment 
of 50 war planes to Israel. Sirhan had hated Jews since he was bombed and shelled 
by the Israelis as an Arab boy in Palestine in 1948, the story goes. After this 
perceived betrayal in the two weeks before he shot Kennedy, Sirhan’s trance 
experiences became more and more extreme. He thought he saw Kennedy's face 
come out of the mirror towards him and he wrote "Kill Kennedy" in his trance 
notebook. "Kennedy must be assassinated before June 5th 1968" it said. June 5th 
was the anniversary of the Israeli victory over the Arabs. The question is: Who was 
in control of Sirhan's subconscious mind? Himself or someone else? In the view of 
Sirhan's psychiatrist, Bernard L. Diamond, he self-programmed himself to kill 
Kennedy. 58 Pardon? Yeah, sure he did. 

Let us consider the remarkable 'coincidences' which allowed this 'self- 
programmed' man to complete his mission. On the night of the killing, June 4th, 
Sirhan said he met a friend for dinner and intended to go on to a Rosicrucian 
meeting. But his 'friend' had a newspaper in which Sirhan saw an advertisement for 
a parade celebrating the anniversary of the Israeli victory. The ad said the event was 
"this evening", but what Sirhan didn’t realise was that he had somehow been given 
a copy of the next day's paper. The parade was actually the following night, the 5th. 
Ignorant of this, Sirhan changed his plans for the evening and went off to the 
parade. Of course, he didn’t find it. According to the account given by Sirhan under 
hypnosis by Bernard L. Diamond, 59 he now felt lonely and just happened to 
remember a girl he knew from high school who, he thought, could be found at the 
Ambassador Hotel where, purely by 'chance', Bobby Kennedy's event was taking 
place that same night. Sirhan drifted around the hotel for some hours getting 
himself drunk. At about eleven o'clock he decided to go home - his last conscious 
memory of the night. Under hypnosis, he then described walking out to his car, but 
he felt too ill and drunk to drive. He noticed his gun on the back seat and, 
concerned it might be stolen, he hid it in the top of his trousers. Back in the hotel he 
drank coffee with a "dark, attractive" (never identified) woman. On the way to buy 
another coffee, he said he found himself in an alcove with "dazzling lights and 
mirrors". He felt dazed and bewildered. Mirrored doors led to the hotel kitchen, but 
he didn't go through them. Instead he went to the kitchen by a longer route. Sirhan 
found himself in a hypnotic trance like those he experienced with the Rosicrucian 
course. He told Diamond of how he leaned on a table feeling sleepy and unsure of 
where he was. Suddenly he looked up to see a group of people coming towards 
him. He noticed that one of them was Bobby Kennedy and in his conscious mind he 
decided to shake his hand. Instead he pulled out the gun and started shooting. As 
psychiatrist Diamond said: "Sirhan executed the crime in a twilight state, knowing 
next to nothing about what was happening". 60 

the hidden hand 


And so how come Bobby Kennedy was walking through the hotel kitchen at 
exactly the wrong time? He had wanted to walk through the crowds after his 
speech, but his 'minders' insisted that he leave via the kitchen to avoid possible 
danger! The man most insistent that Kennedy go through the kitchen was.. .Frank 
Mankiewicz, the former public relations man for the Anti-Defamation League who 
handled the publicity for Oliver Stone's film, JFK! 61 Also alongside Kennedy was 
Thane Eugene Caesar, the 'security guard’ employed at the last minute, and a man 
connected with the Meyer Lansky Syndicate. Lone assassin? No conspiracy? You 
must be joking. To make sure there were no mistakes, according to the CIA’s Robert 
Morrow, a Pakistani-American also shot Kennedy with a CIA handgun disguised as 
a camera. In his book The Senator Must Die, Morrow shows a picture of the Pakistani 
with his "camera" seconds before Kennedy was killed. Other researchers suggest 
that no bullets fired by Sirhan Sirhan actually hit Kennedy and that the real killer 
was Thane Eugene Caesar. 

Whatever precisely happened, Bobby Kennedy was murdered by the same 
forces that killed his brother and they used a mind-controlled assassin who has 
remained programmed and mentally scrambled ever since. It is by this same 
method of hypnotic mind control that many computer programmers in the UK 
defence industry have suffered bizarre "suicides" and other deaths. Many victims 
have worked for the General Electric Company and its subsidiary, Marconi, and yet 
another cover up has suppressed the truth. 

One other name I believe was associated with the murders of both John and 
Bobby Kennedy was the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onasis who made an 
incredible fortune by using his ships to transport drugs. Interestingly, it is a Greek 
custom that if you kill a man, you have to look after his wife and family. Onasis 
married Jackie, John Kennedy's widow. 

Malcolm X 

Malcolm X was murdered while speaking at the Audubon Ballroom in New York. 
All the other speakers at the event pulled out at the last minute. Across the street 
was the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, but they refused to respond. In the end 
Malcolm’s aides had to run over to the hospital, grab a stretcher, and carry him 
there themselves. One of his close aides, Leon 4X Ameer, went to the FBI to say that 
elements within the government and the black organisation, the Nation of Islam, 
had been involved. A few days later, at the age of 32, he was dead. The cause of 
death was given as suicide, then a drugs overdose, and finally natural causes. I 
wonder if his doctor was trained at the Vatican! The black consciousness 
movements had long been infiltrated by the FBI and CIA and assassinations could 
be arranged from inside as well as outside of these black organisations. This FBI 
operation was called Cointelpro and was headed by.. .William Sullivan, the friend 
of the CIA’s Mossad mole, James Jesus Angleton! Sullivan was the liaison between 
the FBI and the Warren Commission and his Cointelpro operation relied heavily on 
i nf ormation from the Anti-Defamation League. 6 ” (The Elite's control and 
manipulation of black groups equally applies to anti-black groups like the Ku Klux 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

Klan. The Klan was an Elite creation, founded by the Satanist Albert Pike, the 
Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scottish 
Freemasonry in the American South. He was an associate of Guiseppe Mazzini, the 
leader of the Bavarian Illuminati after the death of Adam Weishaupt. 63 A statue of 
Pike still stands today in Washington DC in honour of his work on behalf of the 
Elite.) The FBI used an anti-communist group called BOSSI to infiltrate the Nation 
of Islam and Malcolm X’s breakaway group, the Organisation of Afro-American 
Unity. The head of BOSSI was Anthony Ulazowitz and his chief operative was John 
Caulfield. Both were publicly exposed during the Watergate scandal as two of the 
main characters in Richard Nixon’s dirty tricks department. Caulfield had been 
used by the Warren Commission to 'investigate' an anti-Castro group. Common 
names and ties can be identified between the killings of the Kennedys, Malcolm X, 
and Martin Luther King, the Watergate scandal, and a stream of lesser known 
murders and events. 

Martin Luther King 

Martin Luther King’s campaign for black rights and against the Vietnam War cost 
him his life on April 4th 1968. A fonner FBI agent would later tell the House Select 
Committee on Assassinations how staff in the Atlanta FBI office cheered when the 
news of the shooting came through. "They got him," one man said. "They got 
Zorro" - the FBI code name for King. "I hope he dies, the son of a bitch" said 
another. The fonner agent burst into tears as he recalled the story. Dr King was also 
a target of William Sullivan's Cointelpro operation at the FBI. Same names, same 
people, same force. 

Before Dr King's arrival at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, a man 
approached the reception desk and said he was an 'advance man’ for Dr King. He 
insisted that King's room be changed because, said the 'advance man', "he would 
like to have a room on the second floor overlooking the swimming pool". 64 Staff at 
the motel said they didn’t think he was a black man, but a white man wearing black 
face makeup. This is a ploy used by intelligence services for agents provocateur 
who cause trouble at black demonstrations and make the blacks take the blame for 
it. This character certainly had nothing to do with Martin Luther King because he 
didn't have any 'advance men’. King was shot dead when he walked out onto the 
balcony to talk with his driver. 

The black police officer in charge of the security for Dr King was sent home 
against his will hours before King was killed and by then the security team had 
been reduced from eight men to one lone policeman. The only two black firemen at 
the station next to the motel were sent to other stations just for that day and when 
King was shot, the ambulance was delayed because it was blocked in by appliances 
from the same fire station. As retired Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty said: 
"No-one has to direct an assassination - it happens. The active role is played 
secretly by pennitting it to happen.. .This is the greatest single clue., .who has the 
power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions.. ,". 65 That is what 
happened with Martin Luther King as it did with Yitzak Rabin, the Israeli premier, 

the hidden hand 


in 1995. According to the Israeli press, Rabin had a number of secret meetings with 
Henry Kissinger in the weeks before his assassination. Israel's security is fantastic as 
I have witnessed myself at Tel Aviv airport and no-one could kill an Israeli prime 
minister in the way it happened unless it was allowed to happen. 

Witnesses said they were sure that the shots that killed Dr King came from the 
ground and not from the second floor of the rooming house where another 'patsy', 
James Earl Ray, was staying. The point where the bullet entered and left Dr King 
confirmed this. James Earl Ray could not have done it. A fonner FBI ballistics expert 
said that part of the rifle would have needed to be buried six inches into a wall for 
Earl Ray to have shot Dr King from where he was supposed to be. But James Earl 
Ray was convicted. Just another lone assassin. No conspiracy. Sure. 

A central character in the King assassination appears to have been Jack 
Youngblood, a US Intelligence operative, who has been named by some researchers 
as the "Eggs and Sausages Man", because he began to appear regularly at a cafe 
close to the rooming house where James Earl Ray was staying. When shown a 
picture of Youngblood, James Earl Ray confinned that it was the man who had been 
following him prior to the King assassination. One of Youngblood's associates was 
Frank Fiorini, who later changed his name to Frank Sturgis. This man was one of 
the Watergate burglars. 66 

The journalist, Lewis Lomas, investigated the King and Malcolm X 
assassinations and wrote a book, To Kill A Black Man. He revealed that John Ah, the 
treasurer of the Nation of Islam organisation to which Malcolm X was connected for 
some time, worked for the FBI. At one point, Ah was the most powerful man in the 
Nation of Islam. Lomas was following leads which could have linked the murders 
of JFK and Martin Luther King, particularly through the Guy Bannister 'Detective' 
Agency in New Orleans which played a key role in the JFK assassination. Lomas 
intended to implicate the intelligence agencies in Dr King's death in a film he had 
been contracted to make. A few days into the filming, the brakes failed on his car 
and he was killed. The summer after the Memphis assassination, Dr King's brother 
was mysteriously drowned in his swimming pool. Neighbours heard screaming, 
splashing, and then silence. Two years after that, Dr King's mother was murdered 
when a Tone nutter’ walked into her church and opened lire. It is a matter of public 
record that all these events took place at a time when the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover 
was plotting to stop the black civil rights movement and those opposing the 
Vietnam War. So was the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of the terrorists who 
control Israel. 

Another famous name pops up here, too. Jesse Jackson. He has become the best 
known black man in America and he was featured on Christmas Day 1994 on the 
British network television station, Channel Four, giving an 'alternative Queen's 
Speech' to the one being delivered by Queen Elizabeth II on other channels at the 
same time. Quite an honour, if you like that sort of thing. Jackson was in the Dr 
King party when King was killed, although King had told his aides that he intended 
to part company with him. Immediately after the assassination, Jackson turned up 
at a press conference in a blood-stained shirt and told the story of how he held the 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

dying Dr King in his anns. It made Jackson famous. This greatly angered other 
people at the scene because they knew it wasn't true. Nearly twenty years later, 
Jackson admitted on the Phil Donahue TV Show that he had lied. He had not held 
King's head in his arms at all. Where the blood on his shirt had come from has 
never been credibly explained. After George Bush (CFR) was elected president in 
1988 he and Jackson (CFR) held a joint press conference in which Jackson endorsed 
the view that James Earl Ray should not be released from jail on parole. This from a 
man who was there when Dr King died and who has said many times that it was 
not the work of a lone assassin. What goes on? 

The 1960s were a particularly bloody period for assassinations in the United 
States, but they continue today right across the world, to oust those who are not 
playing the Elite game and replace them with those who will. There are scores of 
cover stories to hide the real instigators of these murders. It could be a 'lone nutter', 
an Elite-controlled 'terrorist' group, a plane crash (it's easy to destabilise a small 
plane with the technology they have today), suicide, induced heart attacks, and so 
many other little 'accidents'. 


On the global stage, one of the finest exponents of the art of political manipulation 
in modem times is the Elite's Ambassador-at-Large, Henry Kissinger, who has used 
a series of frontmen to do his bidding. One of the best known is George Bush. From 
Watergate and the early 1970s, these two names began to turn up everywhere. 
Kissinger was not bom and bred in the United States. He was bom in Germany in 
1923 and grew up as a Jew under Adolf Hitler. He arrived in the United States on 
September 5th 1938, and later became a naturalised American. In 1972 the Polish 
KGB agent, Michael Goleniewski, told the British government that KGB documents 
he saw prior to his defection in 1959 included the name Henry Kissinger as a Soviet 
Union asset. According to Goleniewski, Kissinger was recruited by the KGB into an 
espionage cell called ODRA. He was given the code name BOR or COLONEL BOR, 
Goleniewski claimed. Kissinger built his power-base and reputation at Harvard 
before becoming a leading figure in the New World Order. 

US foreign policy under Kissinger followed the tried and tmsted British 
approach for centuries - maintain the balance of power under the mle which says 
"My enemy's enemy is my friend". It was this approach which, in part, was behind 
the strategy of the Kissinger-Nixon Administration of forging links with communist 
China. During this time, before and after Watergate, Kissinger (Comm 300) was in 
close contact with his friends in British Intelligence circles whom he worked with 
over the decades. These have included other Committee of 300 members like Sir 
Eric Roll (Lord Roll of Ipsden), and Lord Victor Rothschild the manipulator of 
British intelligence and Mossad, and Soviet spy along with Philby, Burgess, 
Maclean, and Blunt. Blunt left the staff of the Warburg Institute to work for MI5. 6 
Kissinger had close connections with Britain and I have no doubt that British 
elements including Victor Rothschild were involved in the Kennedy assassinations, 
Watergate and the removal from office of Richard Nixon. Kissinger himself has 

the hidden hand 


admitted in a speech at Chatham House which was supposed to remain private, 
that he was often closer to the British Foreign Office than his own US State 
Department 68 

Kissinger had an enormous influence on George Bush and some Bush 
biographers describe him as little more than a 'Kissinger clone'. Bush was bom into 
the heart of the New World Order conspiracy as the son of Prescott Bush and was 
given all the background and experience he needed to be its frontman. He was a 
member of the Skull and Bones Society, a 33rd degree Freemason, member of the 
Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, 
oilman, ambassador to China and the United Nations (both under Kissinger), 
chainnan of the Republican Party National Committee, CIA operative before, 
during and after the JFK assassination, head of the CIA, vice president, and then the 
prize he had been groomed for since he was a boy, president of the United States. 

After Richard Nixon was returned to office in November 1972, he made Bush the 
chainnan of the Republican Party National Committee. Bush took over, 
'coincidentally', in January 1973, during the trial of the Watergate burglars. They 
had entered the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate Building in 
Washington on the night of June 17th the previous year. These were the so called 
'Plumbers’, a White House surveillance team spying on the Democrats in the run 
up to the election. Or so we are led to believe. In reality, they made a botched job of 
it because they were meant to be caught. That was the idea. 

Behind this 'scandal', many researchers now believe, and I certainly agree with 
them, was Henry Kissinger, the frontman for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. 
Kissinger left his executive job at the Council on Foreign Relations to join the Nixon 
administration, which contained more than 115 members of the CFR. 69 Nelson 
Rockefeller, who became vice-president as a result of Watergate, said that Kissinger 
took the job because he asked him to. 70 Watergate was a setup to give total power to 
Kissinger, and therefore the Elite. This was a crucial period in the global 
manoeuvrings by the New World Order manipulators to remove what shreds were 
left of government for the people, by the people. Watergate and the removal of 
Richard Nixon was another coup d’etat on America. Nixon was no political angel, 
but he was just another stooge. George Bush became chainnan of the Republican 
Party National Committee at exactly the time the Watergate story was really 
breaking and his mentor, Henry Kissinger, was both national security advisor and 
secretary of state, the only man in American history to hold those two posts at the 
same time. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the journalists from the Elite- 
controlled Washington Post, were given Watergate 'clues' from their informant 
'Deep Throat', and turned them into front page headlines. The owner of the Post, 
Katharine Graham (CFR, TC, Bil), must have been delighted with their well- 
informed journalism. Their stories put so much pressure on Nixon that he had no 
time to oversee the government of the country. So Graham’s friend Henry Kissinger 
did that instead. 

It is public knowledge that it was Kissinger who persuaded Nixon to create the 
White House Special Investigations Unit (the Plumbers) with the job of stopping 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 

White House leaks. Kissinger cited to Nixon the leaking of the ’Pentagon Papers' in 
1971 to justify the need to set up the unit. It emerged later that one of the Watergate 
burglars, E. Howard Hunt, a CIA planner of the Bay of Pigs invasion which 
discredited Kennedy, and a man involved at some level in the Dealey Plaza 
operation, had been to the Miami CIA station to recruit people for Kissinger's 
White House Unit two months before the Pentagon Papers were leaked. 71 Create the 
problem, then offer the solution. The White House Unit was full of CIA and other 
intelligence operatives and it was funded by Bill Liedtke, the president of the 
George Bush company, Pennzoil, and a close friend of Bush, the Republican Party 
chainnan. Wright Patman, the chainnan of the House of Representatives Banking 
and Currency Committee, confirmed that one of the Watergate burglars was sent 
$100,000 by the chainnan of the Texas committee of the Campaign to Re-elect the 
President, known, appropriately, as CREEP. The burglar who received the money 
was Bernard Barker, a CIA man since the Bay of Pigs invasion. The man who sent 
the money was.. .Bill Liedtke, George Bush's business partner and one of his closest 
friends. 72 Congressional investigator, Wright Patman, established that the $100,000 
was actually donated by Robert H. Allen, who was Liedtke's chief financial officer 
at CREEP in Texas. The money went from Houston into Mexico to be laundered and 
then back via Liedtke to Watergate burglar, Bernard Barker. 73 In 1982, Robert H. 
Allen was given the Torch of Liberty Award by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 
the dreadful Elite-Mossad front supported so vigorously by Henry Kissinger. 

Another business partner and close friend of Bush, Robert Mosbacher, was also 
implicated in the CREEP money laundering policy. Yet Bush said he knew nothing 
of what was going on! Are we really expected to believe that George Bush, the 
chainnan of the Republican National Committee, a man with fingers in more pies 
than a bakers' convention, did not know that his closest friends and business 
associates were involved in laundering contributions to CREEP and channelling it 
to Watergate burglars? Are we really? Senator Patman was getting close to 
implicating some famous names in the Watergate break in, but he was unable to 
continue his investigation. His committee, which had a Democratic majority, 
ordered him to stop and the plan to subpoena twenty-three CREEP officials to 
testify before Congress was cancelled. Why would they do that? Perhaps the 
Kentucky Democrat, William Curlin, had the answer when he said: 

"...certain members of the committee were reminded of various past political 

indiscretions, or of relatives who might suffer as a result of a pro-subpoena vote ." 74 

A vicious attack on Patman and his investigation was led by the House 
Republican leader, Gerald Ford (CFR, Bil), the 33rd degree Freemason, member of 
the Warren Commission, and puppet of the Rockefeller-Morgan-Harriman-Mellon 
empires of the Eastern Establishment. When Nixon was forced to resign over 
Watergate, Gerald Ford became president. Nixon was doomed after the release of 
the infamous 'smoking gun tape', the recording of a conversation between himself 
and his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman on June 23rd 1972, in which he discussed 

the hidden hand 


ways to frustrate the Watergate investigations. When Bush heard the tape had been 
released, he was extremely disturbed. He knew that "the Texans" mentioned on the 
tape was a reference to himself and his close associates, Bill Liedtke and Robert 
Mosbacher. In the Woodward and Bernstein book, Final Days, they report a 
conversation about Bush's reaction between William Timmons, the White House 
Congressional Liaison, and Dean Burch, a White House counsellor: 

"Dean, does Bush know about the [smoking gun] transcript yet?" 


"Well, what did he do?" 

"He broke out into assholes and shit himself to death." 

But Bush could breathe easy. He would not be exposed by the tape to the wider 
public. Robert Mosbacher survived unscathed, too, and was to become Secretary of 
Commerce in the Bush presidency. Kissinger's conversations at the White House 
were not recorded, but those of Nixon always were. The man in charge of the 
recordings and the tapes which condemned Nixon was David Young, a Wall Street 
lawyer appointed by Kissinger and a man who had worked for the Rockefellers. 
The existence of the "Smoking Gun Tapes" was revealed by Alexander Butterfield, 
the White House liaison with the secret service. The overall head of the secret 
service was Kissinger. Another Kissinger appointee very significant in the demise of 
Nixon was Rockefeller-puppet and Knight of Malta, Alexander Haig (TC) (CFR), 
who would go on to be military head of NATO and Ronald Reagan's secretary of 
state. Nixon still refused to resign despite the tapes, and the nightmare for 
Kissinger, Haig and their fellow conspirators, was for Nixon to appear before an 
impeachment trial at which the whole plot could be exposed. Eventually pressure 
from Bush and Kissinger forced his hand. 

Ford (CFR, Bil) took over as Kissinger's frontman (using the title President of the 
United States), and he pardoned Nixon for any offences he may have committed, 
thus avoiding further investigations or trial. Ford named Nelson Rockefeller (CFR, 
Bil) as his vice-president and made him head of an 'investigation' into the activities 
of the intelligence agencies in the light of Watergate. Also on the Rockefeller 
Commission was Ronald Reagan. It found nothing of worth and did nothing of 
substance. The Elite now had complete control of the United States administration. 
With the help of Ford and Rockefeller, and supervised by Kissinger, the nature of 
government administration was to become a fully-fledged dictatorship. That has 
continued to this day, through the political and economic cartels which have chosen 
and controlled the presidents who have followed: Carter, Reagan, Bush, and 
Clinton. Whoever follows Clinton will be chosen in the same way. Watergate was 
more than just a break-in. It was the destruction of what was left of the democratic 
process and all the main people behind it escaped prosecution. 


.. .and the truth shall set you free 


After a period as the United States representative in China while the Chinese and 
Henry Kissinger were supporting Pol Pot in Cambodia, George Bush returned 
home in 1975. He received a telegram from Kissinger saying that he was being 
nominated by Ford (Kissinger) to be the Director of the CIA. This is a major Elite 
organisation, as is British Intelligence, which is probably above the CIA in the 
Elite pyramid. It was British Intelligence that helped to set up the CIA after the 
war. The familiar names step forward again. A key figure behind the fonnation of 
the Office of Strategic Services, later the CIA, was General William J. Donovan. He 
studied law at Columbia University under Professor Harland F. Stone, who would 
later become US Attorney General and appoint Donovan as his assistant. Another 
of Stone's proteges was J. Edgar Hoover, who would be head of the FBI, and one 
of Donovan's classmates was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the future President. In the 
First World War and between the wars, Donovan accepted a number of 
intelligence assignments from the New World Order brigade, including J.P. 
Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, and on one occasion he spent an 
evening with Adolf Hitler. In 1941 he was appointed head of the new OSS 
intelligence agency by his friend from Columbia, Franklin Roosevelt. Donovan 
was assisted by James Paul Warburg, the son of Paul Warburg. It was James 
Warburg who said: "We shall have a world government whether or not you like it 
- by conquest or consent." 75 However, it seems Donovan